Decoy Series 01: Decoy Kachou Disc 1 – Translation

Title: Decoy Kachou (デコイ囮鳥) Disc 1 (drama review)
Cast: Koyasu Takehito x Kondou Takashi (子安武人x近藤隆)
Miyake Kenta x Toriumi Kousuke (三宅健太 x鳥海浩輔)
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S Series (エス)
Contents: Disc 1

Act 1: アムネジア
Act 2: 「鳩」と「鴉」
Act 3: 喫茶「DECOY」
Act 4: クリーナー
Act 5: 秘密
Act 6: 第三の男
Act 7: 籠の中

Disc 2

Act 1: ブローカー
Act 2: 新たな事実
Act 3: パートナー
Act 4: 共犯者
Act 5: 絆
Act 6: あかされた真実

Decoy Series (6)

Act 1: Amnesia (アムネジア)

Hinou: Are you okay? That was quite a fall.
Yasumi: Why am I on the ground in this rain? Did I fall from these stairs?
Hinou: That guy is dead.
Yasumi: That guy? Who is he talking about?
Who are you? Who can you be?
Hinou: You don’t recognise me?
Yasumi: I don’t recognise… I don’t understand. Who am I? Tell me.
Hinou: Have you forgotten? You poor thing.
Yasumi: Please tell me! My name, who I am… You know it, don’t you?
Hinou: Give that to me.
Yasumi: What am I holding in my hand… A pistol. My hand is soaked in blood… Whose blood is this?
(Yasumi faints)
Yasumi: Where am I?
Hinou: Has the sleeping beauty finally awaken from her slumber? How are you feeling? Any urge to vomit?
Yasumi: I knew it, I still don’t know who he is. Am I naked?
Did you undress me?
Hinou: I can’t let you sleep in those wet clothes can I. What is this, are you embarrassed?
Yasumi: Not really.
Who in their right minds will be happy when they have been stripped naked while they were unconscious?
Hinou: Seems like you really don’t remember anything. I thought it was a temporary thing, but it seems like you’re really gotten amnesia.
Yasumi: Amnesia…
Hinou: I called the doctor and had him inject painkillers for you. Because of that, you’ve been sleeping like a dead man till now. You didn’t sustain any major injuries but that’s what the quack said, so if the pain worsens, I’ll bring you to a proper hospital.
Yasumi: What’s with his matter-of-fact way of speaking…
Is this your house?
Hinou: Yea. An apartment at East Ikebukurou.
Yasumi: Who are you to me?
Hinou: Simply put, we’re roommates. You’ve started to live with me here half a year ago. My name is Hinou, you’re Yasumi Tooru, age 28, born and raised in Tokyo, you have no family. That’s all I know about you.
Yasumi: Are you really my roommate? If so, you should know more about me.
Hinou: You were tight-lipped about your own past and I didn’t probe. That’s why, what I’ve just said is everything I know.
Yasumi: Why am I living with you? Tell me how this started.
Hinou: How it started huh. It’s no big deal. January this year, I met you at one of my regular bars and we become friends. After drinking together, we got closer. There were a few times when you were broke and came crying to me, I even treated you. 4 months after we met, you got kicked out of your place and had no place to stay so I took you in. From then on, we became roommates.
Yasumi: I didn’t have a proper job?
Hinou: As far as I know, you were getting money from women and bumming around.
Yasumi: That can’t be true!
Hinou: I’m not lying, that’s what you said.
Yasumi: I’m not that kind of person.
Hinou: How do you know if you’re not that type of person? It’s not like you remember anything.
Yasumi: That’s right. But I hate that kind of people.
Hinou: Even if you hated that type, you were like that.
Yasumi: I’m not sure why but this man seems kind of shady
Even after living with you, I didn’t get a job?
Hinou: Sometimes you help with my work. I work as some kind of handyman, I take in customers’ requests and do anything for them.
Yasumi: I really can’t tell anything about this man’s personality. I really should go to the police tomorrow morning.
Hinou: (Hinou switches on on the TV)
Do you know?
Yasumi: Eh?
Hinou: I’m asking if you know the performers talking on this show.
Yasumi: Kiino Tatsuya and Hayase Yuriko.
(Hinou switches off the TV)
Hinou: Your condition is probably post-traumatic amnesia which made you forget details about your life. People with that type of amnesia can still remember things about society even if they don’t recall anything about their own personal lives.
Yasumi: Will I recover?
Hinou: There are lots of cases where people recovers over time, but there’s no guarantee.
Seems like the rain got heavier.
Yasumi: Where was the place where I fell?
Hinou: It’s at Okutama. You were there to meet a certain man.
Yasumi: I was holding onto something like a pistol, the one you took away.
Hinou: You remembered?
Yasumi: That was a toy, right?
Hinou: It’s real. It’s by your bedside so go take a good look.
Yasumi: It feels like a toy gun, it’s too light.
Hinou: It’s light because it’s made of aluminium frame and has been made to be a light-weight revolver. If you can remember those performers’ names, you should remember the name of that gun.
Yasumi: Air Weight.
Hinou: That’s right. That’s a Smith & Wesson M37, commonly used by the Japanese police force.
Yasumi: Why do I know all these, was I a gun maniac? How about the way it’s used…
(Handles gun naturally)
Are these real bullets?
Hinou: Of course. It’s lacking one because you fired it.
Yasumi: Me? When?
Hinou: Yesterday, you used that gun to kill a man. After that, you fell from the stairs and hit your head, losing your memories.
Yasumi: That’s a lie…
Hinou: That again.
Yasumi: That day, I was definitely holding onto this gun with a blood-soaked hand. I killed someone with this hand.
I can’t believe it. No, I don’t want to believe it.
Hinou: Well, do what you want. If you don’t want to believe it, just take it as a lie.
Yasumi: Who was the guy I killed?
Hinou: No idea. I see him too clearly, but he was an elderly person. You did say that you held a grudge against him. Yesterday morning, you told me to send you to Okutama because you were meeting up with someone there. I just did as told and sent you up to the bottom of those stairs. But I worried about you and secretly went after you.
Yasumi: After that?
Hinou: After climbing up the flight of stairs, I saw a vacation home. I opened the front door and heard a gunshot before running to the inside rooms. That was where I saw you crouching in a daze by a bloody corpse. You came to yourself after you saw me and tried to run away in fear.
Yasumi: So after that I fell down from the stairs?
Hinou: Yea.
Yasumi: I can’t remember a single thing. Argh.
Hinou: Lie down and rest. Yasumi, don’t think about anything for now.
Yasumi: It’s scary.
Hinou: Don’t force yourself too much. You’ll remember it soon enough.
Yasumi: What if… what if I really did murder someone, I’ll get caught by the police.
Hinou: You won’t get caught by the police. You were a cautious person in that aspect. You didn’t mess up and leave fingerprints, did you? On top of that, that man probably didn’t tell anyone and secretly went to the mountain villa to meet up with you.
Yasumi: How did you know?
Hinou: That’s what you said. The man called you to the mountain villa to tell you something important. If he purposely chose that sort of location, he probably didn’t want anyone to know that he was meeting up with you as well. You should just stay here with me like what you’ve been doing all along.
Yasumi: Why? I might be a murderer.
Hinou: Don’t worry about anything. Just don’t leave my side, I’ll protect you.
Yasumi: How can he go to such lengths for me, aren’t we just roommates.
What am I to you?
Hinou: You’ll understand in time. What kind of person you are to me. Rest for now, I’ll be in the next room.
Yasumi: I don’t want to think about anything. It’s scary to think, and my heart is aching. That look of sadness on his face just now, seems as though I’ve hurt him or something. What is this, why am I feeling guilty?

