Aozora no Kimochi -Susume

Aozora no Kimochi (1)

Title: Aozora no Kimochi -Susume (アオゾラのキモチ-ススメ-)
Original work by: Sakiya Haruhi (Novel)
Release date: 2010年11月28日
Length: 02:22:07
Cast: Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Terashima Takuma (鈴木達央x寺島拓篤)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤
Genres: Drama, School LifeSlice of Life
Drama translation: Disc 1, Disc 2
Synopsis: Kita Shizuru studies Animation at the Tokyo Visual Arts School and through various encounters, he meets Okimura Kou of the fashion department, who has a strong hatred of otakus. Although the two tried their best to avoid running into each other, a defamatory post about Okimura on the school forum saw them being called to the counsellor’s room together, when it appears that Shizuru was the one who uploaded the post.


Aozora no Kimochi is one seemingly normal and typical drama which will get you all emotional for no reason, at least that’s what it did to me. The beginning of the drama introduces us to Shizuru and Souma, and later on, Okimura too. At first, Shizuru didn’t get a very good impression and neither did I, as he appeared to be an irate and unreasonable gangster who overdresses in gaudy fashion. An incident caused by Hirai, the antagonist, ironically brings Okimura and Shizuru closer and that was the turning point for our couple to be.

At this point, I have to start fangirling about Shizuru. He’s easily one of the coolest 2D person I’ve ever known, not to mention the coolest amongst all ukes. All right, one of the coolest. The way he deals with people just makes you respect him and want to look up to him as your onii-chan.

敵の敵は御方じゃない – An enemy of my enemy isn’t my ally

Wise words from Shizuru which is so true, yet most people seldom stop to think in the reasonable manner he does before acting. From the way he dealt with the Hirai case to how he calmed Okimura down with his reasoning, Shizuru won me over with his personality. I would have never thought that he would be gay right from the start; I did find it weird when Souma was overly conscious of “Okki” and Shizuru’s developing relationship, but I never suspected anything.

Okimura soon realises his feelings for Shizuru and accepts it without hesitation, much to Shizuru’s surprise. I’m getting a bit tired of narrating the story now, so in summary, the two of them get together after various misunderstandings have been cleared.

It wasn’t so much of a misunderstanding but I saw it as more of a “getting to know each other better “ sort of thing. Shizuru kept the fact that he has had two boyfriends before from Okimura, who seems to be under the illusion that Shizuru is an innocent hetero, new to everything H. You can’t blame Shizuru for wanting to keep the truth from his Okimura – nobody wants to be hated by the one whom they love. But then again, being dishonest is probably one of the most major relationship-breaker that I’m not quite sure what sensible Shizuru was thinking when he decided to hide things from Okimura. How long did he think he could do that for?

Okimura had more in him than we gave him credit for, he has been aware that Shizuru is hiding something from him (“You always wear such a guilty expression on your face, as though you’ve been cheating on me”). In fact, Okimura grew on me just as Shizuru had. Though he first appears to be a blunt and short-tempered guy who doesn’t seem to think before he speaks or acts, we soon see the more sensitive sides of him as he spends more time with Shizuru. Don’t they say that being in love makes you into a better person? Well, I’m sure the opposite happens but not in this case. Okimura is so observant and sensible that he knew how Shizuru was worrying over their relationship and has been trying to make things easier for Shizuru in his own way. Not telling Shizuru about Hirai’s harassment might not have sat well with Shizuru, but I get where you were coming from. Besides being sensitive to his lover’s feelings, he’s also a pragmatic guy who plans for the future. Although he does dress rather flashily, he doesn’t spend unnecessary and he holds onto the values of not sleeping around carelessly. Seriously, why do we always see such perfect imperfect men in dramas? I regret to say that Okimura can only exist in 2D. Anyway, besides his obviously attractive personality and values, I always start smiling to myself when Okimura gets irate with jealousy. He is a little possessive but not to the extent that I cease to find it cute.

The second half of the story showed us the more irrational side of Shizuru, as he struggles with his inferiority complex and stray from the stoic and cool Shizuru we thought we knew. He wasn’t treated well by his past lovers and that created this perpetual fear in him that “he wasn’t good enough”. Although it was clear to Souma and everyone else that Okimura isn’t the type of person who would abandon Shizuru easily (quote from Souma: Shizuru should be the one who knows best about how stubborn he is), all reason escapes Shizuru as he battles with the fear of losing Okimura. I can sympathise with Shizuru on this, as it isn’t as easy to gain confidence overnight. Having someone whom you love makes it worse, because that will mean that you have more to lose. I’m just glad that Shizuru found Okimura – I’m sure there’s no better man for Shizuru than our optimistic and tenacious Okki.

Terashima pulled off such a convincing Shizuru that I’m reevaluating my past impression of him. Before Aozora, I didn’t quite liked him. It was cool to hear him play the calm mature Shizuru who gets insecure and mildly hysterical when the touchy topics come up. I’ve listened to Terashima previously but this might be the first time I’m listening to Tattsun properly. I feel sorry for his throat during the times when he had to shout but I absolutely loved his Okimura (see above). There is this gangster quality in his voice that suits Okimura really well, and when Tattsun turns on the sulking voice, you could almost hear him pouting through your earphones. If all that wasn’t enough, Tattsun’s gentle voice was sooo good too that I’m sure many of us here would happily take the place of Shizuru. Here’s a short clip with Tattsun as a gentle onii-san, courtesy of Akatsuki-chan, enjoy! Having two talented seiyuus as the main cast of Aozora was a huge plus and without Terashima or Tattsun, I don’t think I would have liked Aozora as much.

This drama ended with the rather cheesy but still sweet idea of having a carefree date with your lover under the clear blue skies. Aw… Even though the storyline wasn’t amazing like some of the other dramas I’ve listened to *coughDecoycough*, something in Aozora just grips your attention and made finishing this drama in one sitting a must. Likeable characters with depth to their personalities and an emotional storyline saw Aozora no Kimochi become one of my favourites and I would recommend this for anyone and everyone!


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