Aozora no Kimochi -Susume Disc 2 – Translation

Aozora no Kimochi (1)

Title: Aozora no Kimochi – Susume (アオゾラのキモチ-ススメ-) Disc 2 (drama review)
Cast: Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Terashima Takuma (鈴木達央x寺島拓篤)
Related drama(s): None
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Track 15

Shizuru: It soon became winter and it has been almost 2 months since I started going out with Okimura.
What? Are you texting your mum again? You’re no good.
Okimura: Ah, yea! I was texting her that I would stay over.
Shizuru: By the way, what did you tell your mum about me?
Okimura: I told her that I’m staying over with my friend from school.
Shizuru: Oh, you’re right…
Okimura: No, that’s… I can’t really tell my parents that I’m staying over with my lover right?
Shizuru: Huh?
Okimura: Oh, that’s right. Shizuru is concerned about keeping it a secret because we’re both guys?
Shizuru: I think… it’s normal to be concerned though…
Okimura: You know, I’m the one who fell in love with Shizuru and hit on Shizuru. You’re just going along with my whims so don’t feel so weirdly responsible about it.
Shizuru: Oh but I should be responsible, I’m older after all.
Okimura: Huh? Shizuru is older than me? You gotta be kidding!
Shizuru: I am older, I’m turning 21 soon. You want to see my identity card?
Okimura: No, it’s not like I need proof or…
Shizuru: That’s right, we never talked about such things before. Okimura probably thinks that it’s my first time at everything.
Ah, er… did you get turned off?
Okimura: Stupid, as if I would with something like that. (Okimura pushes Shizuru down and kisses him)
Shizuru: Hurts… it hurts, Okimura! Okimura!
Okimura: Hm?
Shizuru: Today… that… can you put it in? I’ll be alright.
Okimura: Don’t push yourself, aren’t you scared? I don’t want to force Shizuru or anything.
Shizuru: But, somehow I think…
Okimura: Didn’t I say it? Until Shizuru feels the will to do it, and that you can let me do it, I’ fine.
Shizuru: He’s being considerate towards me. Actually, I want to… get held properly. I’m becoming strange. But I can’t, if he finds out about my past, Okimura would definitely hate me.
Okimura: What’s wrong?
Shizuru: Nothing.
Okimura: Don’t make that face!
Shizuru: That face?
Okimura: The face that says that you know everything and have decided to shoulder all the burden.
Shizuru: Huh? What?
Okimura: Shizuru, you’re taking me for an idiot right? You’re thinking that I casually started going out with you on impulse. That I told our friends about us without thinking.
Shizuru: Something like that…
Okimura: I’ll say this, I’m serious about Shizuru. I was going to wait a bit before saying this, but… here. (Okimura hands something over to Shizuru)
Shizuru: Huh? Real estate information magazine? Okimura, are you going to move out from your house?
Okimura: I was thinking of doing that, but I changed my mind. Let’s start living together next year.
Shizuru: Y-you’re joking, we’ve only been going out for around 2 months… Why are you in such a rush?
Okimura: The one who’s in a rush is Shizuru. You’re worrying that “this isn’t right, what should we do”.
Shizuru: Something like that…
Okimura: I won’t let you deny it. Even though you’re actually strong, lately you’ve been strangely down. I’m not that stupid to not notice it.
Shizuru: Because, Okimura is so fast about everything!
Okimura: Huh?
Shizuru: You suddenly kissed me, and on that same day you said that you want to do perverted things together, then you started coming out to everyone. What will you do if the others had something to say about you, and have you thought of the future? Everything is progressing so quickly that I can’t keep up.
Okimura: I’m sure you have a lot of things to say. Say them now.
Shizuru: What’s with your tone…
Okimura: I get it, my tone right? I’ll be careful. So? What other complaints do you have?
Shizuru: Complaints… ?
Personality-wise, he is tough but really broad-minded and disciplined. He has a serious attitude towards life and spends his money wisely… and… huh? I can’t find anything bad about him.
Okimura: I will do my share of the household chores. About the rent, my parents will support me with that and I’ll do part-time work too. During the times when Shizuru wants to be left alone, I intend to have separate rooms for us too. So, if you have any more conditions, just say it.
Shizuru: Huh? Conditions…
Okimura: I asked the real estate agent and it seems like there’s a room which will be open for renting next spring. By then, we would have been going out for half a year right? Even then, is living together too soon for you?
Shizuru: Eh… I’m not sure about that…
Okimura: If we wait till spring to look for a room, I don’t think we will find any good ones. Won’t it be fine to just start preparing now? Even if Shizuru objects, I will still be moving out to live by myself too. Anyway, just think over it for now.
Shizuru: If it’s just thinking over it…
Okimura: Don’t think too much.
Shizuru: While I’m happy about Okimura’s feelings, at the same time, I was scared. If things continue to be so positive, it feels like something bad will happen soon. I felt terribly insecure.

