Decoy Series 01: Decoy Kachou Disc 2 – Translation

Title: Decoy Kachou (デコイ囮鳥) Disc 2 (drama review)
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Kondou Takashi (子安武人x近藤隆)
Miyake Kenta x Toriumi Kousuke (三宅健太 x鳥海浩輔)
Related drama(s): Decoy Series 02: Decoy Meichou (デコイ迷鳥)
S Series (エス)
Contents: Disc 1

Act 1: アムネジア
Act 2: 「鳩」と「鴉」
Act 3: 喫茶「DECOY」
Act 4: クリーナー
Act 5: 秘密
Act 6: 第三の男
Act 7: 籠の中

Disc 2

Act 1: ブローカー
Act 2: 新たな事実
Act 3: パートナー
Act 4: 共犯者
Act 5: 絆
Act 6: あかされた真実

Decoy Series (5)

Act 1: Broker (ブローカー)

Nagi: (Sips coffee) Fancy having Munechika-san to serve me coffee, it feels like I’m committing a sin.
Munechika: What are you talking about, I’ve probably made coffee for you before. Besides that, Kagaya, has Nagi been behaving himself?
Kagaya: Yes. He has been doing well after you’ve left and has been controlling the group well. But he’s always doing things by himself instead of delegating it to others.
Munechika: Sounds like the impatient Nagi I know. Did you get my contact from old man Yashima?
Kagaya: Yes, there’s something we have to check with you no matter what, so we persuaded the chairman to give it to us. We understand that it’s against your principles to contact people like us after you’ve returned to being an ordinary man. But, please listen to us, just for today.
Munechika: I won’t be able to help you directly, but if we just talk, I don’t mind. Are you here about the Kasao case?
Nagi: As expected of Munechika-san, you’ve got good instincts. I’m glad that we can settle this quickly.
Munechika: It’s not difficult to make that guess if you read the news. Are you looking for people who have experience in that industry?
Nagi: Yes. There was a tip off saying that the culprit is from the Tougetsu-gumi. And from an eye witness account, it’s possible that someone who looked like Ou Eiken was near the crime scene with a young man.
Munechika: Ou? But I’ve heard that Ou never partners with anyone for work. Furthermore, it doesn’t sound like Ou’s style to kill with a pistol.
Nagi: Even so, we have no choice but to exhaust the possibilities one by one. Once we’re certain that Ou is innocent, we’ll chase another lead.
Munechika: But, even if it’s Ou’s work, he will never admit it.
Nagi: No, if it’s Ou’s work, we’ll use all means to get to his client. If we don’t do that, there will be no closure to this case.
Munechika: What will you do if the client is related to the Togetsu-gumi?
Nagi: Since it will become something major, we have no choice but to keep quiet about it.
Munechika: (Sighs) Does the old man Yashima approve?
Nagi: Rather, that’s his intentions. If Japan’s largest yakuza organization gets done in, it will result in a huge number of casualties. The resulting number of casualties from the violent clash between the Koujinkai and Togetsu-gumi 14 years ago hit the highest in 20 years. Innocent people got died as well; there was a pregnant woman who was shot dead by a stray bullet then. In order to prevent that from happening again, we have to destroy anything which will lead to another conflict.
Munechika: I understand already, so stop saying all that. If the old man Yashima is that intent on avoiding possible conflicts, I have no right to interfere. Regarding Ou, this is something I’ve heard once so I’m not too sure about it as well. But there’s a rumour saying that his broker works in a bar in Ikebukurou. Kaname might know more about this. Just in case, you should ask him about this.
Nagi: Uh, Kaname-san… right?
Munechika: You didn’t get along well with Kaname, did you?
Nagi: Well, that person’s expression never changes and he’s weird, just like a Noh mask… He reacts to jokes as well. Besides, being a Buddhist with that face of his…
Kagaya: Nagi! Watch your mouth!
Munechika: Kaname’s networking skills are exceptional. In your world, he’s considered something like a walking dictionary. Just go find him.
Kagaya: Yes, please let us do that. We’re sorry for interrupting your rest today.
Munechika: You guys, don’t push yourselves too hard. Especially Nagi, you get violent too easily.
Nagi: No no, I’ve been disciplined by Kagaya so I’ve been quite well-behaved recently. I’m like a cat which has been tamed, my manners have been impeccable.
Kagaya: (Snorts) If that’s the case, I will be really thankful.
Nagi: Then, we’ll be off. Take care of yourself. (Nagi and Kagaya leaves) Your world… huh?
Kagaya: What?
Nagi: Munechika-san said so just now, didn’t he? When I heard that, it suddenly hit me – the fact that he has really become an ordinary.
Kagaya: Well, that’s to be expected after 2 years. It’s amazing enough that he was willing to meet with us today.
Nagi: I know that. But, for someone like Munechika-san to make such a decision… He has totally cut off all ties with those from the Matsukura-gumi too, he must have been really determined.
Kagaya: He has a strong will. Also, Munechika-san has always hated yakuza from long ago from deep within his heart. He did the right thing by choosing his current lifestyle.
(Lift door opens, a man walks out of the lift and past them. Nagi chuckles.)
Kagaya: What are you laughing about?
Nagi: That man who just walked out of the elevator, we’ve met him before. Do you remember the case about the Chinese trader who was dealing pistols?
Kagaya: Uh… That man, was the policeman back then?
Nagi: That’s right. Never thought that he would still be in contact with Munechika-san, I’m surprised.
4 years ago, we were under Munechika-san’s lead and kept watch on this Chinese trader. Back then, that policeman went against his superior’s orders and started independent investigations by establishing contact with the Chinese. In the end, his identity was exposed and he fell into a dangerous trap set by the Chinese. We followed Munechika-san and sneaked into a hotel to rescue that man.
(Lift door opens and the two steps out)
Kagaya: Nagi, should we contact Kaname immediately?
Nagi: That’s right, I’ll leave it to you, thank you so much.
Kagaya: Don’t bring your personal feelings into work.
Nagi: (Snorts) It’s not about personal feelings, it’s about efficiency.
Nagi: I haven’t been around in a while and the number of Chinese bars increased again.
Kagaya: In Ikebukurou area, if you only count the Chinese bars, there should be around 200 of them.
Nagi: That’s a lot. So, is Ou’s broker a Chinese?
Kagaya: I don’t know. Kaname-san only told me about the shop name and the code phrase to contact Hinou. But since the shop name is “Kuro Neko”, I’m guessing that they should know some Japanese. (Stops) I think it should be around here… There it is. (Enters shop)
Rieko: Welcome. Is this your first time here?
Nagi: Yea, we came because we heard that there was a beauty working here.
(Rieko gasps and is stumped for words)
Nagi: (Startles) Ri…eko? Aren’t you Rieko? I totally didn’t recognise you at first.
Rieko: Well, it has been 14 years, I didn’t know it was Kenji at first too. Anyway, is watered liquor fine? (Prepares drinks)
Kagaya: You friend?
Nagi: Something like that.
Rieko: (Rieko serves drinks) Can I smoke?
Nagi:  Yea.
Rieko: (Takes a puff) Why did you come here? Don’t tell me this was a coincidence.
Nagi: I didn’t know that you will be here. There’s only one thing I’m here for, I’m looking for a black cat. One that is good at catching mice.
Rieko: What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about black cats.
Nagi: Let me rephrase that. I’m looking for Hinou, tell me where to find him.
Rieko: Tell me your reason for looking for him.
Nagi: I have work-related questions to ask him.
Rieko: (Sniggers) You mean you have nothing personal to settle with him?
Nagi: You should be able to contact him directly, tell him that I want to meet him.
Rieko: What a selfish man. I know that you closer to him than to me, but in the end, you abandoned him and ran off by yourself. Are you in any position to say “I want to meet you”? Isn’t that too convenient?
Nagi: That might be true. But I have to meet him no matter what. Rieko, I’m begging you, please contact Hinou. (Leaves shop)
Rieko: What a selfish man.

