Senaka Awase no Koi Vol. 2 – Translation

Title: Senaka Awase no Koi Vol. 2 (背中合わせの恋第2巻) (drama review)
Cast: Terashima Takuma x Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (寺島拓篤×松岡禎丞)
Related drama(s): Rakuen no Uta
Contents: Vol. 1

1. Prologue 1
2. Prologue 2
3. 蜜月みたいな
4. 箱の中の無印
5. だけど恋じゃない
6. すりぬけていくもの
7. 偽りだとしても
8. 人はそれを

Vol. 2

1. 人はそれを
2. それは奇跡だから
3. この手の中に
4. だから、何度でも1
5. だから、何度でも2
6. こっちを向いで1
7. こっちを向いで2
8. こっちを向いで3
9. そして、キスして1
10. そして、キスして2

1. The Others Will… (人はそれを)

Ichiya: The numerous photographs which were spread out before me on the table. Entering hotels with women. In every photo, I was shown to be with a different woman.
Fumi: You’re not thinking of quitting are you, Fujisaki? Fujisaki!
Ichiya: Nikaidou, good luck with your drama.
Fumi: Wait, Fujisaki! If you do this, nothing would have been changed. The next time something like this happens, it will really be over! Didn’t we promise to aim for the top? Together?! Fujisaki!
Ichiya: Then! If that’s the case, will you be my partner then?
Fumi: That, was that a joke? If I become your partner, will you really stop this?
Ichiya: Are you serious?
Fumi: I’m asking if you would stop it.
Serizawa: If you don’t want to be separated from him, then don’t ever let go. You cannot give up, because that person is right by Fumi’s side.
Fumi: Ryou…suke…
Serizawa: To be born in the same era, the same country and for the two of you to have met. Don’t you feel that it is some sort of miracle?
Fumi: Miracle?
Serizawa: God has given you the opportunity. From now on, it will be up to your own actions.
Fumi: Ichiya is always a few steps ahead of me and I’ve always been frantically trying to catch up with him. I want to become his equal and face him fairly, that was my goal. The journey seems extremely long, but for us, it’s just the beginning. That we were going to be at the top, that was the future that we were both aiming for. Despite all that…

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2. Because It is a Miracle (それは奇跡だから)

Fumi:  Here.
Ichiya: Huh? What’s with this towel?
Fumi: Cover your eyes with that. It will be impossible for you to do it while looking at my body right?
Ichiya: Huh? So Nikaidou is going to do everything for me?
Fumi: Aren’t you just frustrated?
Ichiya: Just…
Fumi: In other words, you just have to release it right? Am I wrong?
Ichiya: Hm? So you’re all grown up now. I’ve blindfolded myself, is this fine?
Fumi: The one who made me grow up, wasn’t it Fujisaki?
Ichiya: That’s right.
Fumi: Then from now on, please don’t touch me.
Ichiya: I get it. You’re… freezing. Your hand, are you cold?
Fumi: I’m fine. And don’t talk, it ruins the mood.
Ichiya: Yes, yes.
Fumi: As I can’t produce the lubrication to accept others, I tried to apply as much cream as I could to that area. If I hesitate even one second, Ichiya will surely return to women. By closing my eyes and holding my breath…
Ichiya: Ni-nikaidou…
Fumi: Even though the real pain wasn’t felt by my body, I decided to blame my falling tears on the strain my body felt.
Ichiya: Nikaidou! Wait… You… I didn’t put on a condom… right? You will… Nikaidou will have a hard time right?
Fumi: Shouldn’t you leave?
Ichiya: Huh? What…
Fumi: Since you’re business here is over, how about leaving, Fujisaki?
Ichiya: But you, your body…
Fumi: I mean, please leave. I have an early day tomorrow so I want to sleep already.
Ichiya: I get it.
Fumi: The atmosphere of being left alone, as usual. The ear studs that you gave me periodically as a sign of friendship. Even though the number has stopped increasing, I was still unable to throw anything away. If there is a smell or form to it, I might be able to love and embrace it before falling asleep.
Ichiya’s smell…
That is something that I’ve given up on, thinking that it will never fall within my reach.
Fumi: (Phone rings) Hello?
Serizawa: Fumi? What a terrible voice, what happened?
Serizawa: I understand your situation, but you were really reckless!
Fumi: I’m sorry, but… in that case I can no longer… with Ryousuke…
Serizawa: That’s fine, but you should think about the future before acting rashly.
Fumi: I’m really fine with it. Cold…
Serizawa: We will reach in about 20 minutes, do you think you can walk?
Fumi: I’m fine, it has gotten much better already. It’s not like I didn’t think about the future…
Serizawa: Since it has become like this, you can’t give any excuses right?
Fumi: (Someone knocks on door) Please come in.
Ichiya:  Yo.
Fumi: Eh, Fujisaki?! Why…
Ichiya: I knew you would definitely not call your manager. Nikaidou has another job next right?
Fumi: I have, but… Isn’t Fujisaki done for the day already?
Ichiya: That’s… I’m saying that I will send you.
Fumi: Send… Send me?!
Fumi: I’m fine…
Ichiya: Just let me do this.
Fumi: Fujisaki, I’m serious, stop it.
Ichiya: Why?
Fumi: Fujisaki, my arm. Let go of it.
Ichiya: I’m asking you why. Say, aren’t you not feeling well? Just lean on me like this.
Fumi: Fuji…
Ichiya: It’s fine, until we reach the station, just relax and depend on me. At least let me do this for you. I’m begging you.
Fumi: That was what I chose to do, you don’t have to take the responsibility for it.
In the end, Ichiya stayed for the entire length of the filming and it seems like he plans to send me home after.