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Track 16

Shizuru: At the beginning of the next week, I was asked to meet at the fast food chain near school with Nakayama and Kawanobe to discuss about the fashion show.
This is the demo you’ve requested, the editing has been completed.
Nakayama: Okay, we’ll use this one then. Sorry to bother you even though you must have been busy.
Shizuru: I guess it wasn’t much of a problem? Tell me if there is anything to be edited.
Kawanobe: Don’t worry, don’t worry. By the way Shizuru…
Shizuru: Huh?
Kawanobe: Are you going to live together with Okimura?
Shizuru: (Shizuru chokes) Has he told you all that?
Kawanobe: (Kawanobe laughs) Yea. I’ve been living on my own for a long time so he came to me for advice. Huh? Could it be… that you don’t want to?
Nakayama: Are you being forced by Okimura? Shizuru is… feeling uncomfortable? We are not the kind who would distance from you just because you are gay… so I don’t really understand.
Shizuru: When I talk to you guys, I start to come across as being weird for caring about every single little thing.
Kawanobe: Ah well, I do feel that Shizuru is sort of uptight… or rather just plain incompetent…
Nakayama: Oi!
Kawanobe: Ah…
Nakayama: You know, he might be a bit too forward but I think he has thought it over carefully. If you can, please look after him.
Shizuru: Yea…
Nakayama: What is this, Shizuru? I don’t get what is holding you back, if you can’t accept gays then you should just say that out.
Shizuru: No, that’s not it! I just wonder what is wrong with Okimura, that’s all.
Nakayama: What?
Shizuru: He changed so drastically in just a few months… actually I thought the same of Nakayama too. At first, you were really hostile towards me right?
Nakayama: Ah… actually we aren’t originally that quick to pick fights with strangers. We were being edgy because of that guy from the Anime section… was he called Hirai? It was his fault.
Shizuru: I heard that Okimura was harassed because of his resemblance to a game character.
Nakayama: It wasn’t just harassment, something of that level. He was seriously a stalker.
Shizuru: Huh?
Nakayama: He would send harassment texts, even after Okimura changed the colour of his hair, it was useless.
Shizuru: On top of that, he even came to Okimura’s house. When Okimura’s mother talked to Hirai, who was loitering in front of the house, she was pushed down and had to get 2 stitches done for her injuries.
Kawanobe: Because of that, Okimura really lost it and even thought of going to the police.
Shizuru: Something like that… happened?
Nakayama: We had our guards up because you were from the Anime section and until we knew that you guys were victims too, we treated you like him. I’m sorry.
Shizuru: I don’t mind it since I understand what is going on. But, I didn’t know that it was so bad.
Okimura: You… why do you know my name?!
Shizuru: Because he was stalked so persistently, that attitude and his prejudice against otakus is understandable. Okimura, he really became alright with the idea of going out with me.
Nakayama: That is one of the reasons behind his intention to move. He doesn’t want to get his family involved. Also, he also said that he doesn’t want Shizuru to get into any trouble too.
Shizuru: But, it has been quite some time since that incident…
Kawanobe: Shizuru, don’t you know? Hirai’s harassment hasn’t ceased.
Nakayama: Oi!
Kawanobe: He keeps texting Okimura lame threats like “you will regret it eventually”.
Shizuru: What is that…
Okimura: Since it is probably some lame text, just leave it. Yea… yea, I’m just letting her know that I’m staying over.
Nakayama: Kawanobe you idiot! Didn’t he say not to tell Shizuru?
Kawanobe: Why? Since Shizuru might be targeted as well, for his good, he should know what is going on! What are we doing, keeping him in the dark?
Shizuru: Told them to not tell me? What is that… (Shizuru stands up)
I’m sorry, since the meeting is over, can I leave?
Nakayama: Huh? Oh yea…
Shizuru: Thank you for telling me all those, something cropped up so I’ll be excusing myself.
Nakayama: Ah… Shizuru, Okimura did that for your sake…
Kawanobe: Yea… it might be that he thought too much…
Shizuru: Oh dear, it’s not like I’m angry or anything. It just feels extremely unpleasant. Then, I’ll be leaving. (Shizuru leaves)
Kawanobe: I’ll make sure that Shizuru is the last person I anger in this world.
Nakayama: Me too.

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Track 17

Shizuru: After hearing about Hirai from Nakayama and Kawanobe, I visited the bar where Okimura is doing his part-time work.
Okimura: What’s wrong? Coming here so suddenly…
Shizuru: Why did you keep it from me? I heard about everything from Nakayama and Kawanobe, that the Hirai case isn’t over yet!
Okimura: Tsk… those guys, even though I told them not to leak it out…
Shizuru: Don’t I have the right to worry? It pisses me off that I’m getting treated like an outsider.
Okimura: I didn’t say that! And Shizuru did say that we shouldn’t corner him too much because he seems pitiful.
Shizuru: That is… because I didn’t know that your mother got hurt…
Okimura: Don’t worry about it. Since then he has been scared as well, he hasn’t been coming to my house.
Shizuru: But… he has been texting you right?
Okimura: At most, he has been saying “die”, “stupid” or “I’ll make you regret”.
Shizuru: Those are threats! Why didn’t you say anything! When it comes to dealing with texts or emails, Muraji-kun or I will be…
Okimura: More knowledgeable than me, but the most you could do is to block those texts or emails right? The slander that he let out can’t be erased.
Shizuru: But! At least we could solve the problem together.
Okimura: (Okimura sighs) I don’t want to worry Shizuru further.
Shizuru: Why?
Okimura: Shizuru, because you’re going out with me, you have been worn out with worrying about it right?
Shizuru: Huh?
Did he notice it?
What is that, we aren’t talking about that now…
Okimura: From time to time, you would sigh with such a sad expression. You always take on a cautious attitude too. If I had told you about Hirai’s matters when you’re feeling like that, you’ll worry more.
Shizuru: That is different from this.
Okimura: They aren’t different. Anyway Shizuru, about living together, let’s just put that topic aside for now.
Shizuru: Huh? Why would this lead to that?
Okimura: I think Hirai seems bad. I thought I might be able to protect you if we live together but it would be worse if you get hit by a by-blow.
Shizuru: That? Isn’t that too selfish? Why is Okimura always like that? You are always deciding everything by yourself without asking for my opinion.
Okimura: Isn’t Shizuru the one who doesn’t answer even if I ask?
Shizuru: If you keep asking me fragmented questions I won’t be able to answer to anything! Tell me properly! Isn’t that what Okimura is always saying, “say it in a way that I answer”?
Okimura: Then, Shizuru should stop hiding things from me too!
Shizuru: Hiding things? What…
Okimura: Like hell I would know! But every time you sleep with me, you have this guilty look on your face. What is with you?! Before you tell others to not hide things from you, you should start from yourself!
Shizuru: I can’t say it… I don’t want to say it, I don’t want to be disliked by Okimura…
Not really, there isn’t anything…
Okimura: So I don’t even have the right to worry?
Shizuru: I don’t want to say it…
Okimura: Then I don’t want to say it too! Every single time you look so scared as though you’ve been cheating on me, even I’m getting sick of it!
Shizuru: (Shizuru starts crying) Calm down, I’m the one who’s making him feel this way. He isn’t really doubting me. It’s just rash words said in the moment of heat.
Since it seems like we can’t reach a conclusion today, I will go home first.
Okimura: Shizuru!
Shizuru: We’re both hiding things from each other, since we’re like this, I think we should really rethink the decision to live together.
Okimura: Huh? Oh, wait a bit. I just said to keep it aside for now, if I went too far, I’m sorry.
Shizuru: Let’s take some time to cool our head, isn’t your break ending soon? You should go back. (Shizuru runs away)
Okimura: Who is the one who is selfishly deciding on things by himself?! You! Remember this!

