Love Stage!!: Episode 08

Love Stage Men’s Style – Φ(ラブ)-STAGE 男達の流儀

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彼を愛するすべての人が この日を待ち望んでいた。
This is the day everyone who loves him has been waiting for.

Indeed, it is an important day for Izumi to debut in the entertainment industry and in a slightly different-from-usual episode, we have Okiayu Ryoutarou narrating as Sena Seiya, telling us the events which led up to this turning point in otaku Izumi’s life.

これってもしかして… 恋?
Could this be… love?

Yay for finishing the sentence from the previous episode. Izumi starts agonising over how he is in a complete BL situation, as he has come to realise his feelings for Ryouma after that seductive kiss that night. Although it is so clear that he’s falling for Ryouma, he reassures himself that he’s still straight with his Lala-lulu figurine. Not exactly the best way to convince yourself that you’re normal, Izumi. How Izumi went “kyun” at Ryouma’s simple message of “good morning” was so adorable. There Izumi, you are in love with Ryouma. Yonaga Tsubasa was just too cute during that scene that I swear, sometimes if not most of the time, he sounds more girly and cutesy than most girls do. The power of seiyuus is scary indeed.

I don’t want to feel this way anymore.

After cute Izumi, we get a spoiled Izumi next. Actually, he wasn’t exactly behaving like a spoiled child in this episode but the equation has already been established in my head; Izumi = spoiled. But he sure is a boy with a lot of first-world worries, other than worrying about turning gay because of a hot superstar’s advances, his mind is also preoccupied with his upcoming debut. Doesn’t he need to do any schoolwork, readings or anything normal?! Well, Izumi is obviously anything but normal. When he starts to feel insecure about his debut, Rei decided to show him some proof of how much his family loves him. Awww.

みんな わかってくれない。
Nobody understands.

I thought it was rather weird for Rei to be filming a seemingly normal night in the Sena residence, but leaving that aside, it was clear from that video that everyone dotes on Izumi on varying levels, with both Shougo and Rei emerging as clear winners. You really can’t blame Izumi for growing up as spoiled as he is now, and I won’t mind taking his place. He’s just such a baby of the family. The taxi video was slightly weird, though I still enjoyed it; if you didn’t hear it, you have to rewatch that scene just to hear Tsubasa going “ahhhh~” in the background while imagining what Rei would do to him if he dared to run away from home. Of course, the ironic thing was, Izumi did run away from home after that and Rei was more worried than angry. It was rather amusing too, to think that Rei probably heard what Ryouma had said about getting his approval in order to date Izumi. As expected of our shrewd manager of Sena Productions, you really can’t underestimate his resourcefulness.

この人が信じてくれるなら、自分はなんだってやろう…… 。
If he believes in me, then I can do anything.

After getting a rather sweet text from Ryouma giving him some survival tips for the entertainment industry, Izumi starts to wonder why Rei is trying so hard to get him to debut in the entertainment industry. I’ve always thought it was for Izumi’s good, is there any other reason behind it? Meanwhile, Rei pays Bdash a visit to finalise the plans for Izumi’s big day, and gets poached by the president. I don’t think Ryuzaki is thinking of replacing his current secretary (because they do make a good couple) but he did raise a valid question, why is someone as capable as Rei staying with Sena Productions? Shouldn’t he be more ambitious? This suddenly reminded me of a scene earlier this episode where Rei gave a tsun blush after Seiya thanked him for making Izumi’s debut possible. Before my imagination started to run wild, fueled by Fujoshi power, we got the explanation of how Rei got to work under Sena Productions. He owes his current life to Seiya, who picked him up from the streets. There, mystery solved, Rei still belongs with Shougo.

泉水から イズミへ。
From Izumi to IZUMI.

On the day of his debut, Izumi was seriously thinking of backing out… until the mention of Ryouma’s name. Our future starlet has definitely matured, he decides to stop troubling everyone else and went for the press conference without causing more drama. After a short scene of reconciliation between Ryouma and new onii-san, Shougo, Izumi became a nerve wreck. A kiss from our Boyfriend of the Year calmed his nerves and saw Izumi becoming IZUMI in front of the huge audience of reporters and journalists. I was half anticipating Izumi to trip while going on the stage but it went really smoothly; the new good luck charm works wonders~ I’m looking forward to seeing this new charm in future episodes.

This latest episode was different and it feels like the anime production team has been trying to break away from the manga with the additional scenes, effects and this narration episode. I’m feeling rather ambivalent about this week’s Love Stage!! because it wasn’t as hilarious as usual and the new jumbled style left me slightly confused. I hope the next episode will be better.


9 thoughts on “Love Stage!!: Episode 08

    • Hahaha! Yes, watch it or the efforts of the universe would have been in vain. It is an anime full of brainless hilarity that would be great for unwinding after a tough day ^^

  1. 「大丈夫、オレが絶対お前を守るから。お前がどんなへましても、全部オレがフォローするから」oh my gosh ryouma, no wonder izumi kyuns~ for you. darn it, i would as well! shion-chan, omega good job on your pick for Boyfriend of the Year *nods* side note, i loved how rei went all badass on that stranger hehe ^^

    • *Smirks* Of course. I didn’t pick up on that phrase so thanks for reminding me about it! With that, Ryouma just strengthened his position as THE boyfriend. And yea Rei is cool right, he’s another character who is perfect in different sense.

      • on a separate note, i was just wondering.. since izumi is supposedly good at acting, why doesn’t he aspire to become a voice actor instead? that way he would still be in the entertainment industry (according to his family’s wishes) while doing something that he is fond of (in the anime/manga industry). lol it’s just me wanting to hear a voice actor acting as a voice actor.. hahaha.

    • Pfft, it’s really funny how he’s in so much denial even though he is so obviously the star in his own BL story with Ryouma haha. I forgot what’s gonna happen after this episode but I hope we get more of him worrying over becoming a BL uke. Oops does this make me sadistic? Haha.

      • I SO remember what happens after this episode courtesy of the manga lol and Fujoshi power of imagination aside, I’m looking forward to seeing how they adapt it into the anime heehee… they did add scenes that weren’t from the manga but I’m reading the novel translations at the moment which have Rei’s backstory and now I’m so glad they added that scene of Seiya (Okiayu!) picking Rei up ^^

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