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3. In Those Hands (この手の中に)

Ichiya: Then, I’ll get going.
Fumi: Fujisaki!
Ichiya: What?
Fumi: What… why? Why are you going?
Ichiya: Nikaidou won’t be able to do it today right? No matter how you think about it.
Fumi: It’s not impossible…
Ichiya: Nikaidou, are you serious about continuing this sort of thing?
Fumi: Why are you asking something like this now?
Ichiya: Isn’t it natural to? After seeing how you became after that…
Fumi: I will be more careful the next time.
Ichiya: “Next time” huh? So you’re really going to continue doing that. Then, from the next time onwards we won’t do it like yesterday anymore. I don’t have that sort of fetish.
Fumi: But, that way Fujisaki will…
Ichiya: It will be fine, probably.
Fumi: It will be fine…? Fujisaki, could it be that you have done it with guys before?
Ichiya: Har?
Fumi: Have you?
Ichiya: Do I have to answer to that question?
Fumi: Is that why it will be fine?
Ichiya: I have… Nikaidou?
Fumi: I see, Fujisaki, so it’s not like you couldn’t do it with guys. You have done it before… I see. If that’s the case, then I won’t feel so bad too.
Ichiya: Fumito’s lips were forced into the shape of a smile after murmuring those words, but the lower lip was firmly bitten down on.
Nachi: Ichiya, seems like you’ve had it tough.
Ichiya: Is that the first thing you’re going to say to me?
Nachi: Anyway is that all because of what Shin said?
Ichiya: It’s not exactly Shin-san’s fault.
Nachi: I think so too. The one who decided to do all that was Ichiya. So if we have to point our fingers at someone, it should be Ichiya. Even if you respect Shin, there’s no need to imitate him to that extent.
Ichiya: I’ve already stopped that.
Nachi: Have you found a substitute?
Ichiya: Substitute?
Nachi: Well, if you found someone as your substitute to that, guess there’s nothing I can do then.
Ichiya: Hm, well. That’s… I have one but.
Nachi: What about it?
Ichiya: When you do it with Shin-san… that… do you get hurt? (Nachi chokes)
Nachi: What? What are you?
Ichiya: I’m asking seriously here.
Nachi: Wait, Ichiya, by “substitute” don’t tell me… You… that won’t be solving anything…
Ichiya: It’s not like it’s a clear solution so don’t read too much into it. So?
Nachi: If the both of you are clear about it, then isn’t it fine? Since you’re asking me, it means that your partner is a guy. He should understand that there is a certain level of risk to this. Rather than your partner, it seems like Ichiya is the one who is unclear about this.
Ichiya: If you don’t tell me then it’s fine.
Nachi: I will tell you. I won’t ask much about your partner either. I do remember feeling insecure before, so if it eases you, I will tell you all that I know.
Fumi: Fujisaki, you have really done it with guys before huh.
Ichiya: Huh?
Fumi: You specially went to buy this gel.
Ichiya: Nikaidou, let’s set some proper rules.
Fumi: Rules?
Ichiya: You want to aim for the top right? That’s why we have this contract. So for that we have to set some rules.
Fumi: For that purpose…
Ichiya: Don’t let this affect our work and keep this a secret from those around us. Of course I won’t play around at night any more. Also…
Fumi: Are there still more? What’s the rest, hurry up and say it.
Ichiya: You should enjoy it too.
Fumi: Uh? W-what are you talking about…
Ichiya: If things always turn out like the previous time, then this contract will be dissolved. It leaves a bad aftertaste and I can’t enjoy myself too. Since we’re doing this, we should both enjoy ourselves. It’s just sex, right?
Fumi: You’re right. It’s just that… Yea, I understand.
Ichiya: You?
Fumi: What about?
Ichiya: Doesn’t Nikaidou have any rules to set too?
Fumi: Not really. Oh, then, when you play around with or meet anyone else, even if it’s just for work, let me know.
Ichiya: I got it. I’ll take the lead today.
Fumi: But… if we do that, then it won’t be according to the contract.
Ichiya: Say, is Serizawa fine with this?
Fumi: Ryousuke… what about him?
Ichiya: Won’t Serizawa have problems with this? That you’re doing things like this.
Fumi: Ryousuke, why?
Ichiya: Why… aren’t you two going out?
Fumi: We aren’t.
Ichiya: What? But you…
Fumi: It’s just sex, right? Anyway, who I had sex with in the past… isn’t it none of Fujisaki’s business? (Ichiya gets slightly violent) Wait… Fujisaki!
Ichiya: I won’t let you go!
Fumi: Ah, Fujisaki… stop it…
Ichiya: I knew it… your chest is your sensitive spot.
Fumi: Switch off… the lights…
Ichiya: I won’t. You didn’t switch off the lights during the previous time either.
Fumi: I don’t want this…. Stop it… stop it… Fujisaki… Fujisaki… let it go… I can’t! It’s coming out!
Ichiya: I took the bottle of gel and turned the exhausted Fujisaki onto his knees.
Fumi: Huh? Wait, what are you doing Fujisaki. Stupid, don’t look at such weird places!
Ichiya: Be quiet.
For the one who’s on the receiving end, the most comfortable posture would be on his knees. That’s what Nachi told me.
Fumi: I don’t want this, I’m serious, stop it!
Ichiya: The other time I obeyed you.
Fumi: But we didn’t do something like this!
Ichiya: Then should we blindfold you? Sorry Nikaidou, I won’t say that already.
Fumi: Then the lights…
Ichiya: I said that it’s impossible.
Fumi: Why? Isn’t it weird?
Ichiya: Say whatever you want, I don’t want to be told that by someone who has a blindfold fetish.
Fumi: It’s not a fetish! Ah… no…
Ichiya: Be sure to tell me if it hurts.
Fumi: I’m already, I don’t want it.
Ichiya: Where does a man feel it best? Tell me. Is it here?
Fumi: You… aren’t you stupid… I don’t know.
Ichiya: Don’t be so narrow-minded. If you don’t tell me, you won’t be able to enjoy it either.
Fumi: Narrow-minded?
Ichiya: Nikaidou? Don’t tell me, here? (Nikaidou reacts)
Fumi: I don’t want it, stop it!
Ichiya: It feels good?
Fumi: Stop it, don’t keep… there… Stop it… Ichi… Ichiya…
Ichiya: Even if it hurts, I won’t stop anymore, Fumi…
Fumi: Ichiya… Ichiya…
Ichiya: Are you awake?
Fumi: Ah… Fujisaki… Huh? I…
Ichiya: Did it feel that good? To the extent that you would black out? So was it that good?
Fumi: Don’t ask me something like that.
Ichiya: If it doesn’t feel good then we can’t continue right?
Fumi: It felt good.
Ichiya: (Ichiya laughs) I can’t hear you. How is your body? Are you alright? Nikaidou, does it really not hurt anywhere?
Fumi: It doesn’t hurt.
Ichiya: Can you move?
Fumi: Not immediately, but…
Ichiya: Not immediately…? Ah, because of that?
Fumi: You… annoying.
Ichiya: Nikaidou, if you can stand then go take a shower. We have to set a time limit too.
Fumi: Time limit?
Ichiya: It will be impossible to do this for our whole life right? Because…
Fumi: You’re right.
Ichiya: If any one of us finds someone we’re really in love with, then this contract shall be dissolved.
Fumi: Yea. That’s good, it’s fine that way.

