Aozora no Kimochi -Susume Disc 1 – Translation

Aozora no Kimochi (1)

Title: Aozora no Kimochi – Susume (アオゾラのキモチ-ススメ-) Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Suzuki Tatsuhisa x Terashima Takuma (鈴木達央x寺島拓篤)
Related drama(s): None
Contents: Disc 1

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Track 01

Shizuru: It’s done, what’s left is for me to upload it. In the world of Dartone, a young man is on a journey by himself. At the end of the journey he arrives at an abandoned village and stays there alone. He kept making robots and managed to revive a small village. But what he created there were families of robots. In a village of robots, an eternal paradise has been created. The young man said softly.
Young man: I am without a doubt alone.
Shizuru: The animation reflected on the screen, was the world I’ve created, a world which was slowly crumbling. With just one click, I sent the work which I’ve named Delay Reaction to the online world.

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Track 02

Shizuru: Souma, are you sure you left it in the design room?
Souma: I’m quite sure, I think. Hm, it should be around here… Ah! Shizuru, I found it! My pass case!
Shizuru: Aren’t you glad?
Souma: I am! If I lose it so soon after school starts, ah!
Shizuru: Be careful.
Souma: I got a shock… Thank you. Eh this is… Wow, I’m surprised at how terrible this is.
Shizuru: It feels like he has a free style, or rather avant-garde… but I guess it isn’t a bad composition?
Souma: Since his student number is FD… the fashion department? His name is… something mura Kou? How do you read this character?
Shizuru: It’s the same name as Itou Jakuchuu, the art teacher of the Edo era. But this probably not “chuu”, I think it is oki…
Souma: Shizuru! This is bad, the afternoon classes are going to start! We have to rush! (Souma runs off)
Shizuru: He just ran off by himself. (Shizuru laughs) To have the same name as Jakuchuu and he drew this? Work hard, Okimura-kun.

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Track 03

Shizuru: I, Kita Shizuru, is studying in this Tokyo Art Visual School, Anime section. My close friend, Souma is in the Design section and there are many other sections in the school as well. During lunch break, the canteen would be filled with lots of different people, some plainly-dressed, and some dressed in bold colours. It’s a strange place where many different kinds of people gather.
Nakayama: What? There’s the otaku here!
Okimura: Why is he here? Annoying.
Shizuru: Huh? Wow, should I call him a punk or… what an original sense of dressing… Are they from the fashion department?
Okimura: I can’t even understand the existence of otakus. It’s gross.
Nakayama: Anime too… Don’t they even feel like hiding or something?
Nakayama: If they have such modesty, they wouldn’t even be dressed like that in the first place.
Shizuru: Huh? They’re looking here while talking. I don’t remember doing anything to deserve this though. Well, I’ll just leave them alone.
Souma: What was that? Are they brats? I can’t believe it.
Shizuru: Huh, Souma?
Souma: I hate them, that sort of over-dressed people who resemble parrots.
Shizuru: Why is Souma getting angry?
Souma: Because those guys, they looked at Shizuru and laughed!
Shizuru: Just leave them alone. Anyway there are a lot of other otakus here…
Hirai: So noisy… because of them…
Shizuru: The one behind me is Hirai from our class right? As usual, he’s so gloomy. He’s glaring at us rather fiercely too… Huh? Could it be that the fashion department people were talking about him?
Souma: Shizuru? What’s wrong?
Shizuru: Oh, nothing. Anyway, I was coincidentally nearby. Just leave it.
Souma: That might be the case… but Shizuru isn’t an otaku.
Shizuru: (Shizuru laughs) Which part of me isn’t? My hair doesn’t have a particular style, and I’m wearing a cheap shirt with some unbranded jeans, black-rimmed spectacles… I totally look like one, right?
Souma: You’re wrong! Shizuru is just mature! Because, Shizuru is… because you were…
Shizuru: Let’s not talk about the past. (Shizuru stands up) The meal was delicious, then see you next week.
Souma: Oh, wait! Are you leaving already? Shizuru, don’t you have any lessons in the afternoon? If you are free, let’s go for tea together.
Shizuru: Sure. Because my lecture was cancelled, I was just going to buy some things and go home after. I finally saved enough!
Souma: Ah, you’re going to buy a laptop?
Shizuru: Not just a laptop, a work station. It has more power and is more efficient. Tone rendering or algorithms, it was a bit hard to do all that on the current computer. With the new work station, my new anime works will be of higher quality.
Souma: (Souma laughs) Are you talking about the sequel to Delay Reaction? Are you going to upload it onto the net again?
Shizuru: No, this is a totally different thing. I did upload something but…
Okimura: The otakus standing there, stop talking about irritating things and move.
Shizuru: Huh? Oh sorry…
It’s the fashion student from just now. Wow, there are really Japanese people who match orange hair with green contacts. He’s like the shaman Jakuchuu drew…
Okimura: Why are you spacing out? You’re in the way so I asked you to move right?
Shizuru: Oh, Sorry… (Souma slams his fist against the wall)
Souma: You too, what’s with your attitude?
Okimura: I’m not talking to you!
Nakayama: Why are you picking a fight, Okimura? Won’t it be bad if this causes trouble?
Okimura: Tsk, I’m not picking a fight. These guys…
Shizuru: Okimura from the fashion department? If I’m not wrong, I’ve seen this name somewhere…
Oh… by “Okimura”, are you Okimura Kou?
Okimura: What? Why do you know my name?
Shizuru: He’s an outstanding good-looker, but he drew that? It’s too different from his real person. (Shizuru laughs)
Okimura: You are really getting on my nerves, why did you snigger out of the sudden?! Are you picking a fight?!
Shizuru: Ah, no I didn’t mean to… sorry!
Okimura: That’s why I hate otakus! You keep talking about things that I don’t get and give incoherent reactions!
Shizuru: That wasn’t…
Souma: Are you going to complain about us when you were eavesdropping on our conversation? If you don’t understand us then just get lost!
Okimura: But you were the ones who were blocking my path, you idiotic shorty!
Souma: You! I was keeping quiet just now but…
Shizuru: Alright, Souma, this is as far as you go. We were the ones standing at a public area and talking, so it was our fault. But you should stop using such harsh language at every chance too.
Okimura: What? You are in no position to tell me that!
Shizuru: You’re right, I have no right to give you a warning on that.
Okimura: What?
Shizuru: I was laughing at something personal and not at you, but I’ll apologise for my rudeness. And since you don’t want me to be within your field of vision that badly, I’ll leave. Let’s go, Souma.
Souma: What was his problem? Saying things like “lame” and calling us “otaku”? He has no idea how Shizuru is like!
Shizuru: Because our courses are different, we seldom see each other. Besides that, he wasn’t really talking about me or Souma…
Souma: What’s that? Just say it.
Shizuru: Souma didn’t realise it? He was there. Hirai… DM-kun. He was glaring daggers at Okimura.
Souma: DM-kun… are you talking about him? The one who answered “male master” to the question “what is DM short for”, that DM-kun?
Shizuru: Yes, that DM-kun. Seems like I was just coincidentally near him.
Hirai Hideo, also known as DM-kun, is a total failure at communication and he doesn’t talk to anyone unless it is absolutely necessary. He is always glaring at others with an hostile expression, even the people in the anime section are cautious around him.
Souma: But, why would DM-kun hate Okimura-kun? There’s no reason for that right?
Shizuru: I don’t know. He doesn’t even mix around with the people in his class, it’s a mystery.
Souma: Well, we won’t figure anything out by thinking. Oh, rather than that, Shizuru! Have you made plans for the summer holidays? Shall we go to the sea?
Shizuru: I’m sorry, my days are already filled with my part-time work. And I’d want to spend my free days working on my production. Going on trips doesn’t seem probable… Even a stay-over would be tough.
Souma: Shizuru, are you still not over it?
Shizuru: About what?
Souma: Up till 2 years ago, Shizuru wasn’t like this! Why are you going to such lengths to be so unfashionable? Why are you forbidding yourself from having fun?
Shizuru: It’s not on purpose, I just don’t have the money now. Souma knows too right? It’s my promise with my parents that I would provide for my own living expenses. Even though I selfishly quit university and moved away, they still pay for my school fees. It’s unprecedented.
Souma: Your decision to move, that wasn’t Shizuru’s fault! It was his…
Shizuru: That is unrelated.
Previously, I was once concerned about fashion just like others. But 2 years ago, something happened which made everything look foolish. I stopped being pretentious. The only person who knows how I looked back then and right now, and the reason behind the change, is Souma. And that is enough.
Souma: But because of that, Shizuru can’t go back to your hometown anymore right?
Shizuru: If I distance myself, I don’t have to get sensitive about hiding things, I’m fine with this.
Souma: But Shizuru, I want you to be normal.
Shizuru: For me, this is the norm. It is easier this way. I can immerse myself in the anime that I like, and I have Souma as my friend as well. That’s why, this is fine.
Souma: Shizuru… you liar.

