Sword Art Online II: Episode 04

Gun Gale Online – ガンゲイルオンライン

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Kirito dives into the world of GGO and so coincidentally meets Sinon, who was on her way to register for the upcoming BoB. With such a knowledgeable guide steering him around, Kirito soon gets well-equipped for the PvP tournament. However, they seemed to have lost track of time while weapon-shopping and they are left with 10 minutes to meet the deadline for registration of BoB. Will they manage to enter the tournament? I’m rather sure that they will but the reassurance will only come in the next episode. Did I mention that Kirito is now sporting a feminine avatar in GGO and just about everyone thinks that he’s a girl despite his obviously flat chest?

I’ve waited three episodes for this and it’s finally here, Kirito’s full dive into GGO! He was rather surprised to find that his avatar sports long hair in GGO and the feminine appearance earned him some lewd glances from the male-dominated environment. He soon wandered into an isolated area where he spots Sinon walking by and decides to approach her for help. Isn’t there a map function in this game? Sinon was surprisingly helpful towards Kirito, but only because she thought that Kirito was a female. In a world of lewd males where females are hard to come by, it’s only natural for girls to stick together and help each other out. After a few seconds of hesitation, Kirito decided to keep his true gender a secret so that Sinon would help him out. As we know, this isn’t the smartest thing to do, but I feel sure that Sinon won’t react too adversely when she finds out the truth.

We soon find out that Sinon is almost like a walking encyclopedia for GGO, as she quickly assessed Kirito’s character type and the weapons suitable for his needs. I thought he was an agility-based character, which would put him at a disadvantage in GGO, but apparently he’s a strength-agility type *shrugs*. When they realise that the amount of credits Kirito holds is equivalent to the start-up amount, which won’t get him any decent weapon suitable for PvP, let alone BoB, the two headed towards the games area in hopes of earning a large amount of credits quickly. The first game Sinon brought Kirito to, was the Untouchable. The goal of the game was to dash across a set distance to touch the gunman without being shot by him, basically a game where the player has to dodge the gunman’s bullets while running forward. Sounds exactly like the sort of game Kirito would excel at, if you’re familiar with how quick his reflexes are. Luck must have been on his side, another player took up the challenge before him and Kirito took that opportunity to get a crash course on the mechanics of the game. As we would have expected, the player didn’t manage to win the cash prize and Kirito steps up confidently to accept the challenge. The crowd who were watching the previous player decided to stay behind to “watch a new player lose” but much to everyone’s amazement, Kirito became the first player to beat the game.

One of Kirito’s goals of entering GGO was to attract Death Gun’s attention and I’d say this was a good start. To beat a sure-lose game in front of a skeptical audience as a new player will get everyone talking about him. Sinon starts suspecting that Kirito isn’t just an ordinary converter-newbie but she didn’t push for more explanations. Instead, she brings Kirito to get a good weapon suitable for BoB and despite all her recommendations, Kirito picked an energy sword which costed half of the fortune he just won. That’s cheating, Kirito. You were supposed to start using guns in GGO, stop sticking to swords! However, Kirito will probably make a name for himself by fighting with a sword as his main weapon in GGO. Anyway, Sinon decided to get him a physical handgun because, yes, you do need a gun to enter BoB. Just another hunch of mine, but the sword Kirito bought on impulse probably wasn’t an ordinary energy sword.

Knowing that Kirito had just converted from a fantasy game, Sinon brought him to a firing range to test his new gun. It was refreshing to see Kirito getting uncool and missing his target for once, but that was soon overwritten by his coolness when he grabs a buggy to rush to the Governor’s Office. All that hassle of choosing him a weapon has left Sinon and Kirito with only 10 minutes to the BoB registration deadline and the familiar Sinon appears, fretting over missing the deadline as if her life depended on it. The episode ended with the two rushing towards the Governor’s Office on a buggy and I hope they finish the registration without anymore hiccups.

The Sinon we’re seeing in this episode is really different from the usual Sinon we’ve been seeing in the past episodes and she actually appears to be a normal happy girl. It was such a treat to see her happy face at the end of this episode and I hope Kirito helps her overcome her trauma and find her own piece of happiness. On a side note, it was quite amusing to hear Matsuoka try to sound cute and girly; his normal voice already had the comforting and gentle tone to it so it didn’t require that much effort from his part.

This episode got me rather giddy with happiness and anticipation for the upcoming episodes and it’s got me convinced that we’re in for a good season. The only part I’m hating about watching this show is the wait for the next episode. Saturdays can’t seem to come faster and TGIFs now have a new meaning to them~


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