Haikyuu!!: Episode 12

ネコとカラスの再会 – The Neko-Karasu Reunion

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The title says it all – it is finally the episode of the much-anticipated ‘battle at the garbage dump’.

So many parallels. It was an entertaining first few minutes as we were introduced to the Nekoma team. There were so many parallels between them and Karasuno – Tanaka and Nekoma’s resident buzz-cut gangster (who kyun-ed so badly when he saw Kiyoko), captain Daichi and captain Kuro, sweet sweet Suga-san and the seemingly sweet (whom I assume to also be the) vice-captain of Nekoma. I love these light-hearted Haikyuu!! moments and it is lovely to see how the writers manage to slot them in so smoothly~

Thought provoking? “We’re like the blood in our veins. We must flow without stopping. Keep the oxygen moving and your mind working”. Those were some words of wisdom from Nekoma’s captain, Kuro (lol I could not help but think of Nakamura Yuuichi as B-gata in last year’s Ketsuekigata-kun). His speech gave us a little clue about Nekoma’s style of play. As was revealed later in the episode, Kenma’s keen observation skills are what enhance the plays of his teammates. His teammates are strong on their own. Combine that strength with Kenma’s ability to accurately perceive his opponent’s thoughts, and what Nekoma has is a foundation that is so stable that it is difficult to shake.

Kageyama spike. Okay, so we know Kageyama to be a really skilled setter; a player with an innate volleyball sense; a player whose talent sets him apart from the rest. He might have dissed spikers in the past, but Kageyama is definitely not that averse to spikes because he actually called for one in this episode *cue shock from his teammates* Not only did that call shock his teammates, but his obvious ability to spike also surprised them. It was hilarious to see all their reactions, from Asahi’s stunned yelp to Tanaka’s and Suga’s irritation. As Tanaka so succinctly put it, “he is so good, it’s annoying”. These boys are just too amusing ^^

When we find a wall, that’s our chance to jump over it. This episode, Hinata definitely found a wall. A wall that all spikers face: the wall of blockers. After Kenma told his teammate to follow Hinata’s every move, the Hinata&Kageyama freak toss & spike was rendered ineffective against Nekoma. In spite of that, Coach Ukai did not take him out as he was trying to find a solution (very coach-like, I applaud your boldness) and Hinata simply would not give up. It is endearing to see that he is still enjoying himself so much, despite constantly getting blocked. As Grandfather Coach Ukai said, “because we do not have wings, we look for ways to fly”. Indeed, the second half of the episode saw Hinata trying new ways to get past the blocks, even going so far as to start looking at the ball to aim and spike. Despite missing every single one, all his effort was not entirely in vain, as we saw at the end of the episode that Hinata managed to almost successfully maneuver the ball. Golly, I am getting chills just thinking about the day when Hinata develops his own unparalleled play style and wins in an aerial fight. Okay, the hope-filled and inspiring music had a role to play in uplifting my mood (I NEEDS THE OST!).

He is such a cutie patootie. This para is a tribute to fellow writer Komorebi, who agrees that Hinata is just TOO CUTE. Every single episode is made all the more enjoyable with his high-pitched squeals (which ALWAYS put a smile on my face), his enthusiasm, his energy, his orange hair! Goodness, the last character I so blatantly and shamelessly fawned over was the beyond adorable niji Nai-chan from Karneval. Hinata is a different kind of adorable, but is still adorable all the same. So to stop myself from rambling further, let’s just appreciate his adorableness with pictures *gushes*

Haikyuu ep 12 - image 11 Haikyuu ep 12 - image 14 Haikyuu ep 12 - image 23 Haikyuu ep 12 - image 25 Haikyuu ep 12 - image 28

Having said all that, I can’t wait to see what surprises Haikyuu!! has in store for us next week. As always, am very muchly looking forward to the next episode~


One thought on “Haikyuu!!: Episode 12

  1. Such a cute episode! I loved Nekocchin (i.e. Kenma) because wasn’t he just adorable? But no one can beat the adorableness that is Hinata – bouncy chihuahua that he is. I really liked seeing all the parallels between the characters this episode, and Kageyama’s reaction of “SETTER” *cue fire* when Hinata told him that Kenma was also a setter made me laugh so hard. As usual Hinata is so full of surprises and to see him enjoying himself while trying to score at the same time, without letting the blocks get to him, is so sweet to see~ Haha, he needs his own para every time; I will gush with you over Hinata any day, Kiseki-chan!

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