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Act 2: The New Truth (新たな事実)

(Sounds of vacuum machine being switched off)
Yasumi: Hinou left in the afternoon for a job which got came in last minute and would only be back on the day after tomorrow. Even though he would be gone for only 2 days, I was unwilling to part with him. If I’m left alone, I would become emotionally unstable again. Because of that night, I have changed; I’ve fallen dangerously in love with Hinou. I’ve becoming totally dependent on him, sincerely believing that I can’t live without him.
Hinou, you’ll definitely come back 2 days later right?
Hinou: Of course. Rather than that, you better don’t disappear while I’m not around.
Yasumi: I won’t disappear.
Hinou: It won’t be good if you were to get lost again like the previous time. Just watch some movies on the TV or something and be a good boy at home.
Yasumi: Alright, I’ll be waiting for you here so please come back quickly. I don’t like to be left alone.
If I were to lose Hinou, how should I go about living my life? I can’t imagine doing that right now.
(Yasumi searches through his bag) Do I have any other shirts lying around here?
I dug out a satchel which, according to Hinou, was mine and started searching through it.
Mm? At the back of this bag… there seems to be something there. (Yasumi takes out something and starts flipping through) This is… a driver’s license with my photograph. Wha… Yasuhara… Hiroshi? The other cards have the same name too!
(Recalls stranger telling him:” The name Yasuhara Tooru is a fake name.”)
(Yasumi realises something) Was that… the truth? My name is… Yasuhara Hiroshi…
I’ve been hiding all these and living with Hinou using a fake name but he didn’t find out about this? This is the only conclusion I can reach. But even if it’s true, why? Why did I …
Yasumi: The address written on the driver’s license is in the Edogawa area, there’s a high possibility that that’s where I lived. With that in mind, I left the apartment, but I had no idea how to use the trains or taxis and got worried. Before I knew it, I was at the Decoy café.
(Sounds of the door opening)
Teru: Ah, Yasumi-san! Yo!
Yasumi: Teru, I would like to go to this place but, (shows Teru the address) what should I do?
Teru: Hmm, huh? Edogawa area? What are you going to do there?
Yasumi: It seems like I know someone living at this place, so I thought I should try visiting it. If I meet them, I might recover my memories.
Teru: I see, but will you be fine alone? You haven’t been taking trains since the day you lost your memories right? Also, even if you have the address number, it’s not that easy to locate a person’s house too. It would be good if we had a map… Ah, that’s right! Come with me!
Yasumi: Teru brought me to an internet café and he printed out a map and directions to get there for me.
Teru: Here you go. If you follow this, I doubt you’ll get lose.
Yasumi: Thank you so much, you’ve such been a great help.
Teru: Then, be careful along the way. Actually I’d like to go with you but I have to return to the office right now. I’m sorry about that.
Yasumi: Please, it’s fine. Thank you so much.
Teru: It’s nothing! Just get to Ikebukuro station and ride the Marunouchi line. Then, change at the Ochanomizu station for the Sobu line. If you go according to the written instructions, you’ll definitely reach Edogawa. If you get lost, just give me a call.
(Yasumi strolls through a neighbourhood)
Yasumi: It should be around this area but…
I followed the map and arrived at a seeming quiet neighbourhood with a friendly atmosphere, but I couldn’t find any houses belonging to “Yasuhara” anywhere.
Woman: Hiroshi-kun? (Yasumi stops) I knew it, it’s Hiroshi-kun! Long time no see!
Yasumi: She knows me, as expected, I used to live around here.
Hello, it has been a while.
Woman: Are you here to visit friends today?
Yasumi: I was nearby so I decided to drop by to reminisce the past.
Woman: Well, you have lived here for so long… Even if it has been sold, it would be nice to see that house once in a while right?
Yasumi: Seems like I lived in that old house before.
Woman: A short while after Hiroshi-kun sold that house, a young couple moved into it. Speaking of which, have you met my Tasuhiko recently?
Yasumi: Huh? No… not recently.
Woman: I see. In that case, you wouldn’t know that he moved out would you. That boy moved to another apartment last month because he wanted to live with his girlfriend. That right! Why don’t you drop by later? It’s his rest day today and I’m sure Tatsuhiko would be happy to see you too! That boy was so worried because he hasn’t been able to get in touch with you.
Yasumi: Is that so, then I’ll drop by later. Ah, but my phone broke recently and I lost all data inside it. Can you tell me Tatsuhiko-kun’s cell number?
Woman: Of course.
Yasumi: After I got his cell number, I said good bye to Tatsuhiko’s mum and returned to Koiwa station. At Koiwa station, I dialled the number I just got; Tatsuhiko acted like a good friend of mine and arranged to pick me up from Kameido station.
Tatsuhiko: Yo! Long time no see!
Yasumi: So this man is Tatsuhiko.
Tatsuhiko: I was shocked when you called out of the blue! You changed your cellphone?
Yasumi: Uh, yea. The old one broke so I bought a new one.
Tatsuhiko: But there’s no need to change the number too right? Even so, at least inform me when you change it. I suddenly lost contact with you and I was so worried…
Yasumi: I’m sorry, I’ve been busy all the while.
Tatsuhiko: Guess that can’t be helped. Shall we go? My apartment is just round the corner.
Yasumi:  Okay.
Yasumi: Is your girlfriend working today?
Tatsuhiko: Yea, she’s an office lady. Sometimes she complains that our off days don’t match and it’s troublesome. She went out with me, fully aware that I’m a hairdresser with rest days which won’t match hers.
Yasumi: Is that so…
Tatsuhiko: Hiroshi, did something happen to you?
Yasumi: Eh?
