Kuroi Aijou Disc 1 – Translation

Kuroi Aijou

Title: Kuroi Aijou (黒い愛情) Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Midorikawa Hikaru x Hirakawa Daisuke (緑川光×平川大輔)
Related drama(s): None
Contents: Disc 1

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Track 02
Track 03
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Track 06

Disc 2

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Track 01

Fushimi: It hurts…
Seto: Tomonori, you should just consent to what I’m doing already. Isn’t this fine?
Fushimi: Idiot… let go of this hand…
Seto: You knew that I was looking at you that way since university didn’t you? So, I love you. I’m begging you, understand that already.
Fushimi: I’ve already said this many times, but I can only see Seto as a friend, not as a lover or anything similar.
Seto: Could it be that you really like me but you’ve been keeping it within you because you couldn’t say it out? Even now, you’re just trying to arouse me right? It’s fine, Tomonori, I like it this way too. Say, shall we do it here?
Fushimi: What are you talking about? Don’t say such nonsense!
Seto: It’s the park at night, there’s nobody here.
Fushimi: Stop it!
Seto: Don’t struggle so violently, aren’t I being nice to you?
Fushimi: Let me go, Seto! Oi… Stop it!
Seto: You’re so cute Tomonori, even your ears are red. You’re resisting so badly, trying to entice me…
Fushimi: Someone… someone save me…
Seto: Be quiet. (Seto slaps Tomonori)
Fushimi: At this rate, am I going to get raped by Seto like this?
Katou: Fushimi…san?
Seto: Who the hell are you?
Katou: I’m Fushimi-san’s friend.
Fushimi: Katou-san? Why are you here?
Katou: My house is just beside this place. Seems like there’s a dispute here, is my help needed? If this is just a lover’s quarrel, then I would leave without getting in the way.
Seto: This has nothing to do with you, just get…
Fushimi: Please! Save me! I’m begging you… (Katou punches Seto)
He’s used to punching people…
Katou: Let’s go, hurry.
Seto: Damn it, Tomonori!

