Rakuen no Uta Vol. 2 – Translation

Title: Rakuen no Uta Vol. 2 (楽園のうた第2巻) (drama review)
Cast: Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya Hiroshi (緑川光×神谷浩史)
Related drama(s): Senaka Awase no Koi
Contents: Vol. 1

1. 最悪な出会い
2. 偶像と化けの皮
3. 仮面の内側1
4. 仮面の内側2
5. 仮面の内側3
6. 仮面の内側4
7. 表と裏の境界線1
8. 表と裏の境界線2
9. 表と裏の境界線3
10. 無駄な抵抗
11. 僅かな可能性

Vol. 2

1. そこまでの距離1
2. そこまでの距離2
3. そこまでの距離3
4. そこまでの距離4
5. そこまでの距離5
6. そこまでの距離6
7. 存在の記号1
8. 存在の記号2
9. 存在の記号3
10. 存在の記号4
11. 存在の記号5
12. 存在の記号6
13. 存在の記号7
14. 果てのない未来1
15. 果てのない未来2
16. 果てのない未来3
17. 果てのない未来4
18. エピローグ

1. The distance till there 1 (そこまでの距離1)

Shin: From today 8pm, there will be a celebration for the broadcasting of this commercial, Haruka and Kengo will be coming so be sure to bring Rimu and come along too.
Nachi: Ever since that day, whenever I see Shin’s photographs or videos, those memories of what happened that day keeps coming to my head. This is probably not because of something naïve like love; I’m just recalling how my body felt rather than what my heart felt, so it’s unnecessarily difficult to deal with. I suppose I should be glad that I’ve completely gotten over Tsukishima-senpai but I can’t shake off this feeling that I’m getting involved in something even more troublesome.
Rimu: Wow, is this the bar that Shin and everyone always visits?
Nachi: Behave yourself, I don’t want to deal with any trouble.
Rimu: I know that.
Haruka: Nachi-kun, I’m glad that you came.
Nachi: Oh, Haruka.
Haruka: Huh? You’re still wearing your spectacles?
Rimu: I told him to take it off but…
Nachi: I’m fine the way I am right now.
Shin: Nachi! It’s amazing that you didn’t get lost.
Nachi: Rimu found the way here.
Shin: Rimu, long time no see!
Rimu: Shin! I saw the commercial! You were so sexy!
Shin: Rimu-chan too, you’re cuter than usual today!
Rimu: Thank you, I’m happy!
Guy 1: Shin! Where’s that girl from, a new talent in our company?
Guy 2: Or is she your new girlfriend?
Rimu: Haha, you’re wrong. I’m not his girlfriend!
Shin: You guys, stop being so rude! This girl is…
Nachi: Before continuing his sentence, Shin gave me a fleeting glance. Seems like he hesitated about introducing her as the lyricist of Pandora, but to reveal to the public that the lyricist was actually her brother… that’s not what I want either.
Shin: The lyricist of our new song, Rimu-chan.
Guy 1: Oh, that girl wrote that? She’s so cute!
Guy 2: Come over and talk with us for a bit!
Rimu: Then I’ll go over for a while, Nachi. Shin, you come too!
Nachi:  Okay.
Kengo: Hey, long time no see! You’ll drink something too, won’t you?
Nachi: Oh, hm… then I’ll take an orange juice.
Kengo: What’s with that, you aren’t going to drink?
Nachi: I’m still a high school kid.
Kengo: (Kengo laughs) That’s right. Oh, by the way, wasn’t this shop’s name is complicated?
Nachi: “Ambiguous”, right? What does it mean?
Kengo: It means vague and uncertain, or unsure of. Something like that.
Nachi: Vague…
Kengo: Somehow the regulars here are all younger teens and teens these days are usually unsure about their place in society.
Haruka: Over here, Kengo!
Kengo: Excuse me, I’ll be going over.
Nachi: Ah… I feel so awkward here. That Shin, even though he was the one who called me here, he went off somewhere and left me by myself.
Ichiya: You, so you followed your sister here?
Nachi: Huh?
Ichiya: I’m sure you tagged along with her so that you could rub shoulders with famous people here.
Nachi: This guy… I think I’ve met him before… who was he again?
Ichiya: Anyway, are you really related to that girl? It totally doesn’t seem so.
Nachi: If you’re interested in Rimu, go over there instead. She likes good-looking people so I think she will be friends with you. Probably.
Ichiya: Probably…? Are you making fun of me?
Nachi: Stop trying to pick a fight with me.
Ichiya: Wait! Hey, how old are you?
Nachi: Fifteen, high school second year.
Ichiya: Wha, aren’t we in the same year?!
Nachi: Huh…? So you’re lagging behind in school.
Ichiya: Why am I the one who’s lagging?! Your sense of dressing is way weirder! Nowadays, is there any high school student who would wear such spectacles?
Nachi: There is, right in front of you.
Ichiya: (Ichiya is stumped for words) You… are unusual.
Nachi: Anyway you, what about school?
Ichiya: Stop calling me “you”! I have a name and it’s Ichiya! You’re… Nachi, right?
Nachi: Then, Ichiya. Have you been going to school?
Ichiya: Yea… I am. When I first started working I thought I might quit, but our president was rather particular about things like that, so I didn’t.
Nachi: So you’re working.
Ichiya: As the senpais’ accompanying dancers and such. Sometimes I even do commercials.
Nachi: Don’t you feel insecure?
Ichiya: About what?
Nachi: The entertainment industry.
Ichiya: Hm… Well… it’s not secure I guess.
Nachi: Then why are you continuing it? Once you’ve stepped in, it’s hard to quit?
Ichiya: That is… because I saw Shin-san dancing.
Nachi: Huh? Shin?
Ichiya: The first time I got to accompany KIX onstage, I was really inspired by him. I thought I wanted to become someone like him.
Nachi: So that Shin, even guys think that way of him too.
Ichiya: Anyway, where do they sell such spectacles? (Ichiya takes off Nachi’s spectacles) Huh? Wow… where have I seen you…
Nachi: Ichiya! Give it back!
Ichiya: Don’t tell me, is it that perfume one?
Nachi: That’s impossible!
Ichiya: Ah… so that’s what it is. I did hear rumors about how the original model for that commercial was involved in an accident right before the shoot.
Nachi: Oh no, I’ve been exposed! Is there any way to deceive him… Ah… but how? If I try to deny it now, it will have the opposite effect…
Ichiya: (Ichiya laughs) Don’t get so worried! I won’t tell anyone. In any case, with that long fringe, nobody will find out unless they get really close to your face.
Nachi: I-ichiya… you’re a good guy.
Ichiya: What’s with that? But, why are you hiding such a beautiful face? It’s such a waste. Don’t you want to be popular?
Nachi: I’m not really interested in things like that.
Ichiya: You’re really unusual, Nachi.
Shin: The “unusual” Nachi, come here please.
Ichiya: Huh? Wha… Shin-san?!
Nachi: Oi… What are you doing! Don’t pull me like that!

