Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 08

変局のロコモーティブ – The Locomotive of a Twist

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Kisumi has pretty pink hair and beautiful blue eyes~

This week’s episode introduced us to a new character, kiss me Kisumi (Suzuki Chihiro). With his strawberry locks, blue eyes (I love how every Free! character has such beautifully different coloured eyes), playful personality and a very memorable name, what’s not to like? While I enjoyed the eye candy (fully clothed, unfortunately), the sudden introduction of a new character was a little off. Considering how fairly late into the season it already is, it seemed a rather unnecessary addition. Granted, we needed Kisumi to find out that Sousuke is in fact suffering from a shoulder injury and hence his weird attitude (last week’s riddle solved!). However, I felt that the Sousuke-injury revelation could have been done without the need for this character. Of course, not that I did not enjoy watching Kisumi, because he provided quite a fair bit of fun and giggles ^^

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From what went on in this episode, we know that Kisumi was pretty close with Mako and Haru (although, from his facial expressions and reactions, Haru obviously dislikes Kisumi). It was adorable seeing them together and watching the flashbacks of when they were younger. And yes, the introduction of Kisumi definitely strengthened the whole Mako/Haru shipping, because wasn’t someone just totally jealous this episode? Lol oh Haru, even when you are behaving all petty and colder than usual, you are still as adorable as ever.

Most of this episode focused on Mako coaching the children at Iwatobi SC. And golly, with each passing episode Mako is just proving to be the sweetest most gentle and aww inducing character ever, all patient and kind and caring *gushes* don’t we all want a Mako? I want a Mako~ and obviously this fangirl feels the same, because she has confessed that if she can’t marry Mako, she will make do with a vending machine of his height LOL (link courtesy of Akatsuki-chan~). This week, Mako faced the challenge of helping one of his students, Hayato (Kisumi’s younger brother), overcome his fear of the water. And he did so by teaching him the backstroke, because that was how Mako overcame his fear – by swimming the backstroke, he could see the sky and was therefore no longer afraid of the water. An unorthodox method, but it certainly worked and it was such a sweet moment to see little Hayato smile. Honestly, with Mako’s words of encouragement “don’t worry, I will definitely not let go of your hand”, I would have gladly and readily trusted him as well. Suzuki Tatsuhisa, words escape me at this point. So, kyun~

We saw selflessness not only in Mako, but also in Sousuke, who kindly volunteered to help Ai-chan improve on his timing. On a side note, Rin’s hair in a ponytail – HOT. But I digress… I guess watching Ai-chan swim recklessly really touched a nerve with the injured Sousuke, who is obviously feeling very hurt and very bitter about the predicament that he is in. Understandably, the most passionate of sports people always strive to be better and sometimes the thirst to improve gets in the way of all rational thought – then oh noes, out with an injury. That is possibly the worst thing that can happen in any aspiring sports person’s path to greatness, because everything changes once you sustain an injury. And the worst thing about that worst thing, is that you can only blame yourself for having pushed yourself so hard. So as un-fond of Sousuke as I am, my heart definitely goes out to him.

Muscle-scope. First sign of muscles AND first sign of stripping: 2 minutes 4 seconds. And to celebrate the return of the stripping, please treat yourselves to the Free! cast (Miyano Mamoru, Shimazaki Nobunaga and Suzuki Tatsuhisa) talking laughing about stripping methods – with two arms crossed in the front and pulling the shirt over your head; taking the shirt out by the sleeve; or taking the shirt out by the neck hole (is that what it’s called?). What’s your preferred method of stripping? ☆~(ゝ。∂)

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Till the next water time~


3 thoughts on “Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 08

    • oh the light novel! i see, thanks for letting me know ^^ i really should do more thorough research lol. anyway, i still think that his introduction in this episode was rather abrupt.

  1. I do want my very own Mako because how lovely of a guy is he? I couldn’t help but ‘awwwww’ every time he interacted with the kids, and the adorable Hayato in particular. Kisumi was indeed a veeeery pretty character with his beautiful strawberry hair and pretty eyes. This show really knows how to produce its eye candy.

    I really liked how Sousuke decided to help coach Ai-chan – i.e. Samezuka’s resident uke – because he’s just so earnest and sweet and has such a hero complex with Rin. You’re right, it really must’ve hit a nerve seeing Ai swim so recklessly, especially with the state of his own shoulder. *pats him*

    This was such a nice intercession episode, where a lot of them can just end up boring or dull. This one really showed us more about Mako and Sousuke and I can always appreciate these kinds of episodes when done well.

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