Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 – Translation

Shiawase ni Dekiru Series (1)

Title: Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 (幸せにできる 1) (drama review)
Cast: Okiayu Ryoutarou x Morikawa Toshiyuki (置鮎龍太郎 x 森川智之)
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Contents: Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8
Scene 9
Scene 10
Scene 11
Scene 12

Scene 1

Co-worker 1: Welcome back, Honda-san!
Honda: Yea, you’re worked hard.
Co-worker 2: About the Shibuya case, there was some trouble in the morning and they’re requesting a call from you.
Honda: I got it.
Co-worker 3: Honda-san, there was a call from Yoshida Inspections Co. and it seems like they’re pressing for a reply to their fax.
Kagami: Honda-san, about the Nippon Steel estimates, I really don’t understand it…
Honda: Ah, don’t come to me all at once!
Co-workers: Honda-san!
Ochiai: Welcome back, Honda-san, here you go! I’ll leave this with you.
Honda: What’s with this stack of blueprints?
Ochiai: I just got it just now (Ochiai laughs)
Honda: So it’s him?
Ochiai: You seem tired.
Honda: Work only increases, doesn’t it?
Ochiai: Yes…
Honda: Looking at such a thick bulk of blueprints, anyone would…
Ochiai: Hm… You’re being relied on.
Honda: I’m working in the supervision department of this corporation which usually oversees construction projects. It’s my job to follow through with the projects of the projects department. Our projects usually involve construction of government administration buildings, hospitals, schools and other community buildings. Ever since I’ve started working here, every day has been busy for me. However, half a year ago, it became a norm for me to work overtime till past midnight and to work on weekends as well.
(Honda stretches)
Kagami: Honda-san, it’s such a shame for your pretty face if you keep furrowing your brows like that.
Honda: Don’t call it pretty. Oh, besides that, what’s the status of the Aragau construction case? The one I asked you to do before I left.
Kagami: Eh? Oh, I did contact them but nobody picked up.
Honda: Then how about the Minoura Mokuzaibofu case? Wasn’t the deadline today?
Kagami: That’s… right… I’ll submit them first thing tomorrow morning! Oh, that’s right Honda-san, have you looked at the blueprints yet? The ones that Ochiai handed you.
Honda: No, I’ve been busy. I’ll look at them tomorrow or so.
Kagami: But, it seemed like something urgent.
Honda: Urgent? (Honda started to look at the blueprints) That idiot…
Kagami: Honda-san… what’s wrong?
Honda: The deadline is this weekend.
Kagami: This weekend?! Today is Wednesday and it’s already 10pm at night… Even if we start now, there’s no way we’re going to make it…
(Honda makes a call on his phone)
Kuonji: Hello.
Honda: Kuonji, you!
Kuonji: So you’re finally back? Have you gotten the blueprints?
Honda: That’s why I called you. Are you serious?
Kuonji: Yea.
Honda: There’s no way it can be done! What were you thinking…
Kuonji: If you haven’t tried yet, don’t say something like “it’s impossible”.
Honda: I’m just stating the facts, do you know what day it is today?
Kuonji: Wednesday
Honda: Which is ending in about 2 hours!
Kuonji: I know you will be able to do it somehow.
Honda: I can’t do it.
Kuonji: There’s an amended copy attached right? Check and correct the blueprints, match it to the component list.
Honda: I said I can’t do it!
Kuonji: I made a promise that I’d bring that along with me tomorrow morning. I’ll go over to your place later, so I’m counting on you for now. (Kuonji hangs up)
Honda: Oi… Kuonji! (Honda hangs up) He just said whatever he wanted and hung up, damn it!
Kuonji Mikoto, because of this guy, I have lost all forms of leisure time in my life.
Hirasawa: This is Kuonji Mikoto from New York, he will be attached to the Projects department.
Kuonji: I’m Kuonji.
Honda: Ah, so it’s this guy, the guy with a condescending attitude who just transferred from New York. (Kuonji smirks) Huh, this guy, he just looked at me and laughed?
Hirasawa: So, Teoka-kun, is that him? The Honda-kun from Construction.
Chief: Yes.
Hirasawa: Is that so? A substantial amount of Kuonji’s work will be overseen by him. You two are of the same age, so I’m sure you can get along.
Honda: Huh? Wait, excuse me. What’s going on?
Hirasawa: Your department will be overseeing the projects Kuonji-kun takes on and I want to make Honda-kun the sole in-charge.
Chief: Honda? It’s true that we do the follow-up for the Projects department… But being the sole in-charge is a different matter…
Honda: I’ve never been personally…
Kuonji: Are you saying that we can’t do it unless there is a precedent?
Honda: That’s not what I mean. I just have doubts about whether you can keep taking up enough projects for me. Besides that, I will have other projects that I might have to prioritise.
Kuonji: It will be fine as long as you treat all of my projects as urgent. I won’t give you time to slack so don’t worry.
Honda: This isn’t America, don’t think that you will always get your way here.
Kuonji: You won’t know unless you try it.
Hirasawa: Will the both of you stop? Anyway, please cooperate. You two are going to hold the future to our company.
Honda: I kept quiet after being reprimanded by the director, but after hearing such arrogant words, I anticipated what this transferee could do, underestimating his abilities. But Kuonji exceeded my expectations and kept the projects coming in. Just as he said, I started to lead a life without any spare time.
Honda: It’s done. What, it’s already 1am? Should I go home? Kuonji? You, what’s wrong?
Kuonji: Didn’t I say that I would drop by later? Is it done?
Honda: Yea, but you needn’t have to come all the way here. I intended to leave the blueprints on your table before leaving.
Kuonji: I can’t just go home. (Kuonji flips through the work) You’re fast as I’ve expected, anyone else would have taken half a day.
Honda: Everything was accurate, was there even a need for me to check?
Kuonji: Of course, regardless of how certain that thing is, there will always be mistakes. Because of this, I got into trouble before.
Honda: Something terrible?
Kuonji: I trusted the list and hatched everything in small sizes.
Honda: And then…
Kuonji: Everything was wasted. That’s why it’s absolute necessary to check through. Then, how is it? Can we make the deadline?
Honda: I will make it happen somehow, won’t it be bad if I don’t? There’s just one column sizing which I’m still concerned about, but I roughly know what it is.
Kuonji: I thought it might be impossible this time, but as expected of you.
Honda: If you thought that way then don’t accept it. Or rather, don’t bring it to me.
Kuonji: Aren’t you my in-charge?
Honda: That’s not a valid reason.
Kuonji: I’m really grateful. Besides, to think that we have lasted half a year, it’s a miracle. The person who lasted the longest in New York was 3 months.
Honda: That isn’t surprising, with that character of yours.
Kuonji: Is there any problem with me?
Honda: The fact that you asked that question is a problem itself.
Kuonji: Hm…
Honda: (Honda sighs) Don’t think about it so seriously. This man is too perfect that he’s so transparent. No, he’s too perfect that he doesn’t understand others.
I’m leaving.
Kuonji: That’s right. Where do you live?
Honda: Me? The hostel at Mita. How about you?
Kuonji: Oh, near here.
Honda: Near here? This is the office area!
Kuonji: Rather than that, should we go for a drink nearby?
Honda: At this time?
Kuonji: That’s right, maybe next time. I’ve never gone drinking with you before.
Honda: I’m too busy and it’s all your fault….