Decoy Series (7)
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Act 2: Dove & Crow (「鳩」と「鴉」)


Please, let me off this time.

Nagi: You don’t like to get hurt, do you? Just spit it out. It’s not like I’m hitting you because I like to. Just spit it out already.
Punk: Please stop it…
(Nagi continues punching)
Kagaya: Restrain yourself.
Punk: I’ll tell you, so please let me off already. Boss gave the goods to this black guy in Roppongi, he’s a Nigerian called Mike.
Nagi: So the person who sold Masuda out was also him?
Punk: That’s right…
Kagaya: Nagi, someone’s coming.
Nagi: I’m done, let’s go. Nigerian, Amara Mike huh.
Kagaya: That’s a huge one, what should we do?
Nagi: I wonder. Our job is just to find out where the goods went to, isn’t it fine to leave the next step to the Koujinkai? For now, our job is done. Good work.
Kagaya: What about the report to the chairman?
Nagi: I’ll leave him to you, contact the old man in my stead. I’m going drinking by myself now, see you.
Misa: Ken-chan…
Nagi: Misa? Oh right. I called her up and brought her back to the apartment last night. We’ve been continuing with this kind of relationship for 5 years huh.
Misa: Hey, what time is it now?
Nagi: 9.05am. (Starts fondling Misa)
Misa: Again in the morning?
Nagi: I could only do it once last night, isn’t this okay?
Misa: Well, it’s fine…
Nagi: Older women are good. Unlike young women, they aren’t troublesome. Misa will pick up after herself and go home when it’s morning with just a simple “see you”. She’s really a good woman.
(Doorbell rings)
Misa: Too bad, seems like our time is up. I’ll get going.
Nagi: How about your shower?
Misa: It’s fine. If I hang around any longer, I’ll get glared at by Kagaya-san.
Nagi: He’s just bad with people. He shows everyone that unfriendly face of his.
Misa: But to Ken-chan, he’s your precious partner isn’t he? See you.
(Misa leaves the apartment)
Nagi: Kagaya… What are you doing so early in the morning, we didn’t arrange anything did we?
Kagaya: There is an emergency.
Nagi: Even so, don’t just appear out of the blue.
Kagaya: Will you wake up already? (Pulls covers, revealing naked Nagi)
Nagi: Pervert.
Kagaya: Nagi!
Nagi: Before you come, at least give me a call.
Kagaya: I did call; you switched off your phone since we parted yesterday didn’t you? I couldn’t get in touch with you at all.
Nagi: So sorry about that.
Kagaya: Get ready to go out.
Nagi: No, today’s a holiday so I’m staying at home.
Kagaya: There has been an emergency call from the chairman.
Nagi: Tsk. If it’s the old man Yashima’s call, I guess there’s no way around it.
Kagaya: (Grabs newspaper) I think it’s probably about this case.
Nagi: Found: an ex-yakuza leader’s corpse, name of the victim: Kasao Yuzu… Is this for real?
Anyone would know someone of that status. The previous head of east Japan’s strongest yakuza group, a man in the centre of the mafia world.
Kagaya: Kasao-san was shot by someone at his vacation home in Okutama.
Nagi: I see, that’s where we come in.
Kagaya: Yea, but we still have no idea what orders they will give us.
Kagaya: What’s with that tie? You’re going to meet the chairman, dress appropriately.
Nagi: That old man won’t give a damn about what I’m wearing. In the first place, I hate suits. Stop ordering me around, you’re just my underling.
Kagaya: You too, you should listen to your elders.
Nagi: Hmph, what elders, you’re just 2 years older than me and you’re acting so high and mighty. Stop giving me that look, if you have anything to say, use your mouth.
Kagaya: In that case, I’ll talk. It’s too lax.
Nagi: No way, if I tighten it anymore I’ll suffocate.
Kagaya: I’m not talking about the tie; I’m talking about your relationship with Misa-san. I can’t believe you actually dragged that out for so many years. Don’t you have any intentions of being dating her?
Nagi: No. It’s fine to just maintain this relationship of sleeping with her once in a while, she thinks so too.
He holds the door open for me. Once we’re outside he puts on the mask of a loyal subordinate. Even though I told him that doing all these is unnecessary, he doesn’t listen. He’s really a stubborn guy.
Kagaya: Nagi, stop touching your eyebrows, it will just get thinner.
Nagi: Tsk, how does he view Misa? I’ve rejected Kagaya’s confession once and after that, he has stopped showing me his feelings.
How many years has it been?
Kagaya: What?
Nagi: Since we’ve been hanging out together, how long has it been?
Kagaya: 5 years, because this is my fifth year entering this organisation.
Nagi: It’s has been so long huh. There is no other man other than Kagaya that I trust more, that’s why I want to continue with our current style of interaction. Even if I know that it’s selfish of me to do so.
Yashima: Nagi, you look disgruntled. Haven’t eaten your breakfast?
Nagi: I came straight here after being rudely awakened by Kagaya, not to mention food, I haven’t even washed my face.
Yashima Akishi. He resolved a dispute years ago and became the top of our organization. Even now, he’s an indispensable asset to many.
Kagaya: Chairman, the matter we’re here to discuss is about the ex-leader Kasao-san right?
Yashima: That’s right. I want the two of you to find the culprit in this case.
Nagi: In this case, you mean that his murderer is a yakuza?
Yashima: No, we currently have no idea. Nanae, explain the situation to the two of them.