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2. The distance till there 2 (そこまでの距離2)

(Door closes)
Shin: What was that about?
Nachi: What?
Shin: Why were you so friendly with that guy? You let him call you Nachi so casually and he even took off your spectacles.
Nachi: Shut up, don’t come so close to me with your alcohol breath. Shin looked like he was a lot of fun too. In the first place, why did you ask me to come to this kind of place?
Shin: Of course it’s because I wanted to see you. After we did it 10 days ago, today has been the first time that we’re meeting with each other.
Nachi: Don’t just say “did it” so casually!
Shin: Ah that’s right… we haven’t done it yet have we? I only did it with my hands and mouth…
Nachi: Just go back already, everyone will find it weird if you’re hanging out with someone like me.
Shin: I don’t really care about how they view us. Besides that, why weren’t you jealous?
Nachi: Did you leave me alone for that purpose? (Nachi sighs) Are you an idiot? There’s no way someone can get jealous is he isn’t in love.
Shin: Then, what should I do to make you fall in love with me?
Nachi: Even if you ask me… Shin…?
What’s with that face? Wasn’t this all just for him to pass time? That he couldn’t let me go because I was unusual?
Shin: If I were an ordinary university student, I would have been able to meet Nachi every day. But I’m not… Is there really a future in this?
Nachi: I can’t do this anymore, please stop it. If I start to take this guy’s words for real… if I really fall in love with him… Wait, love? In love with… him?! It can’t be. He is always threatening me and forcing me to obey his words. How could I possibly fall in love with such a guy? On top of that, right after he becomes mine… he will surely… (Nachi cries)
Shin: Wa… why are you crying? Won’t this make it seem like I’m bullying you? I’m the one who should be crying!
Nachi: We’re too different! Isn’t Shin an idol?
Shin: What’s with this out of a sudden? I’ve always been one, haven’t I?
Nachi: I’m just an ordinary… (Shin kisses Nachi)
Shin: This is the only way I know to stop someone from crying. And, why didn’t you resist?
Nachi: Shin…
Shin: Say it, Nachi. I’m special right? Say it, that you like me.
Nachi: Is that another threat? What will happen if I don’t?
Shin: I wonder.
Nachi: (Nachi cries) Li…
Shin: I can’t hear it.
Nachi: I’m saying that I like you!
Shin: Even the way you confess is so cocky, Nachi.
Nachi: Even though I want to avoid agonising situations in future… If I’m with you, I’m sure that I’ll get hurt in future. Even though I was fully aware of that, as expected, things have been going as you’ve planned.

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3. The distance till there 3 (そこまでの距離3)

Nachi: Because he wants to eat it after work, telling me to cook curry and wait for him in the apartment… Shin sure knows how to work people hard. In the first place, he doesn’t even have a pot in his house. Damn it! I’ll claim all these expenses from him later.
Ichiya: Nachi?
Nachi: Ichiya? What are you doing here?
Ichiya: That should be my line. Is Nachi’s house nearby?
Nachi: No, it’s not.
Ichiya: That… seems like you’ve bought a lot, are you heading to your girlfriend’s?
Nachi: Yea, something like that. Besides that, what about Ichiya? Are you going somewhere?
Ichiya: I was just on my way home after finishing work nearby. Speaking of which, Shin-san’s apartment is in this neighbourhood if I’m not wrong. Nachi, did you know?
Nachi: Why would you ask me something like that?
Ichiya: No particular reason, I just felt like asking.
Nachi: Ah… can I go first? These are heavy…
Ichiya: Yea sure, I’m sorry for holding you back. See you!
Nachi: See you! (Ichiya walks off)
If this is how things are, I can’t even go groceries shopping carelessly.
Nachi: (Phone rings and Nachi answers) Yes?
Kengo: Oh, Nachi! This is Kengo. Say, where are you now?
Nachi: Why?
Kengo: Aren’t you at Shin’s apartment?
Nachi: What, don’t ask me if you already know it.
Shin: Wha… stupid!
Nachi: Huh? Stupid?
Kengo: (Kengo laughs) I knew it! We asked him out for dinner and Shin said he was going home immediately so we thought it was weird.
Nachi: Ah, so that’s it.
Kengo: We’ll be going too so wait for us… ah… hey!
Shin: Nachi! Tell them not to interrupt us!
Nachi: It’s fine, I made too much curry anyway, we can share it.
Shin: That’s the curry you made for me!
Nachi: Hm… I made it for everyone?
Shin: Nachi, you traitor! You should know why I was trying to go back immediately!
Nachi: Tell Kengo and Haruka that I’ll be waiting for them. (Nachi hangs up)
After I hung up, I got a text from Shin telling me that I’ll regret after the two of them go home and I sort of regretted a bit. But I wanted to avoid being attacked before it gets dark outside.
Haruka: So…
Everyone: I shall have!
Kengo: This is delicious, Nachi!
Nachi: Thank you.
Shin: It was supposed to be mine…
Nachi: Isn’t it more fun with everyone around? Here, drink up! (Nachi pours beer)
Shin: What’s with that? You were always telling me that I drink too much.
Haruka: Anyway, I was so surprised! When did Nachi and Shin get into something like this? Oh that’s right, Nachi-kun, I have a question for you…
Nachi: Question?
Haruka: When did you fall in love with Shin?
Nachi: I’ll pass on that question.
Shin: Nachi! Why aren’t you answering that?
Haruka: Then, the next question. Have you been… done by Shin already?
Shin: If you guys didn’t come, I’d be doing that right now! That’s why, just hurry and leave!
Haruka: So you haven’t…
Kengo: Anyway, Nachi, are you really okay with someone like Shin?
Nachi: Fine… I guess?
Shin: What? Why did you end with “I guess”?! But really, there’s no other guy out there who’s better than me.
Kengo: See? He’s someone like this.
Haruka: (Haruka laughs) If Shin ever does something horrible to you, you can always tell us.
Kengo: That’s right. We’re Nachi-kun’s allies.

