Love Stage!!: Episode 07

Could this be – モシカシテ

Love Stage!! E07 (1) Love Stage!! E07 (2) Love Stage!! E07 (3) Love Stage!! E07 (4) Love Stage!! E07 (5) Love Stage!! E07 (6) Love Stage!! E07 (7) Love Stage!! E07 (8) Love Stage!! E07 (9) Love Stage!! E07 (10) Love Stage!! E07 (11) Love Stage!! E07 (12) Love Stage!! E07 (13) Love Stage!! E07 (14) Love Stage!! E07 (15) Love Stage!! E07 (16) Love Stage!! E07 (17) Love Stage!! E07 (18) Love Stage!! E07 (19) Love Stage!! E07 (20) Love Stage!! E07 (21) Love Stage!! E07 (22) Love Stage!! E07 (23) Love Stage!! E07 (24) Love Stage!! E07 (25) Love Stage!! E07 (26) Love Stage!! E07 (27) Love Stage!! E07 (28) Love Stage!! E07 (29) Love Stage!! E07 (30) Love Stage!! E07 (31) Love Stage!! E07 (32) Love Stage!! E07 (33) Love Stage!! E07 (34) Love Stage!! E07 (35) Love Stage!! E07 (36) Love Stage!! E07 (37) Love Stage!! E07 (38) Love Stage!! E07 (39) Love Stage!! E07 (40)

Or, this episode can be titled Izumi grows up and returns home.

Picking up from the cliffhanger of the previous episode (not so much of a cliffhanger for those manga readers though), we continue with a brief blue-clouds scene before Ryouma runs out of the room. The blue-clouds scene was shorter than how I remembered it to be in the manga and less sensuous then the the first pink scene but still a treat for the eyes. Ryouma decided to stop with his seme-ing of Izumi when he realised that something was amiss. It definitely won’t feel right when your partner doesn’t feel the same way as you do, and it does feel like Izumi was making light of Ryouma’s feelings for him. But our spoiled brat fails to understand that he has hurt Ryouma and goes to sleep in a huff. It was rather amusing to see Ryouma regret giving up the “once-in-a-lifetime” chance to have a buffet of Izumi, but don’t worry Ryouma, you did the right thing.

Izumi wakes up in the evening (this boy sure knows how to sleep!) and finds Ryouma’s note of apology on the table, along with neatly folded clothes and food in the fridge. WHERE can you find such caring and sensitive young man who cooks delicious breakfast and does laundry for you? In Love Stage!! of course. Izumi finally realises what a spoiled brat/ nuisance he had been and decides to go home. Immediately after he switched his cellphone on, two days worth of Rei’s texts came flooding in, once again reminding Izumi of how childish this whole “running away from home” idea was. I’m repeating myself, but running away from home, imposing on Ryouma and worrying Rei to death really isn’t the most mature thing to do. Izumi was blinded by his own emotions but I’m glad that he realised how selfish he had been. Although I liked the moments in the previous episodes where Hirakawa loses his cool and gets violent, his gentle and worried voice here (probably the only time you’ll hear this in Love Stage!!) sounded better than how he usually sounds in Drama CDs. Awww poor Rei~ Izumi, you selfish brat!

私は泉水くんを 信じてるる!
I believe in Izumi-kun-ruru!

Before returning home, Izumi gets one last gift from the loving and forgiving Ryouma – a personal review and message from THE Saotome-sensei! It wasn’t easy for Eyouma to get to meet Saotome-sensei, he did it anyway, by getting down on all fours in front of the editor like how we’ve seen him done to Izumi. This is almost like the final quest Ryouma completes to get the “Shion’s Best Boyfriend of the Year Award”, taking into account all that he has done for Izumi till now, I’m declaring him the best boyfriend-character of this season and the role model of all future boyfriend materials! All shall be compared against THE Ryouma while judging their worth!

