Koushounin Series 01: Koushounin wa Damaranai Disc 1 – Translation

Koushounin Series (1)

Title: Koushounin wa Damaranai (交渉人は黙らない) Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Hirakawa Daisuke (子安武人×平川大輔)
Related drama(s): ② Koushounin wa Utagawanai
Contents: Disc 1

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Disc 2

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Extras: Novel except with Mebuki’s explanations on riddle

Track 1

Waitress: Please enjoy your tea, Mister.
Man: Oh, thank you.
Kuzumoto: What? Who the hell are you? Where is Mizuno?
Man: Huh?
Mebuki: Thank you so much for coming here today, I am here on behalf of Mizuno Tomohiko, please call me Mebuki. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. (Mebuki presents name card)
Kuzumoto: What’s this, N-ne…nego…negochii?
Mebuki: Negotiator, it means a mediator.
Kuzumoto: Hmph. So? I’ve already settled things with Mizuno.
Mebuki: Mizuno-san is hoping for the refund of the deposit.
Kuzumoto: What are you talking about? He dirtied that room that badly, it doesn’t make any sense to ask for a refund.
Mebuki: “That badly”, specifically, how much was it dirtied?
Kuzumoto: I showed him the bill from the cleaning company, didn’t I? The tar marks on the wallpaper and the burn marks on the tatami were horrible.
Mebuki: That’s weird, Mizuno-san is a non-smoker. I’ve also gotten a testimony from his close friend in university.
Kuzumoto: As if his close friend’s words can be used as proof.
Mebuki: You’re not wrong, but there’s no proof that he was smoking in secret too, right? Is there?
Kuzumoto: You’re irritating, there isn’t!
Man: So he’s a negotiator? Looks like it will be an interesting skit. Let me be entertained for some time.
Mebuki: Even if Mizuno-san was indeed smoking in the room, he doesn’t have an obligation to pay for the repairs of the wallpaper. The tar marks should be treated like mould in the bathroom, as normal damage.
Kuzumoto: What are you saying? Are you trying to say that the landlord can’t complain no matter how messed up the room gets?
Mebuki: That will depend on the level. Listen properly, the obligation to restore the room to its original condition does not mean returning the room in the exact same condition, state and appearance as the start. Just because the tatami will get shined on by the sun, will there be someone who live without opening the windows? Besides that, this property doesn’t have shutters. In other words, even if nobody lives in that room, the tatami will still get hit by sunlight. Am I wrong?
Kuzumoto: Well, more or less.
Mebuki: It’s not more or less, it’s under normal circumstances that it will get burnt. In this case, I can’t say that the lessee, Mizuno-san, had been negligent with his duty of diligence and obligation to take care of the property. Furthermore, this. (Mebuki shows the punk something) To say that the cleaning fees for a room is 170,000 yen is rather… Oh that’s right, I haven’t asked for your name yet. You work at Nemoto Real Estate?
Kuzumoto: No, I’m not related to Nemoto Real Estate, I’m part of its subsidiaries. Kuzumoto.
Waitress: Sorry to have kept you waiting, here is your Anmitsu. (a dessert with syrup covered red bean jam and fruits)
Kuzumoto: I didn’t order this!
Mebuki: Oh, I ordered it. Do you dislike sweet things?
Kuzumoto: No…
Mebuki: Then please help yourself! I love it too!
Waitress: P-please enjoy it.
Mebuki: This place’s anmitsu is really delicious, I knew it, anmitsu tastes best with brown sugar syrup.
Kuzumoto: That’s right! Brown sugar syrup is the way to go!
Mebuki: By the way, Kuzumoto-san, are you from the west?
Kuzumoto: What? Yea, I am.
Mebuki: I knew it! Osaka?
Kuzumoto: No, I’m from Kagawa.
Mebuki: Kagawa! Then, Takamatsu?
Kuzumoto:  Kotohira.
Mebuki: Oh… Konpirasan. (a shrine in Kotohira)
Kuzumoto: Have you been there before?
Mebuki: I can sing that, “Konpira fune fune oite ni hokakete shura shu shu shu”
Kuzumoto: Eh? You’re good at it! Are you from Kagawa too?
Mebuki: Yes, I’m from that area.
Kuzumoto: Then do you know that udon shop? The one on line 11, right before the middle school!
Mebuki: Ah, the one with the grandma and grandpa? The one with the great soup?
Kuzumoto: That’s right! The one with the dried salmon is the best! In comparison, the udon in Tokyo is so hopeless.
Mebuki: I totally agree, that black broth…
(Both Mebuki and Kuzumoto laughs)
Mebuki: Oh it’s already this time, shall we wrap this up soon? I don’t want to trouble Kuzumoto-san too.
Kuzumoto: In that case, just ask Mizuno to pay up.
Mebuki: No, give me a break. I also have to answer to a paying customer, to say “the negotiation failed” will ruin my reputation. Besides that, keep this talk in here. Mizuno-san’s father is a rather wise man, if it doesn’t get settled, he might go to a lawyer.
Kuzumoto: That will be quite bad.
Mebuki: In this case, Nemoto Real Estate will be at a disadvantage. Eh, here (Mebuki takes out some papers) look at this documents. It’s the market rate for house cleaning. For a room, it’s actually 30,000 yen. If it is a small case, they will probably be awarded 35,000 yen.
Kuzumoto: (Kuzumoto ponders in silence)
Mebuki: Say, Kuzumoto-san. If I were you, I’ll settle it with a 30,000 yen refund.
Kuzumoto: 30,000 yen, then it wouldn’t make much of a difference!
Mebuki: No no, it makes a huge difference! It will be settled without anyone having to go to court, there won’t be any rumours going around saying that Nemoto Real Estate is trouble.
Kuzumoto: Rumours, huh? You’re got a point… Oh wait a minute, let me go back to check with the higher-ups.
Mebuki: Oh is that so… I guess you can’t make a prompt decision. Is that so… can we make it in time?
Kuzumoto: What?
Mebuki: Oh, it’s nothing. Actually Mizuno-san’s mother is another person who is hard to deal with, I’m supposed to give her a call later. She was saying something about lodging a report with the consumers welfare centre if things doesn’t get settled…
Kuzumoto: What’s that?! What an irritating woman! In that case, what’s the easiest way to settle this?
Mebuki: Oh, then you can quickly sign on this documents. After that you can make a bank transfer of 30,000 yen. I will persuade the parents to not make a fuss out of this. If making the transfer is bothersome, then I will accompany you to the ATM.
Kuzumoto: Right now?
Mebuki: Of course, if Kuzumoto-san doesn’t find it troublesome, then a bank transfer is fine too. But it will leave a record on the bankbook. (Kuzumoto thinks, Mebuki’s phone rings) Oh, please excuse me. (Mebuki reads a text) My my, what an impatient person. Nothing will get resolved by going to the police…
Kuzumoto: Oi, what did you just say? Who is that text from?
Mebuki: No, it’s fine…
Kuzumoto: It’s not fine! Come on, let’s go to the ATM! Come with me!
Mebuki: I understand. Oh, I’ll get the bill. Please go ahead.
Kuzumoto: Then I’ll take a smoke.
Man: So it’s a success. That Kuzumoto punk hasn’t even realised that he was skilfully coaxed. This negotiator has quite a few tricks up his sleeves.
Mebuki: I’m sorry.
Man: Huh?
Mebuki: We were making such a ruckus just beside you. I was worried that your parfait might have gotten bad.
Man: (Man laughs) No no, I didn’t mind it.
He has quite a pretty face. With such an attractive appearance and this intellect, it won’t be easy for him to survive in this world.
So you’re a negotiator? It seems tough.
Mebuki: No way, it just seems high class with all the English words but I’m just a mediator. My office is in Midorichou. If you have the need, please visit us.
Thank you. By the way, where were you really born at?
Mebuki: (Mebuki laughs) I was born and raised in Tokyo. The black broth udon is my favourite, this will be our secret. See you! (Mebuki leaves the shop)
Waitress: Here’s your coffee.
Man: No I didn’t order that.
Waitress: It’s from the customer who just left, the cooler one who was sitting just there. He noticed that Mister’s cup was empty and said that you might be thirsty.
Man: (Man laughs) Is that so?
So I was being spied on too. Mebuki Akira? He’s a man whom I shouldn’t underestimate.