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4. The distance till there 4 (そこまでの距離4)

Haruka: Bye Nachi-kun, it was delicious.
Kengo: Shin, the two of us have an off day tomorrow but you still have work so don’t push yourselves too hard later.
Haruka: Nachi-kun too, don’t force yourself.
Shin: We get it, so just leave!
Haruka: (Haruka laughs) See you, Nachi-kun!
Kengo: (Kengo laughs) Bye!
(The two of them walks out and door closes after them)
Shin: They’ve finally left. So, thanks for this meal!
Nachi: What are you talk… uwah… (Shin picks Nachi up) Oi, let me down! (Shin drops Nachi on his bed) You really… don’t care about setting the mood.
Shin: I don’t want to be told this by Nachi.
Nachi: Why are you stripping so suddenly?
Shin: I won’t let anyone interrupt us anymore, even if we do get interrupted I’m not going to stop.
Nachi: What’s with that…
Shin: I also have no intentions of being gentle with you. (Nachi gasps, Shin takes off his spectacles) Even if you make that expression, its useless. It’s Nachi’s fault for letting me drink alcohol.
(Action begins)
Shin: Hm? Nachi sure is responsive down here today.
Nachi: Don’t put everything into words. Yours have gotten quite big too.
Shin: Na-chi…? Nachi’s face has gotten so red, look here.
Nachi: I don’t want to.
Shin: It’s not my style to be on the receiving end. When I slide my fingers beneath Shin’s belt, he intercepted my movement and took off his belt and jeans by himself. I tried touching the thing that was under the thin piece of cloth and…
Nachi: Oh… it is… huge…
Shin: Alright, Nachi you can stop here for now. I’ll lead today, so Nachi can just focus on making cute sounds for me .
Nachi: Oh… ah wait… wait!
Shin: Nachi, call my name. (Nachi doesn’t respond to Shin’s request) Won’t you call my name? (Nachi still doesn’t respond to Shin’s request) If you won’t call my name, then I won’t let you come.
Nachi: Shin…
Shin: Well done. Nachi…
Nachi: Shin…
Shin: You have such a great voice.
Nachi: No, I can’t…
Shin: It’s alright, let it go Nachi.
Nachi: What are you doing? It’s dirty.
Shin: I’m just wetting my finger so that it will go in. It might hurt but bear with it.
Nachi: What are you…
Shin: Nachi, relax. Does it hurt?
Nachi: It feels gross.
Shin: Breathe, it will be fine. Idiot, if you bite like that, your lips will crack. It’s all the way in… Nachi, does it hurt?

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5. The distance till there 5 (そこまでの距離5)

Nachi: The expression on Shin’s face is one that I’ve never seen anywhere before and if that is something special that belongs to only me…
It really hurts but I’ll bear with it.
Shin: I’ll start moving my finger, if it hurts just say so.
Nachi: Even though you wouldn’t stop even if I do…
Shin: (Shin laughs softly) I wouldn’t stop, but I’ll do it slower. Is it time?
Nachi: Wh… what?
Shin: If it’s from the back, it should be easier on Nachi? Probably.
Nachi: No I don’t want it…
Shin: What? Why? You don’t want it to hurt right?
Nachi: Face…
Shin: Face?
Nachi: Your face… I won’t be able to see it…
Shin: Nachi… you too… you’re forbidden from taking off your spectacles in front of other men.
Nachi: Why?
Shin: Those eyes, you cannot show them to anyone, ever. They’re too seductive… Nachi, it’s bad. Prepare yourself. Nachi, I’m really sorry. It’s tight… Nachi, are you alright?
Nachi: While he showers me with light kisses, I can feel the thing inside me swelling up as Shin advances. Even though Shin said that he won’t be gentle with me, he didn’t try to penetrate aggressively.
Shin: Nachi… it’s fully in… can you feel it?
Nachi: Even if you ask me that, I can’t find my voice to answer.
Shin: I’m trying to say that… it’s bad… Nachi’s expression… Nachi, it feels really good.
Nachi: The only person who can come so far, Shin, there’s only you. Even if we separate, I probably will never be able to forget Shin’s expressions and the colour of his eyes. While I succumbed to the impulse to monopolise this special side of Shin which no one else has seen before, it feels like I’m about to scream out something that’s unlike my usual self.
Shin: Nachi… What are you… I’m…
Nachi: I can withstand the pains of the body, so I hope that you can come even closer to me.
Shin: Nachi!
Nachi: Shin…
Shin: Nachi, Nachi!