Nanae: Yes sir. Two days ago, Kasao-san said that he made arrangements with someone and left his house driving his car. Usually he gets someone to drive him, but that day he drove the car himself. But till night-time, he didn’t return home and his cell couldn’t be reached. Even though nobody had any idea where he was, his wife suggested that he seemed to be heading towards their mountain retreat, which was were his corpse was discovered.
Kagaya: When was he killed?
Nanae: According to the coroner’s report, it seems like he was shot between 3-4pm that day. Kasao-san was shot from a short distance and died on the spot. There was no record about the gun which was used and there were nothing found in the surroundings that could aid with the identification. Currently, the police are at their wits’ ends as it’s impossible to get any eye-witness accounts for this case.
Kagaya: How about the scene of crime?
There was no sign of struggle and the culprit didn’t leave behind anything. The only clue we have is the discovery of two sets of muddy footprints around the house. It probably belongs to the culprits but due to the heavy rain, the marks were blurred so no specific sole patterns were identified. We also found dirt inside the house, it’s certain that those were the footprints of the culprits but they seemed to have wiped the floor with the curtains so we couldn’t get the shape of the prints.
Nagi: So we have two culprits. And since they seem adept at cleaning up after themselves, they’re used to crude business.
They aren’t amateurs and neither are they mafia, used to erasing evidence and cautious about their work. Something seems strangely amiss.
Chairman, this incident should be independent of organisational matters right? In this day, there’s nobody who would pick a fight with us.
Yashima: I would like to believe so too, but it doesn’t seem like we can afford to ignore this. Sakuya, there’s been a tip-off that the culprit is from Togetsu-gumi.
Nagi: It must be a prank, I can’t imagine Togetsu-gumi picking a fight with us nowadays.
Nanae: We can’t rule out that possibility.
Nagi: But Nanae, if it’s really their work, it will become quite a mess.
Yashima: That’s right. Depending on Koujinkai’s decision, war might break out.
Kagaya: What is Koujinkai’s take on this matter?
Yashima: The head, Misorogi, said to not take any rash actions, but if the rumour about Togetsu-gumi gets spread around, I have no idea what will happen. That filthy group has been creeping around in Tokyo for some time, after something like this has happened, I doubt people will keep silent about it. Before that happens, I want the culprit to be found soonest possible.
Nagi: I’ll ask first, if the culprit really is from Togetsu-gumi…
Yashima: In that case we will have to call on the Crow. No matter what happens, we have to get the culprits. We wouldn’t hand them over to the police or Koujinkai.
Nagi: Koujin?
Yashima: That’s right. Regarding this plan, I’m giving you full authority to decide your course of actions. Nanae?
Nanae: Yes sir.
Yashima: Nagi, Kagaya. Ask Nanae about any more things you need to know. I’m counting on you to get to the culprits before anyone else.
Kagaya: We will give it our best.
Nanae: All that we know for now are gathered here. Please take it. (hands over envelope) No matter how insignificant, please report all matters to me.
Nagi: I’ll have keep contacting this guy for some time huh. Even though he has a rather classy and delicate appearance, he has the spirit of a bull. He’s the type I’m bad at handling.
Nanae: Nagi, even though Yashima-san said all that, please be careful with the Crow. If you use them for improper purposes, it will create trouble for the Chairman. Please remember how you’re indebted to him and be extra prudent with your actions.
Nagi: I understand.
Kagaya: Nagi, what do you think of it?
Nagi: I want to know the details of Kasao’s actions during his last few days. What has he been doing with his wife and kids, what kind of person is his wife…
Kagaya: Kasao-san’s first wife passed away 5 years ago due to illness and he remarried a young wife who could pass off as his daughter. I heard that they were quite in love with each other. Are we heading to Kasao-san’s house now?
Nagi: No, before that there’s something more important.
Kagaya: What?
Nagi: My breakfast, let me eat my breakfast. (Kagaya sighs) What’s with that face? There’s this saying that if you’re hungry you can’t even fart.
Kagaya: Who says that, you idiot. Are you really going to mobilise the Crows?
Nagi: It all depends on the situation. If the culprit is really from Togetsu-gumi, we won’t have a choice.
Kagaya: Should we call all the group members together?
Nagi: No, there’s no need. I don’t want to take any obvious or big actions.
There are two teams which exist for the group: the Dove and the Crow. The Dove which monitors and regulates the yakuza is the intelligence team while the Crow is the assault team. Both teams consist of the same members, in other words, the Crow is the shadow supporting the Dove.
Kagaya: What a troublesome job.
Nagi: We’ll get it done. Up till now, we’ve always completed whatever troublesome jobs together.
With this guy, things will be fine. There’s no one more reliable than him, I’ve experienced it over the 5 years.
So let’s satisfy this poor stomach first, that family restaurant over there seems good. Pull over.
Kagaya: Seriously, you’re exaggerating it.

