Happiness Disc 1 – Translation


Title: Happiness (ハピネス) Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Hatano Wataru x Hirakawa Daisuke (羽多野 渉x 平川 大輔)
Related drama(s): None
Contents: Disc 1

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Track 1

Nagami: It was a tough and chilly spring, while I was away on a long term business trip, I received news of my old friend, Hioki Yuuki’s death. I couldn’t make it in time for the wake, but I did all I could to change my work schedule and made it for the funeral. Even though he was still so young, to die of cancer…
Woman: He needn’t have to die during this season.
Man: Yuuki had always been selfish, to think that he left behind only debts and a child. Goodness, who would take that kid in…
Woman: Shh! Your voice is too loud, everyone would hear you.
Man: As if I care! A child who doesn’t even cry when his father dies, it’s just creepy!
Nagami: You don’t need to say such things at such a place.
Excuse me…
Yuuta: Nagami-san, here.
Nagami: Yuuta?
He is Yuuta. If I’m not wrong, he should be 10 years old. He is Hioki-san’s only child, he should have lost his mother at an early age to illness. It has been 4 years since we last met. He has been left all alone at such a young age, what would he do from now on?
Yuuta: You can’t do that, Nagami-san. Whatever those people have said, they will receive it back tenfold.
Nagami: But, those comments.
Yuuta: No, it can’t be helped. Father was an outcast amongst our relatives anyway. Since last year when we knew that he had cancer, I’ve been prepared for this.
Nagami: You’re saying that you’ve been preparing yourself for this, what will you do from now on?
Yuuta: I’ll be sent to the orphanage first right?
Nagami: Orphanage? That can’t be… there’s no need to settle on that so quickly…
Yuuta: But, none of those people look like they would take me in. Thank you for coming.
Nagami: Yuuta…
Yuuta: Even since we got burdened with debts, the only one who cared for us sincerely was Nagami-san. You were the first to sincerely mourn for father. I’ll be fine, father has been saying since a long time ago…
Nagami: About what?
Yuuta: “Everyone would become alone one day. At that time, you can only rely on yourself. Use your brains and survive.”
Nagami: Alone? You are only 10 years old right?
Yuuta: Don’t worry about me, I’ll do something about the debt with the insurance payout. The orphanage would be a good place too. That’s why, there’s no need for Nagami-san to make such a face.
Nagami: Yuuta… (Nagami hugs Yuuta)
Yuuta: It hurts, Nagami-san.
Nagami: Say, Yuuta…
Yuuta: What?
Nagami: Will you come to my house?
Yuuta: If you’re saying that out of sympathy, it isn’t good.
Nagami: I’m saying it seriously. What will you do?
Yuuta: There’s no reason for you to do that! Aren’t you just an acquaintance? You’re not even related to us, it has got nothing to do with you!
Nagami: (Nagami laughs) Say, Yuuta, have you cried properly?
Yuuta: Huh?
Nagami: Have you cried properly since the death of Hioki-san, your father?
Yuuta: I didn’t have the time to. Father was suddenly hospitalised, and before I could grasp what had happened, he died… Even the funeral… I’m not an adult so I couldn’t do the application. I… I was just a hindrance!
Nagami: Yuuta…
Yuuta: But, because I was frustrated, I did all that I could. Even the orphanage, I chose it myself.
Nagami: By yourself? How did you do it?
Yuuta: I consulted the lawyer who came to talk about the debt. He sympathised with me and told me a lot, like the telephone number of the social service center… Because, other than him, I didn’t have anyone else!
Nagami: You really worked hard… you were great.
Yuuta: That I was so useless, something like that… I hated it… There couldn’t be any time for me to cry! (Yuuta cries)
Nagami: You didn’t depend on anyone huh? Because it felt like you would be rejected if you asked for help, you had no choice but to pretend that you had everything together. When you’re tired, it is fine to depend on another person. Even if he can’t help you, there has to be someone who would work together with you. That’s why, come over to my house, Yuuta.
Yuuta: It… it would be troublesome…
Nagami: My mother always used to say, that children are supposed to trouble the adults. So, let’s work together.
Yuuta: Will you stay with me?
Nagami: I’ll stay with you. (Nagami kisses Yuuta)
Yuuta: Nagami-san?