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4. Countless Times 1 (だから、何度でも1)

Fumi: It has been 5 years since I entered MBO and 2.5 years since Numero was formed, we are already being treated as veterans in the company.
Itou: It’s Fumito senpai!
Aikawa: Senpai!
Fumi: Long time no see, all of you! You look great.
Itou: I can do the turn that you taught me the last time!
Fumi: That’s wonderful! Then shall we do something new today?
Itou: Yea! I want to see the dance you did while accompanying KIX!
Aikawa: That’s unfair, Fumito senpai, me too! I want to learn too!
Itou: Ah me too, I want to too!
Ichiya: It is 10,000 years too early for any of you to be learning dance from Nikaidou.
Itou: Huh?
Aikawa: Ichiya senpai!
Ichiya: It’s too wasteful to give Nikaidou to guys like you.
Aikawa: That’s unfair! Why is it always Ichiya senpai?
Itou: That’s right, we want to get along well with Fumito senpai too!
Ichiya: That’s too bad for you, since Nikaidou and I are in the same group, we have been really close since a long time ago. Kids should just go to the other side of the room and start practising.
Fumi: (Fumi sighs) Isn’t the kid here you? Fujisaki too, it’s 1 million years too early for you! (Fumi hits Ichiya)
Ichiya: It hurts!
Fumi: Are you an idiot?
Ichiya: I’m not!
Fumi: No, no matter how you look at this, you’re an idiot. Anyway Fujisaki, wasn’t your filming supposed to continue into the afternoon?
Ichiya: Somehow it went really smoothly and we finished in the morning. Then, I thought you would be here. Nikaidou, let’s go shower.
Fumi: Huh? Now?
Ichiya: Aren’t you done already?
Aikawa: Ah, there you go again…
Itou: Then we shall go shower too!
Ichiya: Don’t be so noisy! Senpai has the priority! Bye!
Fumi: Wait, Fujisaki…
Fumi: Say, Fujisaki… you don’t have to pretend to be my close friend in front of them too, right? Ah, wait… Fujisaki!
Ichiya: You got into the mood? Then let’s do it, Nikaidou…
Fumi: Do it? What, here? Don’t joke… Ah! Stop it!
Ichiya: I can’t stop, see?
Fumi: Wha! Stop it…
Ichiya: Your voice echoes in here huh? Nikaidou, does it feel good?
Fumi: It feels… good…
Fumi: What? What are you planning to do after this, are we going to do it again?
Ichiya: Don’t ask in such a blunt way.
Fumi: Then, was I supposed to go “do you want to come over to my place”? Saying something like that sent shivers down my spine.
Ichiya: Gees, I’m just sending you home today.
Fumi: I see.
Ichiya: That’s right, I made plans to go out with my friends later. The ones I’m meeting today are those from my high school.
Fumi: High school?
Ichiya: Yea, the ones you met… before…
Fumi: Ah, the one whom I had my first time with, right?
Ichiya: I’m sorry.
Fumi: About what? It wasn’t a big deal right? Say hi to her for me.
Ichiya: Nikaidou…
Fumi: Don’t put on such a dark expression, it’s fine. I was asked out by Ryousuke for a meal too.
Ichiya: Are you looking forward to it that much? Meeting with Serizawa…
Fumi: Huh? That is… we were once lovers anyway.
Ichiya: Where? The place where you’re meeting Serizawa, I’ll send you there.
Fumi: Something like that, there’s no need to. Aren’t you going out too? Ryousuke will be driving as well.
Fumi: Bye, thank you! (Fumi gets off car, Ichiya winds down window)
Ichiya:  Nikaidou.
Fumi: What is it?
Ichiya: You, don’t say things like that to anyone else.
Fumi: Things like that? (Ichiya drives off)
Fumi: Then, do you want to come over to my place?
There isn’t anyone here, he didn’t have to put on an act of a worried lover.
Serizawa: Are you two still continuing with that stupid contract?
Fumi: Don’t be so naggy, I’m leaving if you’re going to lecture me.
Serizawa: Fumi, I’ve told you countless times that you can’t turn back time.
Fumi: I said no lecturing!
Serizawa: I’m not lecturing, I’m just worried about you.
Fumi: But… but…
Serizawa: Huh?
Fumi: If I confess and get rejected again, I won’t have the confidence to continue with my work.
Serizawa: I really want to at least have a proper conversation with Fujisaki.
Fumi: That would be impossible. I don’t know why, but he seems to view you as an enemy.
Serizawa: You don’t know why? Fumi really doesn’t know why?
Fumi: Isn’t it because his first impression of you was bad?
Serizawa: Despite finally becoming this pretty, but you haven’t changed on the inside at all.
Fumi: Pretty? That isn’t a compliment for a guy…