Kuroi Aijou (1)
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Track 02

Katou: My apartment is just right there. Do you want to stop by to rest?
Fushimi: But, it’s already so late.
Katou: I won’t force you to but your shirt is dirty, the least I can do is to offer you a hot bath. It’s just over there, my room is on the 5th floor.
Fushimi: I’m in Tokyo Psychosomatic Medicine, a counseling room founded by a large insurance company. I hold counseling sessions a few times a week at a flat. At the flat, there are a few other counsellors who work part-time too and Katou Ryou is one of them. Unlike me who accepts all forms of counselling appointments regarding human relationships, Katou is ‘career’. In other words, he specialises in dealing with problems regarding work.
Katou: Ah, Fushimi-san. How was the temperature of the water? Was it too cold?
Fushimi: No, it was just right. Thank you so much. Excuse me but, my clothes…
Katou: It’s being washed now, it was quite dirty.
Fushimi: I’m sorry for making you do all these for me, I’ve imposed myself on you in the middle of the night. I will go home once my clothes dry.
Katou: Don’t worry about it. Anyway I’m the only one living here, I won’t mind if you stay over.
Fushimi: I can’t do that, I can’t trouble you that much.
Katou: (Katou smiles) You’re such a polite person. How about a drink? Since you just finished your bath, you should be thirsty. We haven’t had any chances to talk directly at the flat too.
Fushimi: That’s right. Our schedules only match on Fridays.
Katou: So, since this is a rare chance, let’s talk about everything. Here you go, beer.
Fushimi: Thank you so much. (Fushimi pours and drinks beer) If I’m not wrong, Katou-san is a career counsellor right?
Katou: Yea. I thought if I specialise in a particular area, it will be easier for me to focus too, so I asked to be a career specialist.
Fushimi: But I’m sure you get requests about human relationships too. Does even Katou-san get requests for advice about love matters too?
Katou: Compared to career advice, I’m bad at giving solutions to love-related worries, but I do get those. When you say “even”… do I look like I have a cold personality?
Fushimi: Ah, no that’s not what I meant…
Katou: (Katou laughs) No, it’s fine. I frequently get asked if I am angry when I keep quiet.
Fushimi: I’m sorry. Because there are few male counsellors in the flat, so I’m happy that we got acquainted.
Katou: Is that so? Then, is it okay for me to ask some questions too?
Fushimi: Please go ahead.
Katou: Was the person earlier on, Fushimi-san’s lover?
Fushimi: Huh?
Katou: I heard your lustrous voice. I didn’t know that you liked doing it at a park, where anyone could just walk by.
Fushimi: Lustrous voice… me?
Katou: He was quite a violent man, does Fushimi-san like that kind?
Fushimi: There’s no way that can be true! Stop saying such baseless things!
Katou: I like the look in your eyes. I thought you were an obedient man, but you seem to have a strong will. Maybe that man liked this part of you as well.
Fushimi: You’re wrong! Seto was my best friend from university, he’s not my lover or anything. Really, we’re just friends!
Katou: But, he doesn’t think so. That’s why he pushed you down and touched you here, hoping to hear your aroused voice…
Fushimi: What are you doing?!
Katou: If you weren’t interested in men at all, you shouldn’t be feeling anything. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. See? You’re getting hard.
Fushimi: Let go! Move your hand this instance!
Katou: What are you saying to your saviour who rescued you just now?
Fushimi: Who is my saviour?! Move your hand away!
Katou: I just want to know, whether you were really resisting then.
Fushimi: Of course I was!
Katou: Hm? Then what about now?
Fushimi: I don’t want this, stop it!
Katou: If you really want me to stop, then I won’t mind stopping but you don’t really sound very convincing like this.
Fushimi: Do you have a grudge against me?
Katou: No I don’t, but if you’re talking about curiosity I have lots of that. Rather than that, you were looking towards me for salvation right? I saved you because you wanted me to. If I weren’t there at that time, what do you think would have happened by now?
Fushimi: No… Uh…
Katou: It’s getting wet.
Fushimi: Why are you… doing this…
Katou: Because I want to. I only lust after men, but don’t worry, my methods differ from Seto-san’s. Do you know why I’m doing this to you?
Fushimi: There’s no way I would know that…
Katou: You’re right. You should so overwhelmed with feelings that you don’t have any time to think about anything else. Then, I’ll get the answer from you another time. Come in front of me.
Fushimi: I don’t want… I don’t want to! No! I’m already…
Katou: Yes, that’s a good voice. You can’t stand being like this can you? Just release everything and dirty my hands.
Fushimi: Why is Katou doing this? Is Katou sick in the heart? Or is he someone with no memories of the warmth of a family, even though he has both common sense and intellect?

Kuroi Aijou (2)
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Track 03

Man: Everyone, you’ve worked hard.
Everyone: You’ve worked hard.
Man: I think that the number of 30-year-old patients have been increasing, how is it at your side?
Woman: For females, there seem to be many who worry about their position at work. They want to be given the same jobs as male employees without being looked down on by males, but their bodies won’t act according to their will and it seems to be troubling them.
Katou: First, it would not be advisable to caution the patients without causing any misunderstandings, “no matter how hard you work, you can’t beat the males”.
Fushimi: If that didn’t happen, I would have been able to agree with what Katou said honestly. I merely wanted to exchange opinions with him, as the both of us are counsellors. Why did I get aroused that time? Even though 1 week has passed since then, I’m only getting more confused.
Katou: Speaking of this, does Fushimi-san get a lot of love-related counselling?
Fushimi: Huh? That’s… right. I won’t say that I’m good at love counselling, but I often get them.
Katou: Perhaps they feel that by speaking to you, they can come to a decision regarding their feelings of love or hate for another person. For example, the patient has someone whom she likes but she can’t seem to convey her feelings to the other party. In this case, what advice would you give?
Fushimi: I’ve been worrying for the past week but Katou is able to talk about work with such a nonchalant attitude huh?
It is my policy to not give a definite answer but to take some time to unravel the reason behind why the patient is unable to convey her feelings.
Katou: What a superb model answer. Then, what if the reason was that she’s hiding her disposition from everyone? There will be females who fall in love with men whom they shouldn’t; not everyone would have a happy romance right? For such a case, what solution will you provide?
Fushimi: For such cases regarding the patient’s personality, forcing it might cause mental instability. In some cases, medication will help, but sometimes there might be problems raised with one’s safety.
Katou: It will be fine. If this world doesn’t have anyone else in it, there will be no love or hatred. There will be no need to try understanding someone beyond her appearances. Because of the existence of others, your own existence also gets confirmed. No matter how much time it takes, Fushimi-san makes it his own policy to understand others. No matter what kind of important case you accept, I’m sure you will empathise and feel obliged to do something about it.
Fushimi: The way of thinking which uses others as a mirror to recognise yourself, no doubt I agree with that. But when I get reminded that they are the words from the arrogant Katou, I get a strange feeling. If it’s him, it won’t be strange for him to have self-centered thoughts. Even what happened 1 week ago, wasn’t he being self-centered too? Did he tell anyone about what happened then?

