Sheet Music: nc17 (Zankyou no Terror OST)

Zankyou OST

Title: nc17
Anime: Zankyou no Terror
Composer: Kanno Yoko ☆ 菅野 よう子

This track was featured in episode 4 of Zankyou, and that four-note piano pattern really stuck. So much so that it inspired this transcription~

This is an arrangement for the piano, because my capabilities are unfortunately limited to the piano lol. There are three pages, and seeing as I have not quite yet figured out the layout for this post, I am going to leave just leave it as it currently is heh. Click on the following link for the sheet music in pdf:

Some comments about the arrangement. I simplified the left-hand (LH) part for the three-note pattern (starting at bar 21) which spans four bars, because playing it just got rather messy. However, the LH really is just a repetition of the right-hand (RH) part. And it seemed pretty boring playing the same pattern over and over again on the piano, so I added in some variation just for the fun of it. Also, bars 45-48 were added in because is (feat. POP ETC) came to mind, and also because I just felt like it~

Happy playing ^^

nc17 (Zankyou OST) - 01 nc17 (Zankyou OST) - 02 nc17 (Zankyou OST) - 03


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