Tatsuhiko: You haven’t been talking much and you seem like you’re worrying about something. Can it be, that your work isn’t going well? Is that the reason behind why we suddenly lost contact with each other?
Yasumi: Actually I… can’t remember anything from my past. It’s amnesia.
Tatsuhiko: Seriously, stop with jokes like this. I was seriously worried about you…
Yasumi: It’s the truth. I hit my head recently and lost all memories of what happened before. I lost everything, I even forgot my own name. I am only here today because I saw the address on my driver’s license and thought that my house might be there. After that, I bumped into your mother and we started talking. Then on, I found out that I had a friend called Tatsuhiko and asked for your cell number.
Tatsuhiko: Are you for real? You couldn’t remember my name at all?
Yasumi: That’s right. I’m sorry for not telling you upfront, it was quite difficult to bring up something like this.
Tatsuhiko: Then, are you taking a break from work? In your condition, it would be quite tough to continue.
Yasumi: It seems like I’m currently unemployed. I’ve been staying at a friend’s house since half a year ago, according that that friend.
Tatsuhiko: Huh? Did you quit the police force?
Yasumi: P-police?! What are you talking about?
Tatsuhiko: What do you mean, weren’t you in the police force? I don’t know about the details because you didn’t talk much about work but, you were under the police force in the Kasumi ward.
Yasumi: A police, who became a murderer?
Please! Can you tell me more about my past and the kind of person I was? Tell me everything you know.
Tatsuhiko: I understand. I’ll tell you everything I know. Please wait here. (Goes off for a while) This is you when you were in grade school and this when you were in middle school. We were in the same baseball team and we hung out a lot back then. Since our houses were near each other, we often played at each other’s houses too. Even though we went to different high schools after that, we still maintained contact and met up often, even after graduating from high school. I entered a hairdressing academy after high school and strived to become a hairdresser while you passed the civil service exams and enrolled into the police academy.
Yasumi: What about my family?
Tatsuhiko: Well… there were your father, mother and you. Your father was in the police force, like you, but during our second year in middle school, he passed away in an accident. Your mother was with your father during the accident and sustained major injuries as well. While she survived, she was left with a permanent disability. It was hard on your family then.
Yasumi: What kind of disability was it?
Tatsuhiko: It was partial paralysis. She could talk slightly, but only in short phrases. And she couldn’t the right half of herself at all. But she worked hard at the rehabilitation centre and was finally able to take care of herself by the time you graduated from high school. However, it was unfortunate that she passed away in a traffic accident 3 years ago. She was knocked down by a car while crossing a junction. You then sold the house and moved into the police dormitories. You’ve been coming to my shop to get your hair cut regularly but was it a year ago? You suddenly disappeared. The last time I saw you was in December last year. I wasn’t sure what happened to you and when I tried calling you up early this year, you told me that you might be moving to stay another place soon. The next time I called you, I couldn’t get through anymore.
Yasumi: Hinou said that he got to know me at around January this year. If I have been living off women by that time, I should have quit the police force already.
Did my attitude change during the last time I visited your shop? Did I say anything about quitting my job or changing my occupation?
Tatsuhiko: Hm… Not really. You seldom talked about work. But you opted for a drastic haircut, you’ve had the same hairstyle all along so I was quite surprised when you suddenly requested for an extremely short cut. Did you really quit the police force?
Yasumi: Yea… According to my roommate, I’ve been bumming around.
Tatsuhiko: That’s hard to believe, you were a diligent and hardworking man. Even though you weren’t a high-flyer, you were extremely reliable and serious. When you had to move to the dorms, you were very worried about the fact that your mum would be left all alone. You always put your parents before yourself and you said that you had to become a proper policeman for your mother’s sake. To hear that you quitted the police force and have been bumming around…
Yasumi: I don’t really get it, but something must have happened. Maybe I messed up at work, or had a failed relationship?
Tatsuhiko: In that case, shouldn’t you meet up with someone from the police force? In that way, you’ll figure out why you quit.
Yasumi: Uh… t-that’s right. I’ll think about it.
Tatsuhiko: I gave my current address to Tatsuhiko and he starting telling me about various episodes during our childhood. I felt a little relieved somehow. I have a good friend and it seems like I once had a proper job in the police force.
Yasumi: After about an hour, I left Tatsuhiko’s apartment.
Tatsuhiko: Hiroshi, if there’s anything I can do to help, just contact me any time.
Yasumi: Thank you. I forgot to ask just now, but what kind of accident was my father involved in?
Tatsuhiko: Do you know about the Touei shopping mall explosion?
Yasumi: No, I don’t know about it.
Tatsuhiko: I see, you don’t remember it. It was an explosion 14 years ago, there was a bomb in the Touei shopping mall in Shinjuku and many died as a result. Your parents were at the shop coincidentally and got caught up in the explosion.
Yasumi: I see…
There were a lot of rumours going around about the cause of it, but in the end, the culprit was never caught. It’s such a tragedy.
Yasumi: I must have been very sad and frustrated at what happened, my hatred for such a lowly crime… Did those feeling fuel my decision to join the police force?