Decoy Series (8)
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Act 3: Decoy Café (喫茶「DECOY」)

Hinou: Yasumi, wake up already. If you sleep any more your eyes will rot. (Yasumi ignores) So Sleeping Beauty won’t wake up without a kiss from her Prince Charming? (Yasumi startles awake) Good boy.
Yasumi: What’s with this guy? He touches me too frequently, as though he’s stroking a pet.
Hinou: Yasumi, won’t you try going outdoors? It would be good change in scenery. Let’s go grab breakfast together.
Yasumi: Where to?
Hinou: One of my regular cafes, you used to go there frequently too. Come on, here’s your clothes. And here’s your phone too, hold onto it.
Yasumi: Why isn’t there any data inside?
Hinou: That’s because it is a new phone. Your old one broke when you fell from the stairs. This is the old one, take it if you want it.
Yasumi: (Tries switching it on) Can’t work anymore huh. I thought if I could access my old phone data, I could understand my current situation more.
TV: Moving onto news, at Okutama, the body of a man has been discovered. The man was the previous leader of the yakuza group Koujinkai and has been missing since a few days ago.
Yasumi: Hinou! This is…
TV: His worried family found him when they went to the mountain villa
Yasumi: Probably the guy whom I killed… yakuza group?
TV: The police has classified this case as a murder case and are currently investigating
Hinou: Calm down (switches off TV). Since you don’t remember anything, there’s no point in panicking. Anyway, it’s lucky that the guy was yakuza.
Yasumi: Huh?
Hinou: If a yakuza dies, the police will take it as a case relating to yakuza rebellion. Isn’t it convenient that investigations will be steered towards the yakuza?
Yasumi: Yakuza? Did I really kill that guy? If that’s the case, why… What should I do?
Hinou:  Nothing.
Yasumi: But, I should turn myself into the police…
Hinou: If you want to turn yourself in, you can do that any time. If you recover from your amnesia and remember what you did, you can go to the police then. Come, let’s go. Get changed.
Yasumi: This guy’s nonchalance about this matter is scary. This feeling that he gives off is so abnormal that it feels rather intimidating. Even so, because he seems worried about me, I don’t feel any urge to escape from him. It’s not like I trust him, but for now, I have no choice but to stick to him. Even though I know that’s pathetic of me to do so.
Hinou: The building you see opposite is Sunshine, do you recognise it?
Yasumi: Somehow it feels familiar, but I don’t know if I’ve been there before.
Hinou: We’ve been there together once because you said you wanted to see the view from up there. That time, you enjoyed it so much that you didn’t want to leave. (Stops and points) that’s the shop.
Yasumi: Decoy Café?
Teru: Ah! Hinou-san, good morning!
Hinou: Strange things do happen, fancy seeing you awake at this hour, Teru.
Teru: I’m heading home from a Mahjong all-nighter, I was about to go back to sleep. Huh? Yasumi-san, what happened to your forehead? It’s really swollen.
Yasumi: Do I know him?
Hinou: He tripped down the stairs. Master, give me two mornings.
Master: Iced for Yasumi, as usual?
Yasumi: Uh.
It really seems like I’m a regular here.
Hinou: I have something to tell Master and Teru. Yasumi fell down the stairs two days ago and hit his head, because of that he has lost his memory.
Teru: What’s with that? It’s too serious a joke in the morning.
Hinou: It’s true.
Teru: Are you serious? So you don’t remember me?
Yasumi: I’m sorry but I can’t remember.
Hinou: It’s not just Teru, this guy can’t even remember a single thing about me too. Even details about himself, he has forgotten everything.
Teru: Wow, so that’s amnesia right? Isn’t that bad? This is serious stuff! Right, Master?
Master: That’s right, you must be suffering. Don’t push yourself, you’ll eventually remember things. As long as you’re still alive, you will be fine.
Hinou: Here’s the spare key, I have work to do so I’ll be off first. You can go back yourself right?
Yasumi: Yea.
Hinou: If you have any problems, just consult Master. I’ll be back at night, see you.
Yasumi: Oh okay.
(Hinou leaves)
Teru: Yasumi-san? Yasumi-san… you really got amnesia huh. Did you forget your own name too?
Yasumi: Yea, I couldn’t remember anything.
Teru: I see. That’s right! My name is Masuya Teruyuki, you can call me Teru. I always chatted with Yasumi-san over coffee in this café. I knew Hinou-san before when I was working at a detective agency nearby. That agency was supported by yakuza, so my superiors were also like yakuza. About half a year ago, one of my superiors bumped into Hinou-san and a fight was about to break out between them. My superior threw the first punch and Hinou-san defeated him without even using his hands! I thought he was so cool! A few days later, we coincidentally met again and without much thought, I offered to treat him coffee as a form of apology and he brought me to Decoy. Since then, I’ve become a regular here too.
Yasumi: I’m not surprised to hear that Hinou is good at fighting. That calmness he possessed and the way he doesn’t get affected by anything sort of gave me that feeling.
Teru: Somehow, the atmosphere around Yasumi-san seems totally different from before. Does your personality change along with loss of memories?
Yasumi: How was the “me” before?
Teru: Hmmm, how do I put this. The look in your eyes and your manner of speech was rather intimidating. You were also quite a scary person, in a different way from Hinou-san.
Yasumi: Was I someone who had a menacing or threatening attitude?
Teru: It must be tough, but I’m sure you’ll do fine with Hinou-san around. He really treasures you. With such a great lover by your side, you don’t have to worry about anything.
Yasumi: W-what did you say? (Grabs Teru) Just now, what did you say? What do you mean by lover?
Teru: Ah… I see… you don’t remember that too… Oh no…
Yasumi: Hinou wasn’t just a close friend?
Teru: Ah… frankly speaking, no… the two of you were probably… or rather, certainly without a doubt, lovers.
Yasumi: I… was gay?
Teru: I-I’m not too sure, but it seemed so. From what I saw, you were the one who was all over Hinou-san and I’m sorry for the choice of words, but it felt like you would do anything for Hinou-san. Hinou-san also very affectionate towards Yasumi-san… (phone vibrates) damn, hello? Now? No, that’s right, I understand. I’ll head over now. (Hangs up phone) I’m really sorry, something cropped up and I have to go. I frequently drink coffee here to slack off so we’ll meet again real soon! Bye! (Runs off)
Yasumi: (Recalls Teru’s voice “Without a doubt lovers”)
It can’t be. I wasn’t expecting such a relationship. But, that explains the excessive touchiness. We weren’t just roommates, but lovers.
Master: Coffee, drink up. It’s my treat.
Yasumi: Your café is called Decoy, right. What does it mean?
Master: That is a decoy (points). Decoys are made with various materials to look like model birds. Once you put these into water, real ducks will come closer thinking that it is real. In other words, they is the bait. For now, they are being used as decorations and are more commonly known as bird-carvings.
Yasumi: Could this be Master’s handmade work?
Master: Yes, it started from a hobby but over time, my output increased. Now I’m taking in orders and customising them for people. Not a bad skill to have, right?
Yasumi: Yes, it’s really well made.
Master: You used to come every day and sit at the counter like now, drinking coffee and gazing at my decoys.
Yasumi: Is that so, it feels rather sad that I can’t remember all that. This might have been a place where I found peace.
Master: As you can see, it’s a rather deserted shop. Just stay for as long as you like. No, please stay here for as long as you can.
Yasumi: Haha, so I’m sort of like a decoy too right?
Master: That’s right.
Yasumi: Thank you so much. Please let me stay for a while more then.