Aozora no Kimochi (10)
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Track 18

Shizuru: It has been one week since I had that terrible fight with Okimura. I’ve retreated into my shell, ignoring all calls and texts from him, and skipping the promised PC lessons with him. And today, Souma came over to my room to check on me.
Souma: Eh… Shizuru? You’ve got mail…
Shizuru: I should deal with this… like this… Editing the data… Yes?
Souma: Shizuru! You’re seriously scaring me. If you’re angry you should just be angry.
Shizuru: Did Okimura tell me to call him? Or to calm myself down?
Souma: Both. Anyway Shizuru, don’t stay angry by yourself. Have a proper fight!
Shizuru: We’re in the midst of a fight, that’s why it’s like this.
Souma: I’m not saying this, pick up your calls! Then, spill everything out when you meet face to face!
Shizuru: Because we met face to face, it became like this.
Souma: Don’t twist my words around! I’ll get irritated!
Shizuru: I was told to not hide anything from him. He said that I looked very scared all the time, every time we sleep together, as though I’m guilty about something.
Souma: Shizuru…
Shizuru: Spill everything out? Am I supposed to tell him about the past? That I’m not as innocent as he thinks I am? Because I was trained by my previous men, and when they put it in me I get really aroused, so I’m afraid that he would dislike me?!
Souma: Shizuru… stop it. That is unsightly. Besides, I don’t think Okimura is someone who would abandon you just because you have had previous lovers.
Shizuru: Something like that, how can Souma understand!
Souma: I understand. He is more mature that he looks. Even though he gets angry very easily, he is very patient. He won’t give up easily. Shouldn’t Shizuru be in the best position to know that?
Shizuru: But I… will mind about Okimura’s past. If I learned about his previous girlfriend, I would definitely get depressed. I’ll be afraid that he might be comparing us.
Souma: That is just what Shizuru thinks right? You’re scared because you’re just running away from it, just meet it head on!
Shizuru: Souma is right. I didn’t pick up the calls, not just because I’m angry. I’m afraid if we quarrel again and it escalates… when I think that he might get tired of me, I get so scared that I couldn’t do anything.
Do you think Okimura will forgive me?
Souma: Whether he forgives you or not, it’s something in the past. Well, he might get jealous and sulk, but I think it would be fine. (Shizuru’s phone rings)
Shizuru: Huh? Muraji-kun? It’s rare that he calls instead of texts.
Muraji: SIZ-san, it’s an emergency. Please stay calm.
Shizuru: I’m calm, but.
Muraji: Go take a look at the email I sent you.
Shizuru: What happened?
Souma: What’s wrong, Shizuru?
Shizuru: I don’t know, but Muraji-kun told me to look at my email.
In Muraji’s email, there were several urls of Anime forums and the contribution site which I upload my videos onto. When I opened up one of those links, I froze.
About the Anime producer Shizu, his real name is Kita Shizuru. His signature work, Delay Reaction, had been plagiarised from…
Souma: (Souma snatches the phone from Shizuru) Wait, Muraji-kun, what is this?!
Muraji: Since a few hours ago, this topic has been raging online. The slander is about Shizu-san stealing the idea from his friend’s novel and using it. The post talked of complaining about him to the authorities.
Souma: Something like that is too exaggerated! As if complains could be lodged so easily…
Muraji: Actually, there was even a comparison site put up, comparing and analysing the similarities between the novel and SIZ-san’s work. That page’s link is being circulated with multiple posts right now.
Souma: What is that? What rubbish!
Shizuru: While Souma got angry, I got a bad feeling about this. A friend from middle school… the plagiarism of a novel… It can’t be… this… Nojima?

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Track 19

Shizuru: The defamation post about my plagiarism soon spread far and wide. Besides my name, even my mail address was revealed. Every day I would receive a large amount of mails harassing or lecturing me.
Souma: That ruckus hasn’t died down yet?
Muraji: Every night, people are fighting about it online; it’s a long drawn-out fight. We can’t do anything until they get tired of this. SIZ-san shouldn’t look at the net for some time.
Male 1: I’ve been following SIZ-san’s works since a long time ago, I don’t think it was a rip-off.
Male 2: All the evidence have been lined up, what was that comparison site about? They even know his real name!
Shizuru: Naturally, I declared that I did nothing to be embarrassed about. But online, the discussion continues, there’s no way of stopping it. It’s just like what Okimura said, there’s really nothing much you can do to stop something like that. Since we aren’t sure of what might happen, Souma and Muraji-kun has been keeping me company at school so that I don’t get left alone. Since then, Okimura hasn’t even contacted me.
Muraji: I’m using all my connections to check if the novel it’s being compared to exists. The IP address where the post originated from has been hidden, but I have an idea of who I can approach to dig it out.
Shizuru: Muraji-kun, sorry for troubling you.
Muraji: This isn’t troubling. My friend is also really furious about this. If SIZ-san gets dragged down by this, it would be a huge loss to the future of Japanese Animation!
Shizuru: You’re exaggerating.
Muraji: Oh, have you been in contact with Okimura-kun?
Shizuru: I told him to stop contacting me.
Muraji: Does he know about this incident?
Shizuru: I don’t know.
Souma: Say, judging by this pattern, don’t you think that Hirai is behind this?
Muraji: I think so too. But I can’t get any dirt on him.
Souma: This time, revealing Shizuru’s personal information online is going overboard. If it is really Hirai, I’d have him take proper responsibility for his actions.
Kayano: Kita, so you’re in here. I have something to tell you, are you free now?
Souma: Sensei, what business do you have with Shizuru?
Kayano: I can’t say it here.
Souma: Isn’t it about his defamation post online? Why are you always finding the victims and…
Shizuru: It’s fine, Souma. I didn’t do it.
Kayano: I know that.
Shizuru: Souma, I’ll be going.
Souma: Shizuru, you don’t have to go!