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (1)
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Scene 2

Gotou: Today was really great fun! Honda-kun, sorry for dragging you out even though you must have been busy.
Honda: No, I’ve always troubled you.
Chief: Chief Gotou, I’m also heading towards Tokyo station, so I’ll go with you. Then, Honda-kun, I’m leaving the rest to you.
Honda: Yes, please take care.
Gotou: You too.
Chief: Come let’s go.
Honda: (Honda sighs) Now, shall I go back to the office?
Kuonji: What are you doing here?
Honda: Kuonji.
Kuonji: This is rare to be meeting you here.
Honda: I had to eat a meal with a client.
Kuonji: So it wasn’t because you were free?
Honda: Won’t you be in the best position to know that that won’t be possible?
Kuonji: That’s true. Is it 9pm? Shall we go drinking now?
Honda: No, I’m going back to the office to work.
Kuonji: This might be the last time I’m seeing you in such a place, come on.
Honda: Ah… Kuonji, I need to work…
Kuonji: I’m saying that it’s fine, so just come along. It’s probably my work anyway.
Honda: That’s true but… let go of my hand!
Kuonji: Have you eaten your dinner already?
Honda: My hand!
Kuonji: A bar might be wearisome too.
Honda: Kuonji! Let go of my hand!
Kuonji: Is this shop fine?
Honda: Ah… I think I’d better go back to work, if I don’t get it out by today, I will suffer tomorrow.
Kuonji: What are you talking about? Didn’t I say that it’s fine? Honda?
Mama: Please take care on your way home. Ah, Kuonji-san, welcome. Huh, Yuki-chan? Isn’t this Yuki-chan! I knew it, it has been a long while! Oh my, you’ve grown to be such a fine man, all suited up!
Kuonji: What’s this, you are acquainted with mama? Honda?
Mama: Come on in.
Kuonji: So, isn’t it fine if you just tell me? You two seem to go way back.
Honda: I used to work part-time here when I was still a student.
Kuonji: Huh? I see, no wonder.
Honda: No wonder?
Kuonji: When we first met in the office, I thought you were a rather frivolous man. It was in a formal setting so I didn’t realise it, because you were so reserved.
Honda: Frivolous? I don’t want to be told that by you.
Kuonji: Come on, what do you mean by that?
Mama: Sorry to have kept you waiting. I never thought that Yuki-chan would be Kuonji-san’s friend. Is beer fine for Yuki-chan?
Honda: Yea.
Mama: And the usual for Kuonji-san?
Kuonji: Yes.
Mama: Here, Kuonji-san.
Kuonji: Thank you.
Mama: Yuki-chan too.
Honda: Please excuse me.
Kuonji: You like beers?
Honda: I can’t take foreign alcohols, but beer, sake and shochu are fine. Besides that, does he come here often?
Mama: Yes, he often patronises this place but on top of that… huh Yuki-chan, you don’t know?
Honda: About what?
Kuonji: I heard that this guy worked here before?
Mama: Yes, until he graduated from university. After he entered society, he didn’t even visit us once. We did think that you would be busy, but it was still lonely without you.
Honda: I was avoiding this place.
Mama: Ah, how mean.
Girl: Mama, it seems like Kishimoto-sama is leaving.
Mama: I understand. I’m sorry, I have to attend to him.
Kuonji: You two seem close, were the both of you going out?
Honda: No way.
Kuonji: Would she become that happy over a normal part-timer?
Honda: Because I worked here for quite a long time.
Kuonji: For how long?
Honda: 6 years.
Kuonji: That is quite long. Until you graduated from university… then you’ve been here since you were in high school?
Honda: Yea.
Kuonji: (Kuonji laughs) Was it alright for a minor to be working at such a place? And you were doing such a job while being unable to take foreign alcohols?
Honda: There is no link between the two. I’m not a host, there was no need to drink.
Kuonji: Hm… (Kuonji drinks)