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Act 3: Partner (パートナー)

Misa: Ken-chan, aren’t you drinking a bit too quickly today?
Nagi: Is that soooo? I’m totally not drunk, I feel so sober! Have you been serving me coloured water?
Misa: Hmph… no way…
Nagi: It has been 3 days since we met Rieko and Hinou hasn’t contacted me at all. There have been no new discoveries and Kagaya has been getting impatient with the lack of progress. He suggested that we should threaten Rieko to make her tell us Hinou’s location.
Nagi: I don’t like to threaten ordinary people, especially women and children. Shouldn’t you know that?
Kagaya: You don’t call a hitman’s broker an “ordinary person”. I don’t know if you’re indebted to that woman or anything, but don’t bring your personal feelings into work.
(End of flashback)
Misa: Well, isn’t it about time you start to go home?
Nagi: What are you trying to say? I’ve been just drinking quietly here, it’s unreasonable to treat me like a nuisance!
Misa: That’s not what I meant, there’s no way I’d find you annoying. I’m just sympathising with Kagaya-san who has been waiting all this while, it has been about an hour hasn’t it? That black car outside the shop, that’s Kagaya-san right?
Nagi: Are you kidding, he’s waiting for me? Tsk, what an idiot. (Leaves shop and gets into the car) Why didn’t you go back?
Kagaya: That’s my choice.
Nagi: Instead waiting here with such a glum face, you should have went in to drink with me.
Kagaya: I thought you would have more fun with Misa-san than me, I was being considerate.
Nagi: Stop being so sarcastic.
Kagaya: I’m sorry if that came across as sarcasm, it’s just jealousy on my part so ignore me. (Starts engine and drives off)
Kagaya: I’ve drank the coffee you served, so I have no further business with you today. I’m going off.
Nagi: Even though it’s raining?
Kagaya: I’m driving so it doesn’t matter.
Nagi: But your house doesn’t have underground parking right? If this rain continues, you’ll definitely get wet. I won’t irritate you, so just stay here till the rain lets up.
Kagaya: What if it never does?
Nagi: Then you can just stay over.
Kagaya: I refuse.
Nagi: I’ve pushed Kagaya’s limits unnecessarily. All along, we’ve always had our differences in opinions, but Kagaya seems different tonight. He seems sort of angry. It might be because I didn’t explain anything about Hinou or Rieko to him… I don’t want Kagaya to know everything about my past. I’m getting insecure as I worry about him getting tired of me and abandoning me because of this.
Kagaya: Nagi, what are you trying to do? I’m pissed right now and you know that, so why are you trying to make me stay? I can’t remain calm around you now.
Nagi: You too, why were you waiting in front of Misa’s shop? If you were angry with me, you should have just left then. You were worried about me right? If so, stop being stubborn and stay here with me.
Kagaya:  Irritating.
Nagi: What did you say?
Kagaya: I said that it’s irritating… that I’m in love with someone as insensitive as you. It’s really irritating. (Nagi is taken aback) You knew it didn’t you? That I’m still not over you. Despite of that, you still kept saying such things to me.
Nagi: As if I’d know. I just didn’t want our relationship to get strained. Stop being so difficult and just revert to your normal self already. This isn’t like you.
Kagaya: Not like me? What do you know about me? I’m not as strong or as composed as you think I am. Even though I know this is unrequited love, I still can’t help imagining myself doing dirty things to you. I’m the worst. When I’m with you, I start going crazy with feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. I’m getting so sick of myself, no matter how much time passed, I still couldn’t give up on you. I feel like burying myself for being such a stupid man. I’m sure you think I’m stupid too, that show of rejection from your body that night… You must have found me too persistent.
Nagi: That’s not it. That night wasn’t because I hated y… (Kagaya covers Nagi’s mouth)
Kagaya: Why are you denying it? You were just pitying a man and trying to let him hold you, but in the end it felt disgusting as expected. Wasn’t that what happened?
Nagi: I thought I told you that it wasn’t done out of pity? I was sincerely trying to accept you that day, to answer to your feelings.
Kagaya: But in the end you couldn’t accept the fact that you were about to be held by a man. You really needed me, but you couldn’t give me what I wanted most from you.
Nagi: Kagaya….
Kagaya: What you’re looking for in me, is nothing more than a partner. That’s why I’ve been desperately suppressing the side of me which yearned for more. As long as you still trust in me, I want to live up to that expectation. I’ve been doing well so far, but you… even though you’ve been saying that you trust me, you wouldn’t even tell me anything about yourself. You’re hiding your past, and your true self. What am I to you?
Nagi: You are… to me, you are… if you were sentenced to death tomorrow, I would still want to be together with you. If you aren’t around anymore, I’d rather be alone, I don’t want anyone else but you. That’s how much you mean to me.
