Mekakucity Actors: Episode 07

“Konoha’s State of the World”
“Konoha no Sekai Jijou” (コノハの世界事情)

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Yet another visually and emotionally stunning episode from Mekakucity Actors, and I just feel like week after week I’m loving this series even more, despite the crazy number of mysteries and questions going on. It was quite a nostalgic episode, this week, coupled with a good dose of drama – all the good stuff indeed, that makes this show such a pleasure to watch!

So, basic PLOTTY stuff: basically, the story continues from last week – somewhat, with Takane running towards the hospital room that our darling Haruka is asleep in, and finds Tateyama sitting outside. Takane is, understandably, distraught about her best friend’s situation and feels that same old guilt that she didn’t realise it sooner and didn’t know just how bad he was. My heart really goes out to her, but it’s so obvious that she’s in love with him and a good telling-off by Ayano was just what she needed to kickstart her resolve and make the decision to confess. Ayano has her own lovelorn story, though, and the two girls have a little bit of “girl talk time,” which is always really endearing to me. Nothing like a good girlfriend’s advice. ❤ Ayano’s very much in love with Shintaro, but apparently doesn’t think she’s the right girl for him as he needs someone more wilful than she, and someone willing to shove him out of his comfort zone, and doesn’t think she can provide that. I don’t necessarily think so; I think that the Shintaro he was before Ayano’s death, was someone who really could have changed into something wonderful with Ayano by his side. I think that the Shintaro he is now, though, is someone who needs a very wilful and stubborn girl to match his equally stubborn personality and Ene, for all her faults, definitely does that.

Back to the plot, though, just as Takane‘s steeled herself to confess to Haruka, the world around her gets blurry and she faints, and the last thing she sees as Takane is Tateyama’s grinning face before it all fades to black. WELL. Not only that, but when we skip to Haruka’s room, he manages to open his eyes just long enough to see a smiling Tateyama seated in a chair opposite his bed, with one red eye, just before he too succumbs to sleep. There are some very interesting parallels between Haruka and Takane‘s transformations before they turn into their future selves as they both see a girl in black with long black hair, who is presumably the being that turned Takane into Ene‘s virtual self, and who gave Haruka the healthy body he always wanted at the expense of his memories, no matter how much he pleaded. What was painful, though, was the fact that the last thing they both said was that their loved and wanted to see each other and I just feel like they could have had one of those really sweet shoujo romances were they to have their own show. ❤ ❤ ❤;;

Ene has basically been retelling this story to the rest of the Mekakushi Dan and explains how devastated Shintaro was about Ayano’s death that he became a recluse and blames himself for not being able to save her. He doesn’t realise that Ene used to be Takane, and obviously doesn’t realise that Konoha used to be Haruka, which I suppose is kind of understandable since neither one of them look particularly normal. But I’m really interested in seeing where Tateyama fits into all of this and whether he actually knows of these kids with their special brand of eye ability. Kano was another character whom we got to learn a little bit more about this episode. He’s harsh, and very straightforward to the point of brutal and yet one could totally feel that ruthlessness lurking behind his laissez faire facade. In a very painful way I enjoyed the way he twisted the knife into Ene, making her really acknowledge the guilt she felt at not being there for Konoha and not dealing properly with his death. I do wonder what kind of person and what agenda Kano has, and I’m just really enjoying how this show peels back the layers of each character bit by bit without revealing too much. That way you’re always surprised because when you think you know someone, they always manage to surprise you.

Well, I’m guessing it’s going to be one BIG and dramatic reunion in the next episode with everyone turning up at the hospital ShintaroHibiya and Konoha are at, two of whom have a very interesting past with the rest of the characters. Gosh, I’m just loving this show so much and so looking forward to seeing how it’s all going to turn out! I’m definitely going to read the manga at some point because with something so abstract and fragmented as this show is, it’s going to be interesting to look at all its other mediums.


One thought on “Mekakucity Actors: Episode 07

  1. haha you mean YOUR darling Haruka/Mamo…
    the final moments of their respective human lives and not being able to tell each other about the love they finally admit for one another = classic shaft antithesis to the shoujo genre = makes me want MORE!!!!!

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