Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 17

“The Hermit”
“Inja” (隠者)

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Some pretty interesting stuff happened this episode that had me both irritated and having to restrain myself from sticking my hands through the computer and throttling Caesar. He’s…so abysmally irritating and grating and yet at the same time he has these moments where I can’t help but think about what a badass he is. *huffs* But, alas, I managed to get through an entire episode without feeling the need to turn the whole thing off and give up.

The Plot

Himiko has been weakened by bringing Azuchi through the Ladder to the Heavens and when da Vinci examines her body – nobody seems to have an issue with the fact that he’s only an artist – he discovers that the ley lines running through her body have been weakened considerably. She tells him to keep quiet about it, informing him that the priestesses of her land have had considerably short life spans due to them overtaxing their bodies, and in return, he can have her body for whatever experiments he means to conduct once she dies. Some time later, Nobunaga asks her what she meant when she said they’d met before, and she tells him that as a child, all potential Yamatai priestesses are meant to go through training in a realm between worlds and that he somehow stumbled into that realm and rescued her from drowning. NO idea how that happened but I think we’ve all come to accept the NOBUNAGA IS SPECIAL excuse for everything he does at this point. Meanwhile on the Western Planet Mitsuhide and Caesar are taken prisoner by Cesare (seriously the similarities of their names confuses me like no other) and are to be brought to King Arthur for questioning. Caesar, the asshole that he is, really twists the knife in Mitsuhide’s gut, saying that he’s pathetically weak and the only option he has in the world is to be a strategist; he can’t wield any shinki and was too much of a coward to tell Ichihime of his true feelings. While some of that’s true, I guess I just find Caesar such a bully and I just have a lot of mixed feelings about the way he is. *sighs*

The Characters/Episode Highlights

Ummm, none that I can really think of at this point. I suppose I’m really enjoying Himiko’s character as usual, because she’s the sharp-tongued but unfailingly loyal girl she is and it saddens me to think of her inevitable death. At this point I see a Nobunaga/Jeanne endgame, which, just, ugh. I just find Jeanne an incredibly weak and forced character and Nobunaga hasn’t really been the MC for a long time so there’s just not very much we understand about his character, which is ironic considering his loud mouth.

The Verdict

It was sort of meh with a little bit of okaaay and a lot of siiiiigh. I see the action picking up though, and so I’m looking forward to this show not being such a bore in the future, haha!


2 thoughts on “Nobunaga the Fool: Episode 17

    • Oooh, that certainly does make things a little more interesting! I’ve always been fascinated by Tarot so I found that it being a prevalent theme was quite unique but I love how you’ve gone the extra mile and really looked into the meaning towards various characters themselves. I shall have to defer to your expertise when I catch the next episode, in that case! Thank you for bringing this up and significantly making my job a little more interesting haha!

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