Koushounin Series (4)

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Track 2

Mebuki: The 30,000 yen should have been returned. It’s fine, they were well aware of the fact that when the time comes, they will lose. There are many others who wouldn’t ask for the refund and accept the situation meekly. At times like this, that is where we come in. So about the payment, as discussed before, we will take a third as the remuneration. Please transfer over a third of 30,000 yen tomorrow… Oops…
Oh no, I spilled the tea! Will Sayuri-san scold me tomorrow…
Oh I’m sorry about that. In future if you have any issues requiring a mediator, kindly remember us. At Mebuki Nego Office, besides international disputes and marriage quarrels, we entertain all requests. Yes, thank you so much. (Mebuki hangs up) So that’s one case solved.
In Tokyo, Midorichou, it has been 5 months since I opened this office in this lower part of town. I’m sure Shinjuku and Shibuya area will have more requests, but I don’t have the intention to work too hard. I feel that it is sufficient as long as I have enough to feed myself. The staffs of this office include Sayuri-san and a part-timer, Kio. There’s just the 3 of us. (Door opens) Oh, so Kio is back.
Did you buy my beef ribs bento? I’ll be bringing in the tea soon.
As usual, no reply from him. Well, I’m no stranger to Kio’s reticence.
That’s right, the case of the deposit return has been resolved so please prepare the documents for it. Nemoto Real Estate should start being more careful from now on. Well, if it’s just punks of that level, it will be an easy job. It’s that, people like the yakuza or street punks, they are always using violence instead of their brains so their brain cells shrink over time. That’s why it’s easy to get them to follow my pace. That’s right, Sayuri-san brought in some pickled vegetables. I’ll go get it so Kio, just come here to get the tea. Sayuri-san’s pickled vegetables are really yummy!
Hyoudou: Is this the tea you were talking about?
Mebuki: (Mebuki startles) Who is this? I thought it was definitely Kio…
Hyoudou: What an aroma, it has been a long time since I last drank Houji tea. Can I have some?
Mebuki: No you can’t.
Wearing such an expensive-looking suit, this guy can’t be an ordinary man. He doesn’t appear to be just a regular punk, he must be of some rank. He has a face that women would fawn over, but this feels like déjà vu. Have I met him before somewhere?
I don’t care who you are or where you are from, I’ll be troubled if you just come in of your own accord. We have closed for the day, please leave quietly.
Hyoudou: This looks like a really good office, but doesn’t it seem a little dreary? It would be good to have some paintings on these walls.
Mebuki: I don’t need any paintings. Can you move?
Hyoudou: Of course, I’m sorry. (Mebuki walks out of the pantry)
Hakuta: If you don’t need any paintings, how about some flowers?
Mebuki: (Mebuki stops short) Another person appeared.
I don’t know which group you guys are from, but we don’t need paintings, flowers or good luck crystals.
Hyoudou: Don’t say something like that, at least consider it.
Mebuki: Harassment for protection money is against the law. If you’re too pushy, I’m calling the police.
Hyoudou: “I will call the police” huh? You’re really something for saying that in the face of yakuza without batting an eyelid. Right, Hakuta-san?
Hakuta: Yes.
Hyoudou: Even though you still look the same, you seemed to have matured quite a fair bit on the inside, Mebuki senpai.
Mebuki: (Mebuki gets shocked) He said senpai? Did I have a junior like that?
Hyoudou: To think that senpai would set up an event office in our area.
Mebuki: We are not an event office.
Hyoudou: Oh, a settlement office?
Mebuki: Wrong, mediator. Negotiator.
Hyoudou: Negotiator? Nego-house then.
Mebuki: Don’t give weird nicknames. Anyway, who are you? I don’t have yakuza juniors.
Hyoudou: (Hyoudou snorts and move towards Mebuki) What a terrible person. Have you forgotten about me? Stop moving away from me.
Mebuki: I’m not.
Actually, I am. My body is moving of its own accord. I was trying to put on a strong front but, why? Damn it, this man is dangerous…
Hyoudou: Senpai. I’m going to make you mine.
Mebuki: … Are you Hyoudou?
Hyoudou: So you finally remembered?
Mebuki: What’s with those glasses? They don’t suit you.
Hyoudou: Is that so? I heard that you’re a sharp and discerning person from the boss, so I thought I should try putting on glasses to not frighten anyone.
Mebuki: It’s useless. No matter what kind of disguise you put on, your yakuza aura is overflowing. Move it. (Mebuki moves towards the front door) Get out.
Hyoudou: It’s so unexpected. You were an honour student who couldn’t even harm a fly, seems like you’ve changed a lot. I heard that you became a policeman…
Mebuki: I quit that a long time ago.
Hyoudou: After that you became a lawyer…
Mebuki: I quit that too. Wait a minute, why do you know so much?
Hyoudou: You were the top student of your academic year. Hailing from pedigree family full of elites, I thought you were someone of a different league. But why are you here? Why did you quit the police force?
Mebuki: It didn’t suit me.
Hyoudou: Lawyer?
Mebuki: It didn’t suit me more. Things of the past don’t matter anymore, I’m a mediator now. Just like this, I’ve opened my own office and I’m working. This is my territory. I don’t care if you’re yakuza or the president, I won’t tolerate anyone whom I can’t stand and I won’t give in to threats. If you don’t want me to call the police, then get lost immediately.
Hyoudou: If you want to operate an events office in this neighbourhood, you would still need our permission, even just as a formality.
Mebuki: I told you that we are not an events office!
Hyoudou: Oh, nego-house?
Mebuki: At least call us a mediation office!
Hyoudou: It’s the same either way. Senpai, if you do what I say, nothing bad will happen to you.
Mebuki: Stop with the “senpai”.
Hyoudou: Then if you’re fine with me calling you Akira…
Mebuki: (Mebuki hesistates) Just stick with senpai.
Hyoudou: Senpai, we have always been a homely and welcoming group. We have no intentions of being harsh on ordinary people.
Mebuki: In that case, shouldn’t you be leaving me alone?
Hyoudou: If the person in charge here wasn’t senpai, then I might have left it alone. But you entered my territory. That’s why, you are already mine. That’s all.
Mebuki: What? Is your head filled with worms or something?
Hyoudou: Your face has remained pretty but your mouth has gotten so dirty.
Mebuki: Pretty? Who are you talking about?
Hyoudou: Even though you have aged, you are still pretty. Looking at your flawless skin, nobody would think that you’re in your thirties. Say, Hakuta-san, this man was such a pretty boy when he was in middle school.
Hakuta: I can see that.
Hyoudou: He was like a frail white rose. But he was bad at making friends so he was always alone, never mixing with others. That aloofness attracted many girls, and also guys. (Hyoudou advances on Mebuki) But he never realised it.
Mebuki: Hyoudou, that’s enough! (Hyoudou forces a kiss on Mebuki and Mebuki bites his tongue)
Hyoudou: Won’t that hurt? Back then, you also bit my tongue. That was a painful kiss, I’ve been bitten.
Mebuki: That was a misfortune.
Hyoudou: It was cool before, but it has turned passionate. Senpai, if you’re thinking that you can escape from me, that’s a big mistake.
Mebuki: Don’t kid me.
Hyoudou: Are you that afraid of yakuza?
Mebuki: I’m not afraid, I just hate you all.
Hyoudou: I will be back.
Mebuki: Don’t joke with me, Never come…
Kio: Huh?
Mebuki: Kio…
Hyoudou: Oh, another pretty face is here. How old are you? Do you have Russian blood in you? How would you like to work at one of our clubs? You will earn more than being a mediator.
Kio: I don’t want to.
Hyoudou: Is that so, then take good care of your pretty boss here. Then senpai, see you again (Hyoudou walks out)
Mebuki: Don’t come back! In future, don’t ever step in here again!
Hyoudou: You’re saying it with such an amorous expression.
Mebuki: Just get lost!
Hyoudou: Wow, scary. (Door shuts after the two)
Mebuki: Why him of all people, why now? Hyoudou Jyuetsu, why didn’t I recognise him? That look of his hasn’t changed since 14 years ago. That unwavering gaze which pierces through me as though he’s looking down on me. To think that someone I never want to meet again has appeared before me as a yakuza.
Kio, did you know who they were?
Kio: Mm. Suou group.
Mebuki: Suou group, the one with affiliations to Shinwakai? The one in glasses, is he in the leader’s ranks?
Kio: He’s the young boss.
Mebuki: What? Then he’s next in line to be the boss? How about the other one, the boring-looking old man?
Kio: Hakuta, the guard of the young boss. He’s strong.
Mebuki: Are you serious?
Kio: Are they your friends?
Mebuki: Well, Hyoudou was one year my junior in middle school. We were just schoolmates. That one is smart, smart yakuzas are the worst.