Aozora no Kimochi (3)

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Track 04

Shizuru: I’m home. Oh, I’ve gotten feedback on the forum about my new work.
Male: Shizu’s previous work, Delay Reaction, was great but this one feels like its lacking in something. Too dull, didn’t meet my expectations.
Female: Even though I admit that it feels real, but I don’t feel the need for this to be turned into an animation. The colours are too heavy and it leaves a dark impression.
Shizuru: Ah, so it’s no good. “Thank you for your valuable feedback”.
It has been my dream to become an anime producer. In hopes of getting a chance, I’ve been submitting works under the alias “Shizu” at a contribution site. Although I’ve been getting praises, lately I’ve been stuck. My weakness is as criticised, the matching of colours. It’s all just colours, I don’t get it. For someone flashy like Okimura, he might find it easy. His hair colour was really…
Okimura: This is why I hate otakus!
Shizuru: Red hair… with green eyes huh? This might work, with this colours it won’t be dull. Souma might be worrying, but right now, being able to exist in a world of myself is true happiness for me. At least, I can avoid getting hurt.

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Track 05

Shizuru: After the summer holidays, on the first day of the final semester, and I had lunch in the school canteen with the Souma, whom I haven’t met in a long while.
Muraji: There he is, SIZ-san!
Shizuru: Muraji-kun. Ah, keep my alias a secret in school.
Muraji: Oh… sorry. Then, Kita-kun. I’m sorry for interrupting you.
Shizuru: I don’t mind, why don’t you take a seat? This is Souma from the design section, he’s my friend. And he is from my section, Tanaka Muraji-kun.
Souma: I’m Souma, nice to meet you!
Muraji: Please to meet you.
Shizuru: What did you want to talk about?
Muraji: I’m sorry, here’s the design and continuity you wanted for the movie. I thought I might hand it over to you now.
Souma: Wow what is this! It’s so good! You’re really good at drawing pretty girl characters! You’re like a pro!
Shizuru: Muraji-kun is in charge of a game club with his friends. They sell quite a lot of merchandise during comic fairs and they are planning to run a company after this.
Souma: Wow, even so, this is so professional! Amazing!
Muraji: Rather than me, SIZ-san is more amazing. When I first saw Delay Reaction, I was really moved.
Shizuru: When I look at it now, there are a lot of unpolished parts though.
Muraji: But, it was even recommended on an organisation’s website. It has been over half a year since you uploaded it and it is still in the ranking charts, SIZ-san is really… oh!
Nakayama: You bastard, what are you doing?
Muraji: I’m sorry.
Nakayama: It’s not just “I’m sorry” right? What would you do about my food?
Muraji: Ah… the soup spilled onto the continuity.
Nakayama: You should compensate for my food.
Shizuru: You too, what would you do?
Nakayama: What?
Shizuru: This precious continuity has been ruined. I think we should be sorry about being careless just now, but our things have been damaged as well.
Nakayama: What? As if I care. In the first place, you were the ones…
Okimura: What are you doing, Nakayama?
Nakayama: Okimura, it’s the worst! This otta!
Shizuru: These guys, they were the fashion students from that time? This is bad, it’s rare to keep getting involved with the same people.
Okimura: Otakus again? Leave them alone! Nothing good comes out of getting involved with them.
Muraji: Excuse me… I…
Shizuru: I’m sorry. We will pay for your lunch. How much was it?
Okimura: Don’t want it. My stomach will rot if I eat a meal bought with money from an otaku. Anyway what is this? Are you guys lolicons? Gross! (Nakayama laughs)
Shizuru: I flew into a rage and threw a 1,000 yen note at Okimura’s proud face.
You guys are aiming to be artists as well. If you can’t even respect other people’s works, what kind of works can you produce? Besides, Muraji-kun is a pro. His works have been chosen to be turned into a proper anime series.
Okimura: Is that true?
Souma: Muraji-kun, is that true?
Muraji: SIZ-san! I thought I told you not to say it out?
Shizuru: Oh, I’m sorry, it was supposed to be a secret right?
Okimura: I’m returning you this money.
Shizuru: I don’t need it.
Okimura: I don’t need it either. Besides, we were at fault too. (Okimura walks off)
Nakayama: Wait, Okimura! (Nakayama runs after Okimura)
Shizuru: Why do they involve themselves with us so much? Huh, DM-kun?
Hirai: Because you do things like that…
Okimura: Stop saying nonsensical things! Don’t come closer!
Nakayama: Stop it, Okimura. Let’s go already.
Shizuru: Huh? What was that? Are they acquainted?
Muraji: Actually, there is a reason behind why Okimura-kun hates otakus so much.
Shizuru: Huh? Is that so? Why?
Muraji: Yea, when Okimura-kun entered this school, he had bluish silver hair. He looked exactly like this handsome character from an online game called “Quinz”.
Souma: Well, he does have a pretty face like CG. But what about that?
Muraji: During the school opening ceremony, Hirai-kun suddenly called Okimura-kun “Quinz” and stopped him. He started picking a fight with him by saying “It’s your fault” and so on. Of course, Okimura-kun would get weirded out and angry.
Shizuru: Well you have a point. But, why would he?
Muraji: I also played that game before, seems like Hirai-kun was obstructed during a game event by a player using the “Quinz” character, they had a huge fight in-game.
Souma: Then, shouldn’t he fight with him in the game? Instead of Okimura.
Muraji: That is, the person got angry with Hirai-kun in the middle of the game and quit playing. That’s why I think he had no outlet for his frustration, and is picking a fight with Okimura-kun. The truth is, it has nothing to do with Okimura at all. I sympathise with him.
Shizuru: Because of what happened, I guess that explains his attitude towards otakus.
Souma: But that isn’t about otakus, DM-kun is just weird. Doesn’t that mean that he can’t distinguish between reality and virtual?
Muraji: This is just what I heard from the teacher, but Hirai was a complete shut-in until a while ago. It feels like he got more proper after coming to school.
Souma: Wow, Hirai DM-kun is a total landmine character. He likes to pick fights with you and Okimura too. Somehow this feels like a primary school fight.
Shizuru: That type can be extremely self-conscious, so it’s troublesome. Just now he was strange during class as well. I hope it doesn’t become something troublesome though.
Souma: Strange? Shizuru, did something happen?
Muraji: As homework, Shizuru drew a picture and was praised by the teacher. And Hirai-kun whispered…
Hirai: Just because you’re a little good at it, don’t be making fun of me.
Muraji: Then he glared with a scary face so everyone drew back.
Souma: What is with that unjustified hatred? Shizuru, are you alright?
Shizuru: For someone like that, there shouldn’t be a problem if we don’t aggravate him. I won’t be in the same class as Hirai-kun next year, so I just have to be careful till then. As for Okimura, I guess we have to solve it face to face with him.

