Rakuen no Uta Vol. 1 – Translation

Title: Rakuen no Uta Vol. 1 (楽園のうた第1巻) (drama review)
Cast: Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya Hiroshi (緑川光×神谷浩史)
Related drama(s): Senaka Awase no Koi
Contents: Vol. 1

1. 最悪な出会い
2. 偶像と化けの皮
3. 仮面の内側1
4. 仮面の内側2
5. 仮面の内側3
6. 仮面の内側4
7. 表と裏の境界線1
8. 表と裏の境界線2
9. 表と裏の境界線3
10. 無駄な抵抗
11. 僅かな可能性

Vol. 2

1. そこまでの距離1
2. そこまでの距離2
3. そこまでの距離3
4. そこまでの距離4
5. そこまでの距離5
6. そこまでの距離6
7. 存在の記号1
8. 存在の記号2
9. 存在の記号3
10. 存在の記号4
11. 存在の記号5
12. 存在の記号6
13. 存在の記号7
14. 果てのない未来1
15. 果てのない未来2
16. 果てのない未来3
17. 果てのない未来4
18. エピローグ

1. The worst encounter (最悪な出会い)

(Pandora Save Your Heart by KIX plays in the background on a crowded street)
Nachi: That was something which suddenly invaded my sense of hearing. The song, accompanied by piano, roused the unwanted memories from the past. The bitter memories from 3 years ago which was supposed to be sealed up. Those lyrics resembled those words that I was so accustomed to at that time.
Song: You can’t see it anymore as it disappears… If this is a love where I’m only a replacement, I want to end this with my hands. There’s only the unforgettable warmth left now but I can only save your heart for now as I say goodbye to this dream I will never see again.
Rimu: (Nachi storms into Rimu’s room) Hey! Don’t just come in like this! Ah…. Hm? Nachi, are you angry over something?
Nachi: Of course I am, what’s with that lyrics of that song? Explain what’s going on!
Rimu: That song…? What are you talking about… Rimu doesn’t understand…
Nachi: Stop acting dumb!
Rimu: Gosh, I get it already! When I wanted to borrow a dictionary from Nachi 3 months ago, I found that writing in your drawer.
Nachi: (Nachi sighs) And? Why did my writing become a song?
Rimu: At that time, coincidentally, KIX requested for their fans to submit song lyrics for their newest single! The one whose lyrics get chosen will have the chance to observe the filming of the promotional video!
Nachi: Is that so? And you were so taken in by your beloved idol that you even approved the change in lyrics? Without my consent?
Rimu: That is… I’m sorry… (Nachi sighs) Nachi?
Nachi: Rimu, give me that KIX person’s mail address.
(Nachi starts texting the number he got from Rimu.)
Nachi: I heard your new song. The melody was alright, but the lyrics sucked.
Reply: Who the hell are you? Those lyrics were written by one of our fans and I really liked it, it is really good.
Nachi: Aren’t you embarrassed to be singing some song which sounds like it was written by a middle school kid?
Reply: Well, I guess there’s no point in saying anything to a guy who doesn’t know anything. I don’t care about how you got this mail address, but if you want to vent your frustration, can you do it elsewhere?
Nachi: It’s too half-hearted to suddenly end the depressing lyrics with some hopeful sounding words. Judging by that flow, there should be no hope at all. Besides that, aren’t you an idiot for replying to such texts ? Are you really an idol?
Reply: Is it wrong to have hope? I can’t expect a guy like you to understand how brilliant these lyrics are.
Nachi: You are the one who doesn’t understand anything. Those lyrics were meant to sound depressing, stop acting all high and mighty even though you obviously changed the last part.
Reply: On what basis are you saying that? Who are you? Are you involved in this? Where did you get this address from?
Nachi: Doesn’t matter who I am. Anyway I’m tired of arguing over senseless things with you. I knew that nobody would understand. Please don’t reply.
Somehow I’m tired. How does it feel to be loved unconditionally? For me, it was impossible to be loved even by one person. That’s why in those lyrics, there were never meant to be any hope.
Rimu: (Rimu bursts into room) Hey Nachi, there’s a call for you!
Nachi: Har? A call? From who?
Rimu: Just… hurry! (Rimu stuffs phone into Nachi’s hands)
Nachi: Hello?
Shin: You! What were all those texts for?
Nachi: Har?
Shin: If you have a problem just say it to me directly! What’s your problem?
Nachi: (Nachi whispers to Rimu) Oi, who’s this person on the phone?
Rimu: It’s Shin, Chris Shin from KIX!
Nachi: What?! The person who made that song? It can’t be…
Shin: I never expected those texts to be from Rimu-chan’s brother.
Nachi: Eh… Please excuse me… for sending all those rude texts… I was worried about my sister so I…
Shin: What’s that? You sound so different from your texts. Rather than that, you don’t feel bad at all, do you?
Nachi: I do feel bad… aren’t you busy with work? You shouldn’t be wasting time on someone like me.
Shin: Do you want to hang up that quickly? You’re talking to a top famous idol right now, can’t you at least sound happy?
Nachi: Shut up already, I don’t want to talk anymore with someone like you.
Shin: Har?
Nachi: Just like what I’ve said in my texts, it’s not like I’m seeking to be understood by you. Feel free to make all the changes you want to those lyrics and sing it to your heart’s content with that fake face of yours.
Shin: You…
Nachi: Isn’t that enough already? I don’t want to hear your voice anymore.
Shin: Is this your true character?
Nachi: So what if it’s so? It has nothing to do with you anyway.
Shin: So you’re the one who wrote that lyrics.
Nachi: Who cares, it has already been released. It doesn’t matter anymore, please don’t call me anymore. (Nachi hangs up and hands Rimu her phone.)
Shin: Wait a minute… Nachi! (Nachi pushes Rimu away and locks himself up in his room) Nachi? Nachi! (Rimu bangs on his door)
Nachi: (Nachi slides down against the door onto the floor) I’m begging you already, just leave me alone.
I never want to remember… I don’t want to be bothered by anyone anymore… That’s what I thought. But my peaceful life has already been crushed by my twin sister’s impulsive actions.