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5. Countless Times 2 (だから、何度でも2)

Fumi: Good morning!
Kouhai: Fumito senpai, good morning!
Fumi: You guys are so energetic, aren’t you nervous about today’s recording?
Itou: I am nervous! After all, we’re dancing together with Numero and accompanying KIX!
Aikawa: But above all, I’m really happy to be together with Fumito senpai! It feels really exhilarating to be able to dance together in such a huge location!
Fumi: Yes, yes, thank you! Huh? Itou, don’t look so worried!
Itou: Fumito senpai…
Fumi: You’ve practiced that much, it will be fine.
Itou: But, what if I failed…
Fumi: Don’t say things like that before you even try. Just give it your all today!
Itou: I will!
Fumi: Yea, good smile. Then Aikawa, what about you?
Aikawa: Fumito senpai, I saw it the other day.
Fumi: Huh? You saw what? Me?
Aikawa: I saw it with my eyes, you were hugging and kissing Serizawa Ryousuke-san!
Itou: Huh?! Aikawa, is that true?
Fumi: Wait, Aikawa… what are you…
Aikawa: What’s your relationship with that man? Are you two lovers?
Fumi: Lo…vers…? That’s obviously wrong! We’re just… friends…
Aikawa: You normally won’t hug and kiss like that… right? Right, Ichiya senpai?
Fumi: Huh? Ichiya sen… Fujisaki! When did you…
Ichiya: You won’t do that with a normal friend, that’s true.
Itou: Fumito senpai! What’s going on? That man isn’t a member of Numero right? Even so, would you kiss him?
Fumi: Aikawa! Wasn’t that something like a kiss on the cheek? If you said it in such a misleading way, I will get misunderstood!
Ichiya: Kiss on the cheek… You won’t even do something like that with a member right?
Fumi: Fujisaki! Why are you looking at me like that?! (Door opens)
Serizawa: Hello! Is Fumi around?
Fumi: Ryousuke! This is the worst!
Serizawa: Why are you getting all worked up, Fumi?
Fumi: What’s… the matter? Why?
Serizawa: Huh? Ah, I came because I had something extremely important to do.
Fumi: Something important?
Serizawa: Important like… seeing Fumi’s face. (Serizawa kisses Fumi)
Aikawa: Ah! He kissed him!
Ichiya: (Ichiya pushes Serizawa away) That drama should have been over a long time ago.
Serizawa: Ah… Fujisaki.
Ichiya: There’s no point in creating rumours now, right?
Serizawa: What if I told you that this has nothing to do with creating rumours?
Ichiya: Then this is even more troubling. If weird rumours were to start circulating because of this, Nikaidou would be the one who’s troubled.
Serizawa: Weird rumours huh? So you mean it would be fine if he clings onto you like that?
Ichiya: We are in the same group, isn’t it a given for us to get along well?
Serizawa: (Serizawa laughs) I definitely can’t become your group member… In that case, then should I just become his lover? It doesn’t seem like Fumi belongs to anyone yet, right?
Fumi: Ryousuke! Stop with this teasing, this isn’t something you can talk about in front of kids right?
Serizawa: You’re right, it might be useless to talk about this to kids. Well, I don’t think there are any other adults besides me in here.
Ichiya: You…
Mitsuhiko: Everyone, good morning! Huh, Serizawa-san is here too.
Shion: What’s going on, Nikaidou? Seems like everyone is getting a bit worked up, isn’t it time for the rehearsal soon?
Fumi: Right when things were about to get out of hand, it was Shion’s calm phrase which pulled us back to reality.
Fumi: The rule that we decided on, in order for us to reach the top; don’t let it affect our work. But when we returned to the dressing room after the filming, Ichiya changed before any of us and left first, saying that he had something on.
Shion: Fumito, do you want me to send you home? Ichiya seemed to be in a terrible mood.
Fumi: Ah, yea. (Fumi’s phone rings) Huh, a text? Ichiya…
Ichiya: Fu-chan, shall we go for a meal together…
Fumi: I’m sorry, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do, I’m going off first!
Shion: Huh? Nikaidou? (Fumi runs off)
Ichiya: You’re late.
Fumi: (Fumi pants) It can’t be helped, the elevator didn’t come so I decided to use the stairs.
Ichiya: The stairs? Stupid, is that why you’re so out of breath?
Fumi: Because you sent a mail telling me to come within 10 minutes!
Ichiya: Yea, if you didn’t come, I would have assumed that Serizawa was sending you home.
Fumi: It’s not like I’m involved with Ryousuke that way.
Ichiya: Doesn’t seem like he thinks so though.
Fumi: Oh, by the way, isn’t it Fujisaki’s birthday soon? Are you going to have a party at Ambiguous again? Like usual, reserving the whole place?
Ichiya: Probably so? Especially since I’ll be turning 20 this year.
Fumi: Fujisaki will be turning 20 huh? When we first met you still were 15? Or 16? You’ve really grown up…
Ichiya: But compared to someone, I’m still being put together with kids.
Fumi: Ah, that’s wrong… that is… Well, Ryousuke is already an uncle, from his point of view, we are still…
Ichiya: (Ichiya laughs) Nikaidou, why are you so frantic about this?
Fumi: I’m not… I’m not really frantic or anything.
Ichiya: Even now, you are still being frantic.
Fumi: What will you do… today?
Ichiya: I won’t go in anymore. Let’s stop this, Nikaidou.
Fumi: Stop this?
Ichiya: It has dragged on for too long, really.
Fumi: Out of the sudden… Why… why? Did you find someone whom you’re really in love with?
Ichiya: Yea, something like that. Don’t look so worried, it will be fine. I won’t do something like before and I’ll do my work properly. Shouldn’t you be glad? You were the one who has been carrying the heavier burden anyway.
Fumi: Don’t you have to do it one last time?
Ichiya: Stupid, you don’t have to try to accommodate me so much. Didn’t I tell you already, that I won’t do it with you anymore.
Fumi: Then, thanks for sending me here.
Ichiya:  Yea.
Fumi: We have a magazine shoot early tomorrow morning? Don’t oversleep.
Ichiya: I won’t. Nikaidou too, don’t oversleep on the train and miss your stop.
Fumi: I won’t!
Ichiya: Then, see you. Good night.
Fumi: Good night, Fujisaki. (Ichiya drives off)
The taillights of the car blurred and split into many pieces, and it was strangely beautiful. It definitely lasted too long for me to pretend that it was a dream. Even so, I would have been glad if it was a dream. The contract wasn’t a burden, but rather, it was a period of happiness. If I ever have the chance to say this, Ichiya, will you believe in me?