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (2)
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Scene 3

Honda: Then, see you.
Kuonji: Are you going home? Come over to my place. Do you want to drink some more?
Honda: Your place?
Now that I remember, this guy lives near the office. I wonder what kind of place he lives at.
Kuonji: What will you do?
Honda: I’ll go.
Honda: Ah… oi!
Kuonji: What’s wrong? Hurry and come over.
Honda: “What’s wrong”? Isn’t this an extremely luxurious hotel?
Kuonji: Kuonji, didn’t you say “my place” just now?
Honda: Yea, I said that.
Man: Welcome back.
Kuonji: Anything for me?
Man: A fax has arrived. Here it is.
Kuonji: Thank you. Come on, we’re going.
Honda: You got to be kidding me…
Kuonji: What’s wrong, don’t just stand there, sit down.
Honda: Just asking for reference purposes, how much does this room cost per night? Isn’t this a suite?
Kuonji: I wonder, I’m not too sure about such things.
Honda: Have you been here all along?
Kuonji: Yea, I’ve been too busy since I got back so I didn’t have the time to find a room.
Honda: You’ve been too busy? It has been half a year! How much did you pay for this, won’t you be able to buy an apartment with that money? How much salary are you getting? Don’t tell me you’re the only one getting a large sum, it can’t be.
Kuonji: Isn’t our salary amount around the same?
Honda: Don’t tell me you don’t know how much you’re getting.
Kuonji: Yea…
Honda: Let me ask for reference purposes. Which company is your father managing? (Kuonji keeps quiet) If he’s not a CEO, then a member of the congress?
Kuonji: It’s true that my family is rich, but the money I’m using now isn’t my family’s.
Honda: That it isn’t his family’s…
Kuonji: Is brandy alright? If you need any side snacks we can order room service.
Honda: Oi… I said that I couldn’t take foreign liquors right?
Kuonji: If it’s just a bit, you should be fine.
Honda: I’m really bad at it… Have you been listening to what I say?
Kuonji: Come on, let’s toast.
Honda: Toast? Why?
Kuonji: I’ll be counting on you from now on.
Honda: Huh?
Kuonji: What?
Honda: No, I just thought that even you can say something like that…
Kuonji: I seldom say this though. I’ve been really saved by you, I’m glad that I was paired up with you.
Honda: It’s troublesome for me.
Kuonji: Don’t say that.
Honda: Can I ask?
Kuonji: What?
Honda: Why are you working so hard? It doesn’t seem like you have a desire to succeed, even if you work that hard, you’re still getting a fixed pay. Why?
Kuonji: That’s right… because I like it?
Honda: (Honda laughs) That’s right, I see.
Kuonji: How about you?
Honda: Me too.
(Both of them laughs and toasted)

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Scene 4

Kagami: Honda-san, you seem tired.
Honda: Hangover.
Kagami: I knew it, it didn’t end with just the meal? I thought Honda-san might come back last night, but you didn’t.
Honda: No, the drinking with Gotou-san ended at 9 but I got caught by Kuonji after that and ended up drinking at his place.
Kagami: Kuonji-san’s place you say?!
Honda: Kagami, it’s hurting my head so don’t yell like that.
Kagami: Ah, I’m sorry. But as I thought, Kuonji-san is really fond of Honda-san.
Honda: What?
Kagami: Or rather, he trusts you. Kuonji-san is sort of unapproachable; doesn’t it feel like he’s distancing himself from everyone? Even me, just by conversing with him I get nervous.
Honda: Aren’t we all working in the same company?
Kagami: But, he does possess a different aura from the rest of us. AH!
Honda: I said, don’t yell like that.
Kagami: Ah, I’m sorry.
Honda: Then, what is it?
Kagami: I forgot about the memo, last night there was a call for Honda-san.
Honda: A call, who was it from?
Kagami: From someone called Iida. He said that he would call back but…
Honda: Iida… Ah, I know him. I’ll call him later.
Iida: Honda, over here!
Honda: Ah! (Honda walks over) Did I make you wait?
Iida: No, besides that, those eye bags are terrible. Have you been sleeping properly?
Honda: I just had too much to drink last night.
Iida: You? You were probably made to drink some diluted alcohol right? Then, how’s work?
Honda: As usual.
Iida: You’re still being exploited by Kuonji? What a bold man.
Honda: You’re right.
Iida: About that Kuonji…
Honda: What is it?
Iida: I don’t know him personally and it isn’t my business but, I heard that you’ve been working on his projects, I thought this might affect you.
Honda: Did something happen?
Iida: It’s about the Kawasaki elderly hospital constructions, do you know about it?
Honda: No.
Iida: It’s quite a huge case, I’m sure there are a lot of people are bidding for it but there are people saying that the man with the largest say in choosing the bidder were university classmates with Hirasawa-san from your place, and that they were close friends.
Honda: Is that, it can’t be!
Iida: Actually, university classmates aren’t that hard to come across; even we were in the same class before too, it’s nothing big. It is possible that your working partner just happens to be your ex-classmate. But, because they were close, it’s also a fact that there are rumours saying that he got information before the bidding.
Honda: But, that is…
Iida: I know what you want to say. But if the publishers use that as their materials, what do you think will happen? It’s obvious that they are creating a scandal out of nothing.
Honda: The publishers?
Iida: Do you know our Chief, Tori?
Honda: Yea, your boss.
Iida: That person hates Kuonji, Tori-san has had his projects snatched by Kuonji one after another. I don’t think he will hold a grudge against him, but that sort of person doesn’t let things go so easily.
Honda: Could it be, the publisher that you were talking about…
Iida: Tori-san seems to have connections with the publishers. He’s aiming for the next meeting your company has with Kawasaki, and arranged for the publishers to get a scoop out of it. Make good use of this information, Honda.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (3)
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Scene 5

