Captain Earth 16

Her Flare「フレアの閃光」

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The action’s back. Hana’s finally fully back as she gets into action with a new Flare Engine suit to beat the hell out of planetary gear Aiatar along with Hana’s critics amongst viewers who thought she’s too weak for a heroin. Take that!

The highlight this episode is undoubtedly on Hana’s return to full heroin mode as she shows her worth as a member of the Midsummer’s Knights. The closing episode of Mutou Hana’s arc ended spectacularly with the action returning to space, the return of that expansion sequence and the new Flare Engine.With the boys out of commission due to their injuries, it’s time for girl power to shine. Didn’t realise Hana’s training scores were better than Teppei though – why wasn’t she sorted earlier then? Because of her ability to control Blume? Either way, she had plenty of flare alright – she might even have a precognition singularity without realising it. As did Akari who’s always able to stay calm and composed (she did almost wipe out humanity with nuclear weapons), who of course knew about Flare Engine before Captain did. It’s a nice follow-up to see Daichi show such concern both as a love interest and as Captain. I just wish the spotlight starts shining on Teppei + Akari already!

We often forget these kids are on summer vacation so it falls on Akari to remind everyone to loosen up and live life as best as they can. As though echoing an earlier episode where the 4 of them shared a watermelon at Commander Nishikubo’s house, this time they’re sharing a watermelon in the hospital ward, with Daichi promising they’d all go check out a shrine festival when their work is done so everyone better stay alive! Especially since Akari’s picked up (she’s such an observant japanesque-magic girl!) that Captain just wants to see Hana in a yukata~ Speaking of Hana, isn’t her seiyuu Kayano Ai doing a good job here? I’ve been a fan of hers since AnoHana and saw range in Servant x Service and most recently No Game No Life. I wasn’t too impressed by her outing in mecha Aquarion no Evol but Hana might just change that perception – we’ll see how things go.

Over on the planetary gears’ side, Siren’s awakened now and surprised (as was Baku) that Albion isn’t with them, taken aback that he voluntarily destroyed his ego block and became a neoteny. She has every reason to show concern now that not just intel via Albion but also that the Blume orgone energy weapon they had (through Princess/Hana), is now earth’s weapon against them. All 7 of them suffered throughout their years growing up, being used by earthlings for their various experiments (as did Teppei and Hana at Tanegashima – Hana’s never been to shrine festivities before). But as Siren said, by absorbing the earthlings’ libidos (souls), they end up using the very people who used them, which makes them no better than earthlings right?

The adults haven’t just been taking a backseat these past few episodes. Hana can fire a Livlaster (pink of course!) and use Blume, which means almost everyone involved in this new humanity conspiracy will come after her. That’s probably why Commander Nishikubo wants her to stay an extra 3 days in space. Operation Summer has been announced to the Knights and the countdown of 10 days begins – what is this project the Intercept Faction was doing to warrant Salty Dog bringing forward their own plans to create new humanity? Kube’s more or less officially gone as Puck has taken over his body and his girl. He’s the true winner out of all this entire fiasco where he gets to manipulate both humans and the planetary gears…

Last thoughts: The production quality’s consistency is marvelous in Captain Earth. 16 episodes in and the animation still looks as good as it did in the opening episode. MONACA (with Kosaki Satoru and Takada Ryuichi) has delivered a soundtrack that is dramatic over and above being epic (just listen to the expansion sequence scene) which I am glad to hear because Sawano Hiroyuki’s really hogging the ‘epic’ description in similar sounding OSTs these past few seasons (Shingeki no Kyojin, Kill la Kill and this season’s Aldnoah.Zero). Plus we got another insert song for Siren this time so keep it coming MONACA!


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