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6. Look at Me 1 (こっちを向いで1)

Serizawa: Ah, I’m sorry for doing that before your performance the other day.
Ichiya: That doesn’t answer my question.
Serizawa: Don’t look so scary. Does this have anything to do with Fujisaki-kun?
Ichiya: That doesn’t answer my…
Serizawa: Besides that, won’t you stop with your polite speech?
Ichiya: What?
Serizawa: I have a feeling that Fujisaki’s true feelings won’t get put across with polite speech.
Ichiya: Then, I’ll take your offer. Answer my question, do you like Nikaidou?
Serizawa: I like him, of course I do. If I didn’t liked him, I wouldn’t have held him, is that wrong? What is wrong with that? What does Fujisaki-kun want to do?
Ichiya: Nothing much, I just wanted to confirm something.
Serizawa: About what? About my feelings? Or your own feelings?
Ichiya: Well, I should thank you. If you haven’t appeared before me, I would have thought that time was unlimited for the two of us.
Serizawa: I see, so you were aware of it. So it’s “but I love him”, huh?
Ichiya: Good morning!
Shion: You’re late, Ichiya! Hurry up and get changed!
Ichiya: I’m sorry. Huh? Shion, where is Nikaidou? Is he late too?
Shion: No way, if you’re asking about Nikaidou, he got changed a looong time ago and got kidnapped by our kouhais.
Ichiya: What? Isn’t today’s outfit swimming trunks?
Mitsuhiko: Seems so. Since it’s summer, it would have been great if we were to have the photo shoot by the sea right?
Ichiya: Something like that doesn’t matter! Why did you let him go by himself? (Ichiya storms out)
Gorou: Wait a minute, Ichiya.
Ichiya: What, Gorou?
Gorou: You… if the two of you intend to hide it from us in future, then stop with that! Just stop it already.
Ichiya: I have no intentions of hiding it from you, I didn’t think that we could hide it from you all anyway.
Shion: Ichiya, are you serious about this?
Ichiya: Of course I am. I will bring him back from the kids’ dressing room.
Ichiya: Come on you guys, regardless of how kind Nikaidou is…
Itou: Ichiya senpai, Fumito senpai is!
Ichiya: Nikaidou, Nikaidou!
Fumi: Fujisaki…
Ichiya: When I touched the skinny body with bones sticking out, it felt extremely cold. It’s probably lack of sleep, malnutrition and anaemia.
You, what are you doing, unnerving the kids before the shoot?
Fumi: I’m… sorry…
Ichiya: It’s alright, stop talking.
Aikawa: Ichiya senpai, is Fumito senpai alright? We were the ones who made him push himself…
Ichiya: Huh? Oh it’s alright, it’s his own fault for not looking after his health. It’s not something you guys should worry yourselves over, right Nikaidou?
Fumi: Yea… I’m sorry, I just felt a little dizzy…
Aikawa: Then I’ll help you to your dressing room!
Itou: Me too! (Ichiya carries Fujisaki up)
Fumi: Uh, wait! Fujisaki, what are you doing!
Ichiya: What am I doing, carrying you?
Fumi: Ah, stop this!
Ichiya: The anaemic patient should just behave himself, aren’t you feeling unwell?
Fumi: Ichiya senpai, that’s unfair!
Ichiya: It’s not unfair, and you guys should just hurry up and get ready! Nikaidou should stop struggling too.  (Ichiya walks out of room)
Fumi: Let me down.
Ichiya: I don’t want to.
Fumi: There’s no need to continue acting, nobody is watching…
Ichiya: If our attitudes change drastically again, everyone else would be confused right?
Fumi: That is, true but…
Ichiya: On top of not sleeping well, you haven’t been eating much too have you? Weren’t you going to work properly?
Fumi: I will, of course I will! (Ichiya laughs) Why are you laughing?
Ichiya: Nikaidou, when you make such a face, it seems like you haven’t changed since back then.
Fumi: I know, unlike you, I’ve been ugly since then. I’m sorry about that! Anyway, let me down!
Ichiya: There you go. (Ichiya lets Fumi down)
Fumi: Anyway, Fujisaki, what are you thinking about?
Ichiya: Huh?
Fumi: I totally don’t get what you’re thinking about.
Ichiya: About you.
Fumi: Huh?
Ichiya: I have been thinking only about you.
Fumi: Uh?!
Shion: Both of you are so slow! We have to hurry to the studio.
Ichiya: What about Gorou and Mitsuhiko?
Shion: Since you guys were so slow, they started filming first. Come on Nikaidou, why are you spacing out for?
Fumi: Ah, uh… sorry.

