Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 06

無敵なプライム! – Invincible Prime!

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With the lovely display of them triceps, biceps, abs, collarbones, ankles, so on and so forth, Free! has returned to all semblance of normalcy ワーイ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Yes, this episode was a definite feast for the eyes, considering the lack of muscle showcase in the previous couple of episodes. Gou was positively grinning with glee, but the poor girl has decided that muscles are off limits until the Iwatobi boys get to nationals. Even if she sees muscles, she will not get worked up. And if she does get worked up, she will try to contain herself. Well, Gou good luck with that! I for one am not going to hold back. Worry not, us fans shall fangirl/fanboy on your behalf ^^

So plotty stuff! This episode covered Day 1 of prefecturals. Nagisa, Rei, Mako and Haru each competed in their individual events. And not surprising at all, all four of them advanced in their respective styles, but with Mako not qualifying for the next round of 200m freestyle and Haru qualifying for BOTH the 100m and 200m freestyle events. Yaaaay swishy~ Nagisa’s comment about Haru really made me smile: “In Haru-chan’s case, we know he’s won even before he competes!”. Well, I don’t mean to brag on his behalf, but that is really so true and I could not agree more. Haru really is so cool. And swims so well! And his hair is so swishy. And he’s so pretty~ I mentioned previously how protective I am of him, and that sentiment is still going strong. I mean, I just look at him and I go awwww. And it does not help that Shimazaki is doing such an enticing job with that stoic and simultaneously (oddly enough) come hither voice of his. It’s probably just me, but it really is swoon worthy.

Free S2 ep 6 - image 04 Free S2 ep 6 - image 05 Free S2 ep 6 - image 26 Free S2 ep 6 - image 27 Free S2 ep 6 - image 28 Free S2 ep 6 - image 31 Free S2 ep 6 - image 32 Free S2 ep 6 - image 33 Free S2 ep 6 - image 34 Free S2 ep 6 - image 35

The focus this episode might have been the swimming competition, but I was faaaarrr too distracted with the whole Mako&Haru storyline to care much about swimming (because honestly, as long as Haru wins, I can’t be bothered with who else places. Haru is the quickest swimmer and if he comes in second then there is no first place). Golly, the bromance certainly was strong in this episode. So much so in fact, that it got me snickering the entire time. If there was one pairing to ship in Free!, my money’s on Mako and Haru, because.. just awwwww.

So, if you watched this episode and were not convinced what with all that underlying gayness going on, then let me try to sway your vote. Presenting Mako’s one-liners:

  • (Mako to Haru) “If it’s not with you then I won’t do it” (kiseki: clingy much??)
  • (Mako to Haru) “I swim because I want to swim with you” (kiseki: sure, he might have added, ‘with my friends’ immediately after, but you aren’t fooling any of us Mako ☆~(ゝ。∂))
  • (Mako to Haru) “You really are the best in the water” (kiseki: what might this ‘best’ that you are referring to be, captain??)
  • (when Nagisa asked Mako why he challenged Haru in the 200m freestyle) “Maybe I was jealous of Rin” (kiseki: ohoho, there you go~)

Lol I couldn’t help myself. To quote shion-chan, this episode really took gay up a notch. The gayness was just too blatant and blindingly obvious for me to NOT make fun of haha *coughs* So back to the review proper, this episode showed us what a lovely friend Mako really is. I am sure we have seen time and again the extent of his kind and caring personality. But this episode really did me in, because it showed just how beautiful a person Mako is. Going as far as to pick a fish so that Haru can have the dolphin, if that is not sweetness then everything else is mean and bitter. Of course, my attachment to any character is generally attributed to the seiyuu. And oh Tattsun, your voice just makes me melt *gushes* If listening to him as Mako isn’t good enough, then please treat yourselves to a moment of Tattsun as the encouraging oniichan (courtesy of Akatsuki-chan~).

And so, Day 1 is over. Day 2 next week. What will Sousuke do? He was obviously unhappy that Rin had lost to Haru (and by 0.02 seconds!). Shikes surely he is going to be back with a vengeance. Oh noes D: golly I hope that Iwatobi wins. Because if swishy is hurt in any way at all, that is going to be so upsetting! Sheesh Sousuke, just take Rin already, I don’t care. Haru has Mako anyway! Argh, I just want prefecturals to be over and done with already gosh! Am so not looking forward to the relay.

Muscle-scope. First sign of muscles: An unprecedented 15 seconds~ unfortunately, it seems as if the series has decided to do away with the stripping *sighs dejectedly*
Free S2 ep 6 - image 41

Till the next water time~


4 thoughts on “Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 06

  1. Tattsun onii-san!!! Thanks for sharing, I’m gonna use that link in my Aozora review too, if you don’t mind ^^
    If you want heart-melting Tattsun, I’ll recommend Aozora during your weekend. Tattsun was reeeaaally good inside and he voices a very likeable person too hahaha.

  2. I couldn’t get over how adorable baby Haru and Makoto were. They were just such cutie pies! ^^

    Yess, lots of muscles and just enough plot to keep everybody happy, but hot damn, I LOVE watching Makoto do his backwards dive! His muscles are pretty glorious, haha.

    But really, Haru and Mako-chan are two boys in so much adorable love and the hidden messages behind their ‘friendship’ speeches aren’t all that hidden. Ah, the analysis of a fangirl, haha.

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