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2. Transforming into an idol (偶像と化けの皮)

Nachi: What the hell! What “let’s go shopping together”? You deceived me and brought me to such a place…
Rimu: What do you mean by “such a place”? You’re at the live location of KIX’s autograph session!
Nachi: Something like this, please come by yourself!
Rimu: But I’ve already promised to bring Nachi along… (Door opens)
Shin: Rimu-chan!
Rimu: Ah! It’s Shin!
Nachi: Wha… Y-you’re kidding me! (Nachi runs away)
Shin: Huh? Oi! (Shin pursues) Wait! (Shin grabs hold of Nachi)
Nachi: Let… let me go!
Shin: So we finally meet. Why were you running away?
Nachi: Because… there’s no need to meet… (Nachi panting)
Shin: Hm? Are you really Rimu-chan’s brother?
Nachi: What about that?
Shin: What’s with this lame long fringe and dorky spectacles? I was expecting Rimu-chan’s twin brother to be better looking than this.
Nachi: That’s… please excuse me for not meeting your expectations.
Shin: Well, I guess it’s good to have someone of a different disposition once in a while.
Nachi: What?
Shin: Aren’t you going to the shoot after this?
Nachi: Wait a minute… I really hate people like you.
Shin: Rimu-chan is so cute~
Nachi: Are you listening to what I’m sa…
Shin: If she gets seen with me and people find out that she has a twin brother, won’t things get interesting? The paparazzi will look into this won’t they? I’m a famous person after all…
Nachi: You’d go to such lengths… What do you want?
Shin: Nothing much. I just want to know you better.
Nachi: It’s useless, I’m at too much of a disadvantage here. In any case, it can’t hurt to just obey him for now.
I understand, we’ll go according to what you want.
Shin: Shall we go then? Oh no! Break time is over! What will you do about that?
Nachi: Is that even my fault?
Kengo: Shin, what are you doing there?
Haruka: Break time is over!
Kengo: Huh? Who’s that?
Shin: He’s Rimu-chan’s brother, Nachi.
Haruka: So you’re Nachi-kun?
Nachi: Please to meet you.
Haruka: I’m please to meet you too, I’m Kusunaki Haruka.
Kengo: I’m Iida Kengo yea? You can just call me Kengo.
Nachi: O-okay…
Haruka: (Haruka laughs) That’s rare for someone to be that indifferent about us.
Nachi: Is that so? I’m sorry.
Will you guys be happier if I ask for your autographs or something?
Haruka: Oh, please don’t misunderstand me. It’s just that I was happy to not be treated differently. You can call me Haruka.
Nachi: Huh? This person seems relatively decent…
Haruka: (Haruka laughs again) You have the expression saying “I’m glad he seems normal”.
Nachi: (Nachi gets flustered) That’s not it…
Kengo: (Kengo laughs) Shin, what were the two of you talking about?
Shin: Just idle chatter, right Nachi?
Haruka: Even though he looks like this, Shin is quite an idiot so if anything is wrong, just talk about it to us okay?
Kengo: That’s right!
Shin: You guys!
Haruka: Come on, it’s time to go back. The shoot’s about to start.
Shin: Go in first, I’ll join you all later.
Rimu: I’ll go in to take a look first then!
Nachi: Hey, I really want to go back already. What’s the point of Shin making me come all the way here?
Shin: Oh? You finally said my name. About those lyrics, I was the one who changed it and wrote the music for it too. So I can’t stand the fact that I might have misinterpreted the meaning behind those lyrics.
Nachi: It fine already, just do whatever you want.
Shin: No, sit down. When I first read those lyrics, I was extremely touched. To think that there was such a talented person within our fan base. But it was just a tad too depressing for an idol to perform.
Nachi: I get it already. I’m honoured to have such a popular idol group use my lyrics~ Are you happy now?
Shin: That’s not it. Why are you so sarcastic about everything? Despite being the creator of those lyrics, you said that it sounded like it was written by a middle schooler…
Nachi: It can’t be helped, I wrote that when I was in middle school.
Shin: What? Are you serious?
Nachi: Are you satisfied now? Just let me leave already.
Shin: I’ll let you leave if you think that I’m cool.
Nachi: What? What do you mean, if that’s the case I’ll never be able to leave in this lifetime.
Shin: You’re the first to push me to such an extent.
Nachi: Isn’t Rimu the one you’re concerned with?
Shin: Of course I think that Rimu-chan is cute.
Nachi: Your face is too close…
Shin: Shall I kiss you?
Nachi: No thanks, you seem to be bad it at.
Shin: What the?!
Haruka: (Haruka laughs) That’s interesting! Seems like Shin’s seduction techniques have failed on Nachi. But, at this rate, Shin’s pride will get crushed so please keep it at this level.
Shin: What’s with you, Haruka? Didn’t you go back into the studio? Stop getting in my way!
Haruka: I’m done, it’s Shin’s turn next.
Shin: (Shin starts to walk off) Nachi, be sure to watch the shoot.
Nachi: After that, the shoot went on for what seemed like forever. I was so fed up with it that I made up a random excuse about having incomplete homework to do and was finally allowed to go home.
Shin: Che, I’ll let you go home for today. But you’re not allowed to ignore my texts or calls. (Shin leans in and whispers) You remember what we talked about earlier don’t you?
Nachi: I said I got it already.
Shin gave a pointed look at Rimu and threatened me, I could only give in reluctantly.

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3. Beneath the mask 1 (仮面の内側1)