Honda: Should I tell Kuonji? But, judging from his personality, it might affect Iida who brought us the information. I’ve only known Kuonji for half a year, it’s not like I know him very well. I don’t owe him any favours, but, somehow I’ve come to admit that Kuonji is someone I need. In that case, there is only one answer which I won’t regret.
Kuonji, do you have a moment?
Kuonji: What’s the problem? I have to go out now.
Honda: Oh, it’s not really a problem, are you free tonight?
Kuonji: Huh? What is this?
Honda: I caused you a lot of trouble last night so I thought I should treat you dinner in return.
Kuonji: I’m sorry, I’m not free today.
Chief: Oi, Kuonji!
Kuonji: What is it, chief?
Chief: The Akasaka case is tonight 7pm.
Kuonji: I got it.
Honda: What? Could they be talking about what Iida said, the meeting?
Kuonji: What’s wrong?
Honda: Will it be a reception?
Kuonji: Yea. It’s regarding a case I might be bidding for, an elderly hospital building. If it is confirmed, you will get busy.
Honda: I knew it, but to think that the meeting will be so soon. What should I do?
Kuonji: I’m sorry Honda, time’s up. See you around next time.
Honda: Oh okay.
Honda: 7pm huh, Kuonji and the rest should be at the location already.
After that, I was unable to say anything to Kuonji. But I was still concerned and came to check on the situation. Huh, the man who just brushed passed me, I have a bad feeling about him. Can it be?
Man 1: How’s it?
Man 2: Up till now, there are no movements.
Man 1: I knew it, we should wait till the time of the meeting.
Honda: As I’ve expected. Although I’ve only gotten a fleeting glance at it, there was a camera in the car. What should I do? It would be easy to give Kuonji’s phone a call, but what should I say?
Hirasawa: Honda-kun, what’s the matter?
Honda: I’m sorry for contacting you suddenly and forcing you to come here.
I couldn’t think of what to tell Kuonji and in the end, I asked for Kuonji’s boss, Hirasawa, to meet with me in a private room. If it’s the chief, he should be able to understand what I’m about to tell him and deal with it in the ideal way.
Hirasawa: Unhealthy rumour?
Honda: Yes. The project that Kuonji is bidding for now, Tori-san has tipped off the publishers on suspicions that we entered into discussions with Shigawa.
Hirasawa: What are you talking about? But Honda-kun, where did you get this information…
Honda: I just saw a suspicious duo in front of the shop just now. They had a camera with them so there is no doubt about this.
Hirasawa: I understand. In any case, I will let them leave separately using the back exit then.
Honda: I think that would be good.
Hirasawa: I would have liked to consult with the boss, but it’s already too late. I think it’s better not to take on such projects like this one. I’ll try to let it pass, although it might be tough to convince Kuonji.
Honda: Then, please try not to let Kuonji know that I was the one who brought in such information. Actually I thought I should have told this to Kuonji, but he’s a calculating person who loses his temper quickly. I wasn’t sure about how he would react.
Hirasawa: That is so, he’s really an impressive man but there is a possibility that he might cause unnecessary trouble. Honda-kun should tell him to be more careful too. Then, I’m keeping my companion waiting.
Honda: Thank you, I’m sorry to have troubled you.

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Scene 6

Honda: One week since then, Kuonji has been on a business trip because his New York project wasn’t going well. About that case, Chief Hirasawa had told me in secret that we didn’t get the project. Kuonji didn’t seem to have changed on the surface. In the first place, it’s probably the reality that he had no time to be depressed over one case amongst the many others that are keeping him so busy.
You, you are telling me to finish this in a week?
Kuonji: You can do it right? You are quite obedient today. Usually you would have come back with more complaints.
Honda: I’ve gotten used to it eventually. In any case, I’ll do what I can. But there’s no guarantee that it will be done by the time you’re back.
Kuonji: It should be fine, if it’s you.
Honda: I wonder if my choice was really for the best. If I had spilled everything to Kuonji, if he had taken extreme actions then, it might have been my duty to stop it. Even though I was short of time, it is still the undeniable truth that I had thwarted his work behind his back.
Huh? Kuonji! Were you coming back today, could it be that you came straight from Narita? Kuonji?
Kuonji: Why did you? So this is what they call being bitten by your own dog. Why didn’t you tell me in the first place? If it were me, I would have done things differently.
Honda: I don’t think that chief Hirasawa took the wrong actions.
Kuonji: In the end, we didn’t get the project. Can you still say that he wasn’t wrong?
Honda: In the first place, your pushy attitude is at fault. That’s why I told chief Hirasawa instead of you. I thought that things would be concluded in perfect harmony.
Kuonji: Which part of this is in perfect harmony?! How much preparation work did you think I did to get to that stage?!
Honda: I didn’t think that your job was easy, but there’s a way of doing things right? That’s why.
Kuonji: Where did you hear about it?
Honda: That is…
Kuonji: I was an idiot for believing in you.
Honda: It’s wrong to start trusting in people within such a short period of time. (Kuonji snorts and starts walking towards Honda) Ku-kuonji…
Kuonji: Honda, shall I show you what’s the worst thing for a man to experience? Rather than getting punched and experiencing defeat first-hand, it is getting raped.
Honda: Kuonji! What are you thinking of?
Kuonji: I don’t mind if you raise your voice and create a ruckus, but if we get discovered, the one who would be worse off is you.
Honda: What do you mean?
Kuonji: Won’t your mother be troubled? You came in with the help of your step-father right? Our internal regulations are pretty strict, it shouldn’t be easy to just enter like this.
Honda: Wh-why do you know…
Kuonji: You shouldn’t have been so stubborn and just settled to be the successor of the Kikuchi household. Didn’t your mother wish for that as well? She even became the wife of such an established company.
Honda: Did you do a check on me? Ah, stop it!
Kuonji: You should be obedient to avoid getting hurt.
Honda: Don’t joke around, Kuonji! Stop this nonsense!
Kuonji: You’re so noisy! I told you to be obedient if you don’t want to get hurt.
Honda: Kuonji intends to rape me, I don’t want this, stop it! Stop this!
Kuonji: Relax, or the one who would be left with painful memories is you.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (4)
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Scene 7

