Captain Earth: Episode 08

“Sign from the Dark”

Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 1 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 2 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 3 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 4 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 5 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 6 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 7 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 8 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 9 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 10 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 11 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 12 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 13 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 14 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 15 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 16 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 17 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 18 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 19 Captain Earth Episode 8 - Image 20

After the utter confusion that was the previous episode, I’m glad that we’ve finally arrived at something a little more coherent and comprehensible and a lot simpler for my little mind to understand. The highlight of the show for me, though, was the gorgeous voice of Uchiyama Kouki, whom I just flailed over the entire episode – definitely an interesting character to me!

Now that we’ve got our child prodigy team together – with matching colourful outfits – it’s time for their first mission, and Pitz the blue alien squirrel sends them to Odaiba where the Kil-T-Gang are going to be. They somehow manage to swindle the owner of a big casino into letting these underage children in to do some recon. What I did like about this episode is that these kids are, in fact, kids, and while there is a suspension of disbelief in most anime where they do things or act way beyond their years, they were like kids in a sweets shop and amused by all the glitz and glam of the casinos. There was also a good dose of teasing Daichi by calling him ‘captain’ all the time, much to his embarrassment, and it was fun to see him so uncomfortable and pouty.

But, by far, the best character in this episode was the hilariously angsty Zin, voiced by Uchiyama Kouki, who has also played Tsukki in Haikyuu!!, Yuuta in Kimi to Boku and Natsuki in Tsuritama. I think you get the gist of the kind of deep-voiced, serious characters he usually plays and Zin follows the trend until he turns into a bit of a psycho. He’s one of the seven other Planetary Gears or members of the Kill-T-Gang, who, like Teppei, had his memories stolen, which can only be returned upon contact with another Kill-T-Gang member. His human form is a pretty bitter, lonely teenager working in a casino and operating the roulette table, despairing over the fact that nothing he ever creates remains in his hands – a bitterness which derived from the fact that he took a picture of his crush in high school but the award-winning photo was essentially stolen by his best friend. He’s also being used by the owner of the casino for his strange ability at winning roulette, which the owner intends on using in order to increase the club’s earnings. Cue Amara and Moco, who intend to awaken his suppressed memories and we’re left with an intense, crazed individual whose only desire is to cause havoc and take back what was stolen from him using his alien powers. Although Daichi beats him in a fight, it’s a tough one and I don’t know whether Zin is just that much more powerful or whether his anger fuels his recklessness and vigour. It’s cool to see two separate groups building themselves up to fight each other and I’m really looking forward to meeting the other members of the Kill-T-Gang.

I really enjoyed Zin’s character switch and I enjoyed Uchiyama’s ability to go from this mellow-voiced individual to an angry psychopath. His timbre is just really soothing and nice to listen to and he’s just got a very likeable tone to his voice. He stole the show for me, but it was still nice to see Daichi and friends interacting like teenagers-adults-kids and I’m quite fond of the dynamic between them.

All in all, a much better episode compared to last week’s in my own opinion, especially now that everything flowed better and was just easier to understand. While the show started out so promising, I feel as if it’s dwindling somewhat and I’m not sure to what degree it can be redeemed at this point. But, who knows? It might have a superb ending. *shrugs* I’m just hoping we finally get some answers and that everything that’s hanging in the air at the moment finally falls into place.


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