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Track 06

Teacher: In order to create a realistic screen, you will need general knowledge and the appropriate research. Even though I’ve said that, you can’t use the raw photographs for animation. In view of that…
Shizuru: To have a message from the messenger during a lecture, this is rare. It’s from Muraji-kun.
Muraji: SIZ-san, it’s an emergency. Take a look at the latest entry at this url.
Shizuru: This is, the school’s official forum? What is this… huh? The image that was posted there, even if I was trying to flatter someone, I wouldn’t be able to say that it was good. It was that Okimura’s work. On top of that, there were clear efforts to ensure that the name and student number were clearly seen and posted alongside the picture. “I found a superbly terrible sketch, so terrible that it’s amazing. With this, he is aiming to debut in fashion” What is this? When I asked Muraji-kun what this was, the answer came almost immediately.
Muraji: Right now, there is a mass email with that url being sent to everyone in the school. I emailed the teacher, but…
Shizuru: This means that everyone in campus got this?! Huh? This time, it’s a message from Kayano-sensei of the design section. What is it?
Kayano: Kita and Tanaka, please come to the student counselling room after lecture today. Also, please don’t tell anyone about this.
Shizuru: What is going on? Why did I get called up?

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Track 07

Shizuru: Please excuse me, I’m Kita Shizuru.
Muraji: I-I’m Tanaka Muraji.
Shizuru: After we were called to the student counselling room, Kayano-sensei who is in charge of maintaining the school website was there with Okimura.
Kayano: Let me be direct. Does Kita-kun know about the situation?
Shizuru: I only know that some trouble has occurred. I don’t know why I was called.
Okimura: You don’t know? Weren’t you the one who did it?!
Shizuru: What do you mean?
Kayano: The post on the forum originated from a laptop on loan from the school. And on the registers, Kita-kun was the one who checked it out.
Shizuru: I only use the machines in the PC room. Most importantly, there is no reason for me to do that.
Okimura: Don’t act dumb, aren’t you getting back at me for our fight the other time?
Shizuru: You’re noisy, please keep quiet for now. The loaning of laptops are tracked by the online system, identity forgery would be easy. But when the actual laptop was handed over, I’m sure the person’s face would have been seen.
Kayano: The receptionist says that she doesn’t remember the person’s face. Also, in the laptop, there was a copy of Kita-kun’s work. That was the only trace we could find of the person who borrowed the laptop.
Shizuru: All the more, it can’t be me. I always return the things I borrow in the same condition as they were given to me.
Kayano: (Kayano laughs) I’m aware of Kita-kun’s skills. That’s why I didn’t jump to conclusions straightaway and wanted to talk with you first. I called you up quietly because of that too.
Shizuru: (Shizuru sighs) Anyway, can you show me the laptop first?
Kayano: It is here. The only evidence is this file, it’s a flash animation which you submitted.
Shizuru: Hm, it’s really mine.
Kayano: This is… your…
Shizuru: What’s the matter? He kept staring at the screen, does something bother him?
Okimura, what is it?
Okimura: Ah, no it’s nothing.
Shizuru: This work is the one which was uploaded on campus web as reference material right?
Kayano: That’s right, anyone could have gotten hold of it. That’s why it doesn’t become evidence. Actually, it is rather suspicious for the person to specifically choose Kita-kun.
Shizuru: Hm? You won’t mind if we look into the data of this laptop right?
Kayano: Is that so? I’ll be leaving this room for a while so can the few of you talk things over between yourselves?
Shizuru: I got it.
Kayano: I’ll be leaving things in your hands then. (Kayano leaves room)
Okimura: Oi, why were we left behind? What do we have to talk about?
Shizuru: That was just an excuse. We are going to look for clues on the real culprit.
Okimura: Huh? How?
Shizuru: Rather than hearing our explanations, it would be faster if you see it for yourself. Muraji-kun, can you pull out the data for me?
Muraji: Yes, I understand. That’s my intentions for coming along with you.
Okimura: What will you understand by this? What is he doing?
Shizuru: Muraji is better at this, so we should leave it to him.
Muraji: Ah, I knew it. He only deleted it from the recycle bin, the data is still on the laptop. Yes, the data has been restored. I found a completed homework file. AD0118…
Shizuru: This is DM-kun’s student number.
Okimura: Oi, who is DM-kun?
Shizuru: We’ll explain later. Muraji-kun, what else can you find?
Muraji: Wait for a minute. Uwah, he didn’t even clean the registry. His personal information is going to be totally exposed like this. On top of that, the time stamp of his defamatory post on Okimura is close to the time when this homework file.
Okimura: I’m saying, talk about things that I can understand!
Shizuru: The person who posted onto the forum is probably the owner of this homework file.
Okimura: What are you trying to say? Why did this guy use your name to borrow the laptop?
Shizuru: In other words, DM-kun probably wanted to harass both you and me.
Okimura: I haven’t understood a single word since just now! Who is DM-kun? Is he the culprit?
Muraji: Eh, the one whom we’re suspecting of being the culprit is the creator of this homework file, Hirai Hideo-kun.
Okimura: Who is Hirai?
Muraji: Wha? Don’t tell me, you don’t know his name?
Okimura: Why would I know an otaku’s… don’t tell me… Is Hirai that freaking disgusting creep?! Don’t joke with me! Why must this happen to me!
Shizuru: Wait, calm down. Getting violent now will only put us at a disadvantage! Anyway, let’s call Kayano-sensei back and explain everything.