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Track 20

Shizuru: It wasn’t the least bit helpful, I’m so tired.
School Head: I’m hoping that you can resolve it quickly. But if the matter escalates, we will have to deal with it accordingly.
Shizuru: He means that there is a probability that I will get expelled, huh? When it was Hirai, he told us to keep it low profile because it would get troublesome when things get out… What on earth did I do? Why am I getting this treatment?
Okimura: Because you keep quiet about everything.
Shizuru: Why… are you here?
Okimura: Don’t ask me why, you were spacing out. I bet you didn’t notice that I was walking behind you all along.
Shizuru: Huh? Wait… Okimura what are you…
Okimura: Nothing good come out of leaving you alone! Why didn’t you tell me that you were in trouble? Were you intending to keep quiet about it if Muraji and Souma didn’t tell me anything? Don’t ignore me, Shizuru! You’re also distancing from me, don’t confine yourself like that!
Shizuru: Why is he here? At such a terrible time like this… why?
Okimura: Don’t lose just like that! You aren’t as weak as this right?
Shizuru: I’m begging you, don’t keep forcing your ideals onto me.
Okimura: Shizuru?
Shizuru: I’m not strong like you think. The beautiful me that you’ve imagined won’t be found anywhere.
Okimura: Ideals? What did I force onto you? I know that while Shizuru looks calm on the outside, he is only acting strong sometimes. If you have something to say, don’t puzzle over it and just say it.
Shizuru: If you put on such a face, do you think that everything will go your way?
Okimura: Who? There hasn’t been once when Shizuru gave in to me right?
Shizuru: I’m sorry about that.
Okimura: Muraji said that, even if we know that Hirai might be behind this, there are too many mysteries surrounding it. Shizuru always flatly denies any wrong accusations, for you to keep quiet about being distrusted, it’s weird.
Shizuru: Weird, what is?
Okimura: The novel which is being compared to, don’t you have an idea about where it came from?
Shizuru: I don’t want to say it.
Okimura: At least tell me, if you don’t do that, nothing will happen.
Shizuru: Exactly because it’s Okimura, I don’t want you to know. Have you have thought that it might be something that will make you break up with me after you’ve heard it?
Okimura: I don’t think so, and there’s no way I would want to break up with you right?
Shizuru: Even if I’m someone who was played around and abandoned after?
Okimura: You… what are you talking about?
Shizuru: The person who wrote that novel is someone called Nojima, he’s my ex-boyfriend in high school. I didn’t plagiarise anything, but I did give him advice about his novel. Of course our works would resemble each other’s. Nojima always looked down on me saying “you have absolutely no talents”. Even though he was the one who confessed to me, he was afraid of becoming a gay. While blaming me for everything, he still did it with me. The first time when we did, he got so frightened just at the sight of blood and I was told to “give him a break”.
Okimura: Shizuru…
Shizuru: I was trained by my next boyfriend, then he called me a slut! Even though everyone tells me that they love me, all they want is sex… And they tire of me after we do it. I’m sure I’m someone of that level, but… That’s why, every time I get treated so preciously by Okimura, it felt tiresome.
Okimura: What’s that, I don’t get it. Was it troublesome? Was I a burden?!
Shizuru: It’s nothing like that. Because of Okimura, I felt like I became a better person and I was happy. Even so, I got full of myself and cut him off from my life. Just to protect myself, I hurled things which shouldn’t have been said at him. I’m the worst.
You can abandon me again, if I’m troublesome. I also… hate myself. I keep creating troubles and worrying Okimura. This is… pathetic.
Okimura: Your words aren’t making sense, Shizuru. You’re suddenly getting all overly conscious, there’s a limit to how self-absorbed you can get.
Shizuru: I’m sorry.
Okimura: Don’t apologise for a wrong guess. You haven’t even answered any of my questions. Ah damn it… we’ve digressed! I’m going to bring the conversation back to our original topic.
Shizuru: Huh? What…
Okimura: Shut up. If Shizuru talks, things will get more complicated. I will ask you 3 questions so just answer me. First, you haven’t plagiarised anyone’s work right?
Shizuru: Yea
Okimura: The novel in question was written by your high school friend called Nojima right?
Shizuru: Yea.
Okimura: Then, the third question. You had 2 ex-boyfriends right?! Then, have you split up with them? (Shizuru nods) Then that’s fine.
Shizuru: F-fine? Okimura, that’s all?
Okimura: That’s all for today. All the other complicated matters would be after this case gets solved right?
Shizuru: Does this mean that you want to break up?
Okimura: Tsk, you probably won’t believe in anything I say to you now but get this into your head!
Shizuru: What?
Okimura: I love you, you idiot. Who is going to break up with you?
Shizuru: Okimura…
Okimura: But, I’m still angry. We’ll leave the fighting to the next time. I have something to do for today, so I won’t text you, but don’t get depressed all by yourself. Got that? (Okimura leaves and Shizuru starts crying)
Shizuru: With the words and the kiss that Okimura left behind, my heart which has been clouded by darkness over the past few days feels lighter. Even though the problems haven’t been solved yet, I was just so happy and relieved. I’ve never felt more convinced of my feelings of love for Okimura.