Nachi: I’m so hungry, shall I just grab some pasta?
Tsukishima: Sasamo…
Nachi: Huh? Tsukishima-senpai?
Tsukishima: I knew it! Aren’t you Sasamoto? You’ve changed quite a bit so I was rather hesitant about calling out to you.
Nachi: It has been a while, I’m in a rush so I have to go.
Tsukishima: Please wait, Sasamoto. I think I need to have a proper talk with you and it’s been on my mind…
Nachi: I have nothing to talk about with you.
Tsukishima: Even you don’t, I do.
Nachi: What is there to talk about now? Just the fact that I was deceived is sufficient.
Tsukishima: That’s not the truth! I didn’t deceive…
Nachi: There’s no need for you to justify yourself now, isn’t this something which happened 3 years ago? We were both kids back then so isn’t it alright to just forget about it?
Tsukishima: I don’t want to, I still like you!
Nachi: What… rubbish are you spouting?
The first one who fell in love was probably me. He was a senior in the literature club and he was always reading books by himself in the club room. During the autumn of my second year, it has become a norm for the two of us to be together alone in the club room. He was the one who confessed first. The usually calm and composed senior was rather fidgety that day and finally told me that he likes me. I was more overjoyed than surprised. Even though I wasn’t sure if those feelings I had was called love, but from that day onwards, he became the most important person to me. However…
Nachi: I wonder if senpai is still in the club room… I’ve brought the book he wanted to read, I hope he will be happy.
Oh, senpai!
Guy 1: The Sasamoto twins of the second year… the sister is really cute!
Guy 2: Seems like she doesn’t have a boyfriend!
Guy 3: But I frequently see her going home with different guys.
Guy 1: That’s right, and always with the good-looking ones!
Guy 2: By the way, the brother looks exactly like the sister right?
Guy 3: They’re twins after all. What the… you can go both ways?
Guy 2: With such a cute face, wouldn’t he be fine as a replacement?
Tsukishima: Yea… you might be right.
Guy 1: Haha, Tsukishima! You look so serious, stop it already.
Nachi: Tears started falling from my eyes and I fled from that scene with such desperation that I didn’t even notice that the book had fallen from my hands. Ever since that day, I’ve stopped going to the club room and started wearing spectacles at school. My family was worried about me but there was no way I could tell them the reason behind this change. Even though I thought I was finally able to forget about that…
“Still like”… you never once liked me did you?
Tsukishima: That’s not it.
Nachi: This is the way I look now, so I can’t become Rimu’s replacement for you anymore.
Tsukishima: Back then… that conversation… you really overheard it… I’m really sorry! I was such a brat back then so I wasn’t able to say it out loud, that I was going out with you, a guy… They were saying something like “you will be fine too” so I was that shocked that there were people other than me who would see you in that light as well… so I unknowingly gave such a response.
Nachi: What?
Tsukishima: I never thought about liking Rimu-chan. It’s true! I never thought of you as her replacement!
Nachi: Are you telling me to believe that?
Tsukishima: I wanted to clear the misunderstanding as soon as possible, but you were avoiding me that badly. As time went by, I thought I was being hated by you and got scared.
Nachi: That it was a misunderstanding… if that’s the truth, then wouldn’t the stupid person be me? You must be kidding me. Is he trying to say that he doesn’t want to remain as the bad person?
If senpai says that, then it’s fine.
Tsukishima: You don’t look like you believe me.
Nachi: It doesn’t matter does it?
Tsukishima: It does! I told you didn’t I? Even now, I still like Nachi.
Nachi: I’m already over you.
Tsukishima: Nachi, you started to leave your fringe long and wear spectacles to cover your face… it’s my fault isn’t it? That’s such a waste! Even though you have such beautiful eyes…
Nachi: Anyway, I’m going home. I don’t want to see you anymore. (Nachi walks off)
Tsukishima: (Tsukishima grabs Nachi’s arm) Please wait, I’m really sorry for having hurt you all these years. Seeing you today has made me realise that, so please don’t say something like you don’t want to see me. (Tsukishima cries?)
Nachi: (Nachi shakes off Tsukishima) I’m going off.
What was that about? That he still likes me… I don’t like him anymore. In fact, I hate him. (Phone rings and Nachi ignores it) But…
(Phone rings again) What now? (Nachi picks up the call) Yes?
Shin: Hey you… Stop picking a fight with me every time I call you! Didn’t you want to hear my voice?
Nachi: You’re so annoying. What now? What business do you have now?
Shin: Don’t call me annoying! Why isn’t your answering machine switched on?
Nachi: I hate the answering machine. So what do you want? Aren’t your type of people busy during end-of-years?
Shin: That’s right! Even though I’m busy I’m going out of my way to… I guess its fine. Nachi, are you free tomorrow night?
Nachi: I’m busy.
Shin: At least think before you answer. You’re free right?
Nachi: Have you been listening to what I said?
Shin: There’s a recording of a music program, can you come? You haven’t even heard that song properly before, have you?
Nachi: Music program? What’s the point of going to something like… hey, is that something I can choose to attend so suddenly?
Shin: With my boss’s help, nothing is impossible. Oh no, break time is over. I’ll text you the details later, bye!
Nachi: I can’t care less about KIX’s songs but it might be a refreshing experience. I’m sure it can take my mind off everything.
If I go alone, Rimu will get angry at me wouldn’t she?

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4. Beneath the mask 2 (仮面の内側2)

Nachi: Wow, it’s full of girls. On top of that, it’s packed. Give me a break already.
Host: Has Shin-kun been in any difficult situations lately?
Shin: Hm… oh! There is one! Actually I’ve been trying to tame a stray cat.
Nachi: Stray cat? Hm? So he likes animals? That’s unexpected.
Shin: It’s really ugly but I just care a lot about it.
Haruka: What? That’s not the case, I think it’s quite cute.
Shin: Haruka’s eyes have been getting bad recently.
Haruka: No they haven’t.
Host: Taming a stray cat… doesn’t sound like an easy feat?
Shin: Yea, and it’s rather wilful and stubborn too…
Kengo: I’m sure Shin can’t do it!
Haruka: Once he tried to kiss it and was rejected terribly… (Fans scream)
Nachi: Hm? Why is Haruka looking this way? Wait a minute, kiss? Rejected? Don’t tell me, the ugly stray they were talking about… refers to me?
Host: To reject Shin’s kiss, what a conceited cat! Don’t our fangirls here want to become that cat too? (Fans scream)
Shin: Isn’t it? It really isn’t being honest with itself… (Fans scream)
Nachi: Can you not wink?
Host: Moving on, with the CD release confirmed to be on the 25th of December, this sad ballad with fan-written lyrics and arrangement by Chris Shin… Let us enjoy it, Pandora Save Your Heart by KIX. (Fan screams)
Nachi: Hm? So that’s the title of the song, I’ll save you heart… isn’t that the opposite of lyrics? But my thought process stopped right after the song started. When the piano introduction sounded, I felt the sudden switch in the three of them as they transformed in KIX. It felt like time has stopped in this place. There’s no doubt that the song has been re-written, but despair still permeates the entire song, just like what I’ve heard at first.
Nachi: While Shin sings the lyrics of despair, Haruka and Kengo harmonises with lyrics giving him hope. I was taken aback by the beauty and impact of it all. That’s right, back then, I was hoping to be saved by someone, to be embraced and have my wounds tended to. What was left ringing in the air after the song was like the legend of the Pandora’s box, and it was unmistakably… hope.
Girl: Excuse me but are you alright? Oh, don’t worry about it! I cried too… It was such a good song wasn’t it? Please take my handkerchief and use it.
Nachi: Thank you so much.
Nachi: (Phone rings) It’s Shin.
Should I pick it up or should I ignore it? This was about the only time I seriously thought about it. Those lyrics have completely left my hands and become KIX’s, but I was really happy about that. And perhaps a little honoured as well. After having something like that shown to me, I guess I have to apologise. I felt that it was a form of respect towards KIX and Shin. (Nachi picks up the call)
Nachi:  Hello.
Shin: Huh? Seems like you aren’t in a bad mood today.
Nachi: I guess so. If you have to define it, I guess I’m in a rather good mood.
Shin: So, have you fallen in love with my performance again?
Nachi: Idiot, I was never in love in the first place. But, it was cool, all three of you were.
Shin: What’s that? Somehow you’re being too honest and it’s kind of gross.
Nachi: I sure Shin has more talent when it comes to writing lyrics.
Shin: That was because Nachi’s lyrics were good in the first place.
Nachi: It was really cool. That’s why, isn’t this enough already?
Shin: Har? What is?
Nachi: You can stop calling me.
Shin: What are you talking about?
Nachi: Stop texting too. Don’t worry, I will erase your mail address.
Shin: Wai… Nachi! What nonsense are you talking about?
Nachi: I’ll be sure to buy your CD.
Shin: That sort of things, you don’t have to buy it, I’ll give it to you. That’s Nachi’s lyrics in the first place!
Nachi: It’s not. Isn’t that KIX’s song? That’s not sarcasm, but really what I feel.
Shin: Nachi?
Nachi: So, from now on, I’ll even watch you on TV when I feel like it.
Shin: Nachi… Oi you… Don’t you dare to hang up on me! In any case, just listen to what I’m sa… (Nachi hangs up)
Nachi: So, shall I go home?
While looking up at the starry night sky, I thought that it might be good to listen to what Tsukishima-senpai has to say the next time we meet up.

