No Game No Life: Episode 08

起死回生 (フェイクエンド) – Fake End

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With such an unsettling ending, this episode takes mind-warp to a whole new level, creating so many questions..

Question one: That was Sawashiro Miyuki, desu? With the introduction of the Warbeasts, we got to see some new characters this week – grandpa warbeast and his grand daughter, the Easter Federation’s ambassador to Elkia, Hatsuse Izuna. She is a king crimsonly (that’s right, JoJo) adorable and pretty little girl with animal ears; a sharp-tongued little fluffball of cuteness and as she is still learning the Imanity language, finishes all sentences with a ‘desu’, thinking it makes any rude thing she says polite. I have to say, I ADORE Sawashiro Miyuki and I think that her voice is just soooo sexy. So she definitely caught me off guard with her take on Izuna. It was kiseki-shock when I heard her speak. Definitely respect. Didn’t think I could love Sawashiro more, but I do now.

Question two: Gosh, how do these siblings manage to corner their prey every single time? Sora not only managed to figure out that Warbeasts can’t actually read minds, but he also managed to corner them into accepting his challenge (at least, it looked like he did). And I know that the 空白 siblings have proven themselves time and again, but their negotiating skills were just as impressive this episode. Ever the skilled tactician, Sora is so smooth with his speeches. The Warbeasts now have to erase 空白’s memories because they have them all figured out. And so they have to accept the siblings’ challenge. But if they bet their territory for Steph’s pantsu, they would be showing the world that Sora’s theories about the Warbeasts are correct. And so, as Sora mentioned, the wise thing for them to do would be to turn the siblings down and call them bluff. However, the Warbeasts can’t possibly do that after the siblings bet the very lives of Imanity (yes, all 3 million of). Running away from such a challenge, when the Warbeasts are known for winning every game they have ever played, would also show the world that Sora’s theories about the Warbeasts were in fact correct. That, as well as the fact that the siblings can also directly tell the whole world the Warbeasts’ secret. And that, is a sure checkmate if there ever was one.

Question three: Sora, where are you? Okay, so despite the obvious game challenge, the Warbeasts still hadn’t replied the siblings in over a week. As the siblings were lounging in their throne, Sora started speaking to someone who, as he said, “has a backbone”. Then he went all game-mode on Shiro, the video went all interference/static mode and he seemingly disappeared.. What happened?? Shiro woke up without Sora (two days later). And it seemed as if his very existence was wiped from the memories of all but Shiro. To add to that, all traces of Sora were even missing from the ED. If you haven’t already seen it, go watch the ED. It was disturbing and extremely contorted, but that is exactly what I loved about it. The staff did an excellent job –the added effects and the loss of colours made such a difference and one could just feel Shiro’s forlornness. Not to mention, the warp-ness was so bizarre, leaving me feeling so lost and empty.

Last question: Didn’t this episode feel odd from the very beginning? I might be overthinking this, but upon watching the episode a second time, something about this episode just felt off, starting from Steph’s flashback to Sora’s “the game’s already..”. What was that all about? Even Shiro was a little out of character, especially with the way she was talking to Izuna. I get that Izuna is really adorable and all, but why was she being THAT friendly with her? There is something that the writers are holding back (I have not read the light novel, so I am honestly at a complete loss) and they did it really well with this episode – the pacing was just a tad off, leaving me feeling unusually uncomfortable. In spite of this, I have to say that it is because this episode left me feeling so uncomfortable that I can’t help but appreciate what the writers did with this episode.

No Game No Life ep 8 - image 21

Like I said, so many questions this episode. Way to go, No Game No Life, for leaving viewers hanging like this. Gosh, time machines would be good at moments like this.. I really really really want to know (lol Jibril’s Hyouka face) what’s going on. Hurry next week, hurry next episode! We are all waiting~~


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