Happiness (3)
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Track 2

Yuuta: Nagami-san… Nagami-san… Nagami-san! Wake up!
Nagami: Ah!
Yuuta: Wake up, wash up and eat your breakfast! If you laze around, you’ll be late!
Nagami: Oh… huh? Oh… it’s Yuuta…
Yuuta: Nagami-san, you shouldn’t be saying “oh it’s Yuuta” right? How could you forget a face you’ve been seeing every day?
Nagami: Hm… you’re right…
Yuuta: Come on… don’t go back to sleep after hearing all that!
Nagami: Yes, yes… Good morning…
It has been 7 years since then. I’ve become 29 years old and Yuuta has become a 17-year-old third year at high school.
Yuuta: Goodness, Nagami-san you’re really… You’re such a slob unlike your appearance…
Nagami: I worked overtime last night too.
The tiny Yuuta back then has become tall enough for me to look up to now. His face with notable features has become really handsome and sometimes, he would resemble his father Hioki-san a lot.
Yuuta: Don’t push yourself too much all right?
Nagami: I know.
When Yuuta gets into a bad mood, he can be rather intimidating. But his worried face hasn’t changed one bit.
Yuuta: While saying “I know”, you’re still pushing yourself. Is work that busy?
Nagami: Because it’s the end of year right now. After this phase, it will get better. Huh? This smell, have you prepared breakfast already?
Yuuta: Since a long time ago. Get changed quickly, or the miso soup will get cold.
Nagami: You won’t know which one of us is the guardian like this. Thank you!
Yuuta: I hope you don’t go back to sleep.
Nagami: Thank you for the meal.
Yuuta: There you go.
Nagami: It’s delicious! Did you change the soup stock?
Yuuta: That’s right. I thought Nagami-san might like this one more.
Nagami: Is that so? Your cooking got more delicious again. I’m sorry for making you cook all the time.
Yuuta: It is fine, I’ve given up already, since your work is hectic too. I’ve said it before but, wasn’t it beyond your abilities to purchase this apartment?
Nagami: What are you saying? This isn’t something you need to worry about.
Yuuta: Even so, you’ve been working overtime so much and I’m worried about your health. Didn’t you grow thinner again? Really, I’ll contribute some money too.
Nagami: Yuuta, I’ve said this many times. You should just do whatever you want, club activities or hobbies. You don’t need to work part-time at the convenience store, if you need more pocket money…
Yuuta: That is, the part-time work is what I want to do.
Nagami: If that is what Yuuta really wants to do, then it’s fine. But, children don’t need to worry about money matters.
Yuuta: Saying something like that again… The least I want to do is to be able to earn my own pocket money. Anyway, that is what normal people do.
Nagami: Oh, shouldn’t you be having the career consultation soon? It’s the spring of your third year, this time…
Yuuta: Thank you for the meal!
Nagami: If you want to go to university, it’s fine to go.
Yuuta: Yes, yes. Oh, please wash the dishes, I don’t have the time.
Nagami: Don’t “yes yes” me, I’m talking about something serious here…
Yuuta: I get it, I get it. I’m going off!
Nagami: Yuuta! (Yuuta leaves house) Goodness.
Yuuta and I haven’t become official father and son. There were the troublesome procedures we had to go through, but it was also Yuuta’s wish to not enter my family register.
Yuuta: I want to remain as “Hioki Yuuta”.
Nagami: I have a feeling that he has been distancing himself from me these days. He wouldn’t talk about his future plans with me, is that because I’m not his real parent? Or perhaps it’s because he has grown up? (Nagami sighs) It might be time for this parent to let him go.