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Track 08

Shizuru: For our explanations, not only Kayano-sensei was there, even the school head appeared to listen to it. But the school head’s reaction to our explanations was rather subdued.
Okimura: What do you mean by ignoring it this time?!
School head: Mm, of course we will issue a stern warning to the person concerned.
Okimura: Why are you only stopping at that?! He always picks nonsensical fights with me when he sees me! Besides that, there is this case! Also, besides me, what will you do for this guy who got involved?
School head: For Kita-kun, does this remind you of anything?
Shizuru: Because my grades are good, he blamed me a few times for making fun of him.
Okimura: See that? Wasn’t that a perfect example of his anger outbursts?
Kayano: We can’t exert pressure from above when it comes to fights between students.
Okimura: This isn’t something on the level as cute as fights! If you leave someone like him alone, he might do something strange again!
School head: About that, this is the only instance where something has actually happened. Can’t it be resolved peacefully?
Okimura: You guys, just because you weren’t on the receiving end…
Shizuru: Me too, I think the penalty shouldn’t be too harsh. It would be troublesome if the school takes action.
Okimura: What?!
School head: Then, I’m sorry about this. Please leave.
Shizuru: I understand, please excuse us.
Okimura: Wait, wait! (Shizuru drags Okimura off) What was that? Did he mean, the rest is up to us? That it’s fine even if we fight?
Shizuru: If you hit him, you will be the one looking stupid. Anyway, that type looks like the kind who will hold onto grudges. Do you want to get harassed again?
Okimura: But at this rate, I don’t feel justified!
Shizuru: Generally, I think Hirai is at fault. But it’s also the truth that you got stubborn and took unnecessry actions which only created more hostility. Wasn’t Okimura the one who taunted him unnecessarily by calling him “otaku” without any considerations?
Okimura: But, he really is an otaku. When I see him dressed in such a lame way, I can’t stand it!
Shizuru: I don’t think highly of people who judge others based on their appearance and I don’t see how that becomes a reason for you to attack him.
Okimura: Which side are you on?
Shizuru: Neither. I’m also someone who got involved in a by-blow, I’m also as aggravated as you. But, an enemy of my enemy isn’t my ally.
Okimura: I got it. I’m sorry, I was at fault too.
Shizuru: I think you should apologise to Hirai too.
Okimura: I don’t wanna.
Shizuru: Why?
Okimura: Because you were the victim too. You were taunted by me, and also framed for something you didn’t do because of his grudge…
Shizuru: Well, you’re right but…
Okimura: That’s why I will apologise to you. Even though I’m unhappy about it, I’m reflecting on my actions. But towards someone who uses such low methods, I won’t apologise even if I die.
Shizuru: Uwah, how direct. Goodness.
Then have it your way.
Okimura: I will. By the way, what is your name?
Shizuru: Kita Shizuru.
Okimura: So, Shizuru huh? That thing just now, did you draw everything yourself?
Shizuru: That thing just now… oh, the flash animation? Yea I did.
Okimura: Oh… You’re good at drawing.
Shizuru: Thank you.
Muraji: SIZ-chan! How was it? Did it go well?
Shizuru: Oh, I’m sorry… eh…
Okimura: Then, see you!
Shizuru: Huh? Oh. Yea.
He said “see you”…
Okimura: Also, besides me, what will you do for this guy who got involved?
Shizuru: He even got angry for me. Somehow, he seems like a weird guy. But, I don’t think he was a bad person.

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Track 09

Souma: Good morning, Shizuru. Yesterday was tough right?
Shizuru: Yea, something like that. But thanks to Muraji-kun…
Shizuru: Huh? Why… Why is Okimura here? And his eyes… they’re red like he had just cried…
Okimura: I watched Shizuru’s anime!
Shizuru: You watched it… how did you find it?
Okimura: Yesterday, Muraji called you “Shizu” so I tried searching with that name and found it, Delay Reaction, the one which was circulated online.
Shizuru: Oh, so you saw that?
Okimura: I was extremely moved! It was so pretty and movie-like even though it was short. I cried so much at the last line “I am without a doubt alone”.
Shizuru: Huh? W-wait a minute. I’m really glad you watched it, but did you come all the way here just to tell me that?
Okimura: Ah, that and I thought I should apologise properly to you. I’m sorry for making fun of you by calling you an otaku! I was just so embarrassed for being so arrogant in front of someone who created such an amazing work.
Shizuru: It’s fine already, didn’t you apologise yesterday too?
Okimura: Will you forgive me?
Shizuru: Forgive you? I wasn’t even angry with Okimura from the start.
Okimura: Then, can you tell me your email address and phone number? I want to watch more of Shizuru’s works! It’s fine even if you give me your homework, do you have any more?
Shizuru: Huh? Oh, it’s fine. I do have some unreleased works.
Okimura: I want to watch those too! I just became a fan of Shizuru’s!
Shizuru: What is that… Then I’ll upload it onto the server and send you the url.
Okimura: Serious?! Will you let me watch them?! Cool! Thank you!
Shizuru: Uwah, what is this? Isn’t he too straightforward?
In any way, I will mail it to you after I get home. It might be late at night because I have part-time work.
Okimura: I don’t mind, I’ll be waiting. Thank you so much! Sorry for being so sudden, then see you! (Okimura runs off)
Souma: What was that? He was beaming from ear to ear and really cute but… Those pretty boys usually spoil their image when they laugh but Okimura-kun is really something. He was dazzling, just like some main character from a shoujo manga or an otome game.
Shizuru: But since he got what he wanted, he won’t get involved with me anymore… I guess?

Aozora no Kimochi (4)