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7. Look at Me 2 (こっちを向いで2)

Everyone: Happy Birthday!
Kouhai: Congratulations, Ichiya senpai!
Ichiya: Thank you.
Mitsuhiko: Ik-kun, congratulations!
Shion: I feel sort of dissatisfied that Ichiya is the one who’s turning 20 first though.
Ichiya: What’s with that dissatisfaction? Shion will 20 soon too right?
Gorou: Congratulations, Ichiya. This is from us members.
Ichiya: Thank you! Can I open it?
Gorou: You’re so impatient…
Ichiya: Whoa, it’s a watch! It must have been really expensive…
Shion: We pooled our money together to get one for you. Put it on!
Mitsuhiko: From now on, let’s work hard together too!
Ichiya: Yea, seriously, thank you!
Mitsuhiko: Come on, Fu-chan too.
Fumi: Huh? Oh… Huh? Ryousuke…
Serizawa: Fujisaki-kun, happy birthday!
Ichiya: Thank you so much, sorry to bother you despite your busy schedule.
Serizawa: It’s nothing, I’m glad you invited me. This wine is for you, you can drink alcohol from today onwards right?
Ichiya: Thank you so much, please enjoy yourself.
Serizawa: Of course, to have been invited here means that I will be entertained right, Fujisaki-kun?
Nachi: Ichiya! I’m sorry for being late. Congratulations on turning 20!
Ichiya: Nachi! Shin-san! You really came, Shin-san! Thank you, Nachi!
Nachi: This is from Shin and me.
Ichiya: Huh? A CD?
Nachi: I wrote the lyrics and Shin wrote the melody. Sing it at your concert or something.
Ichiya: Lyrics and melody… huh?! Seriously? This is amazing, I’m extremely happy! Shin-san, thank you so much! Nachi, thank you!
Shin: I only made it because Nachi begged me to. Anyway, you’re too close to Nachi.
Nachi: Wait a bit Shin! You should just go over to Kengo and the others!
Shin: Wait, Nachi what are you doing?
Nachi: Just go!
Shin: Damn, I got it. (Shin leaves)
Nachi: So, Ichiya, that is a love song with a happy ending. If possible, I would like you to sing it when you’re in the mood.
Ichiya: Nachi… I see. Then I should be able to sing it tomorrow.
Nachi: Tomorrow?
Ichiya: I have to introduce someone to Nachi too.
Nachi: Introduce? Ichiya?
Ichiya: Fumi! Fumi, you can hear me right? Fumi, come here for a bit!
Fumi: Stop that, I’m coming already!
Ichiya: Faster, Fumi, over here.
Fumi: You, what are you trying to do, Fujisaki?
Ichiya: About what?
Fumi: Don’t play dumb! You haven’t been calling me by that nickname since a long time ago! Why now?
Ichiya: It’s not something sudden, I’ve always been suppressing the urge to call you that. I was the one who gave you that nickname anyway.
Fumi: What? What have you been thinking since the other day? I don’t get the meaning!
Ichiya: I told you, that I’ve been thinking about only Fumi.
Fumi: That’s what I don’t understand… (Ichiya kisses Fumi) What… kind of prank is this, Fujisaki?
Ichiya: It’s not a prank, we messed up the sequence. Actually, things should start after this.
Fumi: I don’t get it.
Ichiya: I like you, I like Fumi.
Fumi: What… are you… talking.
Ichiya: Like, like, I like you, Fumi! (Fumi cries) Huh, Fumi? Wait, Fumi?
Fumi: Messing up the sequence, you’re really an idiot.
Ichiya: No, that is…
Fumi: The one who has messed it up was you, idiot!
Ichiya: Me?
Fumi: Because I said it before, that I like you, I told you that before!
Ichiya: That was from so long ago…
Fumi: But I have always been in love with Ichiya since then.
Ichiya: Fumi… Call me by my name again?
Fumi: Ichiya…
Ichiya: Fumi! (Ichiya hugs Fumi)
Fumi: I can’t breathe, Ichiya.
Ichiya: Let’s go home, Fumi.
Fumi: What is the today’s lead saying? Ah, wait Ichiya, don’t pull my arm so hard! Ichiya!
Ichiya: What?
Fumi: Are you seriously going home?
Ichiya: Of course I’m serious, hurry up!
Fumi: You shouldn’t be saying “hurry up”!
Gorou: It’s fine, just go home.
Fumi: Gorou…
Gorou: If not, Fumito, you might be attacked right here.
Shion: Come on, Nikaidou, you can leave already. Or rather, please leave. If we let the kouhai see any more of Ichiya’s stupidity, he will lose his dignity as a senpai.
Serizawa: Isn’t that right? I’ve seen something quite interesting.
Fumi: Shion, Ryousuke…
Mitsuhiko: Isn’t this great? Fu-chan and Ik-kun, congratulations!
Kouhai: Fumito senpai!
Ichiya: With that, Fumi is mine, so all of you should just give up.
Fumi: Idiot, what are you talking about, who is yours?
Ichiya: (Ichiya laughs) Then that’s it, thanks for today!