Kagaya: You’re playing dirty. After hearing something like that, there’s no way I can continue blaming you anymore.
Nagi: It’s alright to blame me, you can complain as much as you want. I’ll listen to everything you say.
Kagaya: Don’t say such cheesy things, it’s embarrassing. You told me to go back to being my normal self just now right? If that’s what you want, let me kiss you. With that, I’ll count it even.
Nagi: This man who doesn’t take risks usually murmured that phrase with a thirsty look in his eyes, knowing that in this situation he wouldn’t be turned down.
What kind of logic is that?
Kagaya: When training your dog, you shouldn’t only punish him, you have to reward him sometimes too. If you do that, he will become very obedient. (Kagaya takes off spectacles)
Nagi: Don’t go making up theories by yourself. I don’t remember ever adopting such an uncute dog like you.
Kagaya: Nagi, then would it be alright if I continue sulking like this? (Kagaya starts touching Nagi)
Nagi: Aren’t you the one who’s playing dirty now? Setting such conditions… (Kagaya kisses Nagi)
Kagaya: Just kissing, I won’t wish for more. So just please respond to me. (Kagaya continues kissing)
Nagi: Stop it, that’s enough.
Kagaya: If it’s just kissing, let me do it till I’m satisfied.
Nagi: I don’t want to, it’s getting wet.
Kagaya: Wha… are you seducing me?
Nagi: No way, I’m telling you to stop it because it’s getting gross. Move it, that’s enough. (Kagaya pushes Nagi down) What are you doing? You said you won’t do anything other than kissing!
Kagaya: That’s right, I will only kiss you. I’m someone who keeps his promises.
Nagi: Aren’t you getting hard as well?
Kagaya: Of course, I’m not a withered old man. Of course I’d be hard from kissing someone I’m in love with.
Nagi: Stop being so defiant! Ah… Uh… Stop it! Stop grinding against me! (Nagi pushes Kagaya away)
Kagaya: You felt so good from just the kiss, but sex is a definite no? If I were to force myself on you right now, will you go running to the toilet to vomit again?
Nagi: I won’t know until the time comes.
Kagaya: In that case, should we try it again?
Nagi: I don’t want to. If that happens again, I’ll hate myself even more than I already do.
Kagaya: Hate yourself? Why?
Nagi: If I said that I don’t want to tell you, will you get angry?
Kagaya: (Kagaya sighs) I won’t get angry. I’m sorry, I get irritated when I don’t know what you’re thinking about. You were always composed in any situation, but when Hinou’s name comes up, you get so affected.
Nagi: Were you disappointed?
Kagaya: No. I was jealous. I felt extremely irritated when I thought of the possible relationship between you and Hinou. I was the one who was mixing private matters with work. My feelings for you as a partner got mixed up with my love for you, it became an internal struggle for me.
Nagi: That’s not it. The relationship between us… isn’t what you’re thinking of. To me, he is…
Kagaya: Nagi! It’s fine. No one can come in between the two of us. Isn’t that so?
Nagi: Kagaya… I… (Nagi’s cellphone vibrates and he answers it) Hello?
Hinou: Kenji? It has been a while.
Nagi: (Nagi was shocked)… Hinou…
Hinou: Because it has been 14 years, you’re being awfully distant. Why don’t you just call me Kazusa like the old times?
Nagi: I’ve been waiting for your call, I have something to ask you, can we meet?
Hinou: You’re so direct. You’re not going to ask me if I’ve been doing well?
Nagi: It’s not like I care if you’re doing well or not. I want to meet you because of business, there’s something I need to confirm with you.
Hinou: What business does the Dove have with a man like me?
Nagi: This guy… he even knows about this?
What are you talking about?
Hinou: Don’t play dumb with me. Interesting rumours have been going around. Seeing that you’re the one who is requesting to meet me, you must be left with no other choice.
Nagi: When can we meet?
Hinou: Tomorrow 5pm, at the Zoushigaya Cemetery.
Nagi: Why must we meet at such a place?
Hinou: It’s along one of my favourite walking routes. We will meet in front of the administration office, be sure to come alone. See you. (Hinou hangs up)
Kagaya: What did Hinou say? Did he agree to meet with you?
Nagi: Yea. He would be waiting at Zoushigaya cemetery tomorrow at 5pm. I’ll be going alone, that was his instructions.
Kagaya listened to me in silence. He’s not going to try changing my mind. Judging by that look on his face, he has already locked up his personal feelings for me and is acting as my partner now.
Kagaya: Seems like the rain has stopped. (Kagaya gets up)
Nagi: Are you going to leave?
Kagaya: Nagi, no matter how many times you reject me, I won’t leave your side. But, don’t think that you’re alone on this at any point in time. (Kagaya leaves the house)
Nagi: I’m sure Kagaya won’t treat me any differently even if I tell him everything about my past. If I could do that, things will ease up. No, before that, I have to settle some things. I will meet Hinou and confront the past I’ve been running from.