Koushounin Series (5)

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Track 3

Mebuki: The school I attended was a prominent theological school in the area. I don’t remember when the first time I saw him was, but I do remember that he was a prominent student. Even though he’s a delinquent kid, his results are always top. He seems to be a lone wolf who’s unbeatable at mah-jong, and I heard that he’s even involved with killing people… the rumours surrounding him were exaggerated and wild. We weren’t in the same year, there should have been no point of contact between us, until September of my second year. That day I was just napping as usual at a small preparation room where I could catch a quiet nap at, unlike at home. That was the only place where I could gain momentary respite in.
Hyoudou: What, so you aren’t dead? You were sleeping with such a pale face that I thought you weren’t breathing anymore.
Mebuki: Wh-why is this guy… here?
I… I’m alive…
Hyoudou: Hm? Aren’t you actually dead? You just haven’t realised it, but hasn’t your heart stopped long ago? You are always walking around with a ghost-like face…
Mebuki: Do you know me?
Hyoudou: I know you, Mebuki senpai.
Mebuki: How?
Hyoudou: Well, you’re the top of your academic year and your father is a famous elite in the ministry. With that face of yours which can easily land you a career in the entertainment industry, the girls won’t stop talking about you.
Mebuki: I’ve had no memories of being talked about…
Hyoudou: If you mean that, then I guess you’re really dense. Let me confirm it. (Hyoudou pushes Mebuki down)
Mebuki: Wha-what are you…
Hyoudou: Let me confirm whether you are really alive. (Hyoudou places his hand at Mebuki’s heart) So it’s pumping.
Mebuki: I can’t breathe, move your hand away.
Hyoudou: So your body is alive. You’re a rich boy with no deficiency, why are you walking around with those dead eyes? It irritates me. (Hyoudou tightens his grip on Mebuki’s neck)
Mebuki: L-let me go, what are you doing…
Hyoudou: I feel like messing up people who look like they are half dead.
Mebuki: I can’t breathe… Why? Why must I be strangled by this person? (Door slides open)
Baba: Huh? What are you playing with?
Hyoudou: It’s nothing, Baba.
Baba: Huh? What’s wrong?
Hyoudou: Leave it! Let’s go.
Baba: What was that?
Mebuki: Half dead. Back then, that was what Hyoudou called me. I was certainly a kid who was as good as dead. Those restrictive days when I could only live as an honour student, I was lost in an unknown darkness without knowing why I was alive. I only conversed with Hyoudou twice. This time and once more on the day of graduation. That day in spring, Hyoudou completely killed off the remaining half of me.
Punk 1: Oi, what ya looking at?
Sayuri: Should we call the police?
Mebuki: Hm… if possible I want to avoid that…
Sayuri: Director, even though you hate the yakuza, you also hate the police too… But if 3 of those bad characters sit in front of the building, it will be troubling the customers of the beauty salon downstairs too.
Mebuki: Well, I guess I shall try talking to them then. They look extremely stupid, but they should at least understand Japanese.
3 days after Hyoudo’s appearance, the harassment has been continuing for a consecutive few days. 15 large pizzas were delivered to our office yesterday even though no one made such an order. Someone must have broken into our office and made the order with our phone.
Sayuri: What’s with these cigarette butts?
Punk 1: What? You’re irritating, old hag.
Sayuri: Brat, at your age, shouldn’t you know better than dirtying public property? Besides that, to have suspicious characters like you loitering around here is a serious bother! Get lost before we call the police!
Punk 1: (Punk spits on the ground) This old hag is really getting ahead of herself!
Sayuri: What? Are you going to punch this frail old woman? Huh?
Punk 2: Oi, hold it. I get it, we won’t smoke. But this shouldn’t be part of your building, is there any law that says that we can’t stand here?
Mebuki: There is. There is an ordinance against disturbance of peace. If a group gathers and loiters at a public area or public building, they are not to use foul language at passers-by, visitors, display creepiness or exhibit the strengths of street gangs, or any other actions to cause anxiety… do you understand?
Punk 1: What? Aren’t you the one who’s telling us to move even though we aren’t doing anything at all?
Mebuki: Then let me ask you, if you aren’t doing anything then why is there a need for you to be here?
Punk 1: That is… well that is, because we want to be here!
Mebuki: Why do you want to be here?
Punk 1: Because we just do!
Mebuki: When the time comes, those words won’t be of any use. It will be concluded that you are here due to reasons which cannot be known by others. You guys have been loitering in front of the same building for more than 30 minutes. In addition, the way you are dressed looks intimidating. It’s only logical to conclude that you will invoke fear from the surrounding people.
Punk 1: Don’t kid me, it’s my own choice to wear what I want!
Mebuki: You are right. But it is also my choice to feel fearful of the way you’re dressed.
Punk 1: Don’t twist logic around!
Mebuki: I will twist it! To live by twisting logic and complicating reasoning is my work. In the first place, reasoning is what governs all living things. It’s something critical. If you people can’t manipulate it, which means that you haven’t been doing something proper. If you have to stay here regardless of anything, try to explain it to me in a logical manner!
Punk 1: Don’t ramble about things I don’t understand! (Punk punches Mebuki)
Sayuri: What did you just do?!
Mebuki: I’m fine, Sayuri-san should just return to the office first.
Sayuri: If it leaves a scar, it would be bad!
Mebuki: I’m fine so don’t worry. If the situation gets worse, call the police.
Sayuri: I-I understand. (Sayuri returns inside)
Punk 1: Che, so the old hag has finally decided to return home.
Mebuki: Can you see this cut on my lip? You punched me even though I didn’t touch you. It’s a perfect case of an assault.
Punk 1: Then sue me. I’ll make sure you get something worse afterwards.
Mebuki: I see. If I report this matter you will seek revenge by inflicting pain on me. It’s done, the recording of a threat.
Punk 1: Wha?! Were you recording it all? This bastard!
Mebuki: You yakuza people are always like that, threatening others. But the only thing I have to protect now is just this office. My parents are already dead and I have no siblings. Unfortunately I don’t have a lover either. This office is my last fortress. That’s why there’s no way I will give in to your threats. I’ll say this first, even though I don’t look it, I was once a lawyer. When I have to do it, I will give it my all. Tell this to Hyoudou.
Punk 2: Hyoudou?
Punk 1: Where did that name come from?
Punk 2: What did you… What?
Punk 1: Oi, when you said Hyoudou you don’t mean… Ah!
Punk 2: What are you doing?! Who are you!
Hakuta: Sorry to have imposed on you the other day.
Punk 1: This man… when did he?!
Punk 2: Hold it, this is bad. It’s Hakuta.
Punk 1: What? You’re saying that he’s Hakuta?!
Hyoudou: You shouldn’t be playing around with someone else’s toy.
Punk 2: This man too?
Hyoudou: This man was my senpai in school. Hakuta-san, release that man. This is the office of a senpai whom I’ve been indebted to, I can’t not take care of it. So I’m sorry but you guys would have to call it a day here. Please say hello to uncle Uzawa for me. There should be no problem about this, right? Or, are you really that concerned about this Nego-house? Huh? Do you want to have a body conversation with our Hakuta?
Punk 2: That… there’s no need for that. I didn’t know that you… that the Suou group is involved here. It’s just that one of our young ones were chased away by the old woman here as she threw dirty water on them. That’s why, we just wanted to trouble them a bit.
Hyoudou: (Hyoudou chuckles) I can sympathise. If that’s the case, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Shouldn’t you disappear before the police is called?
Punk 2: Yes. (the punks hurried away)
Hyoudou: Oh I nearly forgot, wait. (the punks stopped) Which one was it?
Mebuki: Oi, get away! What about which one?
Hyoudou: The one who hit senpai… was it the baldy?
Mebuki: It’s not, this isn’t anything major.
Hyoudou: Then the one with the pierce?
Mebuki: (Mebuki hesitates)… I’m saying…
Hyoudou: (Hyoudou walks up to the punk with the pierce and breaks one of his fingers) I’ll let you off with a finger today. Shouldn’t you feel glad? If it was serious enough to leave a scar on his face, I would have broken about 3 of your fingers. After that it will be your arms and legs. I’m sure you don’t want to be wheelchair-bound do you? (Punk shakes head vigorously) Then let this be a lesson to you. If you stop using your brains, your brain cells will start shrinking.
Punk 2: We understand, please let us off today. Come on let’s go.
Mebuki: Damn yakuzas.
Hyoudou: Yea you’re right. I hate it when others touch my belongings. When it comes to people of my profession, there has to be a certain level of talking with the fists. Well, I won’t do anything attention grabbing, I don’t want to go to prison again.
Mebuki: By “again”… you mean you’ve been in prison before?
Hyoudou: Well… for about 3 years, It was a result of my youthful vitality. Besides that, senpai, you left me all alone and were getting along so well with those punks… isn’t that too much?
Mebuki: So they weren’t your underlings?
Hyoudou: Those senseless punks? Please stop that. Their attire was atrocious.
Mebuki: Aren’t all yakuza void of fashion sense?
Hyoudou: I wonder about that generalisation. Those were the underlings of the Uzawa group.
Mebuki: I see. I thought it was your harassment.
Hyoudou: What a false accusation. That’s why I should have prepared the flowers yesterday. If they knew that you were with me, this wouldn’t have happened.
Mebuki: What about yesterday’s pizza?
Hyoudou: Oh that was me, it was just some mischief.
Mebuki: Breaking into someone else’s office, you call that mischief? Aren’t you really different from when you were in middle school?
Hyoudou: Senpai, I’m going to throw the same question back at you.
Mebuki: Then? What business do you have with us today? We don’t need any paintings or flowers or toothbrushes.
Hyoudou: Don’t treat me like a pushy salesperson.
Mebuki: You are yakuza, that’s worse than salespeople.
Hyoudou: I’m yakuza, but I’m also your customer.
Mebuki: What did you say? Don’t joke with me! I reject a yakuza’s request!
Hyoudou: Say no to prejudice.
Mebuki: I have my personal freedom of choosing my clients.
Hyoudou: Even taxi drivers can’t choose their customers, what an arrogant nego-man.
Mebuki: Stop with the “Nego-man”!
Hyoudou: Well, at least let me into your office and let’s drink some warm coffee. Come on, I’m going in.