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Track 3

Nagami: The comparison table for previous fiscal year’s budget… It should be in this folder… ah here it is. Ah damn it, the budget won’t be enough. Should I adjust it from somewhere? Should I change the design fee…
After graduating from university, I’ve been working at this medium-sized advertising agency. I just got promoted to chief last month and started on my own case. I’m glad to have risen in rank, but honestly, I’ve been overburdened by the increase in workload.
Ah, damn it… I made an error… Oh no… I’ll have to redo everything now!
Harano: You’re really going at it, Nagami. Fighting another battle with your PC?
Nagami: Oh it’s Harano.
Harano: Drink some coffee and take a break. For the tired Chief Nagami, I’ve put lots of sugar into this one.
Nagami: Thank you.
Harano: You’re welcome. How’s it coming along?
Nagami: Are you asking about this bugged software? Or the Kisuki advertising case? Or about the pathetic sales? Or about the useless newcomer?
Harano: Even I do take a look at the sales now and then. That question was about Chief Nagami’s hated PC-chan.
Nagami: It’s terrible. Why must I submit this report by email? Shouldn’t a handwritten one be good enough? In the first place, when will this bug be amended?
Harano: Regarding problems with the system, please tell those higher-ups. But when it comes to maintenance, please direct it towards SE-san. (SE should be the company which made the system program)
Nagami: Harano Munehisa, my co-worker, is an intelligent man unlike me. When I got promoted to Chief, he also got promoted to the Chief of Sales Department.
My head also starts to hurt when I think about the newcomer. In your case, your level of seniority is higher and you know how to speak well, why am I the one in a management position?
Harano: In my case, I’m too individualist; I’m not suited to be a trainer. Human resources’ judgment was correct. Nagami is just bad at skimping on work. If you accumulate too much stress, you’re going to collapse on day.
Nagami: I’m very grateful for your warning, but I’m not that weak.
Harano: Stupid, there are many who push themselves too hard because they are sturdy are the ones who would pass out suddenly.
Nagami: I’ll be fine because I have a healthier dieting habit than you.
Harano: Yea, Yuuta’s cooking is delicious, even though his foster parent has no talent for cooking at all.
Nagami: Harano, who is smiling happily, has known Yuuta since he was in primary school. In the first place, I got closer to this person because of the rumours which were circulating in the office.
Man: Did you know, in this department there is an unmarried newcomer who applied for family support?
Woman1 : You mean Nagami-san? Apparently he had that child when he was in high school, he acknowledged that child and they’re living together now.
Man: Huh? You mean he didn’t take in a girl from his relatives?
Nagami: If they’re going to whisper about it, they should just ask me properly. Circulating rumours around at their own convenience without making sure of the facts first. The one who came for a direct confrontation, was Harano.
Harano: Are you that Nagami? What’s this, your appearance is rather different from what I’ve imagined you to be.
Nagami: What did you imagine?
Harano: I’ve heard that you’re a curious person who adopted a child at a young age, so I thought you were someone older. To think that you were such a young man… So, was the rumour about your adopted child being your illegitimate kid true?
Nagami: If you want to know about it so badly, then I’ll tell you! My child is called Hioki Yuuta, he’s 10 years old this year. I owed a lot to his father, Hioki-san who died of cancer. I took him in because no one else would look after him! Do you have any problems with my decison?
Harano: No problem at all.
Nagami: Because Harano angered me on purpose, the whole company got to know the complete details about Yuuta. They stopped treating me with caution and let me into their social circles. Even though he looks like he’s always goofing around, Harano is actually very compassionate and he got along strangely well with Yuuta.
Harano: Has he been doing well?
Nagami: He grew really tall, I think he’s taller than you already.
Harano: Did he grow taller again? I had a feeling that he was shorter than me the other day, but…
Nagami: Huh? Did you meet him?
Harano: Huh? Oh yea… I met him.
Nagami: When was it?
Harano: What’s this, isn’t it fine for me to meet Yuuta?
Nagami: Ah but, I didn’t hear about that from him.
Harano: Yuuta isn’t a kid anymore, he doesn’t have to report everything to you right? Oh perhaps there’s something bad about us meeting?
Nagami: Not really, but…
Harano: Then isn’t it fine? You should let him go already, if you probe too much, you’ll get hated.
Nagami: Hated?!
Harano: Have you ever thought of marriage?
Nagami: What’s this, suddenly?
Harano: You didn’t have any girlfriend for a long time because you were taking care of Yuuta right? But one day, he would want to live by himself too.
Nagami: Live by himself?
Harano: Nagami… don’t tell me, you haven’t thought of that before?
Nagami: I didn’t think of that…
Harano: Oi, oi… don’t joke with me. Listen, he is almost 18 years old. In other words, in another 5 years, he would become your age when you took Yuuta in.
Nagami: What… about that?
Harano: I’m saying that he would become the age where he could start looking after another person. Can you understand what I’m trying to say?
Nagami: No… not at all.
Harano: (Harano sighs) Understand this. Yuuta isn’t your child. One day when he is getting married, he’s going to leave your house.
Nagami: Marriage?! Something like that, Yuuta is still a high school student…
Harano: I’m not talking about that, think of the future, you’ll get left alone one day.
Nagami: Oh…
Harano: Actually, I was asked by the department head, “What do you think of my daughter with Nagami-san?”
Nagami: Huh? Is that another marriage interview? Why is it me again? If you’re talking about colleagues who are single, isn’t Harano a better bet?
Harano: Honestly, when I looked at Yuuta’s case, I could tell that you are someone who would treasure your family. Your personality is gentle too and if he thinks well of you, he would surely hope for you to become his son-in-law. I just look like I’m a playboy.
Nagami: Harano.
Harano: Because of your management position, it will become tougher for you from now on. At least it would be better if you have someone to look after you.
Nagami: Even if you say that, I can’t force my family on the other lady.
Harano: Then, let me ask. Without Yuuta’s help, do you have the confidence to lead a proper life? If you’re planning to depend on Yuuta, it will be bad for you. Besides, I’m sure he wants time to go dating too.
Nagami: Dating? Yu…Yuuta… does he have a girlfriend?
Harano: As if I would know! But, look at Yuuta’s face and body build. I won’t be surprised if he has had one or two exciting encounters with women.
Nagami: Encounters… that can’t be… because Yuuta is still a high school…
Harano: He is already a high school student. Also, Nagami has been returning home late recently because of work. You don’t know exactly what Yuuta’s been up to during that time right?
Nagami: Yuuta and… his girlfriend? Living independently… marriage? I see… it would be possible once he becomes 18 years old…
I see… you might be right. Yuuta is going to become an adult…
Harano: Oi oi… you shouldn’t be saying “you might be right”. In any case, both you and I will become 30 years old soon. Stop focusing solely on Yuuta, shouldn’t you start looking for your life partner?
Nagami: I’m not really looking into marriage… I wasn’t troubled without a girlfriend….
Harano: Isn’t it too early for you to wither? Pull yourself together!
Nagami: But… I can’t imagine it.
Harano: Nagami?
Nagami: (Nagami gets back to work) I have a lot of work to do and there’s also the payment for the apartment to think about. In any case, I don’t have the time to think about things like a marriage interview now.
Harano: Oi, Nagami.
Nagami: I have work to do, I’m sorry but can you help me reject the departmental head?
A future where I’ll get left behind by Yuuta, it is so scary that I don’t even want to think about it. I returned to my half done work in other to forget about those unpleasant thoughts.