Decoy Series (9)
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Act 4: Cleaner (クリーナー)

Hinou: Have you eaten dinner?
Yasumi: I ate a packed meal from the convenience store, I bought one for you too. Shall I warm it up now?
Hinou: No, I’m good for now. I’ll get it later. (Pours sake into glass) What did you do for the entire day?
Yasumi: Nothing much.
Hinou: Just tell me. (Sits down) What did you do? Did you stay at home? Or did you go out? (Reached out for Yasumi)
Yasumi: (Flinches) Don’t touch me.
Hinou: Why won’t you meet my eyes?
Yasumi: After you left, I heard from Teru that we were lovers.
Hinou: Is that it? That’s why you’ve been so conscious of me. What a cute guy.
Yasumi: Why didn’t you tell me?
Hinou: What would have happened if I told you? Since you don’t remember it, will you acknowledge me as your lover?
Yasumi: That is… impossible… but since it is about me, I should have the right to know. How did I start going out with you?
Hinou: I explained the other day, didn’t I? You got chased out of a woman’s house and came running to my place. If you want the truth then, it was more of a “please hold me” thing.
Yasumi: Wha?! I forced myself on him?
I was the one who fell for you first?
Hinou: At first yes. But after a while, I started thinking of you in an affectionate way too. That’s why it wasn’t a one-sided thing.
Yasumi: It isn’t easy to accept something like this. But, Hinou liked the previous me, that’s why he didn’t abandon me and said that he would protect me.
Hinou, I’m sorry.
Hinou: What about?
Yasumi: It was horrible of me to forget about us being lovers.
Hinou: You don’t have to apologise, you weren’t at fault. Drink some too; it can help you to relax.
(Yasumi drinks up and Hinou starts touching Yasumi)
Yasumi: Hinou, (slaps hand away) please stop it. It’s impossible.
Hinou: What? What is impossible?
Yasumi: Please don’t touch me in that way, I won’t be able to respond now.
Hinou: Then, if I wait, will I get my answer? In time, you will be the one who is making the advances?
Yasumi: I don’t know, but for now it’s impossible for me to think of doing anything with a guy. Your hand! Are you hurt?
Hinou: Huh? Oh this, (licks his hand) don’t worry, this isn’t my blood.
Yasumi: Then whose is it?
Hinou: No idea. It’s some unknown man’s blood. I’m tired from today’s work, it was quite a complex request this time.
Yasumi: Request?
Hinou: Usually I get a lot of suicide or accidents requests, but this time a horrible death was requested. It was probably used as some sort of warning for another person.
Yasumi: Y-you… what are you talking about?
Hinou: What I’m talking about, I’m talking about the job I did today.
Yasumi: But, y-you said h-handyman, you take customers’ requests…
Hinou: Yea, that’s right. I’m doing a job where I take in customers’ requests to kill people. Ain’t I the perfect tool for people who want to get rid of people standing in their way?
(Yasumi is startled and gets up to try to get away from Hinou but he falls)
Hinou: What’s wrong? What are you so afraid of?
Yasumi: No more. I don’t want to hear any more.
You are a murderer. Why are you capable of such frightening things?
Hinou: Because it’s my job. Soldiers defeat their enemies at war and executioners push the switch to execute convicts. Similarly, hit-men dispose of their targets in exchange for money. Isn’t it perfectly logical?
Yasumi: Something is wrong with you, you’re abnormal.
Hinou: You’re right. But you’re also the same aren’t you? You killed a man with those hands of yours. Even I have yet to dispose of someone that famous. Yasumi, we have gotten along really well so far. You were vaguely aware of the nature of my job but you didn’t mind it at all. That’s how deeply in love you were with me.
Yasumi: That’s a lie!
Hinou: “I don’t care who you are, I’m begging you, just please don’t leave my side,“ that’s what you said when you came onto me. At first I took it as something like keeping a pet, but somewhere along the way, I started falling for you too. Even now, my feelings for you remain unchanged and I have no intentions of letting you go.
Yasumi: N-no I don’t want this. I don’t like you. I must have been crazy to fall in love with someone as creepy as you. It’s abnormal, something was wrong with my head.
(Hinou starts laughing maniacally before picking Yasumi up)
Yasumi: What are you trying… Put me down!
Hinou: It’s boring that you’ve become so wise. Seems like some disciplinary action is needed for you to become the bad boy you were.
(Hinou throws Yasumi on the bed while Yasumi struggles in vain)
Yasumi: Damn it, move! (Yasumi realises something is wrong) Did you slip something into the drink just now?
Hinou: Don’t worry, the effects will be gone after a few hours. (Tears Yasumi’s clothes)
Yasumi: Stop it!
Hinou: I’m sorry but I can’t stop it. It has been a while since I last saw so much blood and I’m feeling strangely excited. It seems like I can’t settle down unless I hold you. Even if you don’t have the memories, I’m sure your body will remember it after all those we’ve slept together. I’ll take good care of you, so just focus on remembering the pleasure of receiving my love.
Yasumi: No… please let me off.
It’s scary, I’m so scared that I can’t do anything, of Hinou and his lust. Even so…
Hinou: Crying is useless. You belong to me, I’ll make you remember that with your body.
Yasumi: My body is …
Hinou: That’s right, Yasumi. You don’t have to think, just feel it. I won’t ever hurt you. I’ve always been gentle with you, haven’t I?
Yasumi: Is that so? Have I always left things to him just like this? If that’s the case, then it might be fine actually, to blank out my mind and escape to the world of pleasure. Afterall, I’m the same as him, a murderer. My hand has already been stained by someone’s blood.
Hinou: It’s the same. Your body hasn’t changed. If that’s the case, then how about here.
Yasumi: No! That place is…
Hinou: What no? I’ve always taken time to caress this place lovingly until you start crying out in ecstasy. Even if you pleaded for it, I wouldn’t give it to you immediately. Only after I’m through with teasing you will I hold you. By then your insides would be in just the right state to suck me in.
Open your legs wider, bare your whole body to me. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll tie your ankles to your wrists. I’m sure you don’t want to be put in such an unsightly position.
Yasumi: With that kind of divine smile, I wonder what cruel things this man is capable of. Even with people’s lives, he treats them like… If I have to face such brutality…
Hinou: Yasumi, open your legs.