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5. Beneath the mask 3 (仮面の内側3)

Nachi: So? Where should we go today?
Rimu: Hm… for starters we should go to the clothes store! It’s a standard procedure for the start of a new season! After that…
Nachi: What? There’s so much you wanna do?
Nachi: Hey, besides this, is that really impossible?
Nachi: You have really persistent since last year.
Nachi: But… Shin is so pitiful! I’ve already forgiven you for going to the end-of-year recording, but are you sure nothing happened that day? After that day, Nachi seems to have changed somehow.
Nachi: Is that so? I’m exactly the same as before.
Nachi: Ah! Those are my schoolmates! Nachi, I’ll call you when I’m ready to go back so just hang around and entertain yourself for now… bye!
Nachi: Wha? Entertain myself… Rimu! (Rimu runs off) That… that self-centered woman!
Tsukishima: Huh? Nachi?
Nachi: What? Tsukishima-senpai?
Tsukishima: What are you… shopping?
Nachi: Yes. I was dragged out by my sister.
Tsukishima: I see. I’m also here with my mother. Anyway, do you still… do you still remember what I said the last time?
Nachi: What? The last time?
Tsukishima: When I said that I still liked you.
Nachi: Oh…
Tsukishima: You forgot?
Nachi: I’m sorry.
Tsukishima: Does it mean that I have no chance? Well it’s fine, tell me your cell phone number.
Nachi: What?
Tsukishima: It has changed hasn’t it? I want to keep in touch with Nachi.
Nachi: Oh, okay.
Shin: Hmm? Even though you’ve been rejecting my calls, you’re telling him your number so willingly.
Nachi: Wha… This voice… It can’t be, at somewhere so crowded with people…
Tsukishima: Nachi, do you know him?
Shin: (Nachi tries to run away) Wait… a minute (Shin grabs his arm) You’re so dumb, even though you’re slow you still try to run away.
Nachi: (Nachi struggles) Let me go!
Tsukishima: Oi, what are you trying to do to Nachi!
Shin: (Shin pushes Tsukishima away) Shut up. You’re in the way, or should I say, get lost!
Tsukishima: Nachi, who is this rude guy? Is he really your friend?
Shin: You too, who are you? I thought I told you to get lost!
Girl 1: That guy with the cap, doesn’t he look like Shin?
Nachi: This is bad! At this rate…
Girl 2: You’re right…
Shin: Nachi, come here for a while.
Tsukishima: Wait, oi! Nachi!
Shin: What was that all about? My calls get disconnected and my texts get returned…
Nachi: There’s already no need for me to contact you anymore, is there?
Shin: Just look here for a minute, weren’t you crying on the day of the recording?
Nachi: I told you, that it was because your song was good, I was just really touched. Why don’t you try being happy about that? What are you trying to do? (Shin mumbles) What?
Shin: I said that I don’t know as well!
Nachi: Don’t yell so loudly! What do you not know about?
Shin: About that… I just can’t help getting concerned about Nachi.
Nachi: What’s that? Is that a confession of love?
Shin: No way! Why am I confessing to a dorky guy like you? You aren’t even my type!
Nachi: Excuse me but, what do you want this dorky guy here to do then?
Shin: I’m pissed that you were the one who cut off ties with me first.
Nachi: What? Just by something like that? (Nachi laughs)
Shin: Why are you laughing!
Nachi: That’s because… (Nachi laughs uncontrollably) you’re saying something so childish!
Shin: Don’t call me childish!
Nachi: I get it already… so you want to be the one who cuts ties with me right? It can’t be helped, so I’ll hang out with you till you get tired of me.
Shin: Somehow, I’m getting irritated by the way you’ve phrased it.
Nachi: (Nachi laughs) I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Hm… please be my friend until you get sick of me?
Shin: If you insist.
Nachi: Yea… I insist.
Shin: Then, let’s exchange numbers… and Nachi! Just stop laughing already!
Nachi: I’m sorry!

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6. Beneath the mask 4 (仮面の内側4)