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Track 4

Nagami: Because of what Harano said, I went home on time unlike the usual and waited for Yuuta to return with the dinner I cooked. But even after 9pm, Yuuta didn’t come home. Yuuta doesn’t want to have a cellphone on him so when this happens, I can’t contact him at all.
He’s late… he wasn’t supposed to working on his part-time job today.
Harano: You don’t know exactly what Yuuta’s been up to right?
Nagami: When I’m alone in this apartment, it feels strangely too large. All these while, no matter how late I was in coming home, Yuuta had always welcomed me with a smile. Have I always subjected Yuuta to this sort of feeling?
Yuuta: (Yuuta returns home) Uh… Huh? Nagami…san…
Nagami: Welcome home.
Yuuta: I’m home. Ah, I’m sorry, you made dinner?
Nagami: I ended work unexpectedly early today.
Yuuta: Even though you did that, I’m sorry. I ate already.
Nagami: It’s fine.
Yuuta: Nagami-san, I’m sorry.
Nagami: (Nagami sighs) About what?
Yuuta: It’s not just “about what”, the dinner… (Nagami starts clearing the table) No way… wait, stop! Nagami-san, why are you keeping this hamburger?
Nagami: It’s already so late, Yuuta has had dinner already, right?
Yuuta: Yes. I’m sorry.
Nagami: You don’t have to be, it was a failure. It’s half-cooked and the sides are all burnt.
Yuuta: But, I want to eat it.
Nagami: Stop it, you might spoil your stomach.
Yuuta: But, it’s a hamburger made by Nagami-san…
Nagami: I get it. Then you can do whatever you like with it. In any case, go take a bath and get changed.
Yuuta: Wait, are you angry?
Nagami: I’m not angry. But, I do have something to ask you.
Yuuta: Oh… what is it?
Nagami: Are you always so late in coming home?
Yuuta: Eh… yes. I’m… sorry.
Nagami: Yuuta didn’t do anything he has to apologise for, right? In that case, you don’t have to apologise.
Yuuta: But, Nagami-san went to such lengths to make dinner for me.
Nagami: (Nagami laughs) Did anything happen today?
Yuuta: Eh… I met up with my friends.
Nagami: I see.
Does this mean that he doesn’t want me to ask any more? When you become a high school student, a guardian would appear as irritating huh. I understand how he feels but… even so, it can’t be helped.
Since you’re still a high school, you have to watch your behavior. Also, if you’re returning home after 8pm, please inform me.
Yuuta: Yes, I’m sorry.
Nagami: It’s fine as long as you get it.
Even though he said something sensible-sounding to convince me, the guardian, I’m actually not satisfied with Yuuta’s answer. But, I just wasn’t sure on where I can probe till. He’s really not a child anymore.
Yuuta: What is it, you’re staring at me so much.
Nagami: Oh it’s nothing. Yuuta… you’ve grown to resemble your dad.
Yuuta: Uh. That… what do you mean by that?
Nagami: There’s no meaning to it, I’m just saying that you’ve grown up. It’s fine, just go take a bath soon.
Yuuta: So, is that all?
Nagami: Huh?
Yuuta: Doesn’t Nagami-san have anything else to say?
Nagami: Yuuta too, don’t you have anything that you want to say? If you tell me your reason for returning home late, I won’t blame you or anything. It’s just that, I’ll worry for you as your guardian, so I would want you to tell me where you’ve been.
Yuuta: Nagami-san… is my guardian, right?
Nagami: Isn’t that the truth? Is anything wrong?
Yuuta: (Yuuta sighs) Nothing is wrong. (Yuuta enters his room and shuts the door)
Nagami: What was that just now? Was I glared at?
I was taken aback by his glare, it felt as though I was the one who should be blamed. My legs trembled with insecurity.
Did I… do something to Yuuta?

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Track 5

Nagami: One month has passed since that night, it is already summer. Yuuta has been returning home later every day, as if he is trying to prove something to me. Because of that, there were frequent disputes between the two of us.
What time do you think it is? What have you been doing till now?
Yuuta: (Yuuta sighs) I’m sorry.
Nagami: If you are going to apologise, then why did you break your promise to contact me in the first place? Do you have any reasons for that?
Yuuta: Not really, I don’t have any.
Nagami: If it is something reasonable, I won’t object without giving you a chance to explain yourself. Can’t you even tell me?
What on earth happened to Yuuta? Have I become someone so hateful? Despite my urging, he only avoids my eyes…
Forget it.
Yuuta: I see. I’m tired anyway. (Yuuta walks off)
Nagami: This smell… again? The smell of liquor, cigarettes… and perfume.
Yuuta: What? What is it? I’m tired.
Nagami: The man who stood there was Yuuta, but at the same time, he wasn’t. He was like a stranger. When did he grow to have such an aura around him, something which resembled a man’s charm?
Harano: I’m sure even he wants time to go for dates.
I won’t be surprised if he has had one or two exciting encounters with women.
Yuuta: Do you still have more to say?
Nagami: No… nothing.
Yuuta: I see. Then, goodnight. (Yuuta shuts door)
Nagami: Everything about Yuuta was that of a man. Somehow, I felt that Yuuta wasn’t a young boy anymore. I could only worry about it, after realising about his sexual desires and the need to relieve it.