Koushounin Series (6)

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Track 4

Mebuki: Is that true?
Hyoudou: Yakuzas won’t go back on their words.
Mebuki: As if I can believe in a yakuza’s words! I’ll draft a contract.
Hyoudou: I don’t really mind that, but senpai should know be well aware of how helpless the law is.
Mebuki: If you break your promise, it will affect your reputation.
Hyoudou: Oh! I get it.
Mebuki: Even though I was dissatisfied, I decided to accept his request. For a period of 3 days, I will become his personal mediator and accompany him while being his stand-in for negotiations and discussions. In exchange, if I settle this job, he will never involve himself with our office any further. He will not demand for protection money or harass us, that’s what Hyoudou promised.
I’ll say this first, but I won’t participate in negotiations which has anything to do with law matters. Also, I will give it my all but there will be no guarantee that the negotiations will be successful.
Hyoudou: I don’t mind, it doesn’t hurt to pay extra for success.
Mebuki: For this case, a special exclusivity charge will be incurred as well.
Hyoudou: I will pay that too. Yakuzas won’t go back on …
Mebuki: You’re too naggy.
I couldn’t shake off my doubts about this but at least we settled on n agreement.
Mebuki: That’s unexpected.
Hyoudou: What is?
Mebuki: This car. When it comes to yakuza, it is usually foreign cars, those huge black ones with tinted windows all around. What’s with this local car?
Hyoudou: Is there a law that states that yakuza has to ride in foreign cars?
Mebuki: There isn’t.
Hyoudou: This is a hobby of our old man. He likes local brands.
Mebuki: The next day, Hyoudou’s car came at the promised 5am sharp. We’re now heading for Shibuya, the negotiation site. Last night, Kio gave me detailed information regarding Hyoudou. Currently, the most powerful group in the Sumidaku neighbourhood are the Suou group and the Uzawa group. Both group leaders are step-brothers who like to cause trouble for each other. In other words, for Hyoudou, the group leader is also a fatherly figure to him. And the Uzawa group is something that is opposing his father.
Mebuki: So, what kind of person is the Suou group leader?
Kio: Hm… He’s an old man who doesn’t look like a yakuza.
Mebuki: What’s that, so is he popular?
Kio: He is. He was once a stall keeper around this area and an ordinary man I think.
Mebuki: Hm… How about his stand towards women and drugs?
Kio: Well, they operate brothels. But I’ve heard that they are decent to their employees. While on the Uzawa side… their reputation isn’t good. Drugs are strictly forbidden.
Mebuki: How about the relationship between both groups?
Kio: There are occasional conflicts.
Mebuki: So the Uzawa group doesn’t use drugs too?
Kio: It should be that way, because it’s the rule from Shinwakai. Also, Hyoudou is gay.
Mebuki: So he can’t get it up with women at all?
Kio: Yea.
Mebuki: On top of that he has come out of the closet about it.
Kio: Everyone around here knows that if you go against Hyoudou, after getting the hell beaten out of you, you will get pounded in the ass as well. Everyone’s scared of that.
Mebuki: That would be scary.
Kio: Well, that’s just rumours though.
Mebuki: (Mebuki sighs) As I’ve thought, this job seems like something shady.
Hyoudou: Senpai, I’m sorry for making you do this at such a narrow place, but please change.
Mebuki: What? What’s this? I thought you told me that there is no need to wear a suit?
Hyoudou: I meant that there’s no need any suit you own.
Mebuki: What is that supposed to mean? That you’ll be embarrassed by cheap clothes?
Hyoudou: That won’t be easy to answer, but it’s a “yes”. In our world, it’s all about putting on a show. For people at a certain level, you have to dress well in order to discipline your underlings.
Mebuki: Discipline, vinegar rice, as if I care! (Shimeshi = discipline, sumeshi = vinegar rice)
Hyoudou: Looks like senpai is starting to make cold jokes like an old man. The passage of time brings about harsh things.
Mebuki: Anyway, I am not going to wear that thing.
Hyoudou: Well, it might be fun to forcibly strip you while you resist…
Mebuki: I just have to change into that right? (Mebuki hastily changes) Turn away! Your gaze is so perverse, if I get stared at like that, it feels like I’m going to get pregnant!
Hyoudou: I won’t mind that, if you get pregnant, I will take full responsibility.
Mebuki: (Mebuki ignores him and continues changing) Oi, how did you know my size?
Hyoudou: I hugged you the other day.
Mebuki: That sexual harassment way, there will be no next time.
Hyoudou: After all that counterattack you’ve done, you’re one to complain. Till now, my tongue still hurts when I eat.
Mebuki: I have every right to do that.
Hyoudou: Oh, it suits you as I’ve expected. The vivid colour contrasts well with your pale skin, I’ve been anticipating this moment.
Mebuki: Say, Hyoudou you…
Hyoudou: Moving on, about the first job, (Hyoudou hands Mebuki some documents) this is the information on the other party you’re negotiating with.
Mebuki: Hashida Tomonori, 16 years old. Who is this?
Hyoudou: Our group leader’s nephew. He’s a troublesome boy. Even though he puts on an act of a good boy at school, in actual fact he’s quite a bad kid. He’s used to fights and extorting money, on top of that, he doesn’t dirty his own hands but makes his underlings to do it.
Mebuki: Huh? All that with such a cute face…
Hyoudou: Senpai, do you know what MDMA is?
Mebuki:  Ecstasy.
Hyoudou: That’s right. The ones that have been circulating around are inferior goods. The boy is dealing in those and making easy money out of it.
Mebuki: His suppliers?
Hyoudou: Seems like he is buying it from foreigners. Originally, his father should be the one dealing with him but that man is currently serving penal service. The worried mother came crying to the group for help and I became in charge of this.
Mebuki: I’m just a negotiator. Won’t it be more effective if you just lecture him with that frightening face of yours?
Hyoudou: If it were me, I might commit homicide. Besides that, the other party already views me as an enemy. He hates the existence of yakuzas.
Mebuki: I hate yakuzas too.
Hyoudou: Heh… I didn’t know that… So, the main point is, we got news that the brat managed to obtain a huge mass of drugs just the day before yesterday. I want to find out his motives without aggravating the situation. You will mediate this case right?
Mebuki: What do I have? It will not work if there is nothing in it for him.
Hyoudou: Just in case, I have 1 million. What the boy has, according to market rate, is 3 million worth of drugs.
Mebuki: Hey hey, and you’re asking me to negotiate with just this?
Hyoudou: I’m sure he bought it really cheaply, so you shouldn’t be at much of a disadvantage.
Mebuki: Anyway I’m sure you will have some tricks to get him to return this 1 million to you right? (Hyoudou smirks) I guess I should just go for it then. Let me say this first, you can’t come with me.
Hyoudou: I can’t let you go alone, he’s a fiendish kid. He’s actually a shortie, ah… that’s right. This is a forbidden word. I once called him “oi, short one” and afterwards, an envelope containing a huge scorpion got delivered to my office.
Mebuki: Geh?!
Hyoudou: If senpai goes alone, I don’t know what he might do to you.
Mebuki: Then, it’s fine if you come along. But promise me, no punching. I hate violence.
Hyoudou: Even if the other party raises his fists first?
Mebuki: He’s a smart kid right? Then he won’t raise a finger against Suou’s young boss. In the worst case, I will be the one who gets punched. And just one more thing. Don’t talk.
Hyoudou: Not even a word?
Mebuki: That’s right. My negotiation skills are delicate, if my pace gets interrupted I’ll be troubled.
Hyoudou: Then it’s fine. We’ll go according to senpai’s wishes then. (Hyoudou sighs) My my, to have both my threat-dealing mouth and punch-dealing fists to be sealed. I’m such a pitiful yakuza.
Mebuki: Don’t worry, just by standing there, you already exude the negative aura equivalent to that of a nuclear…
Hyoudou: Thank you very much.
Mebuki: I wasn’t complimenting you.
Hyoudou: I know that.
Mebuki: The place where I was brought to was a multi-tenant building in the lower part of Shibuya, a room with “501” outside, supposedly a darts room. It seems like Hashida Tomonori is always lazing around here.