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Track 21

Shizuru: 4 days after that, Muraji-kun contacted me saying that he found the source novel. Then, when he dropped by my apartment to explain more about that, Okimura was with him.
Muraji: That novel was reproduced without the author’s permission from his original personal site.
Shizuru: W-why is Okimura…
Muraji: (Muraji sighs) You know, SIZ-san. If the person is someone whom you knew before, you should have told me that. If Okimura-kun didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have been able to narrow down the information to this stage.
Shizuru: Huh?
Muraji: You thought that Nojima-san might be the culprit right? I understand your feelings about not wanting to suspect your friend, but you should have told me, in order to prove your own innocence.
Shizuru: (Okimura smiles) He still checked it up for me even though he was angry?
Souma: Alright, you two. If you want to gaze lovingly at each other, do that later.
Okimura: You’re noisy.
Shizuru: Excuse me but, how did you find out about this site?
Muraji: First, look at this blog. After searching for SIZ-san’s high school name, the novel turned up in one of the search results. It seems like Nojima-san is writing novels as a hobby now.
Shizuru: Then, who was the one behind the comparison site?
Muraji: Don’t worry, it wasn’t Nojima-san. When I contacted him by mail, he was very surprised about it too. That content of the defamation post was edited from a repentance short story of a novel collection.
Shizuru: Nojima… repentance?
Muraji: If you read it, you would understand. It isn’t that long, try reading it.
Shizuru: Huh, okay.
Nojima: Back then I was a pathetically foolish existence which shouldn’t have existed and I held onto my huge pride and ego.
Shizuru: That was about a protagonist who was aiming to become a novelist and his close friend who wanted to become a manga artist… It’s the story about Nojima and me.
Nojima: One day, while I was suffering from a writer’s block and I asked S for advice. No matter how hard I thought, the ideas fall short of the quality I was looking for. S gave his ideas immediately and his ideas were surprisingly deep and well-thought. I was jealous. I didn’t want to admit it, that’s why I spread it to everyone around us. I said that I was the one who thought of the idea and he was the one who copied me. I really treasured him and respected him. But my tiny heart yearned for his talent and hated the fact that I wasn’t born with such talent. Such thoughts turned around to knock me down. I was the worst and pushed everything to him. I blamed everything on him and looked down on him with contempt. I was the worst.
Shizuru: This is a story written about friendship, but to me, it sounded like Nojima’s unsaid apology and repentance.
Nojima: If this is he reads this, I would like to apologise a lot. Sorry, sorry, sorry! Sorry… Even though I can only apologise, I hope you don’t think that the feelings I had for you were lies. I was being unfair when I thought that. (Shizuru starts crying)
Okimura: He was really in love with Shizuru.
Muraji: Nojima-san said to publicise his blog in order to protect Shizu-san’s reputation. Right now, it’s written that the plagiarism was a misunderstanding. With this, I think things can be settled.
Shizuru: I see…
Muraji: Also, this comparison site. I dug out the ID and pinpointed the culprit, the one who did it was Hirai, as we’ve suspected.
Shizuru: Ah… I knew it.
Muraji: Personally, SIZ-san, I can’t forgive him for this incident. That’s why, I’m sorry for acting on my own, but I spoke to the police and handed in an official request to the people in the web affairs.
Shizuru: Huh? But I didn’t even file a report… How did you?
Souma: Well… the guardian did a few things here and there…
Shizuru: Souma?! You just used Akio-san’s influence didn’t you?
Souma: Anyway, A-chan said that he would leave everything to me, so I took everything in my own hands! One of the store’s regulars is a lawyer too. Since there was another victim right here, it was easy.
Shizuru: Huh?
Okimura: I did the necessary paper work as a victim. I even had those harassment texts as proof, since there was also the case about my mother, it was fast.
Shizuru: I’m sorry, Okimura. Seems like I brought you trouble.
Okimura: Don’t worry about it. Anyway, that guy started harassing you in turn because of me.
Shizuru: Huh? What do you mean?
Souma: Actually, Okki took his own actions too.
Shizuru: What?! What does he mean, Okimura?
Okimura: The contents of the texts got progressively violent, he was saying something about setting fire to my house and so on. Then, after I consulted with Nakayama and the rest, I went to that guy’s house and sat down with his parents to get a signed note of assurance. That when I told them I wouldn’t forgive them if anything happens to Shizuru and it seems like that was when he started holding the grudge against you…
Shizuru: Note of assurance… didn’t you say that it wasn’t a huge deal?
Okimura: If I said the truth, Shizuru would have gotten depressed again!
Souma: Well, since it has been settled, isn’t that fine? Hirai was totally to blame. The police would do the work for us too, it has finally ended here.
Shizuru: I was really the idiot. If I had stretched out my hands for help, there would have been so many people who would offer their hands to me.
Thank you everyone, for helping me.
Muraji: Ah, SIZ-san, seems like Nojima-san uploaded his original work, but…
Shizuru: But?
Muraji: Look at this.
Nojima: To the you in the past, if you have any intention to forgive me, please drop me a mail at this address.