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Track 6

Waitress: Welcome.
Harano: Nagami! Over here!
Nagami: Sorry for letting you wait.
Harano: You look terrible, have you been sleeping well?
Nagami: Uhm, well. To call me out during lunch break to this café, did something happen?
Harano: Well, have a seat first. Is coffee fine?
Nagami: Yea.
Harano: May I have two cups of hot coffee please?
Waitress: Yes certainly.
Harano: Say, have you been talking with Yuuta lately?
Nagami: What is this, suddenly?
Harano: Well it’s fine. By the way, you don’t listen to office rumours do you?
Nagami: I don’t see what you’re trying to get at, don’t have a conversation by yourself, it’s a bad habit.
Harano: Yes yes. Then I’ll make it understandable. “Did you hear about the handsome son of Nagami-san, is it true that he is does bartending at his part-time job?” said Hidemi-chan from the general affairs department. She said it this morning at the break room, everyone recognises him because Yuuta used to fetch you from work. So you really didn’t know?
Nagami: Yea…
Wasn’t he working part-time at a convenience store? But… I see. That’s why…
Harano: What’s this? Aren’t you surprised? I thought you might make a huge fuss about it.
Nagami: Somehow I was anticipating this, Yuuta has been strange lately. There were times when he had the smell of liquor and cigarettes on him too.
Waitress: Sorry for the wait, here is your hot coffee. Please enjoy.
Harano: So this is the belated rebellion phase, huh? Since Yuuta has always been such a good kid, you must be very shocked.
Nagami: He was too obedient, this might be the effects of pushing himself too much.
Harano: By the way, I can understand why you’re feeling down about this, but I’m not here to talk about that. Actually, in some sense, that is the actual problem.
Nagami: Huh?
Harano: The problem starts from now, doesn’t it? We know about the source of the rumours too, I’ve warned Hidemi-chan already, but it wasn’t like she gets wind of the news fast.
Nagami: I know, this means that the rumour is circulating around in the office right?
Harano: Your department is well-known for that. They will close an eye when it comes to the normal mischief, but this will become bad, Nagami. It isn’t pleasant, but it will ultimately affect your reputation at work.
Nagami: I understand, thank you for your warning. Then I’ll get going… (Nagami stands up)
Harano: Saying that you understand, you don’t understand do you? I’m not done yet. Sit down.
Nagami: Do you have anything else to talk about?
Harano: I didn’t want to tell you this but… Have you heard anything from Yuuta about his plans for the future?
Nagami: No. He’s been avoiding that topic too.
Harano: Ah… I knew it.
Nagami: What do you mean by you knew it?! Do you know something?
Harano: He told me to keep quiet about it, but somehow I don’t think that it is a good idea to…
Nagami: So, what is it? Say it clearly!
Harano: I was told to become his guarantor.
Nagami: Guarantor? For what?
Harano: He wants to leave the house.
Nagami: He? Yuuta?
Harano: That’s right. He wants to live independently after he graduates from high school so he has been saving up in order to rent a room. That’s where I come in as the guarantor. Actually, I knew long ago that he has been working as a bartender. It was a coincidence, but I saw him at the bar I was drinking at.
Nagami: When was that?
Harano: More than half a year ago. He begged me not to tell you. At that time, I never thought that he was planning to leave the house, so I made the cheap promise with him that I’ll keep it from you.
Nagami: Is that why?
Harano: Huh?
Nagami: A while ago, you were rather pushy about me getting married, saying that Yuuta would want to live independently one day.
Harano: Ah… yea. Yuuta consulted me about the case of becoming his guarantor the day before.
Nagami: Something like that…
Harano: Say, Nagami, it might sound weird coming from me, but don’t think too much into it.
Nagami: I was thinking for Yuuta, that he might be going through tough phase, so I didn’t probe unnecessarily. But because the smell of liquor and cigarettes was too heavy last night, I yelled at him suddenly.
Harano: Nagami…
Nagami: Not to mention carrying a conversation, I can’t even talk to him properly now. Even so, I believed that he would talk to me calmly about things one day. He didn’t even consult me about it, to think that he wanted to leave the house…
Harano: Oi…
Nagami: What have I been doing? To have Yuuta finding me so meddlesome, to be hated to this extent by Yuuta… I didn’t know about it at all.
Harano: No, I think that’s not it, Nagami. He really doesn’t hate you or anything.
Nagami: I’m sorry, in a lot of ways, to burden you with such troublesome matters. I’m sorry but I hope you can help with the guarantor case.
Harano: Nagami…
Nagami: I must have seemed unreliable. If that’s what Yuuta thinks, then there’s no helping it. I’m sure I don’t have any right to give my opinions on this. (Nagami walks off)
Harano: Oi! Seriously, this is a mess. Damn it, I’ve ran out of cigarettes too. Tsk. I’m going to curse you, Yuuta. What sort of troublesome task have you given me?