Honda: When I woke up in the morning, it was already way past the time to go to work. When I called up the office hastily, Kagami asked after my health with a worried tone. It seems like Kuonji told them that I would be taking a day off today because I collapsed from fatigue. What on earth is that man thinking of, I can’t understand. I had work to take care of, so I went to the office in the afternoon. But all my motivation left me when I heard Kuonji’s name.
That idiot. Huh, Morita-san!
Morita: Good evening, it has been a while.
Honda: Yes, to think that we would meet each other on the streets like this. Are you working?
Morita: We were just driving past and the president saw Honda-san, he told me to come and call you.
Honda: Is Akira-san with you?
Morita: Yes, he is waiting in the car. (The two of them walk towards the car)
Akira: Yo, Yuki! It has been a while!
Akira: Eh, give me a cold Kikusui. And Yuki will be fine with the same thing right?
Honda: Yes please.
Waitress: Yes, I understand.
Akira: So it has been 2 years? Even though I kept asking you to come over to our place after you graduate from university, you starting working at such a place and now we could hardly meet.
Honda: Isn’t Akira-san the one who is busier than me?
Akira: If Yuki wanted to meet me, I would have freed up my schedule at any time.
Honda: (Honda laughs) Morita-san has it tough too.
Akira: What is this tone you’re taking towards your previous part-time work boss?
Waitress: Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Akira: Besides that, what happened to work? If you’ve quit, then come over to my place.
Honda: I didn’t quit. Today was because, of some minor business.
Akira: Hm? Minor business, I see.
Honda: Akira-san!
Akira: Come, drink up!
Honda: Thank you for this. As usual you’re good at drinking.
Akira: (Akira laughs) It has been such a long time since I drank with Yuki. The last time we met was at a boring party.
Honda: That’s right.
Akira: It was the 100th anniversary of your step-father’s company. I guess it couldn’t be helped huh? So it has been 2 years since then…
Honda: Yes.
Akira: Ah, by the way I met Shizuka-san last week.
Honda: Huh? Oh, was she doing well?
Akira: You haven’t been meeting with her?
Honda: Akira-san is very familiar with my family situation.
I did visit her during January.
And somehow, Kuonji was also aware of my family situation.
Akira: She was as beautiful as always. I could always feel my eyes drawn to her in any party.
Honda: Don’t tell me, Akira-san and Kuonji are acquaintances? Come to think of it, Kuonji seemed to be familiar with the mama at Chouko. Akira-san is the owner of Chouko, and mama is friends with my mother.
Akira: Huh?
Honda: Do you know Kuonji?
Akira: Yea, guess you could call us friends?
Honda: I knew it.
Akira: That fellow, I thought it was rare for him to contact me, the first thing he talked about was Yuki. He asked about when you worked at Chouko so I told him, but I never expected him to be working together with Yuki. He is so stubborn and overbearing that it must be tough.
Honda: Yea…
Akira: What does Yuki think of him?
Honda: Huh? What I think of him… I think he’s an extremely capable man, even though he has some attitude. When I first met him, I was surprised to hear that he was the same age as me.
Akira: (Akira laughs) You two say the same thing.
Honda: Huh?
Akira: He also said that Yuki is an extremely capable man with an attitude.
Honda: If you compare me with Kuonji, I’m nothing.
Akira: Is that so? But I was surprised.
Honda: About what?
Akira: Because it was the first time for him to praise another person like that. Besides that, it was also the first time he was so interested in another person that he would ask me about him.
Honda: Akira-san, have you known Kuonji for a long time?
Akira: Well, yes. Come on, let’s stop talking so much, drink up.
Honda: Oh, yes.
Akira: This is pretty good isn’t it?
Honda: Yes, you’re right.
Akira: By the way, aren’t you hungry?