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Track 10

Shizuru: Contrary to my expectations, for some reasons, Okimura frequently appears in front of me.
Okimura: Shizuru, this is the DVD that I borrowed.
Shizuru: Have you watched it already? It was interesting right?
Okimura: Yea, but I prefer Shizuru’s.
Shizuru: Thanks, I’m flattered.
Souma: Hm…? To think that he would get so attached to you. For the past month, he has been at Shizuru’s almost every day. He’s training to be a fashion designer isn’t he?
Shizuru: Okimura is seriously coming here to study, so don’t get in our way.
Souma: Yes, sensei… Also, Shizuru is so kind. To purposely spend your time to teach him.
Shizuru: Recently, I’ve started teaching Okimura about computers in the on-campus PC room a few times a week. I was asked to help with his designing homework because I was good at drawing.
Souma: (Souma sniggers) Say, aren’t you very lenient towards Okimura?
Shizuru: Well, I’m teaching him in exchange for something.
Souma: Exchange? What is that?
Shizuru: I’m bad with my colour scheme, my works always turns out dull. And as expected, Okimura is really good at using bold colours.
Okimura: Oi, what do you mean by “as expected”?
Shizuru: Just like what I’ve seen. Rather than that, Okimura, we can only use this PC room for another hour. Souma should stop disturbing us too.
Okimura: I got it.
Souma: Yes, sensei. Seems bad if I keep intruding on the two of you so I’m leaving. Bye, Shizuru, Okimura. Take your time.
Shizuru: Goodness, what did he come for? Okimura, sorry for the disturbance.
Okimura: It’s alright, I don’t mind. I’m the one who should be sorry. By the way…
Shizuru: What is it?
Okimura: This character Shizuru drew resembles me right?
Shizuru: Ah, damn it! I forgot to minimise the window! This is the red-haired character I based on Okimura! Because of what happened during the Quinz case, I should have pre-empted him.
I-I’m sorry! I forgot to tell you… I was wondering about the hair style and used you as a reference. If you don’t like it, I can change it now.
Okimura: Why? I didn’t say that I disliked it right?
Shizuru: But…
Okimura: I don’t mind at all! I’m Shizuru’s fan anyway, if it’s Shizuru, you can do whatever you like.
Shizuru: I’m really stumped for words at times like this.
If you say that, I might really create a work with you as the model.
Okimura: Huh? Are you for real? I will be really happy! But please don’t make it into one like Delay Reaction where the person dies at the end. I really like the work itself but that would be too sad.
Shizuru: I got it. Then, I’ll think about it. One with a happy ending right?
Okimura: And make me cool too.
Shizuru: (Shizuru laughs) You said it.
Okimura: (Okimura laughs) By the way.
Shizuru: Huh? What about?
Okimura: It has been a week since then, how is DM… Hirai? They did say that they will caution his parents too but in the end, they didn’t do anything else right?
Shizuru: Hirai hasn’t been to school since then. Informing his parents was harsh already.
Okimura: What do you mean?
Shizuru: Apparently, he was an honour student in the past and only became a shut-in after he failed an exam. His parents placed a lot of pressure on him then. Because of this case, his relationship with his parents turned sour and he started shutting himself in again.
Okimura: Hah, he deserves it. What you do will come back at you, even if you run away, nothing will be solved.
Shizuru: But I can empathise, that’s why I didn’t want to corner him.
Okimura: What will you achieve by standing up for someone like him?
Shizuru: How should I phrase it… you can’t keep being positive all the time right?
Okimura: Is that so?
Shizuru: I guess Okimura won’t understand? When you are in so much pain and you are just so tired that you think, I don’t want this anymore… Okimura hasn’t experienced that before right?
Okimura: Of course I have, but if you don’t like something you should just quit and start doing something else right?
Shizuru: That isn’t shutting yourself in, but taking a forward-looking approach. It’s different from giving up.
Okimura: Has Shizuru ever felt that way before?
Shizuru: Just now, Okimura said that Delay Reaction was sad right? Why?
Okimura: If you ask me why… the main character has been travelling alone right? At a barren place with only a robot for company right? “I am without a doubt alone”, I thought that line was super strong but at the same time, sad.
Shizuru: Okimura thought that was strong?
Okimura: Yea. Because we usually can’t say something like that, that we are undoubtedly alone.
Shizuru: Strong… huh? There is anothier way to interpret it. That was just a plain admittance of defeat. The main character who has given up hope on the world and all of humanity, he uttered his wish. Because of that, he couldn’t stand the loneliness and created a family and close friends who wouldn’t betray him. To me, that is an action of shutting oneself in.
If there are people who interpret it that way, then I’m glad.
Okimura: Huh? Did I misinterpret?
Shizuru: No, you didn’t. I’m just glad that it left a bit of something in the people who watched it. It doesn’t matter how you understood it.
The main character who was left alone, only capable of creating robots, was myself. While I only found him weak and pathetic, Okimura said that he was strong. Will he understand how happy I am to hear that?
Okimura: It left something in me, definitely.
Shizuru: Don’t… stop praising me so much.
Okimura: Why?
Shizuru: Why you ask…
Okimura: You’re such a weird guy. Oh that’s right, this is for you.
Shizuru: What is in that bag?
Okimura: Shizuru has been cutting short your time for part-time work and helping me out right? No matter how many times I tried to, you won’t let me treat you, and you won’t take my money.
Shizuru: Huh, what is this? I’ll be troubled, I told you that I don’t need it.
Okimura: If you don’t take it, I’ll be one who will be troubled. This can’t be worn by anyone else but Shizuru.
Shizuru: To wear it? Clothes? Wa, this is…
Okimura: I just used the design without telling you, you don’t mind right?
Shizuru: The shirt I held on hand had a grey gradation print of the cogwheel I inserted into the background of Delay Reaction.
Okimura: After I watched it I kept having the image in my mind, so I had my friend to help make that… just wear it already.
Shizuru: Oh… alright. Huh? It’s an exact fit. You didn’t even know my size, how did you…
Okimura: Anyway, you understand now right? That shirt can only be worn by you.
Shizuru: Thank you.
Okimura: Next time wear it when we meet.
Shizuru: No, I’ll feel bad if I dirty it.
Okimura: I didn’t make it for you to keep it at home. Be sure to wear it the next time we meet, got it?
Shizuru: Oh… okay.
Okimura: (Okimura laughs) Alright!
Shizuru: That’s… I can’t. I don’t want to get any closer to him or be so happy together… but… why would he give me something like this?