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Track 04

Fushimi: After the meeting ended, I followed Katou who left the flat first. I want to emphasise to Katou that he shouldn’t let anyone know about what happened between Seto and me, and of course, what happened between the 2 of us as well.
Katou: (Katou’s phone rings and he picks up the call) Yes? I’m nearby… right now? You’re so sudden.
Fushimi: He’s going into a luxurious apartment building, what business does he have here?
Security guard: Please wait, where are you going to?
Fushimi: That is… I have something to tell to the man who just entered.
Security guard: Do you have your identification card with you?
Fushimi: Yes…
Security guard: Please go through, the room will be on the third floor.
Fushimi: Why I am doing such things?
Katou: I’ve been waiting for you.
Fushimi: Wha… Katou-san…
Katou: Please come this way.
Fushimi: Let me go…
Katou: Come. You followed me because you had something to tell me right?
Fushimi: Let go of me!
Katou: Please don’t get so violent, I don’t want to subject you to any pain.
Man: Ah, Katou-san. And the other person is?
Katou: A fan who followed me.
Fushimi: What do you mean by fan?! In the first place, what sort of place in this?
Katou: Are you scared? But you barged in here of your own will, you have to see things through till the end.
Man: Katou-san, if you would like to talk with this man, should I ask everyone in the room to wait?
Katou: No, he followed me here because he was interested as well.
Fushimi: That room at the far end, what’s in there?
Katou: You will know soon enough. From now on, whatever you see, whatever you hear, please do not worry because I will take care of you. Do you understand? (They enter the room)
Man 1: He’s really good, hasn’t he became better at fellatio since last week?
Man 2: Wasn’t he the one who was so out of control then? Please tell me what treats you trained him with!
Man 1: I trained him persistently every day, that’s why he became so obedient now, right Yoshiki? You were so against this at first that I never thought you would change so much.
Fushimi: What… is this… What on earth are they doing?!
Man 2: Oh Katou-san! I was waiting for you, it has been a while!
Man 1: Who is that man with you? Can it be that Katou-san has finally gotten a new dog?
It would be good if that’s the case, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy.
Man 1: Won’t it be boring if the dog is obedient right from the start? Come on Yoshiki, your movements have stopped.
Fushimi: To surround one man like that, why are they doing such things? For what purpose…
Let me go!
Katou: No, I can’t. I said it didn’t I? The one who barged in here, was you. Please come with me.
Fushimi: Stop it, let go of my arm. Let me go! Let me out of here right now! What is this place? Are you one of them too?
Katou: Please calm down. Such panicked words don’t suit you, Fushimi-san. Come, take a deep breath. I will make some coffee for you now, please sit there.
Fushimi: You won’t put anything weird in the coffee right?
Katou: If I had to resort to such under-handed measures, I’ll take a more direct approach.
Fushimi: That was… what on earth was that just now?
Katou: They were punishing the man who’s called the dog. Shall I tell you? This is a secret club where masters and their slaves gather.
Fushimi: “Master”?
Katou: Those who like to dominate and those who like to be dominated. If I say “SM”, it should be easier for Fushimi-san to understand.
Fushimi: I won’t say that I don’t understand “SM”, but…
Katou: This place has quite a social standing and exists for those who can’t indulge in their fetishes openly.
Fushimi: Enjoy? To be forced to do such an erotic thing in front of everyone, how can his conscience take it?
Katou: You seem to be misunderstanding something. It’s true that the master is the one who has power over that man, but the one who is being shamed is the slave.
Fushimi: But, that man was resisting it one week ago right?
Katou: In reality, you can’t expect every circumstance to be proper and decent, Fushimi-san. In a somewhat unpleasant relationship, if both parties are okay with it, it is also a form of happiness.
Fushimi: Even so, something like that… it’s too far from common sense!
Katou: Fushimi-san, what is the common sense that you have in mind? That it’s imprudent for men to sleep with men? But, there are also men who can only love men right? Similarly, the ones who are filled with the desire to control others since the moment they were born, there are also such people who hold the strong desire to monopolise others. SM is a mere symbolization. The ones who like to dominate others and the ones who like being dominated both possess the strong desire to monopolise others. To be in control of another person’s embarrassment or pain, they seek to become a necessary existence to the other person.