Decoy Series (10)
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Act 5: Secret (秘密)

Kagaya: Oi, your breakfast.
Nagi: What’s the menu?
Kagaya: Plume onigiri, eggs and sausage.
Nagi: Sounds perfect.
Kagaya: Hurry up and get up.
(Nagi gets out of bed and walks to dining table)
Nagi: Itadakimasu!
Kagaya: You’re exactly like the dog I had back home.
In what way?
Kagaya: Our dog liked to sleep in dark and narrow spaces, like behind the sofa or at the corners of furniture.
Nagi: Don’t liken me to a dog!
During the last few days, Kagaya and I have been running around busying ourselves with the investigation. A few days before Kasao died, he met up with a certain politician. A famous minister who has ties with a huge construction company, Akagi Shouichirou. Akagi and Kasao are biological brothers, though Kasao was adopted by another family when they were young. This is a fact which the public is unaware of. I can imagine how convenient it is to have a yakuza behind the scenes helping a politician.
Kagaya, shall we investigate more on the relationship between Akagi and Kasao?
Kagaya: Do you think Akagi is involved in this case?
Nagi: Who knows, but I’m interested. Seems like a link which will reveal a lot of secrets.
Kagaya: Got it, I’ll leave it to Manabe. It’s his area of expertise after all. So what’s up for today?
Nagi: I’ll catch some sleep first, I’m so sleepy that I can’t stand it.
Kagaya: It’s fine if you want to sleep, but at least go to the bed. If you sleep on the floor, the tiredness won’t disappear. Come! (Drags Nagi to the bedroom)
Nagi: Stop kidding me, I’m particular about this kind of things so I can’t just fall asleep on someone else’s bed. Haven’t I told you about this before?
Kagaya: Stop yakking away and just sleep. (Kagaya lies down too)
Nagi: Are you going to sleep here too?
Kagaya: Do you have a problem with that? This is my bed.
(Nagi starts playing with Kagaya’s hair)
Wait, stop it… don’t play with my hair!
Nagi: Your hair is pretty, do you use any kind of treatment conditioners?
Kagaya: Stop joking around! I pulled you to the bed because you said you were sleepy, there’s no meaning if you don’t sleep!
Nagi: Even if you say so, I’m not sleepy anymore so I can’t help it. I guess I’ll go sleep behind the sofa… oomph. (Kagaya pulls Nagi back)
Kagaya: You can’t. Just cling to the wall and sleep. Come on, face the wall!
Nagi: Seriously.
Kagaya: I’ll wake you up in exactly 3 hours’ time, sleep for now.
Nagi: So he’s creating a narrow space for me using himself, is that so? But I can’t calm down, that night 3 years when we exchanged a deep kiss, it started off with us lying down next to each other just like this. 3 years ago, Kagaya and I were completing a mission as part of the Crow and were extremely busy. When it was finally over, both of us returned to Kagaya’s apartment and collapsed onto the bed. At that moment, our eyes met and I noticed his fiery yet melancholic gaze. I had noticed Kagaya’s feelings for me before, but I feigned ignorance. I had this feeling that one wrong move would ruin everything, but that day, something in me wavered. I thought it might be alright to accept his feelings for me. We might have been drunk, but my resolve was sincere.
(Flash back)
Nagi: Stop looking at me with such hungry eyes. Come here.
Kagaya: Do you pity me?
Nagi: Is it even possible to seduce a man with pity?
I was then embraced by Kagaya with such zeal that it almost hurt, followed by passionate kisses and fervent actions of love. However, when he tried to insert his finger into me, my body rejected him. While I vomited violently, tears were streaming down my cheeks profusely. As expected, I can’t do it, it’s in my nature to reject it.
I guess it’s impossible, I can’t do it with you.
Kagaya: Is that so? But I have no intentions of leaving your side.
Nagi: Regardless of how long you wait, I will never become yours. Is that still fine?
Kagaya: That’s fine.
Nagi: Then, do as you please.
Since then, Kagaya has suppressed all his feelings for me and put on the mask of being my partner. But there’s already a line drawn between us, that’s why even if he’s just beside me, it feels like he’s miles away. It feels so lonely that I can’t stand it. I wonder if Kagaya is also feeling as unbearably lonely as I am.
Nagi: The next day, our luck changed for the better. We found an eye-witness who saw a suspicious pair near Kasao’s mountain retreat on the day of his murder. The old man said he saw a tall woman carrying a young man.
Kagaya: His dog growled and the old man apologised to the woman, but she only smiled and continued walking. His exact words were “she was a sensuous beauty”.
Nagi: A woman? Carrying a man and walking through a mountain trail? What kind of monstrous strength does she possess?
Kagaya: There’s a possibly of “her” being a man, if it was a man with long hair and a pretty face.
Nagi: You’re right.
Kagaya: On that woman or man’s face, there’s supposed to be a mole.
Nagi: A mole?
Kagaya: Seems like it left quite an impression on the old man because it resembled the mole of his favourite actress. Below the left eye, the one called “tears of sadness”.
(Nagi flinches)
Nagi? What’s wrong?
Nagi: It’s nothing. (Naga tries desperately to light a cigarette)
Kagaya: Could it be, that you have some idea about who it is?
Nagi: No, but I know someone who the bill and I was just startled. That’s all. (Naga starts smoking to calm his nerves) Do you know about Ou Eiken?
Kagaya: That Ou? I’ve heard about that name before. He seems to be quite a famous person and he has quite a few brokers under him. According to rumors, it’s not easy to contact him directly. Don’t tell me you’re acquainted with him?
Nagi: It might just be a coincidence, but Ou is quite tall and quite a looker as well. He also has a mole under his left eye. I don’t know about his hairstyle now but it was long back then.
Kagaya: It will be hard to pass that off as a mere coincidence. He’s a professional hitman!
Nagi: Ou is somewhat a legend in the yakuza world. As long as you pay him, he will take on any kind of job regardless of how dangerous it might be. Accidents or suicides, he will kill the targets set by his clients with absolute perfection.
Has the old man talked to the police yet?
Kagaya: Seems like he hasn’t. When he was young, he had been mistakenly detained before so he hates the police now.
Nagi: Is that so…
I hope to gain information from other people. The last thing I need now is to meet that man.
Kagaya: But isn’t Ou quite old now? Mistaking him as a beautiful woman seems to be pushing it.
Nagi: The Ou Eiken now is the second generation. That man is my age and his real name is Hinou Kazusa. What the matter? If you have something to say, just spit it out.
Kagaya: This is the first time I’ve heard that you were acquainted with Ou.
Nagi: Seems so, I’ve never mentioned it before anyway. Even if you call us acquaintances, it has been over 10 years since we last saw each other.
Kagaya: Even though we were together for 5 years, seems like I still don’t know anything about you.
Nagi: You know a lot; you know that I will get grumpy if I’m hungry, that I’ll can’t think if I don’t get enough sleep, that I like narrow spaces and much more.
Kagaya: Don’t patronise me. You have never told me about your past, don’t you trust me?
Nagi: Who cares about my past, isn’t the Nagi Kenji that you know now sufficient?
Kagaya: I’m sorry. Everyone will have things that they don’t want others to know.
Nagi: That’s right, everyone will have at least one or two secrets. But I’m different. I have significantly more secrets than anyone else. The life I led with Hinou. If we met, it would our first reunion in 14 years. Why now?
Kagaya: Do you know where this Hinou person can be found?
Nagi: I don’t know. I don’t even have a clue about how we should go about finding him. It’s not what I’d like to do, but seems like I have to depend on that person. If it’s him, he might know how to contact Hinou’s broker.
Kagaya: Who are you talking about?
Nagi: Our ex-leader.
Kagaya: Now that you mention it, if it’s that man, he should know.