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Track 11

Shizuru: That night, Souma suddenly visited my apartment. I did feel something from him during our conversation in the PC room that evening…
If you are going to come, let me know beforehand. Here, coffee.
Souma: Thank you. (Souma takes a sip) Say, will Shizuru go out with Okki?
Shizuru: (Shizuru chokes) What is “Okki”? Okimura isn’t like that, I’m sure you understand.
Souma: I don’t understand. Also, you two seem be getting along really well so I don’t get why Shizuru will deny that.
Shizuru: Souma. Unlike me, Okimura is normal.
Souma: Shizuru is normal too. I really like Shizuru but I really hate it when you speak so cynically.
Shizuru: Yes, yes. In the end, I’m just scared. Souma should know as well.
Souma: Well, you were scared of going Ni-chome and made your debut at a mild place like Contrast afterall.
Shizuru: Contrast, a small café-bar in Ikebukuro opened by Akio-san, Souma’s uncle. It has been known to be a place where gays gather. Four years ago, I dropped by after finding out about it online and met Souma who was living on the second floor of the bar then. And we became close friends.
Souma: I’m being serious here. Shizuru likes him right?
Shizuru: I don’t. Well, he is the kind who is fun to be around and his personality is rather cute at times.
Souma: You liar, you like those kind who are a handful to deal with right? Really, Ken was also like that. That’s why you become totally submissive to him and get trampled all over, in the end, you gave everything up in desperation.
Shizuru: About that, I was at fault too. Just take it as youthful indiscretion.
Ken: Shizuru is so cute. If you dress well, you will be even cuter.
Shizuru: Ken, whom I went out with before, was a photographer. He gave me the clothes that he bought. My hairstyle, my fashion, I tailored my entire body to his liking. And I got dumped by him after he got sick of playing around with me. He even chased me out of the house we were staying in.
Souma: Just because you were dumped by Ken, you didn’t have to quit university.
Shizuru: Souma, about that…
Souma: A-chan too, he told you to give up on him. He even sold those clothes to Shizuru at a higher price than what he bought them at! When A-chan found out about that, he yelled at Ken, “Aren’t you a conman?”
Shizuru: I knew everything, he was someone like that.
Souma: I think you shouldn’t give up on love just because you failed once or twice.
Shizuru: I don’t want to hear that from Souma, who hasn’t even fallen in love once.
Souma: Shut up… I’m waiting for my destined person. Just leave me out of this…
Shizuru: Then shouldn’t you leave me alone too? It’s not like I’m never going to fall in love, it is risky enough because I’m gay, I’m already tired of that. Having such heavy relationships twice is enough.
Long before Ken, I went out with my childhood friend, Nojima, before coming to Tokyo. When we were in our third year in middle school, he told me about his reluctance to part after graduation so we entered the same high school. After that, he started to long for my body as well. Our first attempt at sex was a huge failure.
Nojima: Blood? Give me a break. If it’s impossible for you, you could have just told me.
Shizuru: At that time, when he started telling me to stop taking him for a fool, our power relationship was set. He was originally someone who liked to look after me. After that, he started to say things like “you are no good” and “you can’t do anything without me”.
Nojima: Shizuru, do you still like animation? You can only create boring things anyway. If you want to, you should be like me and aim for your goals properly.
He creates animation but his ideas are all stolen from my novels. Such a bother!
Shizuru: You’re wrong, it’s the opposite. That was the idea I gave Nojima when he asked me for my input. He was bullying me unnecessarily because the people around us were suspecting that we were gays. Both of us were equally scared and I put up with it but, just because I loved him, being tyrannised was so painful. I finally asked to break up, saying that I couldn’t take it anymore.
Nojima: You want to go to Tokyo? Don’t be foolish. It’s not a place where you can survive in. Let’s just go to the same university.
Shizuru: Even though we were confused then, there was no way our relationship could return to that gentle one we had in the past. I came to Tokyo as though I was running away from him, and tried in vain to rebuild my empty shell with Ken. After, I gave up on myself and quit university. The one who saw me through it all, was Souma.
Souma: Let’s go to school together! Then, you should make anime!
Shizuru: It’s all in the past. I have good friends who would get angry at me too, I’m having fun now.
Souma: Shizuru? Not all men who are attracted to good-looking people, who put on a conceited front and rely on you are going to be like him.
Shizuru: Yea, you’re right.
Souma: I think Okimura is a good man. At least he isn’t a liar. He won’t take anything from Shizuru or tire Shizuru out. So, you don’t have to give up.
Shizuru: Can’t I give up?
Souma: Shizuru…
Shizuru: The same thing that the two of them praised me on, was my face. And, the sex.
I was only acknowledged for things that can be hidden if I leave my hair long and wear unfashionable spectacles. Especially Ken who only focused on this body, I was cornered more than necessarily in bed.
Ken: You really have a rare body. I can’t leave you.
Shizuru: He whispered so much sweet nothings to seduce me, but once he got tired of my looks and the pleasure, I was thrown away. It was an empty ending, with my personality and my existence denied.
It’s easier if I gave up, I don’t want to be put through that again. I just want to lead a normal life with nothing.
Souma: Say, Okimura gave you a shirt right?
Shizuru: How did you know?
Souma: Because I was the one who helped him with getting your sizing. The clothes that you always wore were the cheap ones which didn’t suit your body right? Okimura said that he has always noticed that.
Shizuru: So I’m embarrassing?
Souma: That’s not it. You have a nice outline and it’s such a waste. I only designed the outline of the shirt, Okimura said that he adjusted the shirt size based on his instincts. It means that he has been looking that much at Shizuru.
Shizuru: Stop that. In the first place, Okimura isn’t a gay right?
Souma: How can you be so sure without even confirming it?
Shizuru: Okimura is only attached to me because I’m an unusual type of friend.
Souma: Well, have it your way. Even if you draw your own conclusions, a relationship only exists if you have a partner.
Shizuru: I know that.
Souma: (Souma sighs) I’m trying to get the opposite meaning across though. You probably won’t get it even if I tried right?
Shizuru: Huh?
Souma: It’s nothing. To have a refreshing relationship with someone who has a normal personality despite looking so flasy, is that beyond your imagination?
Shizuru: Something like that doesn’t exist in my life.
Souma: I want Shizuru to experience a refreshing and cute relationship where you can have a date under a clear blue sky. Also, I want to see a happy Shizuru.
Shizuru: Something like that won’t happen.
It might be better if I don’t go closer to Okimura anymore. It’s not just because of Souma’s teasing, but it is scary when I see how much my resolve is wavering. But my anticipation was meaningless in the face of that man’s energy.

Aozora no Kimochi (5)

