Haikyuu!!: Episode 15

復活 – Revival

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Chills!! I got chills!!! The Inter-high is finally upon us and oh Haikyuu!!, may sports anime deities bless you for having NOT let this episode end right before the start of the first match.

It is finally the start of the Inter-high and what better way to calm the nerves than a joke or two? The spotlight (or rather, bull’s-eye) was on Asahi this episode, as we learn that because of his image, he has built up quite a bad rep among the other schools. Instigating money extortion, selling illegal substances to unsuspecting victims, being in high school for 5 years – these were some of the rumours about Asahi and they could not be further from the truth. There is such a stark contrast between his physical appearance and his personality, that one can’t help but be so tickled by it. And it is this very discrepancy that makes Asahi such a loveable and relatable character in my opinion. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all that jazz eh? I mean, he has been around for seven episodes and if anything, he has proven that he is just such a huggable teddy bear. Lol Noya calls him a wimp, but hey! That’s just how different the two of them are. Got to hand it to Hosoya Yoshimasa for the delivering such an entertaining performance this episode, switching from dodgy bad guy to dude in distress in an instant. Kyaa~

At episode 15, we are past the halfway point in this 2-cour run of Haikyuu!!. The past 14 episodes were a strong lead up to this moment, the moment we have all been waiting for – for Karasuno to wow the crowd. And they certainly did in the final minutes of this episode, with the intensity and accuracy of their plays. With the support of Noya, captain Daichi and Kageyama, we had a hattrick of spikes this episode – spike by powerhouse Tanaka to score the first point, followed by a spike by Karasuno’s ace to blow the opponents away, and then a spike by a practically flying Hinata. (hmm.. Tsukki where are you?) The Karasuno team is off to a good start and here’s (desperately) hoping that they can keep up this momentum.

Speaking of wow, by golly did Haikyuu!! definitely wow me because I am utterly stunned and impressed by the level of quality this series has managed to achieve AND sustain. For the past 14 episodes, these characters have been slowly but surely working their way into the hearts of each and every viewer (well, at least they have with mine). When I started this series, never did I even begin to think that I would be this fond of the Karasuno team. But I am. And it just gives me the fuzzies to see them come this far as a team.

Haikyuu ep 15 - image 31

Karasuno is strong. No longer is it the “fallen powerhouse” or the “flightless ravens”. It is time to show them how ravens fly, champions of the old (古強者  furutsuwamono) ~


2 thoughts on “Haikyuu!!: Episode 15

    • thank you! if i had the capacity, i would have screenshot the ENTIRE episode lol. no i don’t read the manga, but i heard it’s really good. is the anime following it very closely? i am really excited for the inter-high too! just can’t help but support the Karasuno boys wholeheartedly. and seeing as there are only 10 episodes left, the series won’t be able to adapt all that’s been released in the manga. and i expect it’s going to be sooo difficult to stop myself from reading the manga after the last episode.

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