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (5)
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Scene 8

Kagami: Ah, Honda-san! Good morning! Are you well enough to be walking around like this?
Honda: Yes, I’m sorry for suddenly taking leave yesterday.
Chief: Good morning! Oh, Honda, are you alright?
Honda: Chief Toyokawa, please come here for a second.
Chief: Oh… It hurts! Honda, where are you bringing me to?
Chief: Honda, what happened? Dragging me into a meeting room so early in the morning…
Honda: I have a favour to ask, it’s about being Kuonji’s in-charge. Can I change with another person?
Chief: Huh?
Honda: It’s beyond my capabilities, I’m already at my limits.
Chief: W-wait, what’s wrong? Could it be, that something happened between the two of you? But there’s no other person here who is capable of dealing with him…
Honda: Then don’t put him with our department, transfer his work to another department!
Chief: Wait, wait, the task functions are too different! I can understand that you’ve been through hard times, but if you work harder than…
Honda: I’ve been working very hard up till now! I’m only asking you for this favour now because I know that it’s impossible for me to continue like this. I will finish my current projects, but I won’t accept new ones!
Chief: Wait!
Honda: In any case, please pass that message to the chief.
Chief: Oi!
Honda: Then, I’ll return to my work.
Chief: W-w-wait, Honda!
Ochiai: Kuonji-san, Honda-san has come out.
Kuonji: Yo.
Honda: He can sure show his face to me so nonchalantly.
Kuonji: This is urgent, can you look through it?
Honda: Kuonji, I’ll no longer be your in-charge.
Department: What?!
Honda: Pass all new documents to the chief, I think you will be notified when they decide on your new in-charge.
Kuonji: What’s the meaning of this?
Honda: I think you should know the reason behind this.
Kuonji: Reason?
Honda: In any case, I have no intentions of dealing with you anymore. I will complete my current projects, but the others are none of my business.
Kuonji: Do you think this will go your way?
Honda: Yes.
Kagami: (Phone rings) Ah, I will get that! Hello, this is the Kenzai Group.
Kuonji: I have no intentions of letting you go. (Kuonji walks off)
Ochiai: Excuse me, Honda-san?
Honda: Ochiai, return this set of blueprints to him.
Ochiai: Huh? But, is that fine?
Honda: Yes it is!

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (6)
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Scene 9

Honda: So bright…
Kuonji: Are you finally awake? What would you have done if I were a thief?
Honda: Ku… Kuonji?!
Kuonji: What’s it?
Honda: You… what are you here for? Before that, how did you enter?
Kuonji: With this.
Honda: Is that… my keys? How did you… Don’t tell me the other night…
Kuonji: How careless of you to leave your spare keys in the kitchen drawer. I found it without even trying.
Honda: You just conveniently!
Kuonji: It’s in the middle of the night so don’t yell so loudly.
Honda: What did you come for?
Kuonji: I went over to your seat to find you but I heard that you’ve went home, so I came all the way here.
Honda: I don’t have anything to say to you.
Kuonji: When I returned to the office, I found the blueprints on my table.
Honda: I said it didn’t I? I’m going to drop your projects, if you have work to be done tell that to the chief. In the first place, how can you show your face in front of me?
Kuonji: What do you mean?
Honda: You!
Calm down, I have to calm down .This man doesn’t have what we call common sense, he’s not from our planet, he’s an alien!
I couldn’t say this this morning because everyone was around, but you’re weird. You’re abnormal! Even after doing something like that, you could really walk around with such a nonchalant face.
Kuonji: Something like that? Oh…
Honda: I’m at fault, I thought I would show some kindness and this is what I get!
Kuonji: Isn’t it because you wouldn’t be honest with me?
Honda: About what!
Kuonji: About that Iida fellow.
Honda: How did you…
Kuonji: Your friend since middle school got into Toujou Trading, since you got the information from him you didn’t want to cause him any trouble. If you said this to me, I would have taken the appropriate actions as well.
Honda: You’ve said it well, even if this is so, you would have caused trouble elsewhere. Anyway, just leave. I don’t want to see your face.
Kuonji: I’m sorry, I did it unintentionally.
Honda: Unintentionally… would you do something like that unintentionally?!
Kuonji: I heard it immediately after I got back from New York, when I thought I would talk it over with you, you kept saying things in such a way that made me angry.
Honda: Wasn’t that you?
Kuonji: I said that I’m sorry!
Honda: (Honda punches Kuonji) Is that the attitude you take when you apologise?!
Kuonji: Don’t get so angry. Ah, that’s it, it was your first time right?
Honda: What… did you say?
Kuonji: I misunderstood because Akira said something ambiguous. No wonder you would pass out from that. It wasn’t easy you know? To carry you all the way back here.
Honda: Don’t joke around! Weren’t you the one who conveniently…
Kuonji: I’m really sorry.
Honda: What’s this? Don’t suddenly take on such a kind tone. Rather than that, his hand which is gripping my arm feels hot. This heat reminds me of what happened that night, those memories are eating into me… No, at this rate!
Let me go!
Kuonji: Honda?
Honda: Leave, leave now! (Kuonji leaves)
I’ve never thought that I was a weak person. I’ve lived a normal life till now, believing that I was stronger than a normal person. But I’m wavering now, even though the wounds I got from the other day still hurt, I can’t bring myself to hate him. Could it that this is something worse than getting physically hurt?