Fushimi: Is Katou-san… someone who enjoys that too?
Katou: Hm, you might be right. But I don’t do the kind of things you just saw.
Fushimi: Then, what do you…
Katou: It might be fun to punish sexually and be submitted to too, but I want something further than that. I want the person I’ve chosen to stand in front of me and thoroughly explore our differences. After that, I want to hammer my existence into that person. Because of work, I know where people are the weakest. Of course, physically and even mentally, I have the confidence to control others.
Fushimi: Is this what a counsellor should be saying? I want to forget about all I’ve just heard, with my will, I want to do all that it takes to forget, just like that time! That time? What did I just think of?
Katou: To stencil myself onto another person, it’s important to share a secret, lately I finally understand that. (Katou blindfolds Fushimi) Fushimi-san, what you see isn’t everything.
Fushimi: What are you doing!
Katou: Are you scared after just being blind-folded? Can you not understand what I have in mind?
Fushimi: There’s no way I can…
Katou: I don’t let you say that. But there’s no need to put it into words, just feel what I’m doing now.
Fushimi: I don’t want, something like this. I am… I am… even if I’m mistaken, I don’t have any masochistic thoughts…
Katou: Isn’t this just great? I don’t have any interest in someone who wants to be dominated in the first place. Rather than embarrassing you in front of all the other masters, I want to strip you naked in front of my own eyes. The reason you caught my attention was firstly, you were fundamentally my type and… that’s right, the voice which suits your gentle personality. I want to do dirty things to change someone who works on reasoning like you, I want to imbue deep pleasures into you. I want to see your aroused face, for example, I can do this to you. Fushimi-san is sensitive, the other time too, I didn’t forget that you got very wet just because I touched you a little.
Fushimi: No…
Katou: Aren’t you feeling it? Just let out your voice honestly.
Fushimi: You’re… wrong…
Katou: Do you want to try getting embraced by me? If so, I’ll bring you to a deeper place.
Fushimi: I’m getting manipulated by an unknown pleasure and my reasoning is leaving me. If I am going to drown in Katou’s persistent caressing, I might be happy. But I’m sure I will feel extremely regretful once I awaken from this.
Katou: Do you want to go out with me for just 3 months? I won’t do anything that will affect your social position, I will never resort to violence as well. But, I just want to change you. I’m fine with even 1 month. What will you do? Shall we stop already?
Fushimi: Please…
Katou: What is it, your next phrase?
Fushimi: I don’t want to… like this…
Katou: Does it feel good at the nipples? If your senses are this good, there’s promise in raising you. If you want to come, then submit to me.
Fushimi: I… submit. I submit to you, so…
Katou: Good boy. Then, let me give my first present to you. Do you know what this clip will be used for?
Fushimi: I… don’t…
Katou: This will make Fushimi-san’s nipple more sensitive.
Fushimi: No… I don’t want it… Stop! Katou, take it off! I don’t want… something like this… stop it! If you do this… the shape will… change…
Katou: Even if it does? Fushimi-san is going to become mine, isn’t it fine if your body becomes one that can’t be shown to others? I will make your body into one that ejaculates after I tease your nipples. Ah? Could it be that you came with that? I will check for you so come on, lift your butt up.
Fushimi: Stop it, I don’t want this…
Katou: It’s wet! Is Fushimi-san a lewd man who comes just by having a clip fastened to his nipple?
Fushimi: What are you doing…
Katou: For anything, the first time is always important. I’ll let you feel it thoroughly.
Fushimi: After I was lubricated with a thick and viscous liquid, I was slowly stretched by his fingers.
What are you… planning to do… Take out your… fingers! I don’t want it!
Katou: Do you really not want this? If so, then why is this hard again? Come on, aren’t you sucking in 2 of my fingers already? Even the insides are so soft and wet. Please exhale and relax yourself, from now on when you accept me, that is what you have to do.
Fushimi: It hurts…
Katou: Pain isn’t the only thing you’re feeling right? What an honest body. Have you remembered the feeling of me being inside you?
Fushimi: Yes, I’ve remembered it…
Katou: Then now, it’s time for you to remember my taste.
Fushimi: I made a man come inside me. That Katou would ejaculate inside me…
Katou: When you meet me next Friday at the flat, be sure to wear that clip. If you break that promise, I will inflict quite a bit of a punishment on you. This is the first promise between us, never forget that.