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6. The distance till there 6 (そこまでの距離6)

Nachi: It hurts! (Door opens)
Shin: Nachi, are you awake? Does it hurt?
Nachi: Of course it does.
Shin: Well… I couldn’t restrain myself… I’m sorry.
Nachi: You don’t have to apologise.
If he apologises, it will sound like he’s regretting what he did.
Shin: But, it hurts doesn’t it? Will you still want to do it the next time? Well, I’ll probably still do it even if Nachi doesn’t want to. It has been the best so far.
Nachi: Aren’t you an idiot?
Shin: Nachi was really cute too.
Nachi: I really want to punch you when you have that face.
Shin: (Shin laughs) You are really… even though you’re so weakened, you’re acting too tough. Say, Nachi. It’s definitely forbidden for you to do that with anyone else or show anyone else those expressions of yours.
Nachi: Yes yes.
As if I could do something like that with just anyone. He really doesn’t understand anything.
Shin: What’s with that answer? I’m going to rape you!
Nachi: I said I understand!
Shin: Then how about Nachi? Won’t you say the same things to me too?
Nachi: So if I don’t say that to you, you will do it? I see… so that’s how you are…
Shin: No I won’t! There’s only Nachi for me!
Nachi: Hm…?
Shin: That expression… you don’t believe me?
Nachi: Anyway, Shin, when does your work start?
Shin: It starts in the afternoon.
Nachi: Then I should get going.
Shin: What? No no no! You definitely can’t!
Nachi: What do you mean by no? I have school tomorrow.
Shin: I understand but for now you can’t! My work is an event which will be over soon, I’ll send you home with the car at night. If you go outside with that face, you’ll definitely get jumped.
Nachi: Ah… Idiot?
Shin: Shut up! You lack self-awareness! In any way, you’re forbidden from stepping outside until I come back!
Nachi: After Shin got back from work, he sent me to my doorstep as promised. He hit it off with my dad who came to open the door for us and our relationship became something like father-approved best friends. When I thought of all these as part of Shin’s strategy, I wasn’t sure if I should be afraid or touched. Actually, I knew it, he’s so irritating!

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7. The proof of existence 1 (存在の記号1)

I knew it, I shouldn’t have come to the TV station. He told me to wait in the dressing room until his work is done so I thought I would pass time by reading some reference books, but I can’t seem to settle down here.
Ichiya: (Ichiya knocks on door) Nachi, are you inside?
Nachi: (Nachi opens door) Huh? Ichiya. Are you done with the shoot already?
Ichiya: We’re just the accompanying dancers so when the song is over, our job is done. Stop making me say things like that.
Nachi: I see.
Ichiya: I thought you might be bored by yourself so I came to entertain you. By the way, can I ask you something?
Nachi: About what?
Ichiya: When did you start becoming like that with Shin-san?
Nachi: What? Huh?!
Why was it exposed? Was it the other day…
Ichiya: There’s no guy who would be carrying two bags of groceries to his girlfriend’s house, under normal circumstances.
Nachi: There might be…
Ichiya: It’s not like I’ll tell everyone. But, that’s unusual for Shin-san to be with a guy… Isn’t it a first?
Nachi: What? That can’t be true, because he…
Ichiya: Hm? He didn’t have any proper girlfriends before either.
Nachi: That can’t… be true.
Ichiya: Within my knowledge, the longest was two weeks and that was what the woman said so I don’t know if that’s the truth.
Nachi: Two weeks?
So that means, one more week huh?
Ichiya: Nachi, could it be that you think you’re being played by Shin-san?
Nachi: Not really. It doesn’t matter.
Ichiya: So you do think so. Shin-san must be having a hard time with Nachi. Well, it has nothing to do with me but I’ll just tell you one thing. That was the first time I’ve seen such a possessive Shin-san.
Nachi: What do you mean by that?
Ichiya: Think about it yourself. That reference book probably won’t help you much though. See you! (Ichiya leaves room)
Nachi: Ichiya…

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8. The proof of existence 2 (存在の記号2)

Nachi: (Shin lights a cigarette) Shin? Why have you been so quiet since we returned to the apartment? If you have something to say…
Shin: What were you doing in the dressing room with Ichiya?
Nachi: What were we doing? We were just chatting about random stuffs… Don’t tell me, that was why you have been in a bad mood since you ended work?
Shin: Do you like him?
Nachi: What?! Wait… what are you…
Shin: Even though I’ve said that you were mine, it seems like these hickeys weren’t enough? Did you really have that much fun chatting with Ichiya?
Nachi: That’s not it!
Shin: I won’t do it slowly today… Even if you start resisting now it’s too late, Nachi. Found it~ Nachi’s sweet spot. Even though I’ve barely done anything, looks like you’re about to come. How lecherous. What? Rocking your hips so much, do you want it that badly? If you tell me that you love me, I’ll let you come.
Nachi: Shin… let me come…
Shin: Isn’t saying that more embarrassing?
Nachi: P-please…
Shin: Nachi, if that was part of your calculations, I won’t forgive you. I’m putting it in.
Nachi: Shin, I’m already…
Shin: After you’ve said all those, there’s no way I can stop, right?
Nachi: I should just be burned and fused together with Shin like that, by this sex which gives us the delusion that we’ve become one. After it’s over, we’ll return to being two separate persons.
Shin: Nachi, are you awake? Here, water.
Nachi: Mm… Do I like you, I wonder?
Shin: What’s with the “I wonder”?
Nachi: There’s no strength in my fingers, I can’t open the bottle. Shin, help me open it.
Shin: What’s that, you can’t open it?
Nachi: Just open it for me.
Shin: Here you go. (Nachi gulps down the water) You’ve drank enough right? Come here.
Nachi: Don’t tell me, you want to do it again? Don’t you have work?
Shin: There’s no problem. Anyway, I have to make sure that you won’t be able to stand until I come back.
Nachi: Stup… I can’t stand already! Ah… the bottle! (Bottle falls over and water spills)
Shin: Nachi should just fuse together with me already.
Nachi: What? Shin? (Shin kisses Nachi)
Shin is thinking of the same thing as I was. I wanted to ask about the phrase he just muttered, but I fell into deep sleep once again.