Nachi: A few days later, I was called to the photography studio by Haruka. But this time I’m not here as an observer, but as a substitute for a model who got injured in an accident.
It’s definitely impossible! I’m an amateur and no matter how you look at me, I’m a guy!
Sakura: I, the makeup artist Sakura, will make you perfect!
Nachi: That’s not the problem here, I won’t be able to do the job of a professional, will I?
Sakura: Nachi-kun, in this industry, it’s all about the results. In other words, assumptions like that will be nothing if you can produce the results.
Shin: Even if you say so, why was there the need to involve Nachi?
Haruka: Huh? Is Shin against this?
Shin: Of course! There’s no way such a dorky guy can be a model…
Nagisa: It’s not like we’re making you take responsibility for this.
Kengo: President…
Nachi: Who?
Haruka: She’s the president of MBO, our production company.
Nagisa: So you’re Nachi-kun? I’m Makabe Nagisa, nice to meet you.
Nachi: Such a young person… president?
Nagisa: Unisex… this is the theme for this shoot. Fundamentally, it’s cologne for men but we’re also targeting the existing female customers as well. That’s why we need the perfect substitute for this specialised role.
Nachi: After hearing something like that it sounds even more impossible for me…
Nagisa: I will take all responsibility as the president. Besides that, if the shoot has to be postponed because of something like that, I can’t make it up to the staffs who have been working hard for today. Using Nachi-kun is our best alternative now. Hm, I’m sure you will produce even better results than the original model.
Nachi: … I have my conditions.
Nagisa: So you will do it?
Nachi: First, please make this the last time I’m doing something like this. And there is a favour I’d like to request from Sakura-san.
Sakura: What is it?
Nachi: One, please make it such that even close relatives won’t be able to know that it’s me.
Sakura: Just leave it to me. Is there anything else?
Nachi: One more thing is, please don’t give me the same face as Rimu, my sister.
Sakura: Understood. Let’s make you more beautiful then!
Nachi: After that I was stripped of everything I was wearing, had all my measurements taken, my fringe cut and all other sorts of things done to me before I was reborn.
Sakura: Tada! We have here, an alluring unisex!
Nachi: Wait… Sakura-san!
Guy 1: Is this the four-eyes just now?
Guy 2: Are you serious?
Director: Wow, he’s better looking than imagined…
Haruka: Nachi-kun, I knew it. You look way better without your spectacles.
Kengo: You’re really transformed.
Nachi: Do I look okay?
Haruka: No worries. Or should I say, as I thought, using Nachi was a success!
Kengo: (Kengo bursts out laughing) Shin, are you alright?
Shin: Who are you?
Nachi: I’m Sasamoto Nachi, please to meet you.
Shin: Is this real? It can’t be the truth!
Nachi: If Shin can’t accept this, then I’ll be troubled.
Shin: Accept this…? Why are you usually dressed like that?
Nachi: What… so I guess it’s impossible for an amateur to work with you?
Haruka: Just leave him be, Nachi. Shin’s a brat, he’s just taking some time to understand the situation.
Kengo: That’s right, we’re telling you that it’s fine so just leave him alone.
Director: Then, we’ll begin the filming. Just follow the producer and my instructions.
Nachi: Yes, I got it.
The filming began with the scene where both of us are on the bed. I will be leaving the bedroom from Shin’s side while wearing the perfume. Shin will then spray himself with the remaining perfume in the bottle. Unisex. An ambiguous story which fits the theme of a perfume usable by both sexes. Without something like this, it would be better if I weren’t involved with Shin at all, the introduction of the commercial was a kissing scene.
Shin: Too bad that this wasn’t a real kissing scene, it would have been a great chance for me to show you my skills.
Nachi: No thank you.
Director: Start!
Nachi: Then, Shin slowly opened his eyes and faced the camera with a bold smile. It was the moment when the “idol” switched was pressed.
Shin: (Shin chuckles) What, are you nervous or something? Don’t worry, it’s not like I would seriously do that at a place like this.
Nachi: Of course you won’t! And it’s not just here, as if I would stand being kissed by you anywhere.
Just as I’ve always kissed senpai, my eyelids naturally fluttered close. That sweet voice which calls my name, the gentle and kind gaze, the hand which was always on my shoulder when we kissed…
Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: I no longer saw Shin in front of me, that’s why, even when Shin called my name and moved closer, I was unable to push him away.
Shin: (Shin kisses Nachi) Nachi…
Nachi: Stop that! (Nachi kicks Shin)
Shin: That hurt! What did you just do?
Nachi: That should be my line! You’re such an unbelievable fellow!
Director: (Director bursts out laughing) Boy, that was a great expression!
Nachi: Don’t tell me, did you film it all?
Director: Don’t worry, I won’t use the last bit.
Shin: It seriously hurt… wasn’t that too much towards an idol?
Nachi: Do you want to be kicked again? Just be thankful that I didn’t punch you in your face!
Shin: Yea, but somehow when I was looking at Nachi’s erotic expression, I just couldn’t stop myself. On top of that, you were obviously thinking about another person. Something like that just pissed me off.
Nachi: Wha? (Nachi is stumped for words)
Haruka: There there, isn’t it a good thing that we managed to film a good one?
Shin: Well, since I’m involved, of course it would be good.
Nachi: Shin acted as though the kiss was no big deal, but I would never forgive him for that.

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7. The boundary between the surface and beneath 1 (表と裏の境界線1)

Nachi: I’m home.
Shin: Welcome back.
Nachi: Rimu, have you had your d…
Shin: No I haven’t, I’m starving.
Nachi: Wha… why are you in here?
Shin: Why you ask… I’m here to taste Rimu-chan’s cooking.
Nachi: (Nachi is still shocked) Her again…
Shin: Anyway, why are you still wearing such a nerdy outfit? You were so good-looking that day.
Nachi: Shin… don’t tell me… have you told Rimu about the shoot?
Shin: Huh? Could it be that you don’t want her to know? Did you know that I worked really hard today, so I’m starving now. If it’s the clever Nachi-chan I know, You should get what I’m trying to say.
Nachi: This again? You really enjoy threatening people don’t you?
Shin: Threat? I haven’t even said anything yet.
Rimu: I’m home! Oh, Nachi you’re back?
Nachi: What “oh you’re back”, what’s the meaning of this?
Rimu: But I got a text saying that he’s hungry…
Nachi: Just eat outside! Haven’t you been doing that?
Rimu: There’s no way I could eat a meal with an idol outside right? Besides that, you’ve been ignoring Shin’s texts again, haven’t you!
Nachi: It has nothing to with Rimu…
Rimu: Then it shouldn’t be Nachi’s business to care when my friend comes over to visit.
Nachi: About that!
Rimu: Anyway, Nachi, stop standing around. D-i-n-n-e-r! (Rimu hands Nachi the groceries)
Shin: What? Nachi’s cooking?
Rimu: Nachi likes to cook!
Shin: Is that so?
Nachi: I’ll be eating outside so two of you, take your time.
Rimu: No way, if you’re going out, at least make dinner before leaving.
Shin: Have you forgotten about what we said just now? Nachi…
Rimu: Huh? Shin, what about that?
Shin: Oh, the other day a com…
Nachi: Idiot! So all I have to do is to cook right?!
Rimu: That’s right, that’s right! I’ll chatting with Shin and waiting then!
Shin: I’ll be waiting too!
Nachi: Che, annoying.
Nachi: Here you go.
Shin: Wow it’s curry! That’s my favourite! (Shin digs in) It’s delicious… the beer is great too!
Nachi: By the way, how did you come here today?
Shin: By car.
Nachi: Wha? Stop drinking! You won’t be able to drive like that would you?
Shin: That’s right, but I’ve already drank it. Seems like I’d have to stay over.
Nachi: What?!
Shin: As expected, what a boring room.
Nachi: Nothing interesting would come out of looking at a man’s room. I’ll lay out a mattress in the living room so go to sleep soon.
Shin: (Shin flops down on Nachi’s bed) I don’t wanna. I haven’t talked much with Nachi today, let’s bond man to man now.
Nachi: I’ve wanted to ask long ago, why do you bother so much about me?
Shin: Because you’re interesting?
Nachi: I’m being treated like a freak? I think I’m your average all boys high school kid.
Shin: You’re the first since I’ve become part of KIX. The first who saw me as “Chris Shin”.
Nachi: What, do you want me to ask you for your autograph or something?
Shin: That’s not it. That’s probably why I got interested in you. From the start you texted me looking for a fight, even after we got to know each other you either rejected me or ignored me… Lately I don’t even think I know myself anymore.
Nachi: What? Could it that Shin, you’re worrying?
Shin: Even I worry sometimes too.
Nachi: You are? What are you worrying about? (Nachi starts laughing)
Shin: Nachi! Why are you laughing at such a timing.
Nachi: (Nachi laughs) Alright just trying tell me.
Shin: Between the me while I’m at work and the me while I’m not, everyone obviously prefers me at work. These days I’ve been so busy at work as an idol that it feels like the other me is getting useless.
Nachi: Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be?
Shin: Did you just say that I’m useless unless I’m in working mode?
Nachi: But isn’t Shin’s work something of that nature?
Shin: That’s right, you’re right! My fans are only chasing after the idol part of me.
Nachi: This guy is an idiot. He doesn’t understand how special he is.
Although I still hate Shin…
Shin: Why are you saying such things now?
Nachi: Just hear me out, I’ll only say it once. The idol part of you is unmistakably part of you as well, so it’s your own fault that the idol Shin is getting acknowledged while the other Shin isn’t.
Shin: Preaching again?
Nachi: When you’re at work, you’re too perfect. If you want people to accept the real you, you should just show that part of you more.
Shin: What if my fans leave me because of that? I’m in a world where I can get substituted easily.
Nachi: There’s no way someone can replace Shin. You’re really professional when you’re at work and above all, you’re a really special person.
Shin: Special…
Nachi: That’s right, special. (Shin leans in) Huh? (Shin kisses Nachi)
Out of a sudden, something was thrust into my mouth. There was a bitter taste in it, I’ve let my guard down!
What are you doing! Stop it, Shin.
Shin: Because, you were saying such things with such an expression. It’s only normal that I would want to kiss you.
Nachi: What?! Just so that you know, I really hate that part of you!
Shin: What is this? Nachi, didn’t you just tell me that I’m special?
Nachi: You… isn’t this a terrible misunderstanding?
Shin: It’s already too late, because I’ve just became serious about you.
Nachi: He can sure change his expressions in an instant.
I have no intentions of keeping contact with you from now on. If you want to hang out with Rimu, do as you please out of my sight.
Shin: If you ignore my calls, I’ll broadcast my confession to the whole of Tokyo. Just so that you know, I’m not kidding. I’ll definitely make Nachi fall for me.
Nachi: A few days after I’ve received that threatening confession, I got texts from Haruka and Kengo.
Haruka: We had a filming for a variety show today and Shin felt different. I’ll make you tell me what happened the next time we meet! By the way, the commercial will go live on TV soon. I can’t wait!
Kengo: Nachi, something happened between you and Shin right! He started saying weird and nonsensical things, warning me to not lay my hands on you. Don’t tell me that he has already done you? Anyway, it feels like he’s doing well. If that’s all because of Nachi, as KIX’s leader, I’d have to thank you!