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Track 22

Shizuru: Nojima said to meet up for the explanation, so we arranged to meet at the Kudanshita station. Okimura even arranged the meeting place for us, and he accompanied me because he didn’t want the two of us to be left alone.
Why did you arrange it at a park?
Okimura: We don’t know if it’s something which can be discussed in a shop right?
Shizuru: Okimura, don’t purse your lips.
Okimura: Hmph.
Shizuru: Ah, N-nojima! It has been a while…
Nojima: Shizuru, it has been a while. Have you been doing alright?
Okimura: We shouldn’t be standing around and talking right? Let’s go.
Nojima: Oh, yea… Excuse me but you are…
Okimura: Hmph. (Okimura walks off)
Shizuru: Okimura! Nojima, he is from my school and he’s called Okimura…
Okimura: Let’s go! Shizuru!
Shizuru: I’m sorry that his attitude is so bad… I don’t get why he’s angry too…
Nojima: I see…
Shizuru: Nojima?
Nojima: Don’t put on such an expression. It’s just that, I thought Shizuru hasn’t changed since then.
Shizuru: Huh? Is that so?
Nojima: A long time ago, I acted just like that and Shizuru used to apologise to everyone else around us. It’s just that my position has changed now, I’ve already become a third party.
Okimura: Isn’t it alright to start talking bit by bit?
Nojima: Thank you for your mail. I never thought you would contact me, so I was happy.
Shizuru: (Shizuru shakes his head) No, I should be the one. You even explained everything on your blog. Besides, you’ve already apologised a lot in your mail.
Nojima: But I wanted to look at your face and apologise properly. To think that that novel was what caused all that uproar… Since before, I’ve only been hurting Shizuru.
Shizuru: That’s not the case, you’ve apologised properly too. And I was touched by that novel. I was also afraid of being hated too, so I didn’t refute what Nojima said. So I should be at fault too.
Nojima: You’ve really changed, you’ve starting becoming more frank with your thoughts.
Shizuru: Actually, I think this might be my true nature.
Nojima: That might be true, I’ve been shutting that Shizuru in. I’m sorry for giving you nothing but painful memories. Shizuru, can you forgive me?
Shizuru: I’ve already forgiven you. I’ve forgiven all that, so it’s fine to forget me.
Nojima: What if I said that I don’t want to forget?
Shizuru: Huh?
Nojima: Even though it was all painful memories, I don’t want to forget a single thing regarding Shizuru. When I’m done with university, I’ll be coming to Tokyo to work here. Shizuru, will you be willing to meet up with me then?
Shizuru: Eh… that is…
Okimura: In any way, it’s already over between you and Shizuru. So, don’t have any lingering feelings. This guy is already mine.
Shizuru: Okimura! Why… Didn’t you promise me not to talk while we are conversing with each other?
Okimura: No matter how you look at that, it wasn’t reminiscing about the past but he was hitting on you.
Shizuru: Something like that…
Okimura: It was happening! That’s why, I was actually not happy that Shizuru is going to meet up with this guy. Don’t be alone with another guy except me!
Shizuru: A-aren’t you being an idiot?
He’s being jealous… someone like me, it will be fine if I stay with Okimura.
Nojima: So that’s how it is. If I have the courage to get back together like this, maybe we wouldn’t have broken up in the first place.
Okimura: Even if you two haven’t broken up, I would have snatched Shizuru over. You can leave already.
Shizuru: Okimura! Nojima… that is…
Nojima: Don’t worry, I understand. But, if we cut off all contact again it would be lonely. Is it fine if we just meet up once in a while as friends?
Okimura: Stop trying to hit on him.
Shizuru: Okimura, stop it already.
Nojima: I will keep it in check, don’t worry. I still have more than a year to go before I move to Tokyo. When that time comes, let’s meet up for a meal or something. Treat it as a class reunion. (Shizuru nods) Thank you for today, Shizuru. Okimura, I’ll leave Shizuru to you.
Okimura: You aren’t in any position to say that.
Nojima: (Nojima laughs) Then, see you.
Shizuru: See you!
Shizuru: He has been silent since then, is he angry about something? Why? Did I do something wrong? Or perhaps he has always been angry?
Say, Okimura…
Okimura: What is it?
Shizuru: What are you going to do from now on?
Okimura: What about Shizuru?
Shizuru: I’m planning to go home, since I don’t really have anything to do. Okimura, later do you want to come…
Okimura: Huh? What!
Hirai: It’s all your fault…
Okimura: What are you doing, you bastard!
Shizuru: Huh? (Hirai pushes Shizuru down a flight of stairs)
Okimura: Shizuru!
Shizuru: I was suddenly pushed off the stairs and I squeezed my eyes shut. But…
(Hirai falls down the stairs and someone screams)
Male: Oi, what happened? What’s wrong?
Female: Someone fell from the stairs!
Shizuru: Huh? It doesn’t hurt anywhere… When I came to my senses, Okimura was forcefully grabbing the nape of my neck with one hand and grabbing onto the stairs railings with the other. He saved me from falling down the stairs.
Okimura… thanks…
Okimura: Don’t joke with me… Damn it… You bastard! Did you really want to kill him, Hirai! If you do anything to Shizuru, I will kill you!
Hirai: It hurts… my leg… my leg!
Shizuru: In front of my eyes, lay my previous classmate, Hirai, who was crying and cradling his broken leg.

Aozora no Kimochi (11)
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Track 23