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9. The proof of existence 3 (存在の記号3)

Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: Huh? Someone is calling me.
Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: Who is is? Rimu? Let me sleep in for a while more.
Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: Oh, that voice, I really like it. It’s not Rimu…
Shin: Nachi, just wake up already.
Nachi: Huh? Shin? What time is it now?
Shin: It’s already night and I just came back from work.
Nachi: Is that so… welcome home.
Shin: I’m back. Say, isn’t this great? Something like this…
Nachi: Yea, good night…
Shin: Good night… or not! Wake up already, I have food.
Nachi: Do you think I’m capable of getting up?
Shin: I don’t think so. (Shin carries Nachi in arms)
Nachi: Wait… let me down! (Shin sets Nachi down on chair)
Shin: Here, food. I couldn’t choose so I bought them all. Just eat however much you like to.
Nachi: That bag, is that hamburger?
Shin: Which one will you eat?
Nachi:  Teriyaki.
Shin: Huh? Ah, or should I feed you?
Nachi: No thanks. (Nachi starts eating)
Shin: Nachi, is it tasty?
Nachi:  Yea.
Shin: I see, I’m glad!
Nachi: Shin, did something good happen at work?
Shin: Not really, it was normal, why?
Nachi: Because you seem to be in an unusually good mood.
Shin: Something like that, it’s because Nachi is here.
Nachi: Wha… Idiot…
Shin: Huh? Why are you so flushed, could it be that you’re shy?
Nachi: Idiot! It’s embarrassing!
Shin: I was told that I should be gentle towards you today.
Nachi: What’s that about?
Shin: I was asking for advice about how to get someone to become attached to me and apparently it’s important to build trust.
Nachi: Get attached? This guy was treating me like a cat again. But… (Nachi bursts out laughing)
Shin: Why are you laughing? Was something funny?
Nachi: Because, I imagined this guy thinking about me while I wasn’t around, scrunching up his forehead and asking his staff “what should I do”… (Nachi laughs more)
Shin: Nachi, tell me what’s so funny!
Nachi: It will be such a waste so I won’t tell you, but I started feeling really happy and blissful.
Say, are you really that happy when I’m around you?
Shin: Wha…what’s with that phrasing, aren’t you being too conceited?
Nachi: So what’s your answer?
Based on his answer, I’ll make my decision, Shin.
Shin: Of course… I’ll be happy.
Nachi: Then from now on, can I go to school from your apartment?
Shin: Huh? Huh?! Are you serious?
Nachi: What… I guess I can’t?
Shin: Of course you can!
Nachi: (Nachi starts laughing again) I’ll try writing lyrics too, though I won’t be sure if they would be of use.
Shin: That… would it be for us?
Nachi: Not particularly, it might be for anyone.
Shin: For anyone? Isn’t that mean of you? Of course I’d be the best person to sing your lyrics.
Nachi: If it becomes something like that, it would be good. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to forget about me, would you?

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10. The proof of existence 4 (存在の記号4)

Nagisa: Your timing is just right, Nachi-kun. Actually, we were about to request one more piece of work from you. There are plans to release a KIX album, let’s make arrangements for that then!
Nachi: Ah… excuse me Nagisa-san, about that…
Nagisa: Hm? Oh don’t worry about it, we’ll definitely sign a contract with you.
Nachi: That’s not the issue, I think I won’t be able to write so much actually.
Because, if my lyrics were terrible… they might kick me out soon.
Nagisa: Ah, you’re worried that we might drop you? Seems like we’re not trusted yet. Shin hasn’t been helping much when it comes to these important matters as well. Well, it’s fine. I guess the like-minded will be able to work together. We’ll include in the contract that it’s “to the extent of Nachi’s abilities and capacities” shall we?
Nachi: I’m sorry.
Nachi: My parents agreed immediately to my plans of staying with Shin while Rimu was merely jealous of me. But I wasn’t able to tell them about when I would be in Shin’s apartment till.

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11. The proof of existence 5 (存在の記号5)

Nachi: Shin! Wake up!
Shin: Nachi? What? Are you awake already?
Nachi: I’m already awake, so Shin should hurry and wake up too!
Shin: (Shin yawns) You’re so enthusiastic today.
Nachi: You have an entire day off today right? Because Shin told me to, I skipped school. You said that you’ll let me enjoy myself today!
Shin: Ah, I did say that.
Nachi: So? Where are you bringing me to?
Shin: To the sea.
Nachi: Huh? The sea?
Shin: Nachi, I want to smoke so open the windows. (Nachi scrolls down the window)
Nachi: Wow, the sea! I can see the sea!
Shin: Shall we get off?
Nachi: There’s no way we’re not going to get off after coming all the way here!
Shin: Huh, Nachi your spectacles…
Nachi: They’ll just get dirty so I don’t need them. (Nachi laughs as he plays with the water) Come here, Shin!
Shin: Oi, be careful!
Nachi: Huh? Ah! (Nachi falls down and chokes on seawater but he soon recovers and starts laughing again.)
Shin: Why are you laughing at yourself? Besides that, since you’re so bad at sports, you shouldn’t be running like that.
Nachi: Why did you decide that I was clumsy?
Shin: Don’t close your eyes.
Nachi: But I can’t help it since sand got in…
Shin: And don’t pout! I’ll feel like kissing you…
Nachi: But this place is deserted… (Shin kisses Nachi)
Shin: Nachi… What happened? Isn’t Nachi a bit strange today?
Nachi: I’m not strange, this is also another part of me.
Actually, even without Shin telling me, I am aware of it. Today is the 14th of February, and it has been exactly two weeks since we starting going out.

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12. The proof of existence 6 (存在の記号6)

Nachi: Shin?
Shin: I’m tired so I’m taking a short break. (Shin stops the car and smokes a cigarette)
Nachi: It’s so cold… That’s right, does Shin like sweet stuffs?
Shin: Hm? I don’t think I eat those often. Why are you asking that suddenly?
Nachi: Nothing, then it’s fine. (Nachi starts eating some chocolate)
Shin: What’s that? Who did you get it from?
Nachi: I bought it.
Shin: I see, so you bought it… What? Wait a minute! Was that for me?
Nachi: I didn’t know that you don’t like sweet stuffs.
Shin: Wait, don’t eat it! Isn’t that mine?!
Nachi: Well that’s too bad, I’ve already finished it.
Shin: Che… I’ll make you return it.
Nachi: But I was saying, there’s none left… (Shin kisses Nachi)
Shin: By saying that he’ll get it back… did he refer to the chocolate in my mouth?
Nachi: At a place like this! What if we were seen by someone…
Shin: Sweet. Ah, this is bad. We seriously have to go back soon. Nachi, belt up.
Nachi: Huh? Go back? (Shin drives off) Wha…
Shin: I have to thank you properly for doing something so cute.