Punk 1: Who’s that? Hyoudou-san, is anything the matter?
Punk 2: Oi, who are you?
Mebuki: Wait here.
I walked to the front of Tomonori and merely waited there. The other party is a teenager, the adult’s rule of beginning with an introduction won’t work with him. If he rejects me then it’s over. If that’s the case, then the only way is to make him interested in me. 10 minutes after that, he finally made his move.
Tomonori: Before you, the path splits into two, one path leads to heaven while the other leads to hell. At the fork, a golden-haired angel and a silver-haired angel stood there. But, one of them is actually an imposter, and is in fact, a devil. The angel can only answer the truth and the devil will only lie. Both of them will only answer “yes” or “no”. You obviously want to go to heaven, but you can only ask one of the angels a question. Then, which will you question?
Punk 1: Do you know?
Punk 2: Hm… I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t even remember the entire question.
Mebuki: You can ask either one of them.
Tomonori: Then, what will you ask?
Mebuki: If I ask “is this the path to heaven”, will you say yes? (See novel except for explanation)
Tomonori: That’s right. Are you Hyoudou-san’s friend?
Mebuki: I’m not.
Tomonori: Then, his lover?
Mebuki: Even if you give me 10 billion, no way.
Tomonori: (Tomonori laughs) Then I should be careful, uncle you have a pretty face despite your age.
Mebuki: Thank you.
Tomonori: Then, uncle, what are you? Even though you have the face of an ordinary man, the suit you’re wearing stinks of yakuza.
Mebuki: I agree with you about the suit. I’m Mebuki Akira and I work as a mediator.
Tomonori: Negotiator? Heh, that’s cool.
Mebuki: Yea, it’s cool. It’s my personal theory to think that experiencing all kinds of work will be interesting. Those that I find uncool will be the people who make easy money via illegal means.
Tomonori: Is that sarcasm? So you’re Mebuki-san? Let’s get straight to the point, we’re not as free as the yakuza anyway. You’re here about the drugs case right?
Mebuki: You hit the nail on the head. I want to buy the drugs you’ve stocked up on.
Tomonori: What if I refuse?
Mebuki: Hm, if you don’t want to then there’s no helping it.
Tomonori: That was fast, are you giving up already?
Mebuki: I knew that this negotiation would be difficult, but I accepted it tentatively because Hyoudou was rather pushy about it.
Tomonori: In what way would it be difficult?
Mebuki: Because it’s not like you need the money, right?
Tomonori: Well you’re right, it’s not like I’m strapped for cash.
Mebuki: It doesn’t seem like you’re the type who would use the drugs yourself too.
Tomonori: Why would you say that?
Mebuki: You’re the type who would look down on the people using drugs and think that they are idiots. Also, you think that you are the reasonable type. Because of that, you can’t use drugs. If you do that, it will prove that you are an idiot yourself. The dealing of drugs is nothing more than a game to you. On top of that, the higher the risk the more thrill you get from it.
Tomonori: Well, you’re right. To me, it’s just a game.
Mebuki: That’s right, in other words, you’re a junkie too.
Tomonori: What did you say?
Punk 1: Oi, you!
Mebuki: Game junkie. To escape from the reality, you have to be continuously involved in some game to be satisfied. In other words, virtual reality addiction. If it gets worse, the virtual reality will become the real reality for you.
Tomonori: You really know how to say things, you don’t even know me. The games are just a way for me to past time, I’m not addicted to them in any way.
Mebuki: Just now, you said that you weren’t free while playing games right? So are you free? Or are you not?
Tomonori: Don’t try to trip me up. Rather than spending time on you or yakuza, I prioritise my gaming more. That’s all there is to it. I’m not a game junkie.
Mebuki: Then that’s too bad, majority of virtual reality addicts say that.
Tomonori: (Tomonori smirks) I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to anger me and make me let go of my drugs in a fit of anger to prove that I’m not a game junkie right. I’m sorry but I won’t fall for such a trick.
Mebuki: I know that. I didn’t think that I can convince a junkie.
Tomonori: What an annoying uncle, I’ve saying that I’m not.
Mebuki: Huh? That’s right. Do take care of yourself.
Tomonori: Oi, bring that over. Faster!
Punk 2: I got it.
Tomonori: Fine. Just this once, I’ll let you take credit for it.
Mebuki: You saved me, so you feel like selling it to me now?
This guy, is he for real? No, he isn’t…. throwing this tantrum for show, what is he intending to do?
Tomonori: I really hate being thought of as someone who isn’t in control of myself, that’s why I’m going to show you that I can stop this drug dealing any time. I do admit that I might have been looking for a bit of thrill, but I didn’t get that much. The most I got was a gay yakuza glaring at me with a scary face. (Hyoudou clears throat and Tomonori takes drugs out of bag) So is this what you want?
Mebuki: How much will you accept?
Tomonori: How much can I get out of you?
Mebuki: That’s right, the price can’t be limitless. Anyway, it’s not like you’re doing this for the money right?
Tomonori: It’s not the money, but I do enjoy looking at your troubled faces.
Mebuki: Hey hey, come on, we have a budget to follow too. More importantly, our reputation is also important.
Tomonori: So if you don’t bring this back with you, Hyoudou-san’s reputation will take a blow?
Mebuki: Well, something like that. You should understand just by looking at your father, that reputation and honour are the essentials to a yakuza. (Tomonori goes off with the drugs in hand) Huh? O-oi, where are you going? (Mebuki runs after him)
Tomonori: (Tomonori laughs) Who said I’d sell them to you?
Mebuki: Oi, Tomonori-kun, what are you intending to do? (Tomonori continues laughing maniacally) What are you doing? Stop it!
Punk 1: Be quiet, don’t make a ruckus!
Tomonori: If I have to sell it to you guys, it’s better off being flushed down together with faeces! See! (Tomonori flushes the toilet) It got flushed away! (Tomonori laughs) Wasn’t that too bad, Hyoudou-san. Shouldn’t you think twice before using this mediator the next time? He’s not stupid, but he’s not exactly sharp either.
Mebuki: (Hyoudou smirks and walks off) Oi Hyoudou, wait! (The two of them leave while Tomonori continues laughing)
Tomonori: Useless mediator!
Hyoudou: (Hyoudou sighs) You really did it this time.
Mebuki: I’m sorry… I didn’t expect that turn of events…
Hyoudou: Senpai, I won’t fall for that. Right from the start, you had no intentions of buying those over.
Mebuki: That isn’t true, in the midst of our conversation, it dawned on me that he’s clever and that it would be impossible.
Hyoudou: I won’t believe that.
Mebuki: Well, isn’t that fine? The biggest problem was the fact that the boy had drugs in his possession right? Or were you planning to sell those drugs that you buy over from him?
Hyoudou: I told you, didn’t I? We don’t deal with drugs. That sort of cheap dealings, I won’t let it happen within my knowledge.
Mebuki: Then in any case, since it would be disposed of, wasn’t that fine? (The two of them gets into car and Hyoudou starts laughing)
Hyoudou: Really, it was so hard to keep my laughter in. Hakuta-san, start the car.
Hakuta: Understood. (Hakuta drives off)
Hyoudou: Senpai, you keep surprising me.
Mebuki: What were you laughing about?
Hyoudou: That brat, he thought that he outsmarted you. Even though everything went according to your plans, he’s gloating over it.
Mebuki: A successful negotiation won’t be concluded if the other party doesn’t feel happy about it.
Hyoudou: This is a strategy that is the exact opposite of what yakuzas do.
Mebuki: What you guys do can’t be called negotiating, but blackmailing. It’s fundamentally different.
Hyoudou: How harsh. Senpai, what happened?
Mebuki: About what?
Hyoudou: After that, you became unimaginably tougher. It was the same on the other day during the dispute with the Uzawa underlings. I can’t imagine an ordinary person behaving that way towards yakuza. What changed you to that extent?
Mebuki: Oi, don’t stick so close to me! Because I suffered, that’s all. Come on, go over the details of the next job with me.
Hyoudou: I’ll be counting on you then.