Decoy Series (13)
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Act 4: Accomplice (共犯者)

Teru: Here it is, this is what you’ve requested. For now, I’ve printed out all the information from the library’s database. I’ve also included information found online as well.
Yasumi: Thanks so much, it wasn’t easy to dig out so much information was it?
Teru: It’s nothing much.
Yasumi: The day after I met Tatsuhiko, I asked Teru to help me research on the explosion 14 years ago. (Flips through the documents) The most horrifying explosion in history… The bomb was hidden in a restaurant on the twelfth floor. It was a Sunday so the building was full of shoppers and one third of that level was blasted off by the bomb… A catastrophic incident where 18 died and over 300 went missing. One of those confirmed to be dead was Yasuhara Takeo.
Teru: Is Yasumi’s relative on the list of dead people?
Yasumi: Y-yea… Teru, can you keep it a secret from Hinou that I went to find my friend and researched on this case?
Teru: Huh? Why?
Yasumi: I don’t want to cause him to worry unnecessarily.
Teru: No worries, I’ll keep it a secret for you. Oh that’s right, I read that this case will soon be closed.
Yasumi: Closed?
Teru: Yea, it will be 15 years this December since it happened. This was a cold case where they have had trouble gathering evidence and it has been unsolved since then. Seems like this case will be closed without being solved, huh? Despite causing so many casualties, it’s a really terrible thing. There has been a change in law so unsolved criminal cases resulting in murder get 25 years before they get closed from investigations. If only this could be applied to past cases as well…
Yasumi: Closed…?
Yasumi: (Yasumi collapses on bed) After I said goodbye to Teru, I went back to the apartment and stuffed the documents into the satchel, hiding away the past which I don’t even remember. I know that it’s weird, but I don’t want to bring any instability into my relationship with Hinou right now.
(Yasumi wakes up and hears Hinou’s voice in the next room)
Hinou: Because it has been 14 years, you’re being awfully distant.
Yasumi: Hinou?
Hinou: Why don’t you just call me Kazusa like the old times?
Yasumi: Unknowingly, I’ve fallen asleep. A quick look at my watch shows that it is almost 10pm and I can hear Hinou’s voice from the living room.
Hinou: You’re so direct. You’re not going to ask me if I’ve been doing well?
Yasumi: Is he talking with a close friend? Hinou seems to be enjoying himself. He hung up after telling the other person to meet up at Zoushigaya Cemetery tomorrow at 5pm.
(Yasumi walks out to the living room) Hinou, welcome back. Just finished with work?
Hinou: Yea, there has been a change in plans and I managed to return one day earlier. You were sleeping so I didn’t want to wake you up. Have you been a good boy while I was away?
Yasumi: Umm…
Hinou: What’s wrong? Were you lonely?
Yasumi: Yea, I don’t like to be alone.
Hinou: Is that so, I’m sorry for leaving you alone.
Yasumi: Hinou…
Hinou: I’ll take a shower first.
Yasumi: Can’t you do that later? I want you now.
Hinou: It’s good to leave the house once in a while, if you become the one making the advances, it doesn’t seem bad to be apart once in a while.
Yasumi: I don’t want that! I don’t want to be apart from you at all. I want to be together forever…
Hinou: Stop saying such adorable things, what will come out of making me fall deeper in love with you?
Yasumi: At this rate, we’ll hit our limits sooner or later. If I ever feel like we’ve reached our limits, I want to be destroyed by Hinou. With those cold hands of his, I want my existence to be erased from this world. If it’s Hinou, I’m sure he would grant my wish. Strangely, I felt some sort of distorted satisfaction from having fallen to this state.
Yasumi: The evening on the next day, after Hinou left the house saying that he’s going to meet someone, I left the apartment to follow him. We headed towards the Zoushigaya Cemetery. On the phone, he said that it has been 14 years. A man who knew Hinou from that long ago, someone who knows Hinou’s past, I want to see how he looks like.
Is this the place?
I found Hinou after I neared the administration office of the cemetery. He was together with a stranger; that man was wearing a suit and seems to be a bright and cheery man who’s around Hinou’s age. But it was obvious at one glance that he wasn’t involved with an honest job. The two of them walked to grave at the furthest end and started talking while standing there.
Nagi: When did Yumi-san die?
Hinou: 8 years ago. This is the grave plot of her family and Rieko buried her here. Since we’re on this topic, father is buried here too. He passed away 2 years after Yumi-san due to a careless mistake at work. His fatal mistake was to not make sure that he pulled the trigger properly.
Nagi: Trigger? But father was definitely thinking of retirement 14 years ago.
Hinou: That’s right, but in the end, he couldn’t change his way of life. After passing the title of “Ou” to me, he could have just retired and lived the rest of his life in peace. Did you know? That explosion case will be closed soon.
What if that’s so? Even though it will be closed, the sin we committed won’t disappear! The fact that we caused the explosion at the building… nothing changes….
Nagi: (Yasumi gets a shock) Wha? What did that man just say?
Hinou: That’s right, the truth certainly doesn’t change. We didn’t know what was inside that bag, even so, it’s not something we can be forgiven for. At that time, if we didn’t go to the Toei departmental store, that catastrophe wouldn’t have happened. In other words, no matter how much time has passed, we will be accomplices till the day we die.