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Scene 10

Chief: Honda, please come here for a while.
Honda: Yes. (Honda enters room) What is it, chief?
Chief: Actually, we’re in a pinch.
Honda: About what?
Chief: It’s about Kuonji-kun.
Honda: Is it about the in-charge? How is it getting along?
Chief: I’ve discussed about it with Hirasawa-san and we decided to ask Kuonji-kun about the situation. He went to Osaka for a business trip so we talked over the phone in the afternoon.
Honda: What did Kuonji say?
Chief: When we told him that we aren’t going to put Honda solely in charge of his work, but would like the entire department to take turns working on his project, he said that he would quit.
Honda: Quit? The company? (Chief sighs) Why would he do that…
Chief: Kuonji continued working here because he liked working with Honda-kun, he was saying that there’s no meaning to it if Honda-kun opts out. If the higher-ups hear about this, it will kick up a great fuss!
Honda: Even if you say something like that…
Chief: Say, Honda, it’s the truth that you were extremely busy every day but weren’t the two of you doing really well? Be it achievements or sales, even though those were impressive, I felt that the two of you were doing something worth your time. Was I wrong?
Honda: Chief…
Chief: So, can you take some time to think it over? I will have another talk with Hirasawa-san when Kuonji-kun is back, I would like you to sit in.
Honda: The day after I had that talk with the chief, I called the Projects department to ask about Kuonji’s time of return but I heard that he might be returning home straight today. It seems like I would have to wait till the next morning to meet him face to face to ask about his thoughts.
Kuonji: You are late.
Honda: Kuonji?! Why… Did you use the spare keys again? Return them to me!
Kuonji: Don’t you have something to tell me? When I called the office, I heard that you were asking about my return.
Honda: That is…
Kuonji: What did you want to ask about?
Honda: You said that you would quit?
Kuonji: Well, yes.
Honda: What are you trying to do?
Kuonji: Nothing much, if you are not going to be my in-charge anymore, then this can’t be helped. No matter how hard I think, I can’t think of anyone else who is as capable as you are.
Honda: But you don’t have to quit. Even though you won’t have to worry about money even if you quit, didn’t you say that you liked your work? That you were giving your best because you liked it?
Why am I saying such words as though I want to retain Kuonji? If he wants to quit, then shouldn’t I let him quit?
Kuonji: When I was at the other side, I got really tired of this and thought I would quit. If things don’t change over here, I was going to quit. Despite that, the work that I thought was a chore became interesting. Do you know why? Because of you. That’s why, if you’re opting out, then I have no reason to continue.
Honda: What selfish things are you saying? We are salary men, you never know when there will be restructuring or transfers.
Kuonji: There’s a different reason to this.
Honda: If you’re thinking this way, then why did you do something like that…
Kuonji: Something like that? Oi.
Honda: I won’t try to ask you to put yourself in my shoes, but just try to think about it. I was… by you… I was violated by you. Even after that, do you think I can act as though nothing has happened with a nonchalant face? I can’t believe you could show your face in front of me as though nothing has happened!
Kuonji: Oh, so that’s what you’re talking about. But, I have no intentions of letting you go.
Honda: Kuonji, have you been listening to what I’ve been saying?
Kuonji: So you’re bothered by the fact that you were held by me? If that’s the case, I have a good solution. That was without a doubt, cruel. I’ve been reflecting on it. I’ve done something terrible to you, that’s why…
Honda: That’s why?
Kuonji: I’ll make it feel good this time.
Honda: What? You… what are you talking about?
Kuonji: Think about it, you are opting out of being my in-charge because there’s this unpleasant fact that you were raped by me. Then, don’t you think that we should just change it into something pleasant?
Honda: I don’t think so! And what sort of logic is that?!
Kuonji: Don’t be so selfish.
Honda: Who is the one… (Kuonji kisses Honda) You… stop making… such jokes…
Kuonji: I’ll be gentle.
Honda: That’s not it… Aren’t you missing the main point here? We are both men!
Kuonji: What about that? If I were to be concerned with something like that, I wouldn’t have done that at such a place.
Honda: If that’s the case then why!
Kuonji: When we first met, I‘ve always wanted you. But I’ve been restraining myself. But at that time, I lost control. I never thought that I would resort to that.
Honda: Aren’t you lying…
Kuonji: It’s the truth. Somehow you’ve been driving me insane.
Honda: Let go of my hands! I have no intentions… of doing it with… you!
Kuonji: I told you that I won’t let you go.
Honda: Let me go! Stop this! Oi, Kuonji!
Kuonji: If you yell so loudly, the neighbours will hear.
Honda: Anyway, let go of me! I have no intentions of… Let me go! I don’t want to. Let go, stop!
Kuonji: Don’t bite, my lips will get cut.
Honda: Stop this… Kuonji! I don’t want it!
What floated into my ears, were my high-pitched cries. The heat is burning into me from deep within. I’m getting assaulted, I’m drowning in the pleasure that Kuonji is seeking.
Kuonji: Was it good?
Honda: Stop it!
Kuonji: (Kuonji laughs) You’re so sensitive. To think that even our bodies are compatible, I guess this is what they call the fated meeting.
Honda: What rubbish are you spouting? Just get off me, you’re heavy!
Kuonji: No yet.
Honda: Kuonji? Ah! Stop it, don’t put your finger at such a place…
Kuonji: I’m getting you used to it, behave yourself.
Honda: I don’t want to!
Kuonji: Honda… Relax. I told you to relax.
Honda: I can’t!
Kuonji: I’m going to move. Open your eyes! I’m not going to let you go, you are mine!
Honda: Stupid, stop it!
Kuonji: Even though you’re resisting, doesn’t it look like you’re enjoying yourself? Let me hear more of your voice.
Honda: Stop it, already.
Kuonji: What a great voice, I’ll make you cry more.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (7)
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Scene 11