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Track 5

Mebuki: After 30 minutes, I was brought to the Kinshi area. This is an area under the Suou group’s control. Naturally, the group office is in this area too.
Is the next job near the train station?
Hyoudou: Well, something like that. We have to walk for a bit.
Man 1: Ah… good day Hyoudou-san!
Man 2: You’ve worked hard!
Woman: Hyoudou-san, come drink at our place!
Mebuki: Hmph, as expected of his local area. This popularity is something.
Hyoudou: Senpai, do you like takoyaki?
Mebuki: Huh? Well… normally…
Hyoudou: I’m sure you’re hungry. Oi, give me one.
Vendor: Yes!
Hyoudou: Oops, I only have 10,000 bills. Senpai, do you have small change?
Vendor: No way, I don’t need it!
Mebuki: What? Are you going to make me pay?
Hyoudou: Treat your cute junior once in a while.
Mebuki: Can there be any cute yakuza in this world? How much?
Vendor: No, really really!
Mebuki: What are you talking about, aren’t you doing a business here? Here, eh… 500 yen. There you go.
Vendor: I’m terribly sorry! I’ll give you your food immediately!
Hyoudou: (Hyoudou opens the box and attempts to feed Mebuki) Senpai, here you go.
Mebuki: It’s fine, I can eat myself.
Hyoudou: Ah, it’s going to fall. Come on, eat it up quick.
Mebuki: Oh okay… (Mebuki takes a bite and was scalded by the takoyaki)
Hyoudou: Oi, give me some iced tea.
Vendor: Y-yes! Here, please!
Hyoudou: Here, senpai. (Mebuki drinks it)
Mebuki: Ah… it was so hot!
Hyoudou: That was because you were rushing your food down.
Mebuki: Weren’t you the one who made me rush? The roof of my mouth… feels like it’s splitting apart…
Hyoudou: Shall I lick it for you? It might heal.
Mebuki: It won’t heal!
Hyoudou: Uh… I’m so sorry!
Mebuki: Ah, it’s not your fault, don’t worry about it. Come on, let’s get going already.

Koushounin Series (7)

Novel Except:

In the novel, Hyoudou actually asks Mebuki about the riddle after the Takoyaki scene. I thought it would be interesting to, so I’m roughly translating what happens in the novel.

“By the way, what was that riddle about?” Hyoudou asked while eating the remaining half of the takoyaki. I wonder if it was a good idea for a yakuza leader to be walking while eating takoyaki. Quite a few passers-by looked startled as they passed us.

“Oh, the one with the angel and devil? It was what it sounded to be.”

“Please explain it, somehow it seemed to be rather complex.” While I chewed on my takoyaki, I started explaining it to him.