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Track 7

Harano: About Yuuta, I didn’t tell Nagami about everything, there is a secret which I’ve kept to myself. That was half a year ago, I went to this bar which has gotten good reviews recently. I ran into Yuuta there.
Yuuta: Welcome, please take a seat at anywhere unoccupied.
Harano: Yea.
Yuuta: Thank you! Eh?! Tsk, it’s Harano-san.
Harano: Wait, what on earth is this Yuuta?! Were you doing this kind of…
Yuuta: Shh!
Harano: When does your shift end?
Yuuta: It is scheduled at 11pm today.
Harano: Okay, then we’ll leave this till then. Don’t you run away.
Harano: I cut my date short and sent my date home on a taxi. After that, I waited for Yuuta at the back door of the shop.
Yuuta: I’ll be leaving first!
Woman: Wait, Yuuta! You forgot this.
Yuuta: Oh thank you.
Harano: Oi, Yuu… (woman kisses Yuuta) what?!
Woman: Then, see you.
Harano: Wow you’re good, is she your girlfriend?
Yuuta: I wonder, it’s nothing like that though.
Harano: (The two of them start walking) Did you grow taller again? Puberty is such an irritating thing…
Yuuta: It doesn’t matter does it? Something like height…
Harano: What is this, you’re so unenthusiastic. You don’t have to worry, I won’t tattle about this to Nagami. (Harano hits Yuuta)
Yuuta: Ouch… Are you saying the truth? Harano-san, would you really keep this from Nagami-san for me?
Harano: Don’t glare at me, I’m not that close-minded. Anyway, if he knew about this, he would faint won’t he? That’s why, you shouldn’t mess up too.
Yuuta: I knew it, Nagami-san would be shocked about this…
Harano: Because in his mind, you’re still a kid. Even though you’ve gotten so big, a parent’s heart is complicated huh?
Yuuta: (Yuuta sighs) Does Harano-san think so too? That I’m still a kid…
Harano: Until yesterday, yes. He sure kept a huge cat. But honestly, I feel relieved.
Yuuta: About what?
Harano: You were too well-behaved that it was creepy. It would have made more sense if he had been keeping a real cat.
Yuuta: Creepy? That’s rude.
Harano: But if a teenager is too well-behaved, I can only find it creepy. But well, your family matters are complicated so I did think that it might have been for Nagami’s sake.
Yuuta: (Yuuta sighs) Even if I didn’t want to, I understand it very well, that Nagmi-san probably can’t accept me.
Harano: I couldn’t think of a comeback to his words. Even I got a shock when I found out about Yuuta’s true nature, Nagami would definitely get a shock.
Yuuta: But I really want him to understand, it would be impossible too. I don’t want him to get frightened or anything.
Harano: It can’t be helped, you were a well-behaved kid for his sake, right?
Yuuta: But, I’m not a pure and good person like Nagami-san.
Harano: So the frustrations which you’ve accumulated are being released here. On top of that, it seems like it has diverged in a wrong direction too. That woman huh?
Yuuta: That is… I have no comments.
Harano: So is that the power of youth? I’ve already seen so much, spill everything out you punk!
Yuuta: It hurts! Say, Harano-san, what do you think about Nagami-san?
Harano: He is a straight-laced beau, the holder of great talents.
Yuuta: That sounds like what Harano-san would say. I love that person.
Harano: Something like that, I would know that even without being told.
Yuuta: There’s no way you would know.
Harano: Yuuta?
Yuuta: There’s no way… you would know, about how much I love that person.
Harano: Oi…
Although he is smiling, I recognise that pained expression on his face. Loving someone while suppressing those feelings in his chest, the pure but sorrowful expression, there’s only one name for that feeling.
Yuuta: He worked so hard and took in a totally unrelated child, he suffered, and he’s so kind that he appears foolish. To me, he was like a god. There’s no one else like Nagami-san, isn’t that so?
Harano: Yuuta, you can stop talking.
Yuuta: He’s kind and pretty, he smells nice, he’s so sexy that I can’t stand it.
Harano: Yuuta!
Yuuta: I love him and it hurts. I really want that person, I want him so badly. But surely, he doesn’t need someone like me.
Harano: Hey hey, what is this? What was I calling a child? You can’t call a man with those eyes a child!
Yuuta: What should I do? Why couldn’t I stay as the child who yearned for Nagami-san?
Harano: Why are you telling me this?
Yuuta: If it’s Harano-san, I thought you won’t tell him anything unnecessary.
Harano: It might have been a lie.
Yuuta: Rather than being a friend who worries sincerely for him, spilling everything out to him, aren’t you better at pretending not to know anything?
Harano: You really aren’t cute, are you? Isn’t that blackmailing? But fine. I’ll keep it a secret for you. But, before your feelings explode, have a proper talk with him.
Yuuta: Yea. Thank you. Along with that request, can I ask another favour of you?
Harano: What is this, acting cute suddenly, you’re annoying! What do you intend to ask for?
Yuuta: I can’t say it now, but I’ll tell you when the time comes. I’ll try not to trouble you, I’ll be counting on you.
Harano: Well, if it’s something within my means.
I never thought that he would ask me to become his guarantor. After that, I hated myself for making that cheap promise. What does he intend to do, that Yuuta?

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Track 8

Nagami: (Nagami returns home) Is Yuuta not in again? (Nagami grabs beer from the fridge and goes to stand by the window)
Nagami: Look over there, isn’t the view good?
Yuuta: Wow amazing! We’re so high up, it feels great!
Nagami: With that one phrase from Yuuta, I bought this scenic apartment. I decided on purchasing it instead of renting it, so that Yuuta could have a confirmed place to return to. For Yuuta, I’ve been trying everything I could until today. But, he’s trying to leave this house now. (Nagami throws an empty can onto the floor and opens another can of beer) To think that he wouldn’t even talk to me about it. Am I that unreliable? Even though he said that we would work hard together. Ah… come to think of it, I did something stupid back then.
Nagami: Let’s work hard together.
Yuuta: Will you stay with me?
Nagami: I will stay with you. (Nagami kisses Yuuta)
Yuuta: Nagami…san?
Nagami: I definitely didn’t have any impure intentions back then. I planted a kiss on that tiny pair of lips because I was touched. There was a taste of tears, but it left a sweet impression on me.
I love you, Yuuta. It’s real.
Yuuta: Love?
Nagami: That’s right. So it’s fine, come over to my place. Let’s live together, Yuuta.
Yuuta’s first kiss was then, right? (Nagami finishes another can of beer and collapses) Was he disgusted by that? It can’t be, that’s impossible. I should stop thinking such pessimistic thoughts, I’m really… too drunk.

