Black Bullet: Episode 07

静寂の月夜、夜明けの空 – In the Still of the Moonlit Night, the Dawn Sky

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Week after week, I have been ranting, ranting and ranting to no end about what a colossal waste this series is. That’s unfair to the staff-san who have worked so hard to present us with this series. So, I have decided that a change of direction is in order. Taking a helicopter perspective, I suppose Black Bullet would be very enjoyable for a lolicon. And so, lolicon mode is a go!

This week, we get even more of Tina (blonde loli). It was Rentarou v Tina in an all out battle for.. what again? Who cares anyway, as long as we get to see more lolis, yes? ^^ Last episode, Enju went up against Tina. This episode, we learn that Tina is ranked 97 (or 98, this series has inconsistencies, but let’s just forgive and move on..) and that therefore means she is powerful. Like really super extra powerful. This definitely spelt disaster and trouble for Enju, and effectively put her in the hospital. Although we learn that she is probably all right, the doctor put her on a heavy dose of anaesthesia and expects she will be asleep for two days. Now, to have defeated Enju (whom we know to be a lean, mean fighting machine) so easily shows just how strong Tina is. Yikes!

Rentarou was obviously distraught (oh Kaji Yuuki, you do distraught so well *cough Eren cough*) and itching to avenge Enju. It was a very bold move by him to challenge Tina knowing full well that she is crazy scary strong. Well, I guess that is what love does to someone *aww* and we see that this belief in the love he has for Enju, as well as the hope that everyone else is pinning on him, is what gives Rentarou the strength to effectively defeat Tina.

It seems that Rentarou and Tina kind of reached some level of understanding at some point during the episode, because Rentarou then thanked Tina for saving Enju. And when Seitenshi-sama’s watchdogs threatened Tina’s life, Rentarou swore that he would kill them. It’s sweet to see both Rentarou and Tina getting along, isn’t it? Well, I expect that we will get to see more of them getting along, because it was revealed at the end of the episode that Kisara hired Tina to work with their team. Considering how dark and moody most of the episode was, it was nice to see things end on a happier and lighter note. And yay Enju is alive! Of course, Enju recovering was a certainty, but it was nice that the confirmation of her well being came before the close of the episode. Although, now I’m wondering if that might not have been a good thing, because what’ll happen of Tina’s master aka character voiced by Toriumi?? Oh noes D:

Before this post comes to an end, there’s just one minor issue I’d like to address: okay, um.. so what happened to the Gastrea? I know we’ve moved on to a new arc and all, but they couldn’t have just *poofed* and disappeared, could they?!


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