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8. The boundary between the surface and beneath 2 (表と裏の境界線2)

Nachi: Even after a few days I’ve been threatened and confessed to, I still refused to take him seriously. For now, it seems like all I have to do is to not ignore his texts and to wait till he gets tired of treating me like an unusual animal.
Waitress: Here’s the café au lait you’ve ordered. Please enjoy it.
Nachi: Thank you. Oh, Tsukishima-senpai!
Tsukishima: Nachi, I’m sorry for being late.
Nachi: Don’t worry about it.
We started chatting idly about random topics like what happened at school last time and what books we’ve been reading nowadays. By doing this, I actually feel like I’m just a student and it gives me a sense of relief.
Tsukishima: By the way, does Rimu have a boyfriend now?
Nachi: Huh?
Why of all people, Rimu?
Tsukishima: It’s nothing, Nachi hasn’t been going out with anyone at all right? I was just wondering if it’s the same for your sister.
Nachi: Oh, there’s so many of them that I’m not sure if any of them is her boyfriend. And she hasn’t changed since middle school, liking good-looking men.
Tsukishima: Is there so many? Then Nachi can’t lose out either.
Nachi: (Nachi laughs) That’s right.
Tsukishima: Shall we go soon? It has gotten dark outside.
Nachi: Are you…
Tsukishima: What’s wrong?
Nachi: No, nothing.
Even till now, I’m still wondering about his confession. But I was unable to ask him about it.
Tsukishima: Take off your spectacles the next time we meet. You’ll look more like yourself that way.
Nachi: Okay, I’ll do that.
Rimu: Ah! Nachi!
Nachi: Rimu?
Rimu: Nachi! Let’s go back together!
Nachi: It’s embarrassing so don’t yell my name so loudly across the streets.
Rimu: What’s with you, this should be nothing if you can walk around in such a lame outfit.
Nachi: I guess you do have a point.
There’s no way anyone would think that I resemble Rimu.
Rimu: Say, about that guy who was with Nachi earlier on, was he a senior from your club?
Nachi: How does Rimu know about that?
Rimu: Actually, I think it should be fine to tell you now. When I was in middle school, he confessed to me before.
Nachi: Confessed? Was there a misunderstanding?
Rimu: Hm… In any case, the first time was when he graduated. Even though his appearances were okay, he wasn’t my type. After I rejected him, he told me to keep it a secret from you no matter what, because you’re his junior.
Nachi: The first time… what did you mean by that?
Rimu: That’s right, about one year ago while I was going home from school, he confessed again. I thought he was being rather persistent, it’s not like I can remember every single guy whom I’ve rejected before. Honestly, I’ve totally forgotten about it up till now.
Nachi: Is that so…
Rimu: Oh no, Nachi? You don’t look good, are you okay?
Nachi: Rimu, I think I left something at the shop I was at just now, I’ll go back to get it.
Rimu: Huh? Wait, are you really alright?
Nachi: I’m alright. Just go back first. (Nachi runs off)
Rimu: Nachi?!
(Nachi stops running after a while, phone rings and he picks up the call)
Shin: Oh? You picked up after the first ring, that’s rare.
Nachi: What?
Shin: What you ask, I’m having a break so I thought I’d call.
Nachi: Hm…?
Shin: Nachi, aren’t you being a bit strange today?
Nachi: Tell me that you like me…
Shin: What? Are you for real?
Nachi: Yea… It’s nothing… it’s not like you’re really in love with me anyway… it’s just that I’m unusual…
Shin: Nachi, are you crying? (Nachi sobs and mumbles incoherently) What is it?
Nachi: You said that you’d protect me… you said that you would save me!
Shin: Oi Nachi, where are you right now?
Nachi: What is this, are you worried about me? I don’t need such kindness. I’m sure you’ll forget me soon anyway.
You liar! I hate you!