Decoy Series (11)
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Act 6: The Third Man (第三の男)

Girl: Amazing! Sunshine is so tall!
Boy: What a great view! You can see so many things from here!
Yasumi: Ever since that night, I was held by Hinou numerous times. Since then I’ve fallen and became slave to the pleasure. I started indulging myself and would do anything he told me to. Why was I attracted to such a scary man? Even though I knew that he was a murderer, why did I fall in love? Is it fine if I continue to stay by his side like this?
Stranger: Why did you stop contacting me? (Yasumi got a shock) I’ve been so worried all this while. What happened after that?
Yasumi: I’m sorry, did you get the wrong person?
I have absolutely no idea who he is, it might be best if I don’t get involved. (Yasumi tries to leave)
Stranger: Wait. (Stranger grabs Yasumoto’s arm)
Yasumi: Didn’t I tell you that you got the wrong person? I’m called Yasumi!
Stranger: Yasumi Tooru is a fake name. Did you lose your memories? What happened?
Yasumi: You… who are you? Do you know me?
Stranger: I know you very well. Please come with me. (Yasumi hesistates) What’s wrong? Don’t you want to know more about yourself? If it’s me, I will be able to tell you. Why you started to live with Hinou and much more.
Yasumi: Somehow I felt it, that this person is telling the truth.
Yasumi: Is this your room?
Stranger: No, this is a weekly apartment prepared for you. We regularly met up here.
Yasumi: Please don’t tell me that I’m something like your lover.
Stranger: No way. Regretfully, our relationship isn’t something as frivolous as that.
Yasumi: Then, what’s the relationship between us?
Stranger: Before that, I would like you to answer my questions. When did you lose your memories?
Yasumi: Last Saturday, I fell from the stairs and hit my head, my memories regarding my life was lost from that shock I sustained.
Stranger: What did you hear from Hinou about the relationship between the two of you?
Yasumi: Roommates. I was chased out of a woman’s house half a year ago and went to stay with Hinou from then on.
Stranger: Hm. Besides that? Is that all you heard from him?
Yasumi: Yea… he explained it to me in that way. (Stranger sighs) Enough about me, who are you?
Stranger: I’m sorry, but it seems like I can’t tell you now. It would be dangerous to tell you everything now.
Yasumi: What do you mean by dangerous?!
Stranger: It’s a decision I made for your sake, please believe me when I say that I’m your ally. I’m constantly thinking and acting for your safety. Since something like this has happened, there’s a need to draw up a new plan. For that, now… (Phone rings) please excuse me for a while. (Leaves the room)
(On the phone: I thought I told you I’m busy now? Just leave that case to him. Tell him to report everything to the superiors…)
Yasumi: Who on earth is he? Even though he’s saying that he knows me, he won’t even tell me what our relationship is.
Stranger: (Re-enters room) I’m sorry but something urgent came up. I’ll come back in roughly an hour’s time, so please wait here. (Moves to leave)
Yasumi: Oi, wait. What’s your name? It’s fine to tell me something like that right?
Stranger: In your phone address book, my number should be saved under a fake name of “Satou”.
Yasumi: My phone broke on that day I fell from the stairs and my new phone doesn’t have your number.
Stranger: Then, let me write it down for you, here you go. Listen carefully, don’t save it in your phone. Throw that memo away after you’ve memorised the number. And here’s the key to this room, you must stay in here until I come back. You should no longer return to Hinou’s apartment from now on. That man is too dangerous, got it? (Leaves room)
Yasumi: I’ve been meeting up with this man in this room, but for what purpose? He was taking precautions against Hinou; that means he shouldn’t be involved in anything honest. What exactly were we meeting here for?
Kasao: (In the heavy rain) Wait, wait! Don’t shoot! Let’s talk this over calmly shall we? If it’s money you want, I’ll pay you however much you want! With that, please just spare my life!
Yasumi: I don’t need your money. I only want your life.
(Yasumi pulls the trigger and shoots Kasao, who dies)
Hinou Yasumi, hand that pistol over. That thing doesn’t suit you.
Yasumi: D-don’t come any closer! (Points pistol towards Hinou
Hinou Are you going to shoot me too? If that’s your wish, then shoot me. It has been my wish to be killed by you.
(Hinou advances towards Yasumi, who is still frightened. Yasumi then runs away before slipping on the wet ground and falling.)
(Yasumi jolts awake from his nightmare with his heart still pounding)
Yasumi: What was that? Nightmare? No, it’s a memory. It was really true, I shot an unarmed person and… (Sounds of a police patrol car pulling up outside)Patrol car! Is it fine if I stay here? (Sounds outside the apartment door)Someone is trying to get it… (Yasumi starts running away in fear)That Satou guy might have brought the police back here with him. I have to run away!
Yasumi: This place is…
Before I knew it, I found myself in front of a shrine. (Phone rings, startling Yasumi)Hinou? (Yasumi accepts the call)
Hinou Yasumi? Where are you now? Stop playing around outside and hurry back home.
Yasumi: H-Hinou…
Hinou What’s wrong? Did something happen?
Yasumi: N-No, nothing happened. It’s just that… I don’t know where I am right now.
Hinou (Chuckles) Are you lost, it can’t be helped. I’ll come fetch you with the car so just tell me roughly where you are.
Yasumi: I think I’m probably around the area of west Ikebukurou, fifth street. I’m in front of a shrine.
Hinou Okay, I got it. I’ll be right over so just wait there for me.