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Track 9

Yuuta: I’m home. Is he sleeping already? Huh? The window is open… Nagami-san! Oh… what is this? Beer? How many cans did he drink… Nagami-san, Nagami-san! You’ll catch a cold, so wake up! (Yuuta carries Nagami to his room) Nagami-san, the bed is just there… Try to move your legs a little, come on.
Nagami: Mmm…
Yuuta: You don’t even know how I’m feeling, what sort of voice are you making? Give me a break already. (Yuuta drops Nagami on the bed and sighs) Even though you seldom drink alcohol. Say, why did you drink so much today until you get so drunk?
Nagami: Mmm…
Yuuta: Damn it. I love you, Nagami-san. I’m sorry. I’ve worked really hard in order to forget about this.
If I stretched my hands out, you’re within reach, but I can’t touch you casually without your permission. I don’t want to hurt Nagami-san no matter what, neither do I want to frighten him, or torment him. That’s why I wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. I wanted to escape from this person who doesn’t know a single thing.
Nagami: If you tell me your reason for being late, I won’t blame you or anything.
Yuuta: How old do you think I really am? If that’s the case, should I have just told you that I’ve been having sex with women in order to suppress my urge to rape you but to no avail? Should I have said that I’m going crazy with desire for you, and that if you wanted me to stay at home, let me do you?
I wished that you would realise my feelings for you. But at the same time, I wish that you won’t realise it. If I see the gentle, smiling honest Nagami-san’s eyes filled with despair and disgust, I will never be able to get back onto my feet. I’m sorry, for falling in love with you, for making you worry, for leaving you alone in such a dark room… But, it hurts.
Nagami: Yuu…
Yuuta: Say, Nagami-san, the one you’re calling out to, is it Yuuta? Or it is Yuuki, did you call my father?
Nagami: You’re growing to resemble your father.
Yuuta: Even though I didn’t want to be jealous of my father…
Even though I wanted to be by your side, I wanted to treat you kindly, I’m sure it will be in a different form from what you wish for. Please forgive me for running away.

Happiness (4)
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Track 10

Harano: We’re into July. Along with the upcoming Summer, we have our assessment for salary bonus and many reports to deal with. With that, Nagami has been growing thinner. But, that wasn’t the only reason.
Oi, Nagami, have you handed in the design fee estimate for A-Tool?
Nagami: No. It seems like their in-charge was changed and they have yet to reply to us.
Harano: Don’t tell me it’s not done yet, get it done quickly. Yuuta hasn’t returned home yet? Hasn’t it been almost a month already?
Nagami: It seems like he’s been going to school though. Won’t you know better when it comes to Yuuta?
Harano: That is…
Nagami: You really can’t lie. Say, can you tell him something for me?
Harano: What?
Nagami: No matter what decision he makes, just return home at least once.
Harano: Once? What do you mean by that, Nagami.
Nagami: Also, tell him that I’ll become his guarantor. That’s the least… I want to do for him.
Harano: Uh… I get it.
Nagami: I’ll leave it to you. (Nagami gets back to work)
Harano: (Harano walks off) Goodness, what is he thinking of, that idiot. Nagami too, showing me that face of his. He can’t forgive anyone else for getting involved with Yuuta? What on earth is going to happen to the two of them?
Harano: You left home?! Didn’t I tell you to have a proper talk with him before it explodes?
Yuuta: It’s too late, it’s impossible now. I’m at my limits.
Harano: Don’t joke with me, are you fine even if Nagami collapses?
Yuuta: For Nagami-san’s sake, it’s better if I don’t stay around him! I’ll be at this person’s place, so here’s my contact address. (Yuuta hands Harano a piece of paper)
Harano: Kasai Akemi? You… even though you’re just a high school student, are you leading a gigolo’s life?
Why am I saddled with such troublesome tasks? Damn it. (Harano dials a number) Oh, is it the owner? Can you tell that stray at your house to go home tonight? Yea. Bye then.
For a love affair, the person who settles it has to be someone involved. But I hope that it doesn’t crumble any further.