Shizuru: Because Okimura protected me from falling down the stairs, Hirai fell down the stairs by himself. Hirai was hospitalised, so the investigation was postponed to another day. By the time we got home after the police questioning, it was already dark.
I’m home…
Okimura: I’m home!
Shizuru: Somehow I’m just so tired. I thought we could start talking about our future just now. Why was I worrying over something of that level? (Shizuru laughs)
Okimura: What are you laughing about! You… if things didn’t go well, you might have died then!
Shizuru: Okimura, your arm, does it hurt?
Okimura: I’m fine. Seriously, do you even get it?
Shizuru: Okimura, thank you.
Okimura: It’s fine. You’ve already said it just now.
Shizuru: Yea, but, thank you. I love you.
Okimura: Uhm.
Shizuru: We said that we would fight properly the next time, but I’m going to apologise for that now, so can we call it off?
Okimura: Shizuru?
Shizuru: And also, since a lot happened today, I hope you can stay here with me. Can you tell your mum that you’re staying over?
Okimura: (Okimura texts his mum) I just did. You… you’re inviting me knowing what’s going to happen right?
Shizuru: Yea.
Okimura: Are you sure?
Shizuru: Ah…
Okimura: Don’t be so surprised, seriously. After what happened, you’re telling me to stay here with you. What are you doing? Are you testing me?
Shizuru: Okimura…
Okimura: Give me a break… When you got pushed down, my mind went blank. I’m no longer going to wait. Do you really understand this?
Shizuru: I’m sorry, Okimura.
Okimura: Are you thinking that it’s going to be fine as long as you apologise?
Shizuru: That’s not true.
Okimura: Shizuru is really… I’m angry, just so you know.
Shizuru: I’m really sorry for making you worry. You twisted your shoulder right? Are you fine? Should I put a wet cloth on it?
Okimura: I’m not angry over that, ahhh so irritating!
Shizuru: Huh? What?
Okimura: When I keep quiet and just watch, you dumbly let Nojima hit on you. Why would you think that I won’t get angry over that?!
Shizuru: What? So you’re angry about that?
Okimura: Of course! Wasn’t he the one who forced himself on you and made you bleed?! Because of the promise I made, I didn’t say a word or punch him.
Shizuru: Didn’t you promise to not fight any more?
Okimura: I won’t fight. But I can’t help getting pissed off right?
Shizuru: I thought you’ve already gotten over it?
Okimura: He did it with you already, but why were you unwilling when it was me?
Shizuru: I wasn’t unwilling…
Okimura: You kept saying that you would be abandoned, did you think that I was like them? Don’t joke around with me. I was really considerate towards you, didn’t I treasure you? Why would you think that of me? Don’t put me together with that sort of guy who treats Shizuru so casually!
Shizuru: I’m sorry. It’s not that Okimura is a burden, I’m the one who is.   I’m sorry.
Okimura: You aren’t, stupid. Shizuru is really smart, but I’ve come to understand that you always think pessimistically and nothing good comes out of it. Since we’re at this stage, I won’t go easy on you.
Shizuru: Yea.
Okimura: Also, I won’t let you say something leisure like “wait till spring”. I’ve decided. Once we find the apartment, we’re moving. Be prepared.
Shizuru: Yea.
Okimura: Also, I’m going to go all the way now.
Shizuru: Yea. Huh? W-what? Ah!
Okimura: I’m really annoyed that you showed an expression that I don’t know, to that guy. So, show me everything.
Shizuru: Huh? W-wait a minute, wait, wait!
Okimura: Why? What are you unhappy about? Didn’t I say that I wouldn’t wait?
Shizuru: It’s not like I don’t want to, so just wait a minute.
Okimura: Huh? Then, go take a shower, Shizuru.
Shizuru: Ah… eh…
Okimura: I’ve already done my research. Shizuru, you should know how to prepare yourself. I really want to do it right now, but if I do that, Shizuru would get hurt. If you need time to prepare yourself then I’ll wait for you. During that time, ready yourself and come over to the bed.
Shizuru: Ready myself?
Okimura: I’m going to enter Shizuru. I don’t really know how to do it well, but I’ve already read up on the general guide. I will work hard!
Shizuru: Okimu…
Okimura: If I do hurt you, I will take care of you and nurse you. I won’t get frightened just at the sight of blood. Also, if you would become seductive for me, it’s more than welcome. If you’re going to let me hold you, I’ll do anything.
Shizuru: Why are you going to such lengths?
Okimura: Don’t forget this, I’m the one who loves Shizuru. To treasure the one you love is something which ought to be done. Just because the first two were failures, don’t apply them to me. Leave yourself to me. That’s why, you don’t have to run away anymore.

