Black Bullet: Episode 05

紅黒の暗殺者– The Crimson Black Assasin

Black Bullet ep 5 - image 01 Black Bullet ep 5 - image 02 Black Bullet ep 5 - image 03 Black Bullet ep 5 - image 04 Black Bullet ep 5 - image 05

This series just does not do it for me. Whether is it the lolis, the poorly timed gags, or the uninspiring plot, the amalgamation of all these elements just does not work at all.

It is one thing if the story is rubbish. But it is another kind of torture to sit through an entire episode with characters that are sooo dull. And that is what’s happening with Black Bullet. The characters are so flat and one-dimensional it is difficult not to yawn just listening to them speak. While idealistic Seitenshi-sama (that white-ish blue princess-y lady) has got some noble intentions, her character was just so boring and lifeless, it was such a drag listening to her long-winded speech about her plans to reclaim the land from the Gastrea and reunite all five areas of Japan. In fact, it was such a lacklustre speech that I think even Rentarou was bored.

This series definitely took a wrong turn (as if that was even possible, seeing as it was already heading in the wrong direction from the get go. but well, I guess the possibilities are indeed endless..) when it decided to kill off Kagetane. He was about the only infinitesimally interesting character in the series.. him and his little killing machine of a daughter Kohina. Now with them gone, there is just one less reason to watch Black Bullet, and it is already lacking in reasons to watch *le sigh*

Honestly, plot wise, all that we have to concern ourselves with is that Rentarou accepted a job to be Seitenshi-sama’s bodyguard. And someone is trying to kill her. Add to that a crazed politician dude who plans on taking over the world, as well as the introduction of yet another loli, a blonde this time. I kid you not, that is all that happened.

The only saving grace this episode was being able to hear Toriumi Kousuke’s beautifully alluring voice (over the telephone). That is it. His character wasn’t even introduced. All we know is that he is the ‘master’ of aforementioned blonde loli.

That really is all I have to say about this episode. Are you looking forward to the next? Because I most certainly am not.


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