Decoy Series 02: Decoy Meichou

Title: Decoy Meichou (デコイ迷鳥)
Original work by: Aida Saki (Novel)
Release date: 2009年07月30日
Length: 02:26:16
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Kondou Takashi (子安武人x近藤隆)
Miyake Kenta x Toriumi Kousuke (三宅健太 x鳥海浩輔)
Related drama(s): Decoy Series 01: Decoy Kachou (デコイ囮鳥)
S Series (エス)
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤❤❤
Genres: Action, Mystery, Psychological
Drama translation: Disc 1, Disc 2

A continuation from Decoy Kachou.

Nagi finds out a connection between Kasao and a politician, Akagi Shouichirou, which can shed new light on the explosion case from 14 years ago. Meanwhile Yasumi makes his decision after recovering his memories from the past.


Meichou was noticeably less interesting than Kachou, but the entire series won’t be complete without this ultra-important conclusion which explained EVERYTHING – even the questions that you wouldn’t have thought of asking. I have to admit that this drama got a bit dry, especially during the second half when it was full of monologues and explanations from anyone and everyone but our main characters. Hinou had his fair share of explanations done when he recalled his thoughts from that day Kasao was killed, so I got my healthy dosage of Koyasu, but that was all.

But, I emphasise once again that those explanations were crucial to the ending of Decoy. For those of you who couldn’t stay awake and focused during the later half of Meichou, here’s a quick summary of what really happened.

Story & Characters

14 years ago, Akagi, a prominent politician, was suspected of corruption. The key persons involved were his secretary and the director of sales from Wabe Construction. In order to lengthen his politician life, he consulted his brother Kasao, then the leader of Koujinkai (most powerful yakuza group in Japan). Kasao decided to set off a bomb in a shopping mall during an arranged meeting between the secretary and the director, sealing their lips forever while creating the impression that it was an act of terrorism.

14 years later, Yasuhara, whose family was implicated during the explosion, has joined the police force with the strong will to uncover the truth and arrest the culprit behind the explosion case. He volunteered to go undercover in order to get a confession from Hinou. However, unbeknownst to him, Hinou had already found out about his true identity despite his perfect act as Yasumi. At the same time, Kasao, who was already on bad terms with Akagi, started blackmailing his brother with the threat of exposing the truth behind the explosion case. Akagi then requested for Ou to dispose of Kasao. After receiving the request, Hinou pretended to confess his crime to Yasumi while telling him that Kasao was the mastermind behind the entire incident. Enraged, Yasumi contacted Kasao and arranged for a meet up at Kasao’s secluded villa. Not willing to let anyone get into his way, Kasao contacted Hinou to request for his protection against Yasumi. And, I’m sure we all know what happens after.

I think the most jaw-dropping revelation was the one about the master of Decoy café being Ou Eiken. I did suspect that he might be one of Hinou’s brokers when he talked about receiving orders for custom-made decoys, but who knew that Ou would be still alive? It does feel kinda unfair that someone like Ou is living a normal peaceful life after all that he has done, I see Hinou has similar plans as his foster-father.

After finishing the entire drama, I was overwhelmed with my feelings and thoughts about this drama. How smart of Aida Saki to think of such a complicated story. And I don’t know if I should feel happy or sad for the Hinou/Yasumi couple; their relationship is so twisted. Although I would like to celebrate the fact that they got together – I mean, how can our main couple not get together? But common sense tells me that, something is wrong with their relationship and I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

Hinou is too obsessed with Yasumi and even though I can barely categorise his feelings as love, I probably won’t want to be the subject of such affection. As he had said to Nagi, he was the kind who liked weak men. If you recall what he did to Nagi after Nagi decided to leave him, I think it won’t be surprising to reach the conclusion that Hinou needs to be in control of his lover. He needs to have the upper hand and he needs that someone to be much weaker than him – that’s Yasumi for him then.

Even after almost 5 hours of the drama, I still can’t really say that I get Hinou’s character. He first appeared to be a cold and unfeeling killer who is armed with the perfect skill set for an assassin, but recent development revealed a more humane side to him, when he didn’t kill Yasumi and when he let Nagi off.

So in view of all that, it’s obvious that Yasumi has no other choice than to be with Hinou and I guess it is fine since Hinou really loves him a lot? And yes it is fine because I’m a huge Hinou fan, despite how disturbing he can get sometimes. I can’t decide if Yasumi was pitiful or lucky, to have fallen to such a hopeless stage where he could only rely on Hinou and to be on the receiving end of Hinou’s obsessive and distorted version of love.

As for the Nagi/Kagaya pair, I seriously thought that they would elope together at the end – why didn’t they? I was waiting in vain for Nagi to talk about resigning to Yashima, but it never came. I guess quitting all of a sudden would be weird and suspicious but… how unromantic. Sighs.