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Track 11

Nagami: Because Harano made the arrangements, I was able to have a talk with Yuuta sooner than I’ve expected but because of that, I wasn’t prepared. It has been many weeks since I last looked at his face properly and I couldn’t hide my nervousness.
Yuuta: So, what do you want to talk about?
Nagami: Is it true that you intend to leave this house?
Yuuta: You know about that already? Harano-san told me that he would keep it a secret…
Nagami: Answer me, Yuuta. Realise
Yuuta: I don’t just intend to, I’ve already decided on it. I’ll start working after I graduate and I’ll live alone.
Nagami: That… What is the reason?
Yuuta: Reason?
Nagami: There’s no need to rush and decide on your future like that. Tell me the reason properly. If it is convincing enough, you don’t have to ask Harano, I’ll become your guarantor. If you want to leave, I won’t stop you.
Yuuta: So Nagami-san won’t stop me if I have a convincing reason.
Nagami: Huh?
Yuuta: Then I’ll tell you. I’m sure you’ll be surprised.
Nagami: Yuuta… what happened? Did something bad…
Yuuta: Stop it! I don’t like that!
Nagami: Yuu…ta…
Yuuta: Forgiving me for every single thing, and looking at me what that worried look on your face, can you stop doing that? It’s bothersome, seriously, just understand that already.
Nagami: Have I been so disliked by Yuuta? Is my existence a nuisance to Yuuta…? I was really, really hated.
Is… that so. Uhm, I get it.
Yuuta: Huh?
Nagami: I didn’t think that I was so disliked, that it’s a… shock…
Yuuta: Nagami-san.
Nagami: Just do… as you want… (Nagami starts crying)
Yuuta: Nagami-san… I’m sorry. I never thought you would cry.
Nagami: What are you saying? Of course I would cry! What’s wrong with crying?
Yuuta: Huh?
Nagami: I’m so pathetic. I never realised how you felt, to think that I was so disliked…
Yuuta: You’re wrong…
Nagami: Already…
Yuuta: I don’t hate you…
Nagami: I thought we were family…
Yuuta: Family…
Nagami: There’s no way I would be all right when the child I’ve been treasuring is going to leave! (Yuuta gets up and walks off) Wait, Yuuta. Where are you going?
Yuuta: Let go of me!
Nagami: Our talk isn’t over yet!
Yuuta: I’ve never thought of Nagami-san as family, not even once.
Nagami: (Nagami gasps) Not as family? Then what was the past 7 years about?
Yuuta: Nagami-san, look, if I thought of you as family, I wouldn’t think of doing something like this right? (Yuuta pushed Nagami down and kisses him) Do you still not understand?
Nagami: What? What on earth… what was that?
Yuuta: What was that? After having something like that done to you, you still don’t get it? Not as family, I want to do things like this, kissing or having sex, I want to do that with Nagami-san.
Nagami: Yuuta…
Yuuta: During middle school, we were taught about sex during health lessons. The first thing I thought of was how Nagami-san would have sex and about how it could only be done between males and females.
Nagami: Yuuta… my hand… let go of my hand…
Yuuta: After that, I had many erotic dreams about Nagami-san. I was so scared, because I got hard during those times, just like now. Feel this. (Yuuta places Nagami’s hand at his crouch) I know that Nagami-san didn’t go out with anyone during these 7 years. When I think of it as my fault, I felt bad but… but…
Nagami: Please stop…
Yuuta: I was overjoyed. If you stay with me, you won’t have sex with anyone else.
Nagami: Why can’t I move? Why can’t I run away? Also, why don’t I feel that this is disgusting or repulsive? Rather than that, I’m feeling relieved that he’s hugging me.
Yuuta: We had a bath together right? I was surprised. Your skin was so pale and pretty, even though you are a man too, you were totally unlike my father. This place here was also very pink and rosy.
Nagami: Idiot, what… are you saying… something like that… everyone… would be the same…
Yuuta: You’re wrong. Totally wrong. Nagami-san’s nipples were sexy. I wanted to touch them and if I can, I wanted to lick them.
Nagami: Please stop it.
Yuuta: Say, why did you kiss me at that time?
Nagami: That… time?
Yuuta: On the day of father’s funeral, that day you said that you would take me in. Why did Nagami-san do something like that?
Nagami: I’m sorry…
Yuuta: It’s not like I want you to apologise, tell me why! Or perhaps is there something you can’t tell me?
Nagami: No matter how much he asks me, I can’t answer. I don’t know what I should answer. There wasn’t a reason, I just felt that the crying Yuuta was so pitiful and precious that when I realised it, I had kissed him.
Yuuta: I knew it, so is that it?
Nagami: Huh? That you knew it, about what?
Yuuta: Did you love my father? Didn’t you take me in because I was his son?
Nagami: Hioki-san? Love… that is, true but…
Yuuta: Sometimes you would look at me with a reminiscent look on your face. You were remembering about my father then right? I’m right, aren’t I? That time when you kissed me and what you’ve done till now, everything was because you loved my father, that’s why…
Nagami: (Nagami slaps Yuuta) Idiot! I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding about by yourself, but I’ve never thought about Hioki-san in that manner before! I just… treasured Yuuta. I’ve only treasured you all along…
Yuuta: I didn’t want to be treasured.
Nagami: Yuuta…
Yuuta: I didn’t want to become Nagami-san’s child. (Yuuta leaves the house)
Nagami: The love which I’ve nurtured over 7 years was denied. It feels like the vulnerable heart which I’ve exposed to Yuuta got trodden with dirt. I’m overcome with such despair like never before that I’m feeling dizzy.
Why, Yuuta?
What should I do about this conflict? It’s already beyond me.

Happiness (5)
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6 thoughts on “Happiness Disc 1 – Translation

  1. thank you so much for this!! i only have the summary so now i can follow the drama cd!! and i especially love the artbook included in your translation. keep up the awesome work!!! ^_^

    • Ah sorry! Well I thought the story was okay, I liked it better than Happiness¬ but the voice acting was just, I think I can use the word perfect here. It has been some time since I last heard a Morikawa seme and wow he’s quite cool. Hirakawa did a great job in his role too and basically, I was just enjoying their voice-acting throughout. Having two veterans in a drama with each other really makes the difference, especially when you have Morikawa senpai who is good just about everything and Hirakawa who does gentle/timid ukes REALLY well (the H scenes especially *ahem*). Thanks for sharing this wonderful aural experience with me heheh.

  2. oh!! thanks for the feedback haha!! sooo happy with your comment on that. i really liked their performance (err, the H scenes ahemmm!) the manga was pretty, for me. and there’s another fujiyama hyouta manga that has a drama cd which i like as well. have you listened to “sono te no netsu wo kasanete” (konishi katsuyuki x sugiyama noriaki). i do apologize for bugging you this way. i’m pretty sure you’re swamped, but it’s just that i couldn’t help recommending some of the stuff i had fun listening to… huggles!! ^_^

    • Oh it’s from a manga? I shall go read it then ^^ And no worries I get sicked of doing translations sometimes and it’s nice to have the chance to listen to new dramas which I would have otherwise not paid attention to! I’m a fan of Konishi-san so I’ll try it out too! Thanks for recommending it ^^

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