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8. Look at Me 3 (こっちを向いで3)

Ichiya: Fumi, I like you. Fumi, let’s go into the room.
Fumi: Yea.
Ichiya: If you cling onto me like this, I won’t be able to move. Should I carry you?
Fumi: Yea.
Ichiya: Huh? By “yea” you mean…
Fumi: If we don’t stick together, I might wake up.
Ichiya: Huh?
Fumi: This could be just a dream. If that’s the case, until I wake up from this dream, I want to cling tightly to Ichiya.
Ichiya: There’s no way this can be a dream.
Fumi: You can’t be too sure, because I’ve seen this a few times before, this dream where Ichiya tells me that he loves me too, where I get hugged and kissed. But, after the dreams, morning will come without fail and I will think to myself, I knew it. I knew that it was a dream. That’s why, this might be a dream too right?
Ichiya: Fumito had been hurt and suffered a lot, but even so, he kept his feelings of love for me strong and now, he is in my arms. This really seems like a miracle. If I think about it seriously, this is definitely a miracle.
Fumi… I like you, I love you! (They kiss) This is where we first kissed.
Fumi: You said that it was anaesthetic, that it wasn’t a kiss.
Ichiya: Then I’m taking it back. That was our first kiss.
Fumi: That’s too convenient.
Ichiya: Let’s confirm that this isn’t a dream, Fumi.
Fumi: (Fumi laughs) Ichiya, that line was a bit cheesy.
Ichiya: Shut up! Even if you thought so, just let it go! Anyway, you won’t have the time to see that sort of dreams anymore.
Fumi: That should be my line.
Ichiya: Huh? This button can’t be undone.
Fumi: I’ll take it off myself.
Ichiya: I’m sorry. Somehow I seem rather uncool.
Fumi: Why?
Ichiya: Because it isn’t even our first time but I’m getting all nervous.
Fumi: No, it is our first time.
Ichiya: Huh?
Fumi: This is the first time we’re doing this after clarifying about our feelings for each other. I’m getting really nervous too.
Ichiya: It’s true, Fumi’s heart is beating really fast.
Fumi: Stupid, you don’t have to say that out.
Ichiya: Fumi, you’re getting so wet.
Fumi: Why did you decide that it’s mine?
Ichiya: Because Fumi is really sensitive.
Fumi: Ichiya is sensitive too.
Ichiya: Ah… Fumi…
Fumi: See? I knew it, it’s not just mine.
Ichiya: You… that’s rather lusty.
Fumi: I’m probably more lusty than Ichiya.
Ichiya: Fumi… Fumi! Stop it!
Fumi: What?
Ichiya: Don’t ask me what, if you continue with this, then I’ll be the only one…
Fumi: It’s fine, its Ichiya’s birthday today anyway.
Ichiya: That’s not the issue! By the way, you… haven’t congratulated me… yet.
Fumi: I said it didn’t I?
Ichiya: I didn’t hear it!
Fumi: Congratulations, Ichiya.
Ichiya: I’m saying, stop it!
Fumi: I can’t stop.
Ichiya: What? Fumi?
Fumi: Ichiya, I’ve been waiting for a long time, suppressing my feelings. Even though I’ve told myself countless times to give up, I wasn’t able to at all. That’s why I won’t wait or stop, I don’t want to.
Ichiya: Fumi…
Fumi: Also, what would you do if this was a dream?
Ichiya: You… are you still saying things like that?
Fumi: Because, we have to connect properly, if not I won’t feel secure. Ichiya, you’ve rejected me once. You ended the contract by yourself too, you turned your back on me.
Ichiya: Fumi…
Fumi: Weren’t you the one who told me to confirm that this isn’t a dream? Do you not want me anymore?
Ichiya: There’s no way I wouldn’t want you anymore, I want everything about you. Fumi’s everything, please give it to me.
Fumi: That’s why…
Ichiya: That’s why, let’s enjoy ourselves.
Fumi: Ichiya… Ichiya?
Ichiya: Fumi, open your legs wider.
Fumi: Wait, what… what’s with this position? Isn’t it weird?
Ichiya: Weird, I said we are going to enjoy ourselves.
Fumi: But why am I on top?
Ichiya: It will be impossible for me to be on top of you because of our size difference. The one who goes on top would have to open his legs.
Fumi: Idiot, let it go, Ichiya! Ichiya… Stop it…
Ichiya: Come on, you should get to work too.
Fumi: Don’t joke with me… That… I don’t like it. Stop it, Ichi… ichi…
Ichiya: I’ve put the gel in.
Fumi: Ichiya… Ichiya…
Ichiya: Fumi, does it feel good? (Fumi nods) Fumi, I want to do it now.
Fumi: Me too, I want to connect with Ichiya quick.
Ichiya: Fumi, I love you!
Fumi: Ichiya…
Ichiya: Fumi…
Fumi: Ichiya… Ichi… ya… I love you, I love you!

