Sword Art Online II: Episode 05

Gun and Sword – 銃と剣

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 Kirito enters the preliminary rounds of BoB and wins against all odds with his energy sword. It came sooner than we expected, Death Gun approaches Kirito asking him if he is “the real deal” and I had to remind myself to breathe after this brilliant episode of SAO II.

The two managed to register for the BoB without further hiccups and Kirito was taken aback by the registration process. To register, players have to enter information about themselves, which was unusual. While that would be the norm for our games, I suppose it isn’t that common during Kirito’s era. Furthermore, with the threat imposed by Death Gun, filling in this extra information seems rather risky and I was glad that Kirito didn’t fill in any information regarding his true name or his address. After completing their registration, Sinon brings Kirito into a room to change into their combat armour and inevitably strips in front of him. It was amusing to see Kirito all flustered. He revealed his true gender then and talk about bad timing. Sinon was miffed about being deceived but still provided Kirito with the bare minimum information he needed to know to get through the preliminary round. There, I knew she would be cool about it.

Soon, it was the start of the preliminary round and all registered players were teleported into another area for their fight with their opponent. It was an exciting few seconds before the start, I felt more excited than Kirito. Will he win? I’m sure he will but will the process be easy? Difficult and tedious?

Kirito was soon teleported into a field with Grecian(?) ruins and before he could collect himself, he was spotted by his opponent and assaulted by a round of bullets. A few stray bullets inevitably hits Kirito but he didn’t seem to take much damage from them, so I assume that his opponent’s attack is consecutive rounds but each hit is weak. It seems like Kirito doesn’t have any chance of getting closer to his opponent to use his sword (ranged weapons ftw). After giving it some thought, Kirito decides to trust in his own reflexes to get up close to his opponent, just like how he had done with the gunman in the Untouchable game. In some ways this anime is getting rather predictable. Kirito did what he set out to do without fail and it was one cool moment when he thrusts his sword into the gut of his opponent, killing that poor guy with one hit. That was fast.

When he was teleported back to the main area, most of the other contestants were still fighting, including Sinon. What happened next was beyond my prediction. Death Gun appeared behind Kirito, asking him if he was the “real deal”. While Kirito and I were stumped in confusion, Death Gun continues to repeat his question in that creepily monotonous voice. Did he meant to ask Kirito if he seriously used a sword to defeat his opponent? Kirito soon realised that the creepy Grim Reaper knows him from the death game of Sword Art Online and started frantically searching through his memory for any clues as to who this stranger might be. That was when he spotted a familiar tattoo on Death Gun’s bandaged arm, the logo of the Laughing Coffin, a PK (Player Kill) guild back in Aincrad! I remember reading about this when I was doing research for SAO II and boy am I glad that I’ve forgotten about this till now. Though Kirito might now have realised that this creepy guy is the Death Gun that he’s looking for, I’m sure he can sense the danger that he’s in. Just thinking about what the next episode might bring gives me the chills. This series might have started slow and uninteresting, but it sure is anything but boring right now!

The OST! The opening scene of this episode was accompanied by an electronic version of Swordland from the first season’s OST and I really liked the theme in that track. Looking forward to hearing the GGO-lised version of the old themes~


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