Barakamon 08

Buddhist Prayer Dance「オンで (訳:念仏踊り)」

Barakamon 08 - 01 Barakamon 08 - 02 Barakamon 08 - 55 Barakamon 08 - 03 Barakamon 08 - 04 Barakamon 08 - 05 Barakamon 08 - 06 Barakamon 08 - 07 Barakamon 08 - 08 Barakamon 08 - 09 Barakamon 08 - 10 Barakamon 08 - 11 Barakamon 08 - 12 Barakamon 08 - 13 Barakamon 08 - 14 Barakamon 08 - 15 Barakamon 08 - 16 Barakamon 08 - 17 Barakamon 08 - 18 Barakamon 08 - 19 Barakamon 08 - 20 Barakamon 08 - 21 Barakamon 08 - 22 Barakamon 08 - 23 Barakamon 08 - 24 Barakamon 08 - 25 Barakamon 08 - 26 Barakamon 08 - 27 Barakamon 08 - 28 Barakamon 08 - 29 Barakamon 08 - 30 Barakamon 08 - 31 Barakamon 08 - 32 Barakamon 08 - 33 Barakamon 08 - 34 Barakamon 08 - 35 Barakamon 08 - 36 Barakamon 08 - 37 Barakamon 08 - 38 Barakamon 08 - 39 Barakamon 08 - 40 Barakamon 08 - 41 Barakamon 08 - 42 Barakamon 08 - 43 Barakamon 08 - 44 Barakamon 08 - 45 Barakamon 08 - 46 Barakamon 08 - 47 Barakamon 08 - 48 Barakamon 08 - 49 Barakamon 08 - 50 Barakamon 08 - 51 Barakamon 08 - 52 Barakamon 08 - 53 Barakamon 08 - 54

So much for saying Handa sensei’s growing up. And so much for Barakamon inducing just tears of laughter; damn all them feels this week!!!

I did not cry! I DID NOT! Haha ok was channeling tsun-tsun Handa sensei there. But honestly, I got close, just as I did when I read this manga chapter. Trust me, there’s more feels to come if they adapt particular chapters (such as chap. 60) but man, we can count on Barakamon to deliver the laughs and warm fuzzy feels week after week alright. Naru was sidelined for 2 episodes and the spotlight’s come back to her with a vengeance here. How does Barakamon do this every single episode?!

So to address the one question everyone probably had in the very far recesses of their minds that nobody wanted to ask out loud because we don’t really want to know, but which has inevitably brought literally right before our very eyes this week – where’s Naru’s parents? Why is Naru always with just her grandpa, who’s so busy tending to the fields? Is that why Naru sticks to Handa sensei so? This hasn’t been addressed in the manga either yet so nobody knows and I guess for Naru’s sake, we don’t want to know do we? She’s now a big girl who’s turned 7. Still, what that means is that this little child has spent at least a couple of Obons alone tending to her grandma’s grave because that’s the only family Naru has is her grandpa. Obon is family time (I really liked how the staff intentionally/unintentionally timed this episode to coincide with Obon in Japan) as Miwa’s dad chides and Tama’s brother reminds us, so it’s lovely and nice to see everyone come by to offer an incense to Kotoishi baa-chan but that’s all the comfort the villagers can give to keep Naru company. So when Handa’s there this year, it’s really really heartwarming to see Naru not spend this family time alone like she has in the past. But Tama’s right, will Handa sensei be there every year just like now? Handa’s not one for grave visiting but when it’s this fun in the Gotou islands, coming off more as a summer festival, wouldn’t you want to stay longer too? I loved that Handa figured out just how much this moment meant for Naru or as he parallels Naru to the sunflowers in his yard, he might as well take care of them/her while he’s around. You put the brightest smile on Naru Handa sensei, you really do.

Not that Kenta wants to agree though. Aww, nothing’s sweeter and cuter than the innocence of a child’s love rivalry. If you remember back in the mochi grabbing episode, Kenta was losing Naru’s attention to one Handa Seishuun. So it’s Kenta’s chance to shine by getting Naru the bestest most wonderfulest birthday present ever – bugs! Oh Naru… bubble wrap, peacock feathers and bugs… you’re so loveable even if you’re such a boy. Handa figured that out too – a teddy bear and ribbon might work on Hina-chan but not for Naru. And so the young adult goes to consult Kenta, Ichiro and Jiro (no one knows the boys’ real names and it’s a running gag in the manga and anime so far if you haven’t noticed). I say consult but kids, this is the way adults do things – Handa wants to buy a bug off Kenta. Nope, not gonna sell to a love rival. Handa eventually hunts for the bugs himself but it’s not because he cares about getting one, he just didn’t want to lose to Kenta. *Face palm Handa sensei* I can’t touch a bug either much less one glossy, cockroach-looking one (eew even just typing that word irks me) so I completely understand just how traumatic it is to have one land on your face and pinch your finger till it’s a deathly-looking purple hue. But gee you’re so uncool in front of the kids to give a coupon! How lame was that?! Not lame to Naru though, she’s dangerously simply overjoyed! You’ve been trumped Kenta. But you’re such a sweet boy for giving your love rival a bug in the end, even if he did squash your ultimate 20,000 yen herculean bug present.


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