Haikyuu!!: Episode 20

及川徹は天才ではない – Oikawa Tooru is Not a Genius

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Oikawa might not be a genius, but he is most certainly the playmaker of the team. His keen observation skills enable him to read his teammates’ abilities and set up plays to compliment their strengths so nicely. While Kageyama is a bundle of genius-like talent, Oikawa is able to fully bring out the strength of his spikers and that is what sets him apart as a setter, thereby giving him an edge over Kageyama.

The way he analyses; the way he observes; the way he reads the game; the way he does all that prep work before a game – it is no wonder Oikawa is such a setter to be reckoned with. Unlike Kageyama who gets by mainly on his pure volleyball sense, Oikawa uses his setter abilities to make the best of his spikers’ abilities, thereby bringing out the very best of his players. And that is really what matters, because volleyball is a team sport. It is not a one-on-one between the setters, but how the team works as a unit to make their plays work.

Being a team sport, no single player should be conceited enough to let their misses/mistakes bring the team down. Because when one player is affected, that risks affecting the entire team. So props to Tanaka for not letting his little error bring down the team’s morale. With his ability to stay positive, his tenacious fighting spirit, his mental strength, and all that raw power, Tanaka really does have the qualities of an ace and it was beautiful to watch him break Aoba Johsai’s momentum. See that Kageyama? LEARN from your senpai! Don’t go fighting alone; don’t go letting your thoughts distract you; don’t let your emotions get the better of you; don’t go pulling the team down because you are not focused. This is a match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai – NOT Kageyama and Oikawa.

Other then Kageyama’s blatant disregard for team effort, one other thing that really got on my nerves this episode (trivial as it may be), is the “gooooooooo…” that could always be heard in the lead up to every one of Oikawa’s spikes. Small matter, yes. But that sound effect is completely unnecessary in my opinion. Grumbling aside, I do appreciate how the focus has been shifted away from Hinata. Other than (obviously) Oikawa and Kageyama, Tanaka also had his fair share of the spotlight this episode, which was nice since we get to see more of the other team members play. And it looks like there will be another team member’s time to shine next week ^^

All in all, this episode was passable, but not great or chill inducing like so many of the others. The only thing that left me hanging and eagerly anticipating the next episode was that ending. With Kageyama in a pickle, Aoba Johsai having figured out Karasuno’s signs, and Karasuno trailing behind by a remarkable nine points, it is FINALLY Suga to the rescue! I absolutely can’t wait to watch Suga play, because oh Suga, it has been too long. He deserves a chance to strut his stuff and I am fervently hoping that his plays will be able to drill some sense into the haughty and stubborn Kageyama’s brain.


2 thoughts on “Haikyuu!!: Episode 20

  1. The “goooo….” sound wasn’t just a simple sound effect, it was made by Aoba Josai cheering Team. Basically the same type of grout that in Datekou was always screaming “Go, Go, Let’s Go Datekou!”.

    • hello~ it might have been a cheer and not ‘just a simple sound effect’ for all purposes of the match, but it was still a sound effect to me in relation to the show. besides, i much preferred datekou’s “go go let’s go let’s go datekou” – it’s got a catchy rhythm to it lol. i guess the “gooooo…” really got on my nerves because every time i hear it, i wait in a rather worried and disdained apprehension that oikawa might possibly be scoring yet another service ace. it really is just me being extremely biased towards and protective of the karasuno boys hehe ^^

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