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Track 24

Shizuru: I-I’ve readied myself. (Okimura pulls Shizuru to the bed) Ah!
Okimura: Shizuru…
Shizuru: Okimura, Okimura! Okimura…
Okimura: Oi, don’t cling so much to me…
Shizuru: I’m sorry, I really love you a lot. Really.
Okimura: Don’t struggle so hard.
Shizuru: I don’t want… You don’t have to… something like that…
Okimura: I’m going to eat it all so stay still. I’m going to bite it.
Shizuru: It’s bad… oh no, oh no!
Okimura: I see, I understand now.
Shizuru: About what?
Okimura: The places where Shizuru always pays attention to, are your own sensitive spots. Right? Now, remember this, I like it here.
Shizuru: Not there… no, ah!
Okimura: Why? Doesn’t it feel good?
Shizuru: It’s impossible… to say… No… I…
Okimura: If you don’t like it, then say it properly. I’ll listen. If you really don’t like it, I’ll bear with it. I won’t keep teasing you. If Shizuru really doesn’t like it, then say it properly. Because there are things that can’t be understood if you don’t verbalise them.
Shizuru: You can… put it in.
Okimura: Huh?
Shizuru: It’s fine. I can do it, so just put it in.
Okimura: Eh? Shizuru, the way you seduce me is so arousing.
Shizuru: Huh? I…
Okimura: Then I’m going in. It’s in. Shizuru, does it hurt? Huh? I get it now, you didn’t want it because you would become like this.
Shizuru: I don’t know.
Okimura: Shizuru, how does it feel? I’m feeling really good. How about you? You’re so tight… ah but this is really bad, seriously. Shizuru, I’m almost there.
Shizuru: No… don’t…
Okimura: You’re really so problematic, just come already.
Shizuru: I’m coming… coming… Okimura…
Okimura: Shizuru… that was the best…
Okimura: I just realised, to get suddenly angry (mukamuka) is quite similar to getting horny suddenly (muramura)…
Shizuru: What?
Okimura: Right now, I can’t understand why I got so angry. A lot of feelings accumulated in me, but I feel so refreshed now.
Shizuru: What is that? In other words, you didn’t get to do it and you’ve been frustrated? So because of that I had to deal with such a scary face and being yelled at.
Okimura: That’s not it… Ah, no… you’re not entirely wrong, but… you always looked so unwilling. That really hurt.
Shizuru: Didn’t I say just now? I’ve always been ready for it.
Okimura: While you say this, you have a face that says otherwise. As if I could do it when you’re pulling that face. I believed that it was your first time too, so I really didn’t want you to be afraid of it. That’s why, I was relieved when that wasn’t the case.
Shizuru: I thought Okimura would have preferred it to be my first time. I didn’t want to get disliked for not being innocent.
Okimura: I don’t mind it either way, besides, I didn’t really have the time to mind. Somehow, Shizuru was really cute. And it felt really good. Ah, was it good for you too?
Shizuru: It was… good.
Okimura: Well, in any way, because Shizuru had experience and I didn’t have the confidence, wasn’t it fine? That everything ended well.
Shizuru: Huh? You didn’t have confidence?
Okimura: What? It can’t be helped right? I’m not experienced in this field.
Shizuru: You’re lying.
Okimura: What do you mean by that? Until last year, I was still a high school student and I’ve been attending classes seriously. All my leisure time was taken up by my part-time work.
Shizuru: Because if it’s Okimura, you would be able to pick anyone up if you just tried to…
Okimura: As if I would do something as troublesome as that. Isn’t it scary to sleep with someone whom you barely know? When you think of the diseases… even if that’s not the case, if the person turns out to be someone dodgy, it wouldn’t be good.
Shizuru: He’s really prim and proper in surprising ways. (Shizuru laughs)
Okimura: When I put it into Shizuru…
Shizuru: Huh?
Okimura: I thought that I was being forgiven, by Shizuru.
Shizuru: Forgiven? For what?
Okimura: I don’t really get it either. But when you told me to do whatever I want with you, I thought that was quite amazing. Because it’s Shizuru.
Shizuru: Say, Okimura. We went out together today.
Okimura: Yea, and?
Shizuru: When I think about it, isn’t this the first time I’ve been out with Okimura?
Okimura: Oh… come to think of you, you’re right. We’ve always met in your room or at school.
Shizuru: Next time, can we go outside again? Will you mind?
Okimura: Not really. There isn’t anything interesting around here, but if it’s a date with Shizuru, I’ll go. (Shizuru laughs) What is it?
Shizuru: Nothing.
Souma: Isn’t that fine? I’m sure he would do a blue sky date or anything for you, this guy.

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Track 25

Souma: What’s wrong, Shizuru? Seems like you’re rather listless today… Aren’t you going to give Okki his PC lesson now?
Shizuru: Huh? Yea… I just didn’t get much sleep…
After Nojima published the original novel onto his blog, the plagiarism nightmare ended with the fact that I was the victim who had been targeted because someone was jealous of me. Hirai was investigated after he was hospitalised. Since he broke the written note of assurance by shadowing us, it seems like he can’t escape from legal action this time.
Hirai: I just thought I would give them a warning. Papa and mama forbade me from using the net… it’s all because of him, it’s all his fault.
Shizuru: Motivated by such a childish reason, he attacked us. Anyway, with this the entire matter has been concluded for now and our days returned to being peaceful.
Because a lot has happened… I’m sorry for making you worry.
Souma: No, I’m not saying that you’re spacing out, but more…
Shizuru: Huh?
Souma: If I refer you to a colour, it feels like you’re pink? Ah, I don’t mean it in a strange way, it feels cute. Ah… I see. Okki stayed over last night right? I’m glad it went the strange way.
Shizuru: Leave me alone!
The animation with the red-haired character I modelled after Okimura, I’m thinking of making it into a long film. I’m going to make him into a hero who is persistent and tough, though a bit short-tempered but someone whom you can’t hate. And the model for this imperfect hero would be coming here soon. (Door opens)
Okimura: What’s up!
Muraji: SIZ-san, Okimura is here.
Shizuru: You’re late, stupid!
Okimura: Shut up, stupid.
(Souma laughs)

Aozora no Kimochi (2)
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5 thoughts on “Aozora no Kimochi -Susume Disc 2 – Translation

  1. Wow. Thank you for completing the translation for this drama. I loved it! It’s very refreshing in a lot of ways. Tatsun did a great job with his character–I like his hotheaded and angry seme mode. He knows what he wants and doesn’t beat around the bush, yet he’s very sensitive towards his uke–how he notices his moods and doesn’t want to add to his worries. He’s very decisive as well and even when he’s angry, he still manages to show affection. All these were delivered effortlessly by Tatsun and I am very pleased with the voice acting. As for Terashima-kun, I am not as bowled over by his acting as I was with Tatsun’s. He’s an okay seiyuu for me and I have yet to listen to a drama cd where he gets me all swoony. I like the supporting cast as well, I always get the fluffs when I hear Tsubasa-kun’s voice and Mizushima-kun did well for me, too. But best of all, I appreciate how the issue of insecurities in a relationship was tackled. Thanks for a great job translating!!! <3

    • You’re welcome ^^ before this drama I didn’t really take note of tattsun but aozora really made me like him a lot. Aozora’s storyline isn’t anything amazing but I think what made me liked it so much were it’s characters. Both okimura and shizuru were very likeable, and voiced by very capable voice actors :) I found myself smiling at some of those okimura parts. Great drama!

  2. Thank you very much for your translation. I know I’m very late in commenting here, but regardless, I’m just so grateful for your hard work. ^_^

    I love the voice actors (Suzuki, Terashima, and Tsubasa). They’re some of my top fave (I have many) and will hunt for yaoi cd dramas that feature them to listen to. I’ve also watched most of anime they’re in, too, just to listen to their awesome voice. LOL! ^_^

    Once again, thank you so much for your hard work. I’m currently browsing your site for more yaoi cd drama. ^_^

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