Honda: Good morning, I’m sorry for taking another day off.
Kagami: Honda-san! Why did you come? Didn’t you collapse from overworking? Please go home and rest!
Ochiai: That’s right! Don’t push yourself so hard! If anything happens to Honda-san, what will I do?
Honda: What will you do…?
Ochiai: Have you been to the hospital? You haven’t? Isn’t that bad?
Kagami: That’s right! Even though it’s from overworking, there might be other reasons behind it…
Ochiai: Honda-san lives alone, because you’ve been so busy you haven’t been taking care of yourself right? I’m sure you haven’t been watching your health. I knew it, I should…
Honda: You’re noisy! Get down to work already! Now that we have such mountains of work to do, there’s no way I can rest right?
Both: Yes…
Honda: Goodness, these people tire me out first thing in the morning.
Chief: Good morning! Oh Honda, are you alright?
Honda: Yes. By the way chief, I have to talk to you about Kuonji’s case.
Chief: Yea, the meeting was postponed to another day.
Honda: About that… can you let me continue as Kuonji’s sole in-charge?
Chief: Huh?
Honda: I’m sorry for being so selfish.
Chief: What happened? You were so… Ah no, it’s fine. I’m glad.
Honda: That is… we had a talk about it.
That was more like me being threatened into giving a “yes”.
Honda: You, what are you doing? Why am I handcuffed?! Take these off!
Kuonji: If you take back what you said about opting out and swear that you will be with me forever, I will take them off.
Honda: Don’t joke with me! Do you know what you’re doing? You assaulted me against my will and now you’re handcuffing me… do you think I would say “yes” happily?
Kuonji: Against your will? Who was the one who was clinging onto me crying? Come to think of it, Kagami stays here too right? I wonder what he would think after seeing you like this, naked and handcuffed. On top of that, you’re covered with the hickeys I left on you.
Honda: You… are you trying to blackmail me?
Kuonji: If you want, I can even show him how we look like when we are doing it.
Honda: Kuonji…
Kuonji: Your answer is?
Honda: I understand, I will continue working with you.
There’s no need to keep the promise I made to Kuonji. But if I don’t keep it, I’m sure he would kick up another fuss. It’s my true intention to avoid that as I get really tired just thinking about it.
Chief: Then, I will report that to Hirasawa-san before you change your mind. Oh that’s right, Honda, have you read this article?
Honda: No… Chief, this is?
Chief: For now, it’s T trading but no matter how you look at it, it has to be Toujuu. The prosecutor is making their move, but for it to become such an article, they might get arrested.
Honda: At this timing, could this be a coincidence?
Iida: Did you see it?
Honda: How are things at your end?
Iida: Things has been chaotic since morning, seems like they didn’t know that the trial was going on so there’s been meetings since then. Since Tori-san seems to be hated by his subordinates, nobody is standing up for him.
Honda: Is that so?
Iida: You reap what you sow, I guess karma comes around.
Honda: You reap what you sow, is that really so? I can’t help but feel that Kuonji has something to do with this.
Say, Kuonji, have you seen the article?
Kuonji: Article? Oh…
Honda: Is that…
Kuonji: I’m sorry but I don’t have time.
Honda: He said “oh…” with the low voice, I feel that there’s a deeper meaning to it. But I didn’t probe further and hung up. Even though I don’t feel satisfied, Kuonji probably won’t answer even if I asked him more.

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Scene 12

Man: Ah, Honda-san? I’m sorry, were we noisy?
Honda: No, what’s this? Are you going to move?
Man: Yea, I found another property. This is a little sudden, but I planned to inform you later.
Mover: Excuse me! Can we move these?
Man: Ah, yes! Honda-san, thank you for everything. Then, I’ll excuse myself.
Honda: Alright. (Honda goes back to his own unit) Somehow, I’m wide awake now. Anyway, I should eat my breakfast and go groceries shopping, the fridge is empty already. After that, it will be cleaning and laundry… I have quite a bit to do today.
Lady: The entrance is small so take care of that furniture…
Honda: Huh? The room which was just emptied this morning, the next person is already moving in? I wonder who the next person who would be staying there is. Bringing in such European-styled luxurious furniture… As though this is a hotel suite… Ah, don’t tell me…
It’s not locked.
Kuonji: Yo! Where were you? I’m sick of waiting.
Honda: Kuonji?!
Kuonji: Oh, so you went to get groceries?
Honda: Return me the spare keys!
Kuonji: Oh, aren’t you hungry?
Honda: What are you trying to do?
Kuonji: Let’s go.
Honda: Huh? Go where?
Kuonji: Let’s go eat soba, there’s a good shop at Akasaka.
Honda: Why must I eat soba with you?
Kuonji: Don’t you have to eat soba when you move?
Honda: Are you seriously going to live in these dorms?
Kuonji: I can’t live forever in a hotel right?
Honda: Isn’t it more miserable to stay in a dorm full of single men, in society’s point of view.
Kuonji: It will more convenient if I stay beside you, in various ways.
Honda: You…
Kuonji: Come on, let’s go.
Honda: Listen to what I have to say.
Kuonji: I’ll listen while we eat soba.
Honda: No, it has to be before that! Anyway, there are a whole lot of things which you have to explain to me.
Kuonji: It’s rather inconvenient without a car, should I get one?
Honda: Kuonji! Are you listening to me?
This guy, he doesn’t even try to listen to what I have to say.   Kuonji is going to become my neighbour? Why did things become like this? From now on, I… no. What will our relationship become? Even though it isn’t hard to imagine it, for now I don’t want to think any further. After today, I will continue getting exploited by Kuonji, and I’m certain that my life will be as busy as it has been.

Shiawase ni Dekiru 01 (8)
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6 thoughts on “Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 – Translation

  1. Again! Thank you for translating! They’re so neat and easy to read too. I’ll look forward to the others in the series. I like MoriMori’s versatile acting too in terms of his ability to do both uke and seme any time.

  2. Just want to say that translation for Shiawase ni Dekiru 1 – scenes 3 and 4 are duplicates/repeats. I think 4 is missing?

      • Thanks for the fix! :) I’m just glad he now has his own agency and managing a bunch of talented seiyuus (harem). Lol

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