Anyway, I felt obliged to say that I was glad that Nagi and Kagaya ended up together, before realising that actually, I don’t really care about it. Why? Hm…

I do like them as individuals, but together, they are nothing special. Kagaya always seems to be quiet and sullen throughout the drama before he got emotional on Nagi towards the end, begging him to not leave. Meanwhile, Nagi was the carefree spirit who was actually shouldering a huge emotional burden from 14 years ago. Although he seemed to be the kind who preferred the loner’s way of living, Kagaya believed otherwise and so do I. Do I, really? I don’t know, but I do know that I think Nagi is too cool for Kagaya. It felt like he accepted Kagaya out of pity and sense of obligation; that man waited for 5 years and even said that he would chase Nagi to the ends of earth or something. Why do the semes in this drama have to be so extreme? Hinou was weirdly satisfied with the thought that Yasumi hated and loved him at the same time. But if you compare Kagaya with Hinou, he seems much more normal and acceptable.


As promised, I’ll focus more on Toriumi and Miyake Kenta’s performance in Meichou. But before that, let me gush about Kondo Takashi’s acting in here. I actually sat up straighter during his flashback track where we first hear him as Yasuhara. It is a feat to be able to project such a radically different personality with just a change in tone, and with that, I have officially become a fan of Kondo Takashi! It’s such a pity that I haven’t really paid any attention to him before, will do from now on.

Am not familiar with Miyake Kenta, but his deep voice does make him quite memorable; I think I will probably be able to recognise him in future because of Decoy. Well, I thought that his emotional scenes were a little awkward, but then again, it might have been really tough to sound emotional with that deep voice.

Toriumi, ah Toriumi. I do like his voice, though I was never a huge fan. But in Decoy, I’ve been in love with his Nagi since track 1. Well, it might have been a love-hate relationship since Nagi time means less Koyasu time, so I did get a bit disappointed whenever I hear Nagi or Kagaya (sorry, Toriumi!). Anyway, his slightly deliberate way of pronouncing his words as Nagi and the air of nonchalance he built up around that character screamed “cool” in every way; Nagi definitely won’t be the Nagi I love without Toriumi.

Hinou won’t be the Hinou without Koyasu either! I’ll restrain my rants on Koyasu, but he did amazingly well in this drama. I might be speaking from an extremely biased point of view when I say this, but he sounded good every single time he opened his mouth in this drama – even if it was just to let out a grunt.


My favourite bgm track would be the one which always comes on during the Hinou/Yasumi moments. The minimalistic piece with suspended strings over a slow-moving melody evokes this sense of emptiness that just tears at your heart strings. It amplifies the despair and helplessness that Yasumi must have felt when he realises that he has nowhere to go except to Hinou. Otherwise, I thought the lack of music during the other parts suited the general mood of the drama well. It’s rather amazing when the absence of music can be so impactful as well.


In general, I think you can tell how highly I think of this drama and how much I love it by giving it five stars and making it the first drama I translate on koekara.

Enough said.



2 thoughts on “Decoy Series 02: Decoy Meichou

  1. I already left my comment on another entry. It should’ve been here, though, but anyway, I can’t seem to stop commenting on this. I have this bittersweet aftertaste since I finished all, especially track 4 in the second CD. “One day, I might be unable to live without this man”… Arg, these kind of stories are bad for my heart! xD But it was SO great. Now I want more of Koyasu Takehito x Kondo Takashi. The latter did a very good job in this CD.

  2. I’ve finished the series. A few lengthy thoughts on this:

    1. All the seiyuus really did a great job. I agree Takashi’s different performance on Yasumi. Koyasu was perfect for the role. Hinou’s voice was intimidating, calm on the exterior and psychotic beneath.

    2. Hinou x Yasumi pairing: It was ‘okay’ for me, I think I kinda get the author’s approach on building their kind of relationship throughout the story–a demented/twisted/obsessive kind of attachment towards one another. “The more you see it, the more you like it” way of getting the person get attached to you. Hinou conditioned Yasumi to be that way, it was brainswashing. And Yasumi was weak enough to fell for it. It is not love at all. Their relationship is desperate, and needy. There’s a lot to be said regarding the fleshing out of the characters. I find Yasumi’s lacking, overall. Despite the weak outlook, I believe he can do much more than being with Hinou after finding the truth about himself. Hinou, on the other hand, was distant to me as an obsessive sociopath, I could not empathize with him at all, despite of his backstory. He seems unreal to me. The only flaw you can get out of him is his desperateness to be with Yasumi, which is destructive for both of them. But I guess, he also accepted his mortality from the very start to justify his non-changing character throughout the drama.

    3.Kagaya x Nagi: This is better, ideal in a sense, but more fleshed out. Although predictable, their relationship was established as the typical partner-friendzone-lover relationship. The drama portrayed their motives and thoughts clearly in comparison with the Hinou and Yasumi which is rather vague. Nothing much to be said here. Their scenes are cute indeed, Kagaya in particular. With such voice and character, it’s one of those types where in the strong and dark personas have the cute cheesy side to them.

    4. Comparison of both pairs: I guess the author wanted to establish the difference between the two relationships. Hinou x Yasumi: A relationship built on desperate, neediness, and self-destructing attachment towards one another. The sociopathic kind. Kagaya x Nagi: A kind of love that is built on patience, perseverance, trust, and sometimes bullheadedness. The ideal kind.

    5. Plot: It’s great. Complex, and thrilling. I love yakuza stories, so I have a soft spot on them.

    Thanks for your hardwork! Till the next translations!

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