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13. The proof of existence 7 (存在の記号7)

Shin: If Nachi had a license too, I would have been able to drink on our way back.
Nachi: Don’t say the impossible, I’m not even of age.
Anyway, I can’t imagine us still being together when I reach that age.
Shin: Well, I guess it would be dangerous to let Nachi to drive since you’re already tripping over yourself when you run. Nachi?
Nachi: What?
Shin: Come sit here for a while, between my knees.
Nachi: I don’t wanna, why must I…
Shin: Just come here, I’m tired out from driving so much and I can’t move. (Nachi reluctantly moves to sit with Shin) What are you so insecure about?
Nachi: Not…nothing, it’s not like I’m insecure or anything.
Shin: I see. Ah, here it is (Shin fishes out something and passes it to Nachi) here you go.
Nachi: What’s this? Keys? No it’s not…
The charm that was attached to one end of a short silver chain had a key hole in it. This is… for girls?
Shin: Nachi doesn’t hang anything on his phone, so use this.
Nachi: It’s fine, there’s no reason for me to…
Shin: If you want a reason, take it as my appreciation for the chocolates.
Nachi: Appreciation for chocolates? Usually that will be… oh that’s right, I shouldn’t be anticipating something one month later like the White Valentine’s.
Shin: That’s why I told you, try saying out what’s on your mind now.
Nachi: What’s on my mind?
Shin: What you want to say, what you want to ask, things that you want to say but didn’t… I’m sure you have some.
Nachi: If I say it all out, I’m sure I won’t be able to restrain myself. Then…
Shin: You can’t trust me?
Nachi: I can’t do something like trust…
Even if I told you, it won’t serve any purpose…
Shin: So what is it?
Nachi: Shin is an idol and…
Shin: So, should I quit?
Nachi: Wrong! It’s not like I want you to quit the entertainment industry or anything…
Shin: So is that why you’re feeling insecure? If it will soothe Nachi’s heart, I don’t really mind.
Nachi: What stupid things are you spouting…
Shin: It’s not stupid. I treasure Nachi more than anything else, I’ve been saying that you’re special, can’t you get it?
Nachi: That’s unfair… To say such a line with such a gentle expression…
Shin: Hey, stop crying. Just say it properly.
Nachi: I can’t help but cry. To be told something like that at this timing…
Shin: What is Nachi’s reason for feeling insecure?
Nachi: It’s not Shin’s fault… I just don’t have confidence in myself.
Shin: On top of being clumsy, you’re really an idiot too. You’re totally unaware of how pretty you are right?
Nachi: What? Pretty… Oh that time during the commercial… but that time was all thanks to Sakura-san’s skills.
Shin: You’re wrong! That’s not it, the normal Nachi is! Just realise it already. Actually, I didn’t want to let you go to a school full of boys. That’s why, use that strap.
Nachi: As usual, I don’t get you.
Shin: There’s a meaning to it. (Shin shows Nachi a matching charm) That charm… a key?
Nachi: Does this mean that it makes a pair with mine?
Shin: Yea, and it can mean this too… that your heart can only be opened by me.
Nachi: What? Don’t do something so embarrassing!
After being told something like that, there’s no way I could use this strap now!
Shin: Nachi, stop hiding your face.
Nachi: As if I could do that, I’m sure he’s smirking like mad now.
Shin: That’s not all…
Nachi: Huh? What are you do… (Shin kisses Nachi)

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14. The infinite future 1 (果てのない未来1)

Ichiya: So? How has living with Shin-san been?
Nachi: Today, I’m studying with Ichiya for his entrance exams.
I’m writing lyrics which aren’t too bad and Shin has been quite gentle in general as well…
Ichiya: (Ichiya sighs)What’s this, boasting about your boyfriend?
Nachi: I’m not! Shin has been acting strange lately…
Ichiya: In what way?
Nachi: He has been late in coming home, even though it has nothing to do with work.
Ichiya: Isn’t it just your imagination? Anyway, what’s the basis for you to think that he’s strange?
Nachi: Huh… that is… I found out about it by chance. I got a call from Haruka while I was waiting for Shin at home. Even though the call was about something trivial regarding a change in the meeting time for the next day’s work, Shin’s work that day was a shoot which involved all members of the group.
Ichiya: It’s not unusual for members to go home separate at different times after work. Anyway, why didn’t you ask Shin-san directly about things like this?
Nachi: Ichiya, don’t you know something about this?
Ichiya: Even if I do know anything about it, I won’t tell you. Just ask the person himself.
Nachi: If I could ask him, I wouldn’t be confiding in you about it. If Shin didn’t tell me anything about it, it means that he doesn’t want me to know right?
Ichiya: Well, even if you’re going out, there’s no need to divulge everything about yourself to each other.
Nachi: That’s… right though…
The reason behind why I thought Shin was behaving strangely might be because I’ve been hiding something from him as well – the texts from Tsukishima-senpai which got I’ve been receiving lately.
Tsukishima: Seems like I called at a bad timing, you’ve been ignoring my texts as well. Did I do something to anger you? And Nachi? Could it be that you haven’t been going home lately? I hope to get a reply to my confession soon. In any case, let’s meet up soon.
Nachi: When I read that text, a chill went down my spine. How did he find out that I haven’t been going home? If possible, I don’t want to meet him anymore. I don’t want to hear more excuses from him.
Ichiya: Nachi?
Nachi: Huh? Oh, yea. I’ll ask him.
But first, I need to solve my own problems. I’ll meet up with Tsukishima senpai and put an end to things. After that, I’ll deal with you, Shin.