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9. The boundary between the surface and beneath 3 (表と裏の境界線3)

Sakura: Here, drink up first. You have to warm up your body.
Nachi: Sakura-san… this place is?
Sakura: Don’t worry, this is a bar Nagisa-san set up for the company’s kids so only authorised people can enter.
Nachi: I’m sorry for causing so much trouble.
Sakura: I was really surprised, it was rare for Shin to ask for a favour that sincerely so I thought there has been an accident or something. But it seems like there was an accident, one of the heart. Won’t you tell me what happened? Even though I might look like this, I’ve had my fair share of experiences too.
Nachi: I was soothed by that gentle voice and started to spill everything out bit by bit. About the wound I was unable to heal alone, about the matter with senpai which I’ve always wanted tell someone else.
Sakura: I see, so he did it twice. It must have been tough on you, Na-chan. You liked that person right?
Nachi: I’m not too sure. It feels like the senpai I liked was all a lie.
Sakura: Na-chan?
Nachi: Wouldn’t that make my feelings a lie too?
Sakura: Even though that Tsukishima guy was mean, he must have been confused along the way, whether he liked Na-chan or Rimu-chan.
Nachi: Huh?
Sakura: To have fallen in love with someone of the same gender, a normal guy wouldn’t be able to admit that.
Nachi: That is… but still…
Sakura: Well, even so, it’s not something forgivable.
Shin: Aren’t you two idiots? It’s impossible for you to keep liking someone like that. I was working so hard to finish my work and what’s this? Nachi is in this state because of another man?
Sakura: Hey! Stop bullying Na-chan!
Shin: The one who’s being bullied, isn’t it me instead? Ah… your eyes are all red and swollen… I’m getting really pissed off…
Sakura: Somehow I’m still worried but since Shin is here already… I have an early job tomorrow so I’ll go back first.
Nachi: Huh? Wait! Sakura-san…
Shin: What’s with that scared expression?
Nachi: Well, that’s… actually… I’m sorry about today.
Shin: Have you been reading my texts?
Nachi: I’ve replied.
Shin: And totally ignored the most important point. You were saying that you hate me over the phone…
Nachi: I’m sorry.
Shin: Why have you been apologising since just now?
Nachi: Why… because I caused you trouble…
Shin: Look here, if someone I likes cries, of course I’d be worried, it’s a given that I would want to do something for you. Stop saying that it’s troublesome!
Nachi: Like…? I thought I wasn’t your type? You also said that I was unusual, on top of that, you kept threatening me… Even if you’re telling me that you like me, how can I believe that easily?!
Shin: What? Stop kidding me, we’re going home.
Nachi: Going home?
Shin: Isn’t it obvious, we’re going to my home.
Nachi: Why must I go to Shin’s home…
Ichiya: Ah, Shin-san! Huh? Are you going back already?
Shin: Yea. Hurry up and wear your coat, Nachi.
Ichiya: Nachi? Wait a minute, (Ichiya grabs Nachi to take a closer look) this dorky fellow? Who is he to Shin-san?
Nachi: (Nachi shrugs him off) Let go of me!
Ichiya: Oh dear, what’s this? What a conceited expression… (Ichiya smirks) Nowadays nobody would be caught dead with spectacles like this…
Nachi: (Nachi sniffles) Stop that…
Shin: (Shin pulls Ichiya away) Ichiya, don’t touch Nachi.
Ichiya: I-it can’t be… are you two friends? Isn’t he totally different from Shin-san’s type?
Shin: He’s not my buddy. In any case, it is none of your business. Let’s go, Nachi.
Ichiya: Ah… Shin-san!
Nachi: Oi… I’m not going to your house!
Shin: If you really believed that you’ve troubled me, the least you could do is to follow my instructions.
Nachi: What will we do… there?
Shin: Just keep quiet, or else, I would seal those lips of your right here.

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10. Pointless resistance (無駄な抵抗)

Shin: (Shin drinks beer) Oi, stop standing there and sit down.
Nachi: Aren’t you drinking too much?
Shin: How can I not drink in this situation?
Nachi: I’m really sorry for involving Shin with such weird things…
Shin: You’re apologising for the wrong things here.
Nachi: Yea, just tell me what you’re angry about, if not I won’t understand.
Shin: It’s fine even if you don’t understand. I’ve given up trying to get through your head.
Nachi: What do you mean by th… huh? (Shin pushes Nachi down) Stop joking around…
Shin: I’m not joking. This is just getting too troublesome.
Nachi: What are you… doing something like that… Don’t you have plenty girls to pick from? You were interested in Rimu at the start weren’t you? So why now?
Shin: Nachi, you said that I was special. And the person whom I find special is… Nachi.
Nachi: Huh?
Shin: I said before didn’t I, that if it isn’t Nachi I won’t be satisfied, that I only want Nachi.
Nachi: Stop it, why are you saying things like that now. Why are you calling my voice with such a voice. If you treat me like that, I’ll get deceived.
Shin is just confused, because I didn’t treat you like a star, that’s why you got interested.
Shin: Is that all? (Shin leans close) Even though I’m so close, you aren’t resisting. I guess that’s because the Nachi today has been weakened.
Nachi: Even though you’re aware of, you’re still doing things like this? Don’t you find it low?
Shin: I don’t think so. I love taking advantage of people’s weaknesses. (Shin kisses Nachi) Your spectacles are in the way.
Nachi: Wa… wait! I can’t breathe!
Shin: Even if you struggle, I won’t let you go.
Nachi: I don’t want this… stop it, Shin! Things like this, you don’t have to do this to someone like me…
Shin: Che, you’re noisy. (Shin ties Nachi’s hands up)
Nachi: Wa… wait, stop that! Using my shirt for something like that.
Shin: That’s because Nachi was being too noisy. Even though it’s useless, you’re still resisting me. To be able to concentrate, I had to restrain either your voice or your hands.
Nachi: Idiot! There’s no need to concentrate… take it off!
Shin: I knew it, it’s better with your voice. Anyway, you’ll soon be unable to say such impertinent things.
Nachi: It hurts!
Shin: Hurts? It’s getting hard. You’re so cute, Nachi. I was right to not plug up your mouth. Just keep crying like that as long as I’m the reason behind it. Rather than seeing you cry because of someone else, this is way better.
Nachi: You… why are you enjoying this so much? Stop it… I’m telling you to stop it!
Shin: Even if you face me with such defiance, I’m sure I’ve told you before that it only serves to arouse me more. (Shin pulls down a zip)
Nachi: Shin! If you go any further, you won’t be able to pass this off as a joke!
Shin: Joke? I don’t care but if you try to kick me, I’ll tie up your legs too. Nachi, just keep in mind about who is doing all these to you.
Nachi: Who…?
Shin: Who is the one who’s doing all these to you? Huh, who is it?
Nachi: Shi-shin… right?
Shin: Yes, well done.
Nachi: With that, Shin looked satisfied and it triggered something in him; his movements became more vigorous. While murmuring my name with a husky voice, Shin started licking the outline of my ears. At the same time, my body started twitching to the touch of his hands at my spine.
Shin: You should let your voice out more.
Nachi: Are you an idiot? As if I could do something like that.
Shin: Seems like you still have the energy to talk back, I wonder how long you can keep this up. Well that’s fine, just keep thinking about me like that.
Nachi: What are you doing?
Shin: Can’t you make a sexier sound?
Nachi: If there was a high school boy who could let out an erotic voice while having another man take his pants off, I would like to meet him.
Shin: Nachi, you’re totally not energetic down here.
Nachi: Of course! Stop staring at it!
Shin: Ah… you’re the first to make me go so far, guess it can’t be helped.
Nachi: Idiot, Shin! Stop it! This isn’t something a famous idol should be doing!
Shin: You’re noisy, shut up! Just keep calling my name.
Nachi: No I don’t want to.
It was the first time I’ve felt the heat of the passion and my voice started escaping without my knowledge. I was slowly giving into the pleasure from this man’s intrusion.
Shin, let your hand go.
Shin: I don’t want to, until Nachi comes, I’m not taking it off. Is this where it feels good?
Nachi: I can’t answer to that.
Shin: Am I right?
Nachi: No you’re wrong!
Shin: What a good voice, Nachi, call my name more.
Nachi: Stop it, Shin… Stop it Shin, let go!
Shin: Even if you say no with such an erotic expression, it’s not convincing at all. Nachi has gotten so hard here.
Nachi: Stop saying that.
Shin: You’re feeling it aren’t you?
Nachi: Idiot Shin!
Shin: It’s about time.
Nachi: Huh? No stop it, Shin.
Shin: Nachi…
Nachi: I can’t, it’s already…
Shin: Thanks for the meal.
Nachi: Is this a lie? This is the worst!