“Since the angel can only tell the truth while the devil can only lie, it will be useless to ask the question of ‘does this path lead to heaven’. Do you get this? “

“If that path does lead to heaven, the angel will answer ‘yes’ and the devil will answer ‘no’. But we won’t know if the one who answered was the angel or the devil.”

“That’s why we have to think of a question which will get the same answer regardless of who we ask. So I added a further question: ‘if I asked you whether this path leads to heaven, will you answer yes’. In this case, if the answer is yes, it won’t matter who we asked, you can be sure that the path definitely leads to heaven.”

“If we asked the angel, he will say the truth so there will be no doubt that the path leads to heaven. If we asked the devil… huh?” Hyoudou stopped talking as he picked off a piece of seaweed with his lips. Once you get it, the reasoning behind the riddle is simple. But anyone would get confused at the start.

“First, in the case where the path leads to heaven, to the question of ‘does this path lead to heaven’, the devil will answer?”


“But when we say ‘in response to that question, will you say yes’, if we get the answer ‘no’ here…”

“Ah, so it will become the case where even though he is the devil, he’s speaking the truth.”

“That’s how it is. In order to lie, the devil can only say ‘yes’. By the way, if the answer is ‘no’, regardless of who you asked, that path does not lead to heaven.”

“I see, now I can go to heaven too.”

“Do you know what the word ‘shameless’ means?” Hyoudou started laughing loudly as though he just heard something amusing.

So breaking it down:

Question: Does this path lead to heaven? (and if it does)
Angel: Yes (which is the truth)
Further question: Will you answer yes to that question?
Angel: Yes (which is again, the truth)

Question: Does this path lead to heaven? (and if it does)
Devil: No (which is the a lie, since the path leads to heaven)
Further question: Will you answer yes to that question?
Devil: Yes (which is again, a lie since he would have answered “no” previously.)