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Track 05

Fushimi: One week has passed. Every morning, afternoon or night, Katou’s face kept flickering through my mind. And Friday came again, the day I’ve promised to meet Katou.
Katou: Oh, I’ve been waiting, Fushimi-san. You were late, did you run into some trouble?
Fushimi: No, I was just looking at the counselling sheet, the patient finally succeeded in quitting smoking.
Katou: I see, then what sort of advice did Fushimi-san give?
Fushimi: It might be easier than expected to quit it if you find something else which you’re interested in.
Katou: I see, that’s what you said. I wonder if that advice will work on me. If I’m not more interested in anything else other than cigarettes, what should I be interested in? Fushimi-san?
Fushimi: Cigarettes aren’t good for your body. The last stages of lung cancer isn’t cool. My mum also died from lung cancer. If she knew that she would suffer that much, she should have quitted a long time ago.
Katou: That’s right, even though I didn’t know, I said something rash. I’m sorry.
Fushimi: No, it’s fine. It has already been 3 years since then.
Katou: If you’re fine with it, can I hear more about this? I’m sure you’re already well aware of my interest in Fushimi-san.
Fushimi: My mother was a single mum, when I’ve finally gained my independence as a doctor and was about to make life easy for her, she collapsed.
Even though I’ve never told Seto about my sadness after losing my mother, why am I telling someone like Katou? What will come out of pouring my heart to a man who did all that to me?
Fushimi: When we found out about it, it was too late. But she never complained in front of me, she was worried up till the end about leaving me alone. I can’t forget it till now.
Katou: I see, you must have been lonely.
Fushimi: But when I was young, an older cousin brought me around to play and acted as a replacement-father. He even taught me how to swim, even though I was really bad at it.
Come to think of it, I have this feeling that something happened with Kouichi-niisan. What was it? I can’t remember…
Katou: What’s the matter?
Fushimi: Nothing, it’s nothing.
Katou: Just as I’ve imagined, Fushimi-san has a gentle personality. Because you couldn’t forget the pain from your past, you could take interest in your patients’ worries earnestly. If they meet a gentle counsellor like you who could listen to them patiently and tell them what to do next, they will become very at ease.
Fushimi: What I’m not doing isn’t worth being praised like that.
Katou: I’m not trying to object, but as a fellow counsellor, can I express my views? If you try every means, will the patients’ worries really be solved? Will their worries disappear, like waking up in the morning from a dream?
Fushimi: Worries are like poison which eat into one’s body and conscience, that’s what I think. Isn’t it our duty as counsellors to provide the antidote for that poison?
Katou: I see, an antidote? That’s a good analogy. Compared to me, you have a decent attitude towards your job. You’re kind, and you try to understand others’ pain from within your heart. Why did such a person pursue me, even though it was completely illogical? What is your reason for being here right now?
Fushimi: I have things to ask you as well. Why, me?
Katou: Because you are the total opposite of me, I was drawn to your pureness. Come, from now on, please show me your true self. Just as you’ve promised, you’re wearing the clip on your sensitive nipples right? Please open your shirt and show me. You broke your promise?
Fushimi: I couldn’t do it… when I thought that someone might discover it, I was so scared…
Katou: Enough with the excuses, in the end, you still broke your promise with me right? I have to give you some harsh punishment, if not you won’t be disciplined. I will put it on you, after that, let’s go for some nice tea.
Fushimi: Why am I forgiving him even though he’s doing this to me? I can’t push him away or tell him to stop this nonsense, why?
Katou: So, shall we go? Come on, walk straight. You can lean on me if you like, but what will the others think of it? I’m going out for tea with Fushimi-san, I will be back before the next appointment but if there’s anything, please give me a ring.
Receptionist: I understand, please take care.