Izumi finally returns home and Rei was more relieved than anything else. Right before Ryouma leaves the Sena residence, Izumi thanked him for being such a wonder brotherly figure. The thought of being compared to DAIGO Shougo got Eguchi Ryouma so disturbed that he surprises Izumi with a kiss. *Triple-kyas* That was one of the coolest line I’ve heard Eguchi said so far.

Take a good look, I’m not like your brother.

No, nobody is going to compare you with DAIGO, so don’t worry Eguchi! Izumi wasn’t disgusted by the kiss and starts blushing instead. Could this be…?

I didn’t find this episode of Love Stage!! to be as funny as the usual, but it was still a good episode which brought us closer to seeing Ryouma and Izumi get together.


7 thoughts on “Love Stage!!: Episode 07

  1. Ryouma-kun = “Shion’s Best Boyfriend of the Year Award”!!!!! desu yo, desu yo!! haha!! 101% in agreement here!!

    the blue cloud scenes were just so subliminal (of course, the sofa pink pastel H scenes were more subliminal, i swear) but the blue-ness speaks of how desolate the feeling is for unrequited love and i’m glad ryouma-kun stopped and realized this is not the way to go, because his feelings are worth soooo much more than that. again, three cheers for the amazing self-control and self-respect the seme has for himself–that he deserves more than just a tumble in bed but for that burning desire to be reciprocated 100-fold!

    i have just one bit of cringe-moment when ryouma-kun had that wink pasted on his face for several seconds hahaha! oh and i guess i’m missing that “ba-dump–badump” when izumi was asking himself, “could this be… love?” i don’t know if i’m stereotyping too much, but i guess i’ve listened to soooo many drama cds and heard that as one of the signals of being aware of that doki-doki feeling. ah well, it’s just me hehe.

    the gentle and caring rei has always been what i remember of hirakawa daisuke. i think his most memorable seiyuu drama for me was junjou as tozaki keisuke (uke) against morikawa toshiyuki’s kurata shousei. i very much loved his interpretation of that role (have you listened to it?).

    again, otsukaresamadesu for bringing us this review!

    • Heheh, only 101%? And wow I didn’t see that much into the blue cloud scene, all I was thinking was – meh, no details? haha oops.
      I didn’t really pick up on the last scene because I was in lalaland over Eguchi’s voice, but yea I thought Izumi was going to ask himself “could this be love” because I thought he did so in the manga? There are some cliches which you just can’t escape eh?
      And no! I didn’t listen to the Junjou drama cds because there were so many and I couldn’t get my hands on the entire collection so (weird habit of mine) I refused to start listening to it! But Morimori and Hirakawa huh… hm…

  2. a buffet of Izumi hahahahahaha! darn Eguchi’s so cool as Ryouma. I’m really starting to see Eguchi is a different light now. Ryouma’s so capable and dependable whereas Izumi’s just so わがまま(there really is no english equivalent of this is there lol) and cunning to do that to poor Ryouma. I have a love-hate relationship with what they did to the suggestive scenes with the pink and blue clouds. Love because it stretches the imaginations the production staff can count fujoshis on and hate because it’s just like it’s almost there but not quite there!

  3. i’m also left wondering why the H scenes were interpreted like that. is it because of viewing restrictions in Japan, do you think? is this shown during primetime there? i have no idea about these things there and how acceptable BL really is in their society. i’m at least thankful that they’re sticking close to the manga, unlike one show we know which is explicitly BL yet is extremely sanitized in the anime…

    • yeah I think it’s mainly the viewing restrictions. If they went all the way with the anime then it might be restricted to just DVD sales and not for broadcast. Problem with just DVD sales is that it just doesn’t bring enough $$ into a studio but with broadcasting it first, the anime’s kinda put out there for everyone to then afterwards buy the DVDs. That’s why even the really popular BL anime adaptations like Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi aren’t explicit in the anime. But at least we have the mangas ^_^

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