Barakamon 06

Guys from Tokyo 「よそんもん (訳:東京から来た奴ら)」

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Handa sensei’s so cute I think he’s even cuter than Naru this episode! Tsuuuun~~~~

It’s so rare to have a male tsundere character capture my affections so. I allude it to the power of Ono Daisuke! Just as with his baka voice acting in this week’s Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun, OnoD is reviving his loveable baka-waii acting in Barakamon! I don’t even remember when was the last time I’d ever heard him voice this sort of tsundere character! It really suits him and reminds me of  OnoD himself such as when hosting the DearGirl Stories radio show, although he mentioned in the first ra-ji-ka-mon らじかもん barakamon radio show that he’s only 70% similar to Handa (Ucchi got 80% with Hiroshi).

But that’s not all. This week, Kaji Yuuki joins the cast as Kanzaki Kousuke, THAT 18-year old who won the grand prize resulting in what has now been dubbed the Second-Prize-Calligraphy Incident. Kanzaki’s brought along by Handa’s only friend and manager Kawafuji Takao voiced by Suwabe Junichi, effectively bringing together Sebastian, Finny and the Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji! It’s so funny to hear a seiyuu famous for his sadistic Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji turn around and sound so bullied and defeated in Barakamon; look at how far Yuutan’s come along and Suwabe’s still stealing the limelight as suave supporting characters.

Naru’s of course still the cutest at the end of the day because she’s got her special Naru childlike innocence on her side. It’s so funny watching her get all excited and competitive over comparing tattoos (flower, dog and 3 dots) with Kawafuji (sun and hawk) and then get all excited over a PHONE card! Aww Naru, please don’t grow up! She’s just 7 years old and shrewd enough already to ask for payment in exchange for information over sensei (it’s so endearing how she doesn’t know his name and just calls him sensei. Incidentally, the children seiyuus address the adult seiyuus by their characters so Naru seiyuu Hara Suzuko calls OnoD ‘sensei’ in real life too). She unwittingly saves sensei from Kanzaki by giving the city boy a monster ball of flying stink bugs! And as Handa struggles yet again with the self-imposed pressure of improving his calligraphy, Naru’s there to show just what life should be by folding paper airplanes and having plain, simple fun. Naru banzai!

After you. どうぞ、お先に。

Kanzaki is probably Handa’s number 1 fan (this world of calligraphy is really not what one would expect, right Hiroshi?). He has every magazine Handa’s ever been featured in – some were even tabbed, and came to get voice recordings of Handa sprouting cheesy, embarrassing comments such as, ‘as I deeply inhale the refined air, I address my paper and brush and they respond to me affirmingly’ and ‘to me, calligraphy is the act of luring myself into catharsis’. LOL when Hina simply pats Handa’s back wordlessly hahaha! But Handa’s desperately finding a new expression of calligraphy that he can truly call his own, which is why he’s in the Goto Islands in the first place. So I really loved how Handa applied what we learnt from the mochi gathering in his response to Kanzaki using words to goad his idol to return to Tokyo. And then punching the conceited, nasty kid out cold hahaha.

I’ve come to realise that even though calligraphy’s a solo art, it does take a team to bring the best out of paper and brush. Barakamon’s supporting characters do so nicely to set off Handa and Naru as this week we see the village men come together to interrogate suspected child kidnapper Kawafuji (though the interrogation derogated into a drinking session) and Miwa and Hiroshi do their comedic best in looking out for sensei’s pride. It’s no fun looking after an adult but when said adult is sensei, it’s honestly A LOT of fun. He gets so embarrassed at his inability to be straightforward and direct that it really makes you want to egg him into a corner for example by having the whole village come asking for his autograph. Handa’s going to stay around for a bit more as he changes himself but don’t worry Kawafuji, your money tree will ‘catch up right away, riding on the wind’ *struggling to not burst out laughing*. How does Handa say such humiliating lines with a straight face?!


2 thoughts on “Barakamon 06

  1. Oh I love all the characters in Barakamon so so much! And having more of Kawafuji in this episode was such a plus~~
    The scene where Handa got so embarrassed over those magazines featuring himself was so cute and funny in a way that you’re right, he stole the limelight from Naru in this episode with his tsun moments. I really liked the part where Hina patted Handa too, it’s nice to see how she stopped crying her eyeballs out so easily around him. Oh Barakamon is so funny, cute and heartwarming at the same time.

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