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15. The infinite future 2 (果てのない未来2)

Nachi: It has been a while
Tsukishima: So you came…
Nachi: Since I was the one who arranged this, of course I’d come.
Tsukishima: But, I was the one who made you arrange it.
Nachi: I thought I might feel like screaming upon seeing his face, but I was strangely calm. Seems like I’ve really gotten over this, and it’s surely because of him.
Tsukishima: Can I get my answer?
Nachi: I really liked senpai.
Tsukishima: Past tense? I knew it, I should have explained the misunderstanding back then.
Nachi: That’s not it. I’ve found someone special.
Tsukishima: Special…? Do I know the person? Could it be that Nachi is living at the person’s place now?
Nachi: Senpai doesn’t know this person. But it’s someone whom I want to be with for as long as I’m able to.
Tsukishima: As long as you are able to… What does this mean? Aren’t you dating?
Nachi: It’s not something like that. This person is special. That’s why I can’t meet senpai anymore, I can’t text you or call you either.
Tsukishima: That can’t be… if it’s someone whom you can’t proudly declare that you’re dating, we don’t have to stop texting for something like that!
Nachi: That’s impossible, (Nachi raises his phone) because my phone has been locked.
Tsukishima: Locked? Isn’t that just a normal phone strap?
Nachi: But it can’t be unlocked by anyone else.
Tsukishima: Something like that, is Nachi okay with someone so possessive? Do I really not have any chance?
Nachi: In any case, that’s it for today. Thank you for everything.
Tsukishima: Oi, Nachi.
Nachi: Oh, right… I nearly forgot. Can you please not approach Rimu anymore?
Tsukishima: Huh? Wha… Nachi…
Nachi: That’s all, bye.
Next… it’s time for my counterattack.

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16. The infinite future 3 (果てのない未来3)

Nachi: If I’m not wrong, Shin’s filming location should be somewhere around here.
(Sounds of female voices) Wha? That can’t be…
Why are there so many fangirls around? Was today a fan meet or something? Looking at this situation, I can’t just barge in to look for Shin so easily… And that guy, how is he planning to leave this place? Even though I’m fine with not being able to meet Shin for now, after seeing this, I can’t possibly leave him like this. I’m sure he’s troubled because he can’t get out, is there any way for me to get closer… Oh that’s right! There’s a convenience store nearby.
Nachi: Alright, all prepared. (Calls someone on his phone)
Shin: Hello, Nachi?
Nachi: Shin, you’re done with work right?
Shin: Oh… that’s right but…
Nachi: Then I’m going over right now.
Shin: What? Where are you now?
Nachi: If you hear 3 knocks, that will be me. Be sure to open the door.
Shin: What? That’s impossible, it’s dangerous! (Nachi hangs up)
(Nachi starts walking towards the crowd)
Girl 1: Wait a bit, that restaurant is currently off-limits.
Nachi: Oh, I know. Can you let go of me please? (Nachi continues walking)
Girl 2: Wait… who was that handsome guy just now? Could he be an actor or singer…
Girl 3: But, I’ve never seen him before…
Girl 2: He could be a new face in MBO.
Girl 4: Oh he could be! I should have taken his photo with my phone!
(Nachi knocks 3 times)
Sakura: Huh? Na…chan?
Nachi: Hello Sakura-san.
Sakura: You… your outfit?
Nachi: I bought the shades and some hair wax from the convenience store nearby and touched up a bit on my appearance. Like this, won’t I look like a staff?
Sakura: As expected of Nachan, you’ve got guts.
Shin: Nachi? You… really?
Nachi: Where are the other people?
Sakura: The other staff left by the back exit earlier on, but that was when the fans discovered its location.
Nachi: In other words, you’ve been closed off from all sides.
Shin: Besides that, Nachi, why did you come here? And what’s with that outfit? Why did you take off your spectacles?
Nachi: If it’s you, you would have come for me when I’m in a similar situation right?
Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: I’m not being conceited, but I’m really certain about it, that I want to protect Shin. For Shin, I can get stronger. Isn’t this something to feel happy about?
So? What do you plan on doing, Shin.
Shin: Well, if we wait for a while longer, they will give up soon.
Nachi: Are you running away from those girls?
Shin: What? Don’t say something like that when you don’t even know anything.
Nachi: But something like this, isn’t it frustrating? You should be bolder and more open, there’s no need to be so sneaky like this.
Sakura: Nachan, what in the world are you thinking of?
Nachi: It’s obvious, let’s exit from the front, Shin.
Sakura: Nachan?
Shin: Nachi? From the front? Of course that will be impossible! There are so many fans out there, you won’t know what they will do to us!
Sakura: Shin is right, even though I know where you’re coming from…
Nachi: Sakura-san, can you make me up like the last time?
Sakura: Nachan?
Nachi: I don’t want to wait alone, I want to fight alongside Shin. Sakura-san might have sympathised with my feelings, he sat me down on a chair and revived the other me with his brushes.
Sakura: Alright, it’s done.
Nachi: How do I look, Shin?
Shin: Che, I get it. I won’t take responsibility for anything that happens later! And Nachi, after we get back, I’ll make you remember this.
Nachi: Shin, are you afraid?
Shin: If I were alone, I won’t care about what they do to me. They’re my fans after all. But for now, Nachi is together with me…
Nachi: Stupid, that’s what the disguise is for. Besides, I don’t want to be the only one who keeps being protected.
Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: It’s way better if the two of us fight together.
Shin: You’re really a strong-willed cat.
Nachi: Don’t you know? Stray cats are more determined.
Shin: Seems like it. Then, shall we go? (Door opens and fan girls scream before they stop in surprise)
Nachi: The girls screamed and the atmosphere almost turned chaotic. However, at one gesture from Shin, the screams got silenced. Even after we descended from the stairs to the pavement, the girls didn’t make a single move. It felt like there was an invisible barrier surrounding Shin and I.  
Girl 1: Could that person be… from that commercial?
Girl 2: Oh, you’re right… so pretty…
Shin: Nachi, let’s run! (girls scream and start chasing) Nachi, you shouldn’t be looking back!
Nachi: I know that…
Shin: You’re slow! (Shin carries Nachi)
Nachi: Let me go! At this rate, won’t we be caught?
Shin: It’s faster than letting Nachi run!
Haruka: Shin, faster!
(Two of them gets into car and car speeds off)
Shin: We made it.
Haruka: (Haruka claps and laughs) Well done, the two of you.
Kengo: But that was really risky… there were so many of them, and to come out from the front…
Shin: It can’t be helped, this guy wouldn’t listen to me…
Nachi: What’s with you… even Shin was convinced at the end…
Shin: Convinced? How could I say no when you went as far as to get that make up?
Nachi: By the way, aren’t you hiding something from me, Shin?
Shin: Not really… It’s not like I’m hiding…
Nachi: There is? Tell me.
Kengo: Shin, you really haven’t been telling Nachi?
Shin: Be quiet, I don’t want to let him worry unnecessarily.
Nachi: I see. Then I will NEVER tell Shin anything that will worry him too.
Shin: What? You can’t! You definitely can’t!
Kengo: Goodness me, you aren’t kids. Shin, just tell him already. It’s not something you’re going to hide from him forever right?
Haruka: That’s right. Or what’s the matter? You don’t trust Nachi-kun?
Nachi: Don’t trust me… is that true?
Shin: That’s not… that’s not the truth. Nachi, it’s not like I don’t trust you or anything.
Nachi: It’s fine, forget it. Even if you don’t tell me…
Shin: Wait… Nachi, don’t cry.
Nachi: I haven’t started crying yet, why are you so sharp at times like this…
Shin: I’ll tell you… so you fight together with me?
Nachi: Shin…
Kengo: Please do something like that when you’re alone elsewhere, in any case, let’s try to go there. Seeing it would be better than hearing Shin’s explanation.
Haruka: That’s right. Driver, please.
Nachi: It’s faster if I see it? See what?
Haruka: Shin’s second home.
Nachi: Second home?
Shin: Oi, don’t say it in a way to invoke misunderstandings!
Nachi: Who are you living with there?
Shin: I’m not living with anyone there, don’t think such unnecessary things.
Nachi: Then, why?
Shin: If you go, you will understand. Isn’t Nachi the one who doesn’t trust me at all?
Haruka: We’re here. Look, that apartment.
Shin: If we get any closer, people will find out. Nachi, look.
Nachi: Wha… what’s that? Don’t tell me, all those people surrounding that apartment… are they all your fans?
Shin: That’s supposedly where I’m living at. Well, I really lived there last time so I have to show up around here sometimes, otherwise it will get suspicious.
Nachi: You mean, you’ve been coming here… Haruka and Kengo too?
Haruka: Well, we do get some of it…
Kengo: Shin’s the one getting most of it though.
Nachi: I never knew, that Shin has been alone in this all along…

