Noragami OP



I was waiting dumb-founded


Sadness so big that I wanted to laugh at it


I was waiting dumb-founded


Happiness so big that I wanted to cry

Title: Goya no Machiawase 「午夜の待ち合わせ」
Artist: Hello Sleepwalkers ☆

I knew from the first second of the epileptic opening sequence and the building, discordant guitar entrance that this would be one heck of a song and I was right. Goya no Machiawase has become one of my favourite OPs of all time and I have swiftly fallen in love with Hello Sleepwalkers and their albums.

Goya no Machiawase - Hello Sleepwalkers Front Cover Goya no Machiawase - Hello Sleepwalkers - Lyrics Page

Hello Sleepwalkers is a band from Okinawa, signed by the label company A-Sketch like many a heavy-rock-indie-combo band including a number of my own personal faves; One Ok Rock, Flumpool and NICO Touches the Walls, who’ve had their songs featured or written for different anime series, live action films or video games. Since discovering them from Noragami I’ve listened to their two albums Majiru Yoru: Nemuranai Wakusei and Masked Monkey Awakening SO MANY TIMES, which should lend credence to how good they are. Nonetheless, Goya no Machiawase is my favourite song by them and I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I have~

Goya no Machiawase spans less than the usual three-minute or more mark but is a tight ball of heavy, intense and psychedelic rock that makes you want to air guitar your way through the entire thing. It’s fast and tastefully reckless that borders between the more melodic sequences of bands like One Ok Rock and the real gritty and trashy sounds of, say, Rin Toshite Shigure 「凛として時雨」and coupled with the gorgeous opening sequence, I thought it was such a clever and perfect choice for Noragami. 

I am nowhere a music connoisseur – that title belongs to Kiseki-chan – but I do have a taste for j-rock and all things rock in general and so consider myself a decent reviewer in regards to this genre. Therefore, I’ll dub this one of the sexiest if not the sexiest OP of any anime. I love the lead singer, Shuntaro, and his sort of throwaway tone of voice as he sings the song, and when it’s combined with the OP sequence with Yato, it just kind of struck me that I would associate that singing voice with Yato’s just for that OP and that he really would sing it that way. We all know that Hiro C is a marvellous Yato, but, well, you can’t blame my mind for associating Yato with Goya no Machiawase because at least in my head it works. *breathes*  Do click the link in the table above and have a listen if you haven’t already, and I can guarantee that more than one of you are going to listen to it on repeat for a very long time. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.。.:*☆.。.:*☆


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