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Track 12

Shizuru: A few days later, Okimura dropped by the PC room as usual and brought 2 of his good friends with him.
Okimura: Shizuru! These guys are Nakayama from my section and the makeup section’s Kawanobe. They said that they have a favour to ask of you so I brought them here.
Nakayama: Yo!
Kawanobe: Hello.
Shizuru: Ah… Hello.
Nakayama: I’m sorry about the other time, I heard about it from Okimura. I’m sorry for getting annoyed and taking out my frustrations on you.
Shizuru: Har… It is a thing of the past so I don’t mind it anymore. But, what favour?
Kawanobe: We are going to do a fashion show soon and we’ve been looking for visual materials to broadcast during the show. So, we want to use Shizuru’s anime at the show.
Okimura: I’m also hoping that you could help, she insists on using your animation, saying that if it isn’t yours she doesn’t want to use it.
Shizuru: Ah but, isn’t it a fashion show? To use something dull like my…
Kawanobe: That isn’t dull, you call that sick. As the creator, you must think that it is good. Don’t phrase things in such a long-winded manner.
Shizuru: Long-winded?
Nakayama: Why are you always like that!
Kawanobe: Ouch!
Okimura: Just because you keep finding faults in other people, you angered the people in the film section and they refused to cooperate!
Shizuru: Excuse me, if no one else would agree to do it, I don’t mind.
Kawanobe: Really? Yay! Shizuru you’re so kind! (Kawanobe hugs and kisses Shizuru)
Okimura: Stop it, Kawanobe! Don’t touch Shizuru!
Shizuru: Ah, Okimura, don’t hug me like that!
Kawanobe: What was that? Don’t obstruct me!
Okimura: Shizuru is different from you insensitive woman, don’t come near him!
Shizuru: Okimura too, let go of me.
Okimura: Ah… sorry.
Shizuru: In any case, I don’t mind cooperating. If you want me to animate according to the music, I will do it for you too.
Nakayama: Oh, then shall we use that shirt on the stage? That shirt! We should just let Shizuru model it!
Shizuru: Har? Don’t joke around? Why should I…
Nakayama: No, Shizuru’s has a good style, if we work some magic on him, wouldn’t it be okay?
Shizuru: It’s impossible! If someone like me steps onto the stage, everyone will get turned off.
Kawanobe: What are you talking about, let me have a look at your face.
Shizuru: Wah!
Kawanobe: As expected. Just cut your fringe off and remove your lame spectacles, there’s no need to work any magic here.
Nakayama: Huh? What, Shizuru you’re naturally good-looking!
Kawanobe: Something like that, you should have seen it with one glance. Say, let me be your stylist.
Shizuru: Ah, wait, something like that is a little…
Okimura: I said, don’t mess with Shizuru! Also, I won’t use that shirt in the show. This guy isn’t something for other to gawk at too.
Shizuru: That’s… right. It will be humiliating to use someone like me in a show, I will only embarrass Okimura.
Okimura: That was something I made after getting inspired by his work, I can’t say that it is my creation. That’s why I can’t put it in the show.
Shizuru: Huh?
Kawanobe: Then, just as long as we don’t use Okimura’s shirt, it will be fine right? I can request for him to be our model right? It’s such a waste to have such a hair…
Okimura: He’s fine just the way he is! Shizuru hates to stand out, that’s why, don’t pull him along with your whims.
Shizuru: Huh? Why…
Okimura: What? Did I get it wrong? Didn’t you dress this way because you wanted to?
Shizuru: Ah… yea…
Okimura: Right? Shizuru is someone who gains repo with his character. Even if you don’t change his appearance, he is wonderful this way, there should be no problem.
Shizuru: Why… why does Okimura see through everything? What should I do? At this rate, I’m really going to fall for…
Kawanobe: (Kawanobe sighs) Somehow it feels like Okimura is monopolising Shizuru. Unfair!
Shizuru: What? You’re wrong…
Okimura: Is something wrong with doing that?
Kawanobe: Uwah… I can’t believe it! He’s such a kid.
Nakayama: Selfish…
Okimura: Anyway I’ve settled your matters for you, just get lost already!
Nakayama: Che!
Kawanobe: Tyrant!
Okimura: Shut up!
(Nagayama and Kawanobe leaves while grumbling)
Shizuru: That was unexpected.
Okimura: Huh? What about?
Shizuru: That you would say that I was fine the way I am. Didn’t you hate how lame I look?
Okimura: It depends. In Shizuru’s case, you’re just being modest. No matter how you decorate your appearance, if your personality is terrible then it doesn’ t matter.
Shizuru: Even though you’re so flashy.
Okimura: (Okimura laughs) I’m spending my money on Koch so I don’t have spare cash to play around with, most of my clothes are made by myself. Anyway, creators are always in the background.
Shizuru: Yea.
Okimura: Even though the leading roles get the spotlight and attention, the ones who make them look good are us. I want to become proud of my works. In that sense, I’m one step behind Shizuru but…
Shizuru: That’s not is, Okimura’s shirt was very comfortable, the arrangement of the design and colours and I am…
What am I trying to say…
Okimura: Say, Shizuru.
Shizuru: What?
Okimura: Are you angry with me about that?
Shizuru: That? About what?
Okimura: Monopolising you. Did I get in your way? Were you happy about getting kissed by Kawanobe?
Shizuru: Ah, I wasn’t unhappy about it, I was surprised though. (Okimura’s phone rings) Ah, Okimura, your phone.
Okimura: It’s probably some lame texts, leave it.
Shizuru: But, Okimura.
Okimura: Why was it alright for Kawanobe to kiss you, but not me? (Okimura kisses Shizuru)
Shizuru: Is Okimura… gay?
Okimura: I don’t know, I’ve never thought about that before. But right now I really want to do such things to Shizuru, do you hate this?
Shizuru: Okimura, this won’t be passed off as a joke. We should stop.
Okimura: What do you mean by a joke?
Shizuru: That is…
Okimura: I want Shizuru, I want you now. I like Shizuru, can’t I?
Shizuru: Even if you say you want it…
Okimura: Can I monopolise Shizuru? I want to be in the position to. Only show your kind side to me, only care about me and only show your smile to me!
Shizuru: Right now, I’m already looking after you right?
Okimura: You do that do Muraji and Souma too. Even with Kawanobe and Nagayama, you were so kind to them despite that being the first time you’ve met them. I think that Shizuru’s kind side is good, but I also get irritated.
Shizuru: You mean I’m just showing people what they want to see in me?
Okimura: That’s not it. Something like that, show it only to me. I want to monopolise Shizuru, please make me special.
Shizuru: What’s the meaning of this? What is Okimura saying?
Okimura: Say, I’m making a pass at you, so at least say something.
Shizuru: S-something you say… what… wait, what… I can’t catch up with what is going on, why a kiss?
Okimura: Why? What do you think I’ve been trying to get at since just now? Or are you trying to avoid this?
Shizuru: No, wrong… that’s not it. It’s just that I don’t get what…
Okimura: Did I say too much at a go? Then, at least give me the go ahead sign to touch you.
Shizuru: Wait, why? Why!
Why is this happening? Why is Okimura starting to caress me all over?
Wait, wait a bit, even if you touch me, I don’t really think that it feels good. It’s not like I’m a woman, I’m not soft and fluffy…
Okimura: Shizuru. If you don’t like it then say so. If you keep making such excuses, I won’t be able to give up.
Shizuru: Okimura…
Okimura: If I have a chance, then just go along with the flow for now. It’s fine for it to be gradual, fall in love with me slowly. Okay? (Shizuru is stumped and Okimura laughs) Shizuru, actually you don’t hate this right?
Shizuru: H-how can you say that?
Okimura: Because you will definitely reject what you don’t like, saying some harsh words and looking at me with cold eyes. But right now, you’re just troubled.
Shizuru: Don’t just say what you like…
Okimura: Shizuru, at the very least, you like my face right? You drew it into a character, I was thinking, you’ve been observing my face a lot.
Shizuru: Okimura, do people tell you often that you are very conceited?
Okimura: Since you aren’t correcting me, I’m right.
Shizuru: Strictly speaking, you’re wrong.
Okimura: Which part?
Shizuru: Rather than liking your face… I…
Okimura: You?
Shizuru: L-Like… I-I like you…
Okimura: (Okimura laughs) You really stammered so much, Shizuru!
Shizuru: Shut up! Shut… (Okimura kisses Shizuru) Okimura, you will become a gay.
Okimura: Since I fell in love with Shizuru, I’ve already become one.
Shizuru: Just do what you like.
Okimura: Shizuru, do you want to do it?
Shizuru: What?
Okimura: Will you let me do dirty things to you? If you don’t want to, it’s fine.
Shizuru: While I was shocked at over blunt he can get, I was confused by myself for not being able to reject such a direct invitation.