Continuing with the drama…

Mebuki: “Maid café, Nyanko DE nyarin”? What’s this place?
The next location I was brought to, was a place that spelled dubious right from the entrance.
Hyoudou: It’s an imekura (short for image club I think, a sex establishment where employees cosplay). It’s our company shop and it’s really popular.
Male: You’re worked hard!
Hyoudou: Yea. Have the girls gathered?
Male: Yes!
Girl: Please wait!
Mebuki: Ah… oi… Hyoudou… that girl, her skirt… you can see almost her whole butt… Is that alright? Ah… I guess it is alright…
Hyoudou: Senpai, don’t tell me you’re happy?
Mebuki: Don’t you feel cheered up after seeing that?
Hyoudou: Not really. If it’s senpai’s butt, I will be excited though.
Mebuki: Don’t be! So? What should I be doing at such a fun shop?
Stop ogling around with such a lewd look, I’m getting irritated somehow.
Mebuki: You were the one who brought me here, what are you talking about?
Hyoudou: We’re not here to play. The one whom I want senpai to negotiate with is…
Girls: Ah, Hyoudou-san! (girls flock over to Hyoudou)
Male: Everyone really likes Hyoudou-san.
Mebuki: But, that guy is…
Male: I know. He’s that type right? But because of that, the girls feel safe. They won’t be looked at with dirty thoughts…
Mebuki: Is that so?
Male: Hyoudou-san doesn’t spoil the girls, but when it comes to work, he cares about their feelings and thoughts. That’s why our girls always stay on.
Mebuki: Hm…
Male: He’s the young boss so he doesn’t have to come all the way here but he’s really serious when it comes to work. I really respect him for that.
Mebuki: Isn’t he rather successful, being called the “young boss” at his age.
Male: Right after he graduated from high school, he started living with the boss for training. Because he was really smart and showed great potential, the boss let him go to the university and slowly started to see him as a successor. Hyoudou-san seems to treat the boss like his real father too. So are you his special person?
Mebuki: Don’t kid me…
Hyoudou: Oi Ayaka, go into the office and wait there. Come on, senpai, come here too.
Ayaka: Oh, okay.
Hyoudou: The rest of you, get ready. The customers are coming in soon.
Girls: Yes!
Hyoudou: Senpai, the person you’ll be negotiating with is that Ayaka person.
Mebuki: Huh? That girl?
Hyoudou: She’s our number 1 here and she’s 21 years old. Seems like she has been headhunted by another shop, she’s rather stubborn about it and doesn’t want to listen to us. She has a debt to pay off, but the loan company isn’t affiliated to us so we can’t bind her in anyway. Even raising her wages didn’t work. I want you to convince her to stay at our shop.
Ayaka: You aren’t yakuza right, are you a host somewhere?
Mebuki: I’m not.
Ayaka: Hm… you aren’t too popular with women I bet, that overly pretty face can get disliked unexpectedly. Ah, I got it. You’re Hyoudou-san’s woman!
Mebuki: Wait a minute, which part of me is a woman? Stop this, why does everyone see me as a homosexual?
Ayaka: Huh? So you’re not?
Mebuki: I am not. I am here on Hyoudou’s request to negotiate with you. With that said, there’s no sexual relations between us. (Koushou = negotiate, Seikoushou = sexual relations)
Ayaka: That’s lame…
Mebuki: I’m sorry, it just slipped out. I’ll reflect on it.
Ayaka: (Ayaka laughs) You’re such a weird person.
Mebuki: I’m being serious here. Here, my name card.
Ayaka: Mebuki Akira, mediator.
Mebuki: That’s right. Ayaka-chan, Hyoudou cares about you. That’s why he doesn’t want you to work elsewhere.
Ayaka: But, I should have the right to quit.
Mebuki: Of course, but I don’t think that there will be another shop with better working conditions than here. I don’t know what you were offered by the other shop, but isn’t there a catch to that offer?
Ayaka: Something like that… I’m sure there isn’t.
Mebuki: Ayaka-chan, I hate the yakuza. That’s why I hate the Suou group and Hyoudou too. But I’ve heard that when it comes to treatment of employees, this place is considered rather decent.
Ayaka: So annoying, this has nothing to do with you! You’re not even my father.
Well, you’re right. But I’ve met you once and I’m talking with you now. That’s why you can’t say that we aren’t related anymore.
Ayaka: We aren’t!
Mebuki: You’re wrong. I will never forget anyone whom I’ve met and talked to before. Your face, your voice and that tiny waist of yours, I’ve remembered all that.
Ayaka: What’s that, you’re full of lip service.
Mebuki: I don’t want any of my friends to be met with misfortune, but I’m fully aware that that wish is impossible. There are lots of people whom I was unable to help.
Ayaka: How lame, are you pretending to be some hero of justice?
Mebuki: In the past, yes. I did things like joining the police force and becoming a lawyer.
Ayaka: Despite that you’re now a yakuza underling. You’ve totally failed and ended up on the losing team. I don’t want that, I will definitely get into the winning team. That’s why I’m going to change my shop, to one called “Step up”.
Mebuki: Is that so, then it’s fine. If it’s going to benefit you, then Hyoudou will just have to give up. I’m sure you have your way of doing things, the one who’s bearing the risk will be you as well. I’m sorry for wasting your time. (Mebuki gets up to leave)
Ayaka: Something like taking the risk… there are things which you won’t know until you’ve tried! Besides, they said I could become a model…
Mebuki: Model?
Ayaka: In one of their branch shops, they have a modelling agency. If I become their number one within 3 weeks, they promised me to introduce me to that agency.
Mebuki: Ah… Yea… That is definitely going to be an opportunity. But why didn’t you explain the situation to Hyoudou?
Ayaka: I’m sure Hyoudou-san will oppose to it.
Mebuki: Why?
Ayaka: The one who spoke with me is someone who isn’t on good terms with Hyoudou.
Mebuki: Can you tell me who he is?
Ayaka: Will you make sure that I can quit in peace?
Mebuki: Of course.
Ayaka: Oh, he’s here!
Mebuki: Huh?
Ayaka: The one you see on the monitor showing the entrance, he’s the one who scouted me! He might ask for me so I have to go!
Mebuki: Ah, wait…
Ayaka: Uzawa-san!
Mebuki: Uzawa?
Hyoudou: Senpai, go back into the office.
Mebuki: What’s this?
Hyoudou: Just come.
Don’t pull me so hard, about what I heard from Ayaka-chan…
Hyoudou: We’ll talk about that later, just get inside first.
Uzawa: What?
Mebuki: Huh? This voice… Where have I heard it…
Uzawa: Isn’t this Mebuki senpai? Amazing, how many years has it been?
Mebuki: Baba…
Uzawa: I’m Uzawa now, some things happened. You haven’t changed, senpai.
Mebuki: So this guy became yakuza too? He’s been messing around since high school, always hanging out with Hyoudou. He’s an irritating fellow who had tried to establish contact with me by using all sorts of excuses.
Uzawa: Hyoudou, how cold. You could have told me.
Hyoudou: I only found out recently too.
Uzawa: I wonder about that, you’re the kind who would hide your snacks from others so that you could eat it alone.
Hyoudou: If we talk about tasty snacks, anyone would do the same. Let’s go.
Mebuki: Huh? Oh, okay.
Uzawa: Senpai… see you again.
Hyoudou: That was unplanned for, I thought he might find out, but that was too soon.
Mebuki: Too soon? Oi Hyoudou, why did Baba become Uzawa? Was he related to the Uzawa group?
Hyoudou: He’s the son.
Mebuki: The son? Then isn’t he the successor of the group? But, nowadays yakuza successors don’t necessarily come from the family…
Hyoudou: It will be up to the person, if we’re talking about Uzawa, he is more than willing to do it. On top of that, in comparison with the current boss, he is more corrupted when it comes to money and undisciplined with women too.
Mebuki: Excuse me but… you two don’t get along well?
Hyoudou: Did it look like we get along well?
Mebuki: Not really, but you two were such good friends during high school.
Hyoudou: I’ve hated him since then, but I couldn’t ignore him back then.
Mebuki: Why?
Hyoudou: “Why”? Hakuta-san, go back to the apartment. After seeing that guy’s face, I feel sluggish suddenly. I’m calling it a day.
Hakuta: Yes, yes.
Mebuki: Wait, Hyoudou. If that’s the case, then drop me off somewhere near my office.
Hyoudou: Senpai’s work for today hasn’t ended. I’ll need a report on Ayaka’s case after we get back.
Mebuki: Something like that, I can say it right now. That girl was scouted by Baba… I mean Uzawa, with the bait of a modelling career. Does his group operate a modelling agency?
Hyoudou: On the surface it acts like one, but it is an agency which provides AV actors for porn video producers.
Mebuki: I knew it. I have to tell Ayaka-chan… But, she will be convinced with this. I think this negotiation will be a success. (Hyoudou ignores him) Oi, my office isn’t that way.
Hyoudou: We haven’t had the preparatory meeting for tomorrow right? I will do all the explanations in my room.
Mebuki: Why is there a need for us to go to your room?
Hyoudou: Do you not want to? Are you afraid of being jumped on by me or? Senpai, you’re relatively conceited about yourself.
Mebuki: I’m not!
Hyoudou: Please don’t take my occasional harassment so seriously.
Mebuki: I haven’t!
Hyoudou: Then, you will come, right?
Mebuki: If it’s for work, I will go anywhere.
Hyoudou: That’s how it should be.
Mebuki: It’s not messy…
Hyoudou: When I was young, I was often made to help out with the cleaning.
Mebuki: That’s good. So? About the preparations for tomorrow? How is the schedule like?
Hyoudou: Ah, let’s talk about it in the study room. (Hyoudou ushers Mebuki into the next room) Please.
Mebuki: Ah. Eh?! (Mebuki gets pushed down onto a bed) What are you joking about? Why is there a bed in the study room?
Hyoudou: I’m not joking around, though I’m a little sick of this. To think that you would follow me into my house so happily, where is your sense of danger? Nowadays, I’m sure that even a girl from an all girls school will be more careful than this.
Mebuki: But you… you said about the meeting, that I was too conceited!
Hyoudou: It’s so amusing that you believed that all.
Mebuki: So you deceived me?!
Hyoudou: Because I’m yakuza.
Mebuki: Ah… wait, Hyoudou! Listen, I’m already a 32-year-old man. I’m no longer a fresh and young 18-year-old, even if you embrace me, I’m sure it won’t be enjoyable!
Hyoudou: If it’s senpai, I think it will still be enjoyable even if you were 60.
Mebuki: We’re even bringing old man in now? That definitely won’t be fun.
Hyoudou: I’m sure that will be interesting in its own way.
Mebuki: To hold down a person who’s clearly against, is that fun?
Hyoudou: Actually, it is fun.
Mebuki: Stop it! To force sex upon someone is a crime!
Hyoudou: That’s right.
Mebuki: I never thought you were the kind of man who would do this.
Hyoudou: I told you right from the start didn’t I? That once you’ve entered my territory, you’re mine.
Mebuki: That doesn’t become a reason. Hyoudou, to be honest, I never really liked you. After you became yakuza, that dislike grew stronger. But… I’ve never scorned at or looked down on you before. But…
Hyoudou: But?
Mebuki: But, if you force this sort of things on me, I will start discriminating against you.
Hyoudou: That’s not good, I don’t want to be discriminated against by senpai.
Mebuki: Then, stop it!
Hyoudou: Can you say it again?
Mebuki: Stop it!
Hyoudou: Ah… this is so stimulating. (Hyoudou kisses Mebuki) Hm? What’s wrong with here? Despite saying that you’ll look down on me, this is swelling up.
Mebuki: Stop… stop it! Let it go… Hyoudou!
Hyoudou: It’s the same as that time. While telling me to stop, you clung onto me desperately.
Mebuki: That’s a lie, it’s not…
Hyoudou: It’s not a lie. I’m sure you still remember. Senpai is at fault.
Mebuki: Hyou… dou…
Hyoudou: It’s your fault for nonchalantly appearing within my reach. Senpai, I’ve given up twice. But there won’t be a third time. It’s your fault for setting up a nego-house within my area. It’s frustrating, I won’t let you escape this time. Your body is mine, I won’t let anyone else touch it and I won’t let anyone complain about it. You are suitable to be my woman.
Mebuki: Don’t kid me! (Mebuki head-butts Hyoudou and runs out of room)
Hyoudou: …Senpai…
Mebuki: Damn it! Chain, unfasten! (Hyoudou comes up from behind and punches the door)
Hyoudou: You sure know how to get me worked up, senpai.
Mebuki: I didn’t appear in your area, you were the one who has invaded my territory. Listen, my body and my life belong to me. Even if I die, I won’t give them to you. I won’t become your woman!
Hyoudou: That thinking will change after I hold you.
Mebuki: Shut up, let go… let go! (phone rings)
Hyoudou: Take your hands off the chain. I’m starting to get fed up with this, do you want to be punched?
Voice mail: Hyoudou, Hyoudou! Tomorrow…
Mebuki: Now’s the chance! (Mebuki escapes)
Hyoudou: Senpai!

Koushounin Series (9)

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2 thoughts on “Koushounin Series 01: Koushounin wa Damaranai Disc 1 – Translation

  1. I like both seiyuu, really really like them a lot. I don’t know if they’re a nice combination, Ilet’s hope they are…
    Thank you for the translations^^

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