Tokyo Ghoul: Episode 08

円環 – Circular

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What is so wrong about wanting to live?

Ghouls have feelings too, just like humans. And yet, humans can’t see that. Why don’t they realise it? Why don’t they try to understand? It is something so obvious, something so simple. However, humans are blinded by their fear of ghouls, because a few bad eggs make the entire tray look bad. Eight episodes on, and my takeaway so far is that this series was designed to make humans look bad. It might seem like a gross misconception, or come across as something done in bad taste. But taking a step back and thinking about it, really thinking about it, is such a portrayal completely inaccurate? Well, I am inclined to think that there is some truth to this; it really is quite the reflection (albeit a slightly warped one) of society. Okay, so this is too dicey a topic to go into detail with. But point is, humans aren’t all good. Like Amon said, there is so much wrong in the world. And indeed, this is so true, even of the real world.

Ultimately, it all boils down to perspective. While ghouls wonder why humans kill them without any good reason, humans in turn wonder why ghouls mercilessly prey on them. There is no good side or bad side. Both sides have their reasons for taking the lives of those from the other side. With the ghouls, they do it for survival – they require human flesh to live. Sure, there are the occasional few who act far out of line (the binge eater, the gourmet, etc.) – the misguided ghouls who have taken the wrong path. However, as Kaneki said, those ghouls are not representative of all ghouls. And likewise for the humans – they kill ghouls because they believe that ghouls eat people and that threatens their lives. More often than not, fear gets in the way of rationality – people are not likely to listen to reason or seek to come to an understanding. They wouldn’t care if there were ghouls out there that only eat the flesh of suicide victims. Humans see ghouls as a problem and seek to eradicate that problem. Either side calls the other out for their wrongdoings. But really, all that both sides are trying to do is live. It is a tough world out there after all, and as the saying go, it is the survival of the fittest.

In this episode, the ghouls proved to be the fitter species, as we said goodbye to Mado. It is rather sad to see him go, because he was probably one of the more (if not the most) interesting dove so far. Despite having been killed, much about Mado still remains a mystery and with his death, even more have surfaced. There was mention of him seeking revenge against a one-eyed ghoul. And then there was the fact that he was wearing a ring, which looked an awful lot like a wedding ring. So now we know that Mado was married. Even though Touka’s reaction made it look like she felt horrible for having killed somebody’s husband, I can’t help but think that there might be more to this wedding ring story than meets the eye. Of course, again, I could be horribly wrong. But Mado is was definitely one of the more interesting characters so his death definitely pulled at the heartstrings.

Speaking of heartstrings, my heart totally went out to Hinami in this episode. She has now lost both her parents and is all alone. Even so, she does not care about revenge. All she wants is to be with her parents because she misses them terribly. Morohoshi Sumire did an excellent portrayal of Hinami, evoking so much sadness in just that one ‘it is lonely being all by myself’ line. The way she cried; all that anguish, despair, trauma, forlornness. How can one NOT sympathise with the poor dear? Aww Hinami, there there~ *hugs*

Since it is seiyuu-praising time and his name has not appeared since a couple of posts back, Hanae Natsuki once again deserves notable mention. Kaneki might not have been of the most help this episode (he did however, manage to keep Amon busy for most part so that’s not all too bad!), but Hanae’s performance made watching Kaneki worth it. We have now heard eight episodes of Hanae as Kaneki, and I still can’t help but be thoroughly impressed with his performance. Hanae delivers so much emotion in his voice acting, so much so that the feelings are practically tangible. Even without words, he manages to fascinate and captivate. There was no particular scene in this episode that I would suggest listening out for, because Hanae was simply spectacular throughout. Another seiyuu worth listening out for this episode is Hanazawa Kana. She might have had just one line, but Hanazawa definitely made the best of it. It is really unfortunate that her character was killed off so early in the series, so her appearances, no matter how brief they are, are always such a treat.

And so… As the death toll continues increasing, what next?


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