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9. And, We Kiss 1 (そして、キスして1)

Fumi: Ichiya, it’s fine, I’ll do it myself.
Ichiya: Was I too rough?
Fumi: I can dry my hair myself. You, since yesterday you’ve been spoiling me too much.
Ichiya: Is that so?
Fumi: Yes, if you spoil me that much, I’ll get too ahead of myself. I’ll become so selfish that you won’t like me anymore. What?
Ichiya: It’s fine, just get as conceited as you like, I won’t mind it no matter how selfish you become. I will never withdraw from you, so limit that to only me.
Fumi: Ichiya…
Shin: The same today as yesterday, I made you angry…
Fumi: Huh? Did Shin-san release this song?
Ichiya: (Ichiya laughs) I got it.
Fumi: Huh? What do you mean?
Ichiya: This was a birthday present from Shin-san and Nachi.
Fumi: Are you serious? This is the original? (Ichiya nods) This is amazing!
Shin: To put these overflowing feelings into words.
Fumi: This song, feels like it’s talking about Ichiya and me. But that might just be a self-serving bias. I need to keep myself in check.
This is?
Ichiya: Nachi told me to sing this when I’m happy.
Fumi: It’s a good song.
Ichiya: That’s why I think this song is about us, probably.
Fumi: Aren’t you too conceited?
Ichiya: I’m not! Nachi definitely meant it to be that way… Gees, don’t say something so uncute, I’ve decided to be cool. Ah, I told Nachi that I’ll introduce Fumi to him but I didn’t.
Fumi: Introduce?
Ichiya: Yea, after I got the CD, I saw nobody but Fumi.
Fumi: Ah… is that so…
Ichiya: Say, Fumi, I’ve always want to ask you something.
Fumi: What?
Ichiya: You, the piercing on your right ear lobe…
Fumi: Right? This has closed a long time ago though…
Ichiya: The one who helped you pierce it… was it Serizawa?
Fumi: So it really bothers you, who helped me pierce it.
Ichiya: Of course, I was really bothered by it!
Fumi: (Fumi laughs) It was a doctor, I went to a clinic.
Ichiya: Huh? Doctor?
Fumi: After I consulted Ryousuke about it, he told me that I should go to a professional to get it done. Then what was I doing, letting you pierce my other ear back then?
Ichiya: (Ichiya sighs in relief) Is that so? I see, doctor huh. So it was a doctor!
Fumi: Are you relieved?
Ichiya: Yea!
Fumi: Ah, wait, don’t accelerate so suddenly! That’s dangerous!
It became a norm for Ichiya to come to my room daily, just like a long time ago. To be able to laugh beside him, that feels sort of…
Ichiya: This feels sort of happy!
Fumi: Huh? Ichi…ya?
Ichiya: What’s that? Did you see something interesting?
Fumi: Nothing much.
Shin: Ah, I already knew it, to be in the same era and to have met in the same place, this is such a miracle~

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10. And, We Kiss 2 (そして、キスして2)

Ichiya: Fumi! What are you spacing out for? Don’t tell me you’re nervous?
Fumi: Of course I’d be nervous! It’s Numero’s debut on TV. Isn’t Ichiya nervous?
Ichiya: I’m super nervous! (Both of them laughs) It took a long time, didn’t it? Thank you, Fumi.
Fumi: Huh?
Ichiya: Even though I’ve hurt you so much, despite all that, you stayed by my side. For that, thank you.
Fumi: What are you talking about…
Ichiya: For not giving up on me and continuing to love me, I’m really grateful for that. I was really dense, if you hadn’t said it, I won’t have realised it for the rest of my life. And I probably won’t be able to be here, in that case.
Fumi: Ichiya…
Ichiya: If I really think about it, aren’t we amazing?
Fumi: What about us?
Ichiya: Before we even met, we chose to be born in the same era, entered the same company and even got into the same group. After that… even though it was coincidental, even so… (Fumi starts crying) Ah, Fumi, don’t cry! It’s our debut, you’ll look ugly!
Fumi: Shut up! It’s Ichiya’s fault. (Ichiya kisses Fumi) What… are you doing, think of the place!
Ichiya: But you stopped cryin, didn’t you? It’s just like the other time, but this time it really worked.
Shion: (Door opens) Ah so you were here. It’s time!
Ichiya: Shion!
Shion: Come on, hurry up!
Ichiya: I know! Rather than that, Shion, aren’t you nervous?
Shion: Yea I am, of course. But, today isn’t the goal, but the start right? It all begins from here. We have to enjoy it!
Ichiya: Ah, I knew it, Shion is really something.
Shion: Isn’t it?
Mitsuhiko: Ik-kun, Fu-chan, Shi-chan!
Gorou: You guys, stop messing around and hurry up!
Ichiya: Then shall we go, Fumi?
Fumi: Yea, let’s go, Ichiya!
Up till today, and from today onwards, the future is ours with endless possibilities. And beside me, there will always be Ichiya, you.

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