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Track 06

Katou: Open your shirt and let me see if the clip has been properly fastened.
Fushimi: Something like that… there’s no way I can do that, there are other customers around…
Katou: If it’s my Fushimi-san, I’m sure you can. It’s not like I’m asking you to masturbate here. That clip is tight so it’s better if we check whether the shape has changed. Come on, be good and show it to me. If you’re good, I will remove the clip.
Fushimi: Really? Will you really remove it?
Katou: Yes, if you show it to me properly.
Fushimi: I got it.
Katou: It’s red and swollen. This is the first time I’m seeing a guy with such lewd nipples. It’s wet, hasn’t it gotten more pleasant to touch since last week? Could it be that you touched it yourself? How many times did you do it?
Fushimi: Katou…
Katou: Answer me. If you lie, I might have to deal a harsher punishment. So it’s better for you to think through before answering me. You should know that I’m not one to give in.
Fushimi: 2 times… by myself…
Katou: Is it true that you only did it twice? For someone who has had his shirt opened in a café, his nipples made to stand, could he be satisfied with just twice?
Fushimi: 3… I did it thrice, that’s the truth.
Katou: So you came thrice by masturbating and imagining having your nipples teased? Just like what I’ve idealised, you’re so lustful and cute.
Waiter: Sir, are you feeling unwell? You’re so pale.
Katou: I’m sorry, he is fine.
Fushimi: What was I doing?
Katou: Let’s go to the toilet shall we?
Fushimi: Katou… oi… (they enter the toilet) what are you… (Katou kisses Fushimi)
Katou: It’s so swollen… Aren’t you reaching your limits soon? Fushimi-san is so honest.
Fushimi: He’s doing something so cruel to me yet I’m feeling it. I have a feeling that I know the answer. It’s in my nature to lose my self-restraint when I get obsessed with someone. That’s why I was so afraid of meeting someone like Katou with such a strong desire to control me. But if I put it that way, Seto and Katou are similar in that sense, why is it Katou for me and not Seto?
Katou: What a cute butt, even though you’re a guy, it has a cute shape and it’s rather tight. Shall I enter you? I’ll take good care of this twitching thing. Come, face your butt towards me.
Fushimi: What… what are you doing, Katou? I don’t want… don’t lick such a place. Finger… it hurts, I’m begging you…
Katou: No can do, I told you this is your punishment. Actually it should be wetter than this, so even if it hurts a bit, please bear with it.
Fushimi: Katou… I don’t want this… stop it, stop it! Ah…
Katou: Don’t worry, calm down. You will feel really good soon, can’t you hear the sounds? Such a sensitive and good body. Have you come already? Doesn’t the fun start now? (Katou’s phone rings and he picks it up) Hello, what’s the matter? Yes that’s right, I’m at the café nearby. Yea… that’s right. I understand. I’ll tell Fushimi-san too. Huh? Fushimi-san? He’s right beside me now, but he can’t really pick up a call. Then, see you. (Katou hangs up) It’s a call from the flat, your patient at 7.30pm said that she can’t make it today and postponed the appointment. It seems like Fushimi-san’s lecherous voice was heard. I’m sure she wouldn’t even dream that you’re being held by me.
Fushimi: Wha… forgive me. Forgive me…
Katou: I’ll come inside you. Didn’t I say? That I don’t intend to give in.
Fushimi: Something like that… if you do something like that, I won’t be able to go back.
Katou: Don’t worry, don’t say anymore.
Fushimi: Katou…
Katou: This time, I’ll be more gentle with you. I’ll also teach you about how to use this, so don’t spill a single drop.
Fushimi: Having such things done to me, will I be unable to fall asleep again tonight? Will I be raped by Katou in my dreams as well? No, I should have more painful memories. But for now I can’t remember anything.

Kuroi Aijou (4)
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