Kuroi Aijou

Kuroi Aijou


Title: Kuroi Aijou (黒い愛情)
Original work by: Kaori Shuu (Novel)
Release date: 2007年10月28日
Length: 01:31:43
Cast: Midorikawa Hikaru x Hirakawa Daisuke (緑川光×平川大輔)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Psychological
Drama translation: Disc 1, Disc 2

When Fushimi was close to getting raped by his best friend, Katou, a colleague from work, rescued him and brought him back to his apartment. However, not everything can be taken at face value, Katou seems to have his own motives too.


Kuroi Aijou has always been one of the more memorable dramas because of its content *cough SM cough*, but strangely enough, I’ve only ever listened to the entire length just once. During most other times when I picked it up to re-listen, I usually lose interest by mid-first disc. But thanks to you persistent people who keep hitting our site with “kuroi aijou translation” searches, I finally gathered up my courage (not a difficult task) to sit myself through the two discs of serious talk intertwined with blush-inducing smexy times. And I was pleasantly surprised with the story; it still feels weird to associate Kuroi Aijou with words like “sweet” or “aww-inducing” but… it was, quite, sweet and aww-inducing.

Fushimi and Katou’s relationship begins after a chance meeting at a park, when Katou saves Fushimi from being raped by a university friend. After being saved by Katou, Fushimi naïvely accepted Katou’s offer and took a shower at his apartment (someone please tell me which part of this doesn’t scream suspicious). We all saw it coming; Katou then forces himself on Fushimi and thus begins their illicit relationship of voyeurism and light SM.

After giving it some more thought, Kuroi Aijou doesn’t seem to be just about SM, I think it is about the idea behind SM (at least that is what I think Kaori Shuu sensei is trying to do). It talks of a love between an ultra-possessive seme and a clingy uke.

Fushimi fits exactly into the mould of a clueless uke who succumbs to his lust, but we later learn that he had a traumatic past of being raped by a cousin he had always looked up to as a replacement father. That is nothing to us seasoned BL people (I refuse to call myself a BL fan), I mean, guys are always getting raped left right center when you’re reading/listening/watching BL that we get desensitised to rape. On top of that, Fushimi’s trauma seems minute compared to Katou’s. The guilt of having killed your beloved cousin and the shock from getting raped by your beloved cousin, the former seems obviously tougher to accept. Although I don’t see how Katou’s trauma played a part in shaping his twisted personality, Katou credited Fushimi for having set him free from the “curse” of his guilt and the drama ends on a happy note as the two of them finally found the right one with the key which fits into each other’s hearts.

I usually avoid talking about the H scenes in my reviews, but seems like I can’t avoid it in this one. The abundant H in Kuroi Aijou does Sorry, can’t do this.

Midorikawa pulled off the role of Katou so well that I found him creepy yet sexy at the same time, if that is even possible. On the other hand, Hirakawa took on the role of Fushimi with the exact opposite character. Hirakawa has always been good with gentle and timid characters. Hats off to him for his efforts during the H scenes, it was surely very tiring.

In general, if you haven’t heard Kuroi Aijou, a sadistic Midorikawa or a masochistic Hirakawa before, do give Kuroi Aijou a try. I think most people don’t do this (though I sometimes do), but this isn’t something you should be listening on public transport unless you are extremely good with putting on a poker face.


4 thoughts on “Kuroi Aijou

  1. Thanks for the translation! I listened to this drama a long time ago, but could only pick up some stuff here and there.

    Yea, I rarely get to hear a sadistic Midorikawa (let alone seme-ing), but I do here masochistic Hirakawa a lot lol. It seems he’s given a lot of semi-slutty roles in the BL drama world. Most people may not like his voice as much, but Hirakawa-san is one of the most underrated seiyuus in my opinion. You’re dead on with your comment about him being good with gentle/timid characters. (except my number one seiyuu for gentle characters will always be Nojifuma Hirofumi teehee) I especially like/adore Hirakawa-san in Yuuutsu na asa for some reason :) But I think I’m gonna stop my fangirling here. Thank you for the review as well!

    • I’m not sure about masochistic Hirakawa but slutty Hirakawa I do hear quite a lot, haha. And don’t worry about fangirling here ^^ my seiyuu for gentle characters should be HiroC~

      I have a feeling I saw Yuuutsu na asa before, as a manga or? Anyway thanks, I’ll give it a listen for more Hirakawa goodness!

      • Well silly me. I spelled Nojima Hirofumi-san name wrong :( But yes I love Kamiya Hiroshi (if that’s the same person we’re talking about o_o) He’s actually my top seiyuu right now. MoriMori was actually my top for a while since I was introduced to seiyuus 8+ years ago, but Kamiya-san won my heart over with his role as Natsume in Natsume Yuujinchou. Recently saw him in Noragami. Still badass. :D

      • Don’t worry I’m sure Hirofumi-san understands ^^ and yes! Kamiya Hiroshi. Awww Natsume Yuujinchou was one of the most heartwarming happifying animes ever. Our Kiseki-chan is a major HiroC fan too~ I actually started liking him more after she fangirled about him to me ^^

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