Love Stage!!: Episode 03

If Only It Had All Been A Dream 「ユメナラヨカッタノニ」

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Resistance to Sena Izumi’s good looks is futile Ryouma-kun! Just give in to your animal instincts already you beast! 

Ryouma’s very hung up on the fact that his one-sided desires for the last ten years was essentially for a guy. Feeling betrayed, he took it out on Izumi but yet can’t let go, even to the point of dreaming of “her”, only for such sweet dreams to turn into nightmares of him – the elephant reference was hilarious! Whenever he lets his guard down, his mind is flooded with Izumi because he’s upset? Angry? Or just… obsessed? It’s even affecting him at work! Determined to prove once and for all to himself that he is NOT interested in Izumi THAT way, the devious actor wriggles his way into the Izumi household on the pretense of getting his good-luck charm marble back. Instead, the beast sets himself upon Izumi, chasing him around his own home to take his clothes off so Ryouma can see for himself that Izumi is a HE and not a SHE. The plan backfired spectacularly in BL-fashion and oohlala did we get some nosebleed-inducing hot scenes this week O.O such strategic use of pink fluffy clouds!

Love Stage!! delivered yet another laughter-filled episode, even for a viewer who’s read the manga ages ago – Rei (I keep thinking it’s Free!’s Nagisa calling out to Free!’s Rei-chan seeing as both characters have the same seiyuus in both shows) telling Izumi to grow up onto the path of adulthood by confronting and apologising personally to Ryouma, only have it turn into deception through buying a new marble; Ryouma unable to walk straight after overlapping the child actress’ image with that of child Izumi; megane-Izumi being a completely different character in Ryouma’s mind, Izumi’s horrendous manga drawings, Shougo oniisan’s Izumi sensor plus his brother complex and Ryouma’s final breakdown in defeat over his true inner desires seeking help from Shougo onii-san.

Oh Ryouma, just give up already. It’s obvious that you have the hots for Izumi regardless if he’s a girl or guy. Of course it helps that he’s awfully cute, even when his otaku-megane self is so vastly different a character you failed to recognise him. You heart did go ‘kyun’ though! But really did you have to attack a crying Izumi, as irresistible as it must’ve been?! Terrible! He said to stop already but no, seme instincts kicking in right? Just had to follow through with erotic kisses didn’t you? Poor Izumi’s so traumatised (Yonaga‘s crying Izumi was so cute and pitiful!) he’s locked himself in his room because of you. Thankfully Shougo oniisan caught you in the act and stopped things from going any further otherwise you’d really have eaten his cute little brother up, something exclusively reserved for Shougo. But hey at least now you know your true feelings right? Don’t fight them anymore, Shougo oniisan can’t help you muahahaha!

Unfortunately, Shougo oniisan’s seiyuu DAIGO is really turning Love Stage!! into a 台無し(means: spoiling a good thing) anime… I’ve been holding back because he’s a supporting character after all and not a professional seiyuu. But I’ve had it in this episode when his too-nasal voice became Fran Drescher-irritating especially when whining to Rei about Ryouma in scenes towards the end. I wonder if the recording session went smoothly at all with his obvious acting – thankfully Hirakawa Daisuke‘s the veteran acting opposite this newbie. It’s ironic how Ryouma harps on about Sena Izumi riding on his family’s coattails when here we’ve got DAIGO riding on his sister’s coattails as Love Stage!! mangaka in order to voice a character supposedly based on him. Shougo’s a crucial character in bringing Ryouma and Izumi together as well as in the spin-off story of him and Rei in Back Stage!! so it’s really disappointing to not be able to look forward to Shougo’s appearance each week T_T Thankfully the rest of the cast make up for it more or less – Eguchi Takuya (Ryouma), Yonaga Tsubasa (Izumi) and Kimura Ryouhei who voices fellow manga club member Kuroi Takahiro, have great chemistry off-set in their own radio show together. Like Lala-lulu said, ‘nothing will ever change if you just run away you know’ so I’m gonna persevere through DAIGO because ultimately, Love Stage!! is quite a good manga (still ongoing and at a critical juncture if I may add) and 3 episodes into this anime adaptation, is living up to the manga’s standards. Let’s hope Izumi’s not too traumatised over no one realising the girl in the CM is him, which led to this whole misunderstanding with Ryouma in the first place!

*Akatsuki is covering these couple of weeks for Shion-chan who’s away on holiday at the moment. よろしくね〜


6 thoughts on “Love Stage!!: Episode 03

  1. i shall harp one more time about how shougo-niisan’s voice irritates me to no end and that’s it. such a waste!! aaaaargh!! there… that done, i will keep enjoying love stage, ignore that piece of voice acting and like a real fujoshi, swoon over that ecchi scene which i believe was given a breathtaking rendition in color (i’m sooo bad! izumi is getting attacked and devoured and all i can think of is how that scene is aesthetically pleasing :( i will burn in someone’s hell!)

    • It really is SUCH A WASTE right? Aargh too!! lol it helps to rant a bit haha
      yes, we shall swoon and let our imaginations loose like real fujoshis! it really was breathtaking in colour right!? that’s what I love about anime adaptations most of all, everything just looks so much better and is it just me or does it also seem to allow even more wild imaginations? O.o I honestly don’t remember Izumi being THAT traumatised in the manga though… maybe I’m swayed by later developments :)
      (that point about burning in hell – well, if it’s where fujoshis gather then at least we’ve got great company :p )

      • i watched and re-watched and re-watched that scene like a dozen times now hahahaha!! it’s the first time for me to see that done in an anime and there’s just something goosebump-y about it and with ryouma-san’s sexy voice saying ‘motto’—too much for my fangirl heart hahaha!! i may be overstating it a bit, but it’s not like there’s a lot of BL animes shown right now, so i take what i can get and the rest is up to our wild, wild imaginations, indeed!! ooooh, and the elephants had me LoL-ing!! (pardon that hell bit, no offense meant really) but cheers to fujoshis!!! <3<3

      • haha so how many times did you end up re-watching that lovely pink scene and getting goosebumps? first time I’ve seen that done in anime too! Eguchi’s hardly a seiyuu known for being sexy lol but gee did he really nail it here! no offense taken really! Sorry if it felt that way lol it’s just so comforting to hear from a fellow fujoshi hee :D

  2. Something exclusively reserved for Shougo onii-san?? Hahaha! I was slightly disappointed about the pink scene at first, because you know why, but Eguchi and Yonaga made that scene quite amazing. I’m so glad that we have two good seiyuus being the main characters and not some newbie *coughDAIGOcough*. I didn’t really get it when Kiseki-chan was telling me about how good Hirakawa was in here but after watching, wow! I love the bits where he suddenly gets violent ^^

    • Oh I see, Shion-chan likes violent Hirakawa…
      Disappointed?! Considering it’s on free to air TV I think they did an amazing job going so far with all that pink already haha.
      I’m more and more impressed with Yonaga with each episode. But nothing’s impressed me more than his Izumi in the special drama CD!

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