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17. The infinite future 4 (果てのない未来4)

Shin: Nachi, don’t look so hurt.
Nachi: It’s wrong, the one who has been hurt isn’t me. Isn’t is Shin? Despite that, I… I’m sorry. I’m powerless for now, I don’t have anything to protect Shin with. But I’ll get stronger, so…
Shin: (Shin laughs) Say, if you get any stronger, you’ll get out of my control.
Nachi: That’s why, Shin should get stronger too.
Shin: Me?
Nachi: That’s right. If it’s Shin, you should be able to get to an even higher place.
Shin: If Nachi’s by my side, it feels like I really can do that.
Nachi: Aren’t you an idiot? You’ve only realised this now?
Nachi: We traced each other’s outlines with light kisses, like we were confirming each other’s existence; from the forehead, to the eyelids, the cheeks and to the neck. Just by intertwining our fingers, it feels like we’ve joined as one. That was the gentleness of the love we shared.
It feels good.
Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: Shin…
Shin: Relax, Nachi. Nachi, are you alright?
Nachi: I’m alright.
Shin: I thought Nachi might break, every time I embrace you.
Nachi: What are you saying, were you trying to destroy me?
I’m not but, what’s that, maybe I was trying to confirm something. By doing something like this. In resonance with Shin’s intense actions, my voice rang through the room. I’m not going anywhere, I can’t go anywhere. By myself, I’m no longer able to… This is where I belong now, no matter where I go, no matter how much time passes, for eternity.
Shin: I’m really, in love with Nachi… I think…
Nachi: Why “I think”?
Shin: How about Nachi?
Nachi: I love you, Shin.
Those are the words which best describes these feelings I have.

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18. Epilogue (エピローグ)

Shin: Nachi, are you still not done yet?
Nachi: You’re so noisy! You’re irritating me, just go back to your room already.
Shin: We’ll really be late at this rate.
Nachi: If you really think so then stop getting in my way of doing things! Anyway, you just released an album last year, isn’t it too soon to release another one this year?
After I graduated from high school and entered university, I signed an official contract with MBO. Under the pretext of work, I rented a room at Shin’s apartment block. That’s how we ended up like this. I was supposed to enjoy my long summer break, but I’m being chased by the deadlines of KIX’s new album songs. That woman really knows how to make people work!
Shin, are you starting the filming for a drama soon? Why don’t you return to your room to read the script or something?
Shin: Oh… there’s a bed scene in that drama and it’s a really passionate scene.
Nachi: Oh… what?! Bed scene?!
Shin: That’s why, you have to be my practice partner, Nachi.
Nachi: Then I will have less time to compose for you.
Shin: I don’t mind at all.
Nachi: We should decide on the album’s title soon.
Shin: Why? Isn’t it fine to make it last year’s part two?
Nachi: Really… why is someone like you so popular now?
Shin: That’s all because of Nachi… right? Besides that, There hasn’t been anything strange happening to Nachi at the university right?
Nachi: Irritating…
Shin: I’m not being irritating! You stopped wearing your spectacles and cut your hair shorter, you’re getting too sexy!
Nachi: Sexy?!
Shin: That’s why I’m going to make sure that you receive so much love that you won’t be able to stand during this summer holidays.
Nachi: Wha… don’t bite! You…
Shin: Just be good and stay still.
Nachi: No I don’t wanna.
Shin: Nachi… turn this way.
Nachi: Don’t touch me there! Ouch!
Shin: Oi, Nachi, where were you hit?
Nachi: (Nachi smirks) That was a lie…
Shin: You… Nachi!
Nachi: (Nachi laughs)
Seriously, to call it Rakuen no Uta 2, isn’t that too crude? Anyway I’m sure I will get what I want at the last minute. That’s why, for now I can embrace this selfish and precious existence. Tomorrow and the day after, from the past till the end of future.

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