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11. The slight possibility (僅かな可能性)

Shin: Na-chi~ Did it feel good?
Nachi: No way did it feel good.
Shin: You don’t have any more strength to struggle do you? I’ll take off the shirt at your wrists.
Nachi: What’s with this position?
Shin: We’re going to the bed, from now on it will be too cramped on the sofa.
Nachi: From now on? Let me down! (Nachi struggles)
Shin: Hey, Nachi, I’ll seriously drop you like this.
Nachi: You must be kidding me. As if I’ll get dragged along with the flow of a joke.
Shin: It’s dangerous, Nachi! (Nachi falls onto the bed) That was close, what’s that? I shouldn’t have released your hands.
Nachi: I don’t want this already! I can’t believe you, idiot! Pervert!
Shin: Pervert? Nachi, did you hit yourself anywhere?
Nachi: Don’t touch me! (Nachi cries)
Shin: Hm… Nachi-chan?
Nachi: What’s it?
Shin: Stop crying, do you hate it the idea of doing it with me so much?
Nachi:  Yes.
Shin: Hey, at least give it some thought.
Nachi: But!
I still don’t believe that you like me. I got that traumatised after being lied to by that senpai whom I’ve only kissed. If we did it till the end and I get betrayed, I won’t be able to ever recover from this.
Shin: Didn’t you do it with that guy?
Nachi: No we didn’t.
Shin: Huh? Is that true? Weren’t you two going out?
Nachi: Don’t put me together with you.
Shin: So you mean… Nachi… was that your first time?
Nachi: What if that’s so?
Shin: Say that in the first place! Something as important as that…
Nachi: As if I had the chance to say that…
Shin: Hey, do you still not believe me? Do you think I would do something like that to someone whom I don’t even fancy?
Nachi: Don’t remind me!
Shin: So, do you think so?
Nachi: I don’t know. Actually, I don’t think you would. Such a self-centered man wouldn’t do that for someone whom you don’t care about. But still, I don’t have the confidence to fall in love with you.
Shin: What? What’s with that?
Nachi: Because Shin is, even though I don’t want to admit it, Shin is a really cool guy and though I sometimes forget so, you live in a totally different world from mine, you’re a super famous idol.
Shin: If that’s the case, I’ll quit. If you don’t think I’ll keep that promise, that I’ll do that right now. (Nachi startles)
Nachi: When I turned around to look at Shin, I was relieved to see him sulking. Isn’t this the real you? You’re way better like this.
Shin: (Nachi laughs) What are you laughing about? Do you want me to do so that badly?
Nachi: It’s alright with or without a promise.
Shin: Which is it?
Nachi: I’m trying to say that there is a possibility.
Thanks to Shin, or rather, it’s Shin’s fault that I’ve totally forgotten about senpai. Even though I got so traumatised, I am able to laugh like this now.
Shin: It better be the truth.
Nachi: It’s just a possibility.
Shin: So today I’ll let you off if we just sleep together like this.
Shin: Nachi, can you make it in time for school?
Nachi: It will be alright, I will go straight from here.
Shin: It’s still early, shall I send you there?
Nachi: It’s fine! You will attract too much attention. I’m leaving.
Shin: Hm, are you really going?
Nachi: What’s with that face?
Shin: You should just rest.
Nachi: What’s with that, don’t you have work too?
Shin: I have but…
Nachi: Anyway, I’ll get going. Shin too, good luck with work.
Shin: Wait Nachi, you forgot something.
Nachi: What’s it? (Shin kisses Nachi) You idiot! What was that for?
Shin: A good bye kiss?
Nachi: I’ll never come here ever again! (Nachi runs off)
I intended to slam the door with all my might, but the door was fitted with auto-close and it closed slowly without even a sound.

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6 thoughts on “Rakuen no Uta Vol. 1 – Translation

  1. I finally listened to this (volume 1 and 2) and, as I thought… It’s full of cliché… but the ones I love!!! Did I mention I had been searching for translations of this story for a long long time? I’d just read reviews and they all said this story was very beautiful, well, I agree. It has everything: great characters, great cast, great storyline, great moments and statements (“Nachi should just fuse together with me already”). I laughed, cried (not unusual as you can see hahaha), got mad and jealous. A very simple story, but I LOVED it. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that Nachi was 15 years old. He could’ve been older, at least 17. And… I still feel guilty for hating senpai… I mean, he had Hirakawa Daisuke’s voice! So sweet and gentle and sexy… arrgg, but the character was made to be hated anyway xD I would’ve liked to see him being punched by Shin, though xD

    Thank you very much again. I don’t know how to thank you for this! *3* (a kiss xD).

    • Why do you hate senpai so much! I was quite appreciative of his role because we got to see a jealous Shin heheh. And you’re welcome ^^ it was a pleasure translating this because, like you’ve said, great cast and sweet storyline – can’t go wrong with that!

  2. Hahahaha, you’ve got a point there. But he was such a liar… I never thought I’d live enough to see Hirarin making Kamiyan cry… But I did! I can’t like him, definitely not (but I LOVE his voice, though xD).

  3. Hi! Thank you very much for translating this drama CD ! My friend just recommended this to me, and I just downloaded the volume 1 and 2 :* I love you very much!

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