Captain Earth 19

Your Smile Means Everything 「今は微笑む、君だから」

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Captain Earth can be a lot of things but I never thought to describe it as being romantic. Yet that’s precisely what this episode was and it’s so so sweet how Hana and Daichi’s romance becomes a key plot line as we enter the last quarter of Captain Earth.

As it turns out, Operation Summer was to eventually launch the Blume alien spaceship from where it laid under the sea when it first landed on earth over a decade ago. Blume is operated by Hana, a being genetically created by the planetary gears for the sole purpose of firing a livlaster. When she first arrived as a little girl, she could not leave Blume on her own will. That was until little boys Daichi and Teppei found her, and Daichi “released” her. Peter Westvillage established that little girl Hana was afraid of Blume and of the endless darkness enveloping her existence there, which was why upon being released by Daichi, she never wanted to go back into Blume. But without her, Blume cannot be accessed and hence cannot be used by humanity, for humanity. Hana’s struggled with her true identity, so much so she was afraid of letting Daichi know who she really is. But the teenagers have crossed that stage (love that flashback kissing scene and how bittersweet that moment was) and with absolute faith in her Captain, she’s strong enough to return to Blume, knowing that if Daichi dies in battle, she would be forever trapped in Blume. But if Daichi’s not there, ‘there’ll be no point in leaving the ship anyway’. Aww… call me a sucker for Hana and Daichi’s pure, chaste puppy love. You gotta admit how nicely done their relationship turned into a central plot line for getting Blume back into space. Incidentally, seiyuus Kayano Ai and Irino Miyu last played lovers in AnoHana to massive tearjerking effect – hope they don’t have to replicate it here!

On the other hand, we’ve got these failed couples – the separated Commander on earth and Governor in Tenkaido, Puck’s alter-ego in Kube as he flirts with his secretary and all these other girls leading to being very ceremoniously dumped and lastly, real-life seiyuu couple Sakamoto Maaya and Suzumura Kenichi voicing the Kiltgang pair of Moco and Amara. Amara’s so busy he doesn’t even want to have a bit of fun with Moco’s avatar – he’s really run out of libido lol. Now if only Teppei and Akari will just get together already! They’ve even got matching backwardglance shots this week!

Akari the magical girl shows us all her prowess once again by disabling the Australian central command centre’s systems for over an hour! The pirates neoteny trio make their escape but gets thwarted by Salty Dog yet again. Seriously, the Midsummer Knights have to fight the external planetary gear threats already and back home they have to fight against their own people? Idiot Salty Dogs. Just why?! Kube/Puck is surely slowly plotting his next move – what’s this about immortality and the need for infinite energy though? Next week Kiltgang idol Ai-chan goes undercover in Tenkaido as Blume returns to space. The action’s likely to resume in space next but will the Midsummer Knights ever reunite again? Or will Hana be stuck in Blume from now till the final episode?!



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