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Act 5: Bonds (絆)

Nagi: I was surprised at how Hinou looked after 14 years; he appeared rather fair and delicate. Even though his appearances matched the one in my memories, something is different. That might be because I have changed since those days when I lived under Hinou’s protection. I feel like I’m finally able to discard that part of myself after meeting up with Hinou today.
“Accomplices till the day we die”, huh? I just remembered, that you’re the kind of guy who could smile while cutting up another man. (Hinou chuckles) What was Yumi-san’s cause of death?
Hinou:  Suicide.
Nagi: Suits that person well. I have always been awkward around her, it felt like I was gradually being dragged down by her when we were together. In this grave lies Rieko’s mother, Hamano Yuriko and Ou Eiken. Yumi-san was Ou’s mistress, the two of them got together without my knowledge.
Hinou: Kenji, I am currently living with a man.
Nagi: What about that?
Hinou: When there’s chance to, I would like to introduce him to you. He’s a cute fellow who’s obedient and rather attached to me. He reminded me so much of you that it was so endearing.
Nagi: I’m sorry but I have no interest in your pet. Besides that, let’s talk about the main topic. I’ll be direct. You were the one who killed Kasao Yuuzo right? At whose request?
Hinou: It wasn’t me.
Nagi: Someone who resembled you was sighted near the crime scene.
Hinou: Even so, I didn’t kill him.
Nagi: You’re saying that you didn’t do it but you know who did.
Hinou: Why are you searching for the one who killed Kasao?
Nagi: In order to prevent a conflict from arising, you should know about my duties.
Hinou: What a difficult job you have. You should just let those who want to fight amongst themselves fight to their hearts’ content. Acting like you get along with each other even though you’re just yakuza, there’s a limit to how stupid people can get.
Nagi: Even if it’s stupid, I live in such a world. It’s the only place I can live in for now.
Hinou: It’s pathetic that you can’t live without belonging to a community.
Nagi: I think a man like you who doesn’t belong anywhere is more pathetic. I’m very satisfied with the way I’m living now. To be working hard to protect someone or something as made me stronger than I was in the past.
Hinou: I see. You’ve been released from your cramped cage after leaving me and got a new master called an organisation, finally gaining a form of happiness huh?
Nagi: Hinou, let’s stop with reminiscing about the past.
Hinou: I agree. It’s hard on me too. It still hurts where you hurt me in the past by abandoning me.
Nagi: Just tell me who the culprit is.
Hinou: I won’t say it. If you want me to spit it, you have to defeat me first. Make me surrender in front of Ou.
Nagi: So this is between the one who was chosen by Ou and the one who wasn’t. The one who persevered by staying on and the one who ran away… is that what he’s trying to get at?
(They barely started fighting before Nagi gets defeated by Hinou. Hinou crouches by Nagi and pulls him up by his collar.)
Hinou: You’ve become dull. Well, I guess you can’t get better as a lukewarm yakuza underling.
Nagi: I… won’t give up… until I find… Kasao’s murderer…
Hinou: It’s useless. No matter how much you try, you will never be able to defeat me.
Nagi: Even so… I…
Hinou: Kenji, the one who plotted the explosion 14 years ago was Kasao.
Nagi: What?
Hinou: Ou’s client was Kasao.
Nagi: You… how did you find that out?
Hinou: Ou told me. Kasao is someone who deserved his death, so you should stop looking for his murderer. It’s not your responsibility to stop the development of this conflict.
Nagi: Wait! (Nagi struggles to get up)
Hinou: Stop forcing yourself, just rest there for some time.
Nagi: Hinou… are you sure you weren’t the one who killed him?
If that’s the truth, things will become so much easier…
Hinou: I’ve been telling you that I’m not. I don’t kill if it’s not for work and I also don’t bring my personal feelings into work. What will come out of killing Kasao now? Unlike you, I’m not hung up over that case.
Nagi: Do you really not feel anything about what we did 14 years ago? Do you not have a single shred of conscience?
Hinou: Towards someone who gets compensated for killing people, why are you asking such a question?
Nagi: That wasn’t a job, we were just ordered by Ou…
Hinou: After we went our separate ways, the number of people I’ve kill far exceeds the number of people who died in that explosion. What are you expecting from someone like me? If I were someone who had a proper upbringing, we would have been still living together today, isn’t that so?
Nagi: You’re right.
I couldn’t forgive the Hinou who didn’t felt the least bit guilty after the incident and lived his life as per normal. That’s why I thought that I couldn’t be around him anymore.
Hinou: You can’t forgive me right? Isn’t that fine just the way it is? But I still can’t forget what happened that night, when you tried to shake off my arm to run away. After losing you, I was really upset…
Nagi: Stop that! Stop saying things like that after all these years!
I rejected someone who was like my family, my brother and my best friend and decided that I would survive by myself. That night, the pain of having my heart and body torn apart by the person I trusted most in this world… can you ever understand that pain?
Nagi: We had to go our separate ways, I can never forgive you. If I ever do, I will start hating myself.
Hinou: Seems so. But, no matter how much you hate me, I will never disappear from deep within your heart. Similarly, you will always exist within my heart. The bond between us is unseen but still intact.
Nagi: Shut up!
Hinou: So we both hate talking about the past huh? In that case, stop getting involved with me.
Nagi: That’s what I’m wishing for too. But as long as you know the person who killed Kasao, that’s impossible.
Hinou: (Hinou sighs) In view of your stupidity, I shall give you a hint. Kasao has gotten his retribution; it wasn’t a coincidence but was inevitable. (Hinou walks away)
Nagi: Inevitable… so the culprit of this case was someone related to the explosion case?
(Nagi winces in pain) Damn, he punched me with all his might… (Phone rings and Nagi picks it up) Kagaya?
Kagaya: Are you done with the talk?
Nagi: Yea, it’s over. Hey, I’m sorry but can you come pick me up?
Kagaya: Did something happen?
Nagi: Nothing big, but it’s just that I’m not in the best condition to walk home…
Kagaya: I’ll be over right away. (Kagaya hangs up)
Nagi: (Nagi takes out a cigarette and starts smoking) Judging by that response, he seems to be nearby. What a worrywart.
Even though it has been 14 years, feels like it wasn’t long enough. I used to think that I couldn’t stand being apart from Hinou, but in the end, I couldn’t accept his cold-bloodedness. Was it Hinou’s fault for being a human without empathy or was it my fault for not being able to forgive him? (Takes a puff) Will Kagaya hurry up…