Aozora no Kimochi (6)

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Track 13

Shizuru: It’s narrow, but please come in. Do you want tea or…
Okimura: Just now, you didn’t say no. So it’s fine to, right? (Shizuru nods and they kiss) Shizuru, are you nervous?
Shizuru: That is, of course I am.
Okimura: It’s not like I’m going to do something bad so don’t get so scared. Am I… scary? Are you actually against this?
Shizuru: No such thing. You can do whatever you… want.
Okimura: Shizuru, you not have much experience with kissing?
Shizuru: Uhm… yea…
I didn’t kiss much before, it was always just sex…
Okimura: Is that so? Shizuru, your shoulder outline is so pretty. I’ve memorised the outline already, I’ll make a shirt that fits you exactly the next time.
Shizuru: Okimura…
Okimura: This is bad… Damn it… Oh, did it hurt?
Shizuru: (Shizuru shakes his head) It didn’t.
Okimura: If you’re scared, I won’t go all the way today.
Shizuru: Huh?
Okimura: Shizuru isn’t used to this right? If I have it done by hand today, I’ll be fine.
Shizuru: What? Does Okimura think that this is my first time? What should I do, should I say something or…
Okimura: It’s fine. I won’t do it so don’t look so troubled. Just touching is fine. I can wait, but one day, we’ll have to do it.
Shizuru: Even though he’s treasuring me so much, I don’t want to get hated. I don’t want him to know about my past. I don’t want him to think that I’m someone who can be casted away easily.
Okimura: Shizuru, do it like this. The next time, can you do fellatio? If you don’t mind it.
Shizuru: Yea, I don’t mind…
Okimura: Shizuru… Shizuru… Ah damn it, I want to put it…
Shizuru: Actually, I want him to put it in, I want to feel it deeper… But…
Okimura: Does Shizuru feel good too? You’re moving your hips.
Shizuru: Feels good…
Okimura: I’m coming… This is bad, I’m feeling light-headed… Even though we only touched each other, it felt really good.
Shizuru: Y-yea. I’m glad.
Okimura: Shizuru, you’re really quiet when you come.
Shizuru: Huh?
Okimura: You keep quiet and bite your lips, you looked like you were holding it in.
Shizuru: Should I have cried out?
Okimura: Huh? Because your voice was so cute, I was hoping to hear it. Doesn’t matter, I will hear it one day.
Shizuru: He says things like “one day” and “next time” so casually.
Say, Okimura? I think I might really like Okimura.
Okimura: What do you mean by you think you might? You don’t have to force yourself to say it. I think I roughly understand Shizuru.
Shizuru: Roughly? Somehow that seems rather vague…
Okimura: Because I can’t say that I understand you fully. But if I roughly know you, it should roughly turn out to be fine.
Shizuru: Okimura, is it fine if I think of Okimura as my boyfriend?
Okimura: What? What are you saying? What else can we be?
Shizuru: Isn’t it troublesome to go out with me?
Okimura: We have been hanging out with each other already, what was that?
Shizuru: But, that was just as friends…
Okimura: Is there any meaning to categorise it like that? I love Shizuru.
Shizuru: (Shizuru starts laughing) No way, stop…
Okimura: You don’t want to? But I’m hard.
Shizuru: Even if you don’t tell me, I know that.
Okimura: Shizuru, stay still. Just bear with it for a while. This time, say “I’m coming”.
Shizuru: I don’t want to! Wait… Oki… mura…

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Track 14

Shizuru: Goodness, just leave me alone already.
Okimura: Isn’t it fine?
Shizuru: What did you come for?
Souma: Hello! Huh? Shizuru? What is that you’ve got hanging onto your back?
Muraji: Eh… you two get along really well…
Shizuru: They are shocked… Of course they would be, Okimura wouldn’t let go of me.
Okimura: Souma, don’t touch Shizuru so much anymore. Muraji too, don’t rely on him so much.
Muraji: Huh? Why?
Souma: Har? What is this? Why is Okimura saying something like that?
Okimura: Because I will get annoyed. Anyway, I’ve made this mine.
Souma: Huh? What is this… did you two become like that? So suddenly?
Shizuru: Okimura! What are you saying!
Okimura: But didn’t Shizuru say that it’s fine to monopolise you?
Shizuru: That’s… why are you saying that now?
Muraji: Ah, I see. Okimura-kun is that sort of person right?
Okimura: What do you mean by that sort?
Muraji: You don’t have a grey zone, you give your all in everything. If you like something, you really like it at full strength…
Souma: Hm… Isn’t this too forceful? Shizuru? How about you turn serious too?
Shizuru: I can’t…
Souma: Even if you get shy, you’re cute so I think it will only make Okimura happy. And also, it’s just my speculations but looking at this, hasn’t he revealed it to everyone else too?
Shizuru: What? I don’t think you will but, have you told anyone?
Okimura: I just told Kawanobe not to lay her hands on you.
Shizuru: You’re too open… What are you going to do if rumours start to circulate?
Okimura: Shizuru, does it bother you? I never thought that Shizuru would be so troubled by it, I’m sorry.
Shizuru: Huh? Oki…
Okimura: But I don’t find it embarrassing at all. Even if people find out, we can just ignore those who have things to say about us. I won’t be stopped.
Shizuru: Is… that so…
Souma: (Souma laughs) Isn’t this great, Shizuru? This guy would do a blue sky date or anything for you.
Shizuru: Souma…
Souma: Well, leaving aside the question of whether a blue sky is suitable for Okimura… You have to find your own happiness.

Aozora no Kimochi (8)
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14 thoughts on “Aozora no Kimochi -Susume Disc 1 – Translation

  1. You’re kidding me??!!! You’ve translated CD 1 already?! O.M.G!!! Yaoi gods bless you! <3 I'm so glad you like it enough to translate it so fast. Thank you, thank you <3

    • You’re welcome ^^ I tried to rush it out because I’ll be on holiday for the second half of july. Hope you like the drama! Disc 2 coming soon~

      • I’m actually waiting for Disc 2 to be translated because I know I’ll start biting my nails if I finish Disc 1 now xD (I do the same with mangas). I’m sure I’ll like it <3

      • I know what you mean, I try to never start reading mangas which aren’t complete because I can’t stand the wait haha.

      • Hahahaha, same here! And sometimes you start reading something and then realize it was never completely translated (Ikusen no Yoru Daiichi Yoru by Kinoshita Keiko for example… I just LOVE it, and it was licensed, but volume 3 never came out and traslation groups didn’t want to finish translating because of the license… I’ll start crying again). And sometimes you don’t notice the status that says: on hiatus (…).

  2. This is great!!! I love how there are pictures along with the story! Is this something new that you’re adding to your translations from now on or is this just specifically for this story? Otsukaresamadeshita!!! <3

    • I only inserted them because I had it, but I get so happy when I scroll through and see them in the middle of all my words! So I think I’m going to start inserting novel illustrations in my translations! Thank you :)

  3. So happy to find these translations! You’re like a machine, you have so many nice things here, it’s becomming one of my favorite places. And the thing with illustrations it’s really an amazing one!

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