Decoy Series (14)
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Act 6: Revealed Truth (あかされた真実)

(Sounds of running faucet and Yasumi gulping down water)
Yasumi: What was that (Yasumi flops down on bed) all about? Calm down, I have to calm down.
After the two of them starting punching each other, I ran from the scene as though I was being chased by my worst nightmare.
Hinou and that man caused the explosion?
I met Hinou after I quit the police force, was that a coincidence? No, such an unlikely coincidence… In that case, did I find out about Hinou’s involvement in the case? That’s why I concealed my true identity to live here with Hinou. I quit the police because I wanted to be able to conduct my investigations freely. But… with such a man… why? Why did I get physically intimate with Hinou? With someone who killed my own father… was it a means to get closer to him? Or did I really…
That’s right! There’s one way to find out the truth (Yasumi searches for and finds a key) This key which was given to me by that Satou guy! If I meet him… (Yasumi runs out of his room)
Yasumi: (Yasumi runs into Hinou at the lift) Hinou?
Hinou: Hey!
Yasumi: Welcome back.
Hinou: Where are you going?
Yasumi: A while back, Teru brought me to an internet café . There were a lot of manga there and I suddenly feel like reading some manga now… I’ll be back real soon so can I go?
Hinou: Guess it can’t be helped, don’t be too late.
Yasumi: I know. (Yasumi walks off)
Yasumi: I contacted Satou and was instructed to wait for him at the apartment.
(Sounds of door opening) I’m sorry for calling you out so suddenly.
Satou: No, it’s fine.
Yasumi: I’m sorry for disappearing on you the other day, I was sort of… how do I put it… really confused. Although my memory hasn’t returned, I thought I should talk to you again.
Satou: I have been waiting for your call too. Has anything changed since then?
Yasumi: Quite a bit. Before we talk, can I ask you something? Are you from the police?
Satou:  Yea.
Yasumi: I knew it. Satou was on his guard against Hinou, I must have been reporting to him. In other words, he knows my motives and has been monitoring my progress.
Since then, I’ve been trying to find out more about myself and I found out that I was once in the police force. But, after meeting Hinou, I quit. Can I know the reason behind all this? Why did I start living together with HInou? There must be a motive behind that right?
Satou: (Satou takes a deep breath) First, let me correct a misunderstanding. Even today, you’re still a proper policeman.
Yasumi: Wha… What do you mean?
Satou: In other words, you went undercover.
Yasumi: Under… cover?
Satou: Yes. While we were reviewing this case a year ago, one man’s name came up. He was Hino Kazusa. However, the case was an old one which was about to be closed; it was impossible to find new witnesses or evidence after all these years. Without a confession from Hinou, there was nothing we could do.
Yasumi: The police were suspecting Hinou…
Satou: At that point in time, a young policeman hid his identity and got close to Hinou. That was you. You successfully won Hinou’s trust after some time, but Hinou wouldn’t talk much about his past and you got desperate. Then, you suggested to me a plan of becoming Hinou’s roommate to get even closer to him. That was around this year’s spring.
Yasumi: Did you approve of that plan? Isn’t it unlawful to do so?
Satou: Of course I was against it, but you didn’t back down. You said that if I didn’t approve of it, you would quit the police and start independent investigations. That’s when I made my decision as well. If you would go to such lengths of dirtying your own hands just to solve the case, I would also support you even with my career at risk. You might not remember this, but your relative died as a result of this case. Even though the police weren’t supposed to bring their personal feelings into work, I could empathise with your anger and sadness regarding this case. That’s why, no matter what, I didn’t want to leave you alone. The last thing you reported to me was that there was a mastermind behind that case. After that, we lost all contact with each other. I didn’t want to call you carelessly and risk getting discovered by Hinou, so I waited outside Hinou’s apartment and followed you when I saw you coming out.
Yasumi: Was that when we met at Sunshine’s viewing platform?
Satou: Yea. I never expected you to lose your memories and I was seriously shocked back then. I even suspected that you were lying to me.
Yasumi: Lying?! Why would I be lying?
Satou: Regardless of how much hatred you had for that person, after living together for half a year, feelings are bound to develop. There’s a possibility that you might have developed feelings for Hinou and wished for him to not get arrested. (Yasumi startles) So when I confirmed that you really lost your memories, I was relieved. It’s hard to treat you like the Yasuhara in the past, so I’ll you decide on your future. If you want to live in peace from now on, we will stop the investigations. You can leave Hinou and I will see to your safety. However, if you are bent on resolving the case you were so intent on before, you can choose to continue with your current lifestyle for now. In any case, the case is about to be closed. When the time comes, you can only leave Hinou and return to your previous way of living.
Yasumi: This man seems very business-like, but somehow, beneath that icy mask of his, I can’t help but feel that he was far from being cold and unfeeling. It felt like something unknown was residing in him…
I can’t decide right now, please give me more time.
Satou: I understand (Satou stands up) when you’ve made up your mind, just drop me a call. Don’t ever let Hinou see through your pretence and just continue what you’ve been doing as per normal. (Satou walks off)
Yasumi: Ah… please wait! What is your real name?
Satou: It’s Shinozuka Hideyuki.
Yasumi: Shinozuka Hideyuki…

Decoy Series (15)
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