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Act 7: Caged (籠の中)

Hinou: There seems to be quite a few cuts. You might have stepped on some glass shards.
Yasumi: I lied to Hinou telling him that I lost my shoes while running away from a group of punks. I kept quiet about the “Satou” person as well because it seems like he would be Hinou’s enemy.
Hinou: Yasumi, what really happened?
Yasumi: Eh?
Hinou: Something must have happened right? It’s rare for someone to get that frightened, tell me the truth.
Yasumi: What do you mean, I really got cornered by a group of punks and freaked out.
Hinou: Don’t try to hide anything from me.
Yasumi: It wasn’t a lie, just that… While I was running away, I suddenly remembered, that I was once running away desperately like that. That rainy day, I certainly killed someone with these hands. I aimed this pistol at him and pulled the trigger, then blood spurted out from his wound and…
Hinou: Did you recover your memory?
Yasumi: Not everything, only what happened that night. The images suddenly came to my mind. Could it be… that I also pointed the gun at you?
Hinou: Yea, you shot the person and must have been very confused. You totally lost it then.
Yasumi: Somewhere in my heart, I’ve always believed that I couldn’t have been a murderer. But you were right, when the truth sank in, I got so frightened. Everyone in this world suddenly seemed like enemies and I got so conscious of people’s gaze that I couldn’t move at all.
Hinou: Don’t worry. Even if the whole world wrongs you, I will always be on your side. Even if you betray me one day, no matter what happens, I will protect you.
Yasumi: It feels strange. We might have been lovers, but the current me is almost like another person. Even so, to be able to say something like that to me… That aside, he’s a really good-looking person. With such excellent features, he could have changed to another job and live a peaceful normal life. Why does he continue being a hitman?
(Yasumi recalls Hinou’s words: “If you want to shoot me, just shoot. It has been my wish to be killed by you.”)
Yasumi: When I pointed the pistol at you, you said that it’s alright to shoot. Why did you say that? Did you do that to calm me down?
Hinou: No, I was serious back then. If you were to shoot me, it’s alright. I don’t mind dying right here and right now.
Yasumi: W-why?
Hinou: I don’t feel that life carries any merit with it. Just like how humans would only worry about dirtying their shoes after stepping on an insect, I don’t see it as a sin. To me, lives are only worth that much. That’s why I can kill people without feeling guilty. Similarly, I don’t feel that my own life is important. Back then, I thought it would be fine to end everything there and then. Everyone dies eventually. I don’t wish to live a long life, that’s why I thought that it might be fine to be shot dead by you. There aren’t many out there who can have their loved ones end their lives.
Yasumi: How did you end up becoming like this?
Hinou: I wonder about that. It might have been the way I was brought up, or it might be something I was born with. I don’t get it either. To put it bluntly, I’m a faulty human. But the old you loved me the way I was. (Hinou starts kissing Yasumi) Sometimes even breathing becomes troublesome. On the records I’m 32 years old, but it feels like I’ve been living for 200 years.
Yasumi: By records you mean… (Hinou kisses Yasumi) Hinou…
Hinou: What’s the matter? Your eyes seem teary. You are really cute, even though I only licked your fingers, you’re already making this expression.
Yasumi: Hinou… Stop staring…
Hinou: What a lusty and cute expression, you’re making me hard. Come, I’ll make you feel even better on the bed.
Hinou: Straddle me. (Yasumi complies) Yasumi, I won’t request for you to love me once more. But please don’t leave my side. I don’t want to be without you. Only you can relieve this loneliness of mine, it has to be you.
Yasumi: The me now, is different from the me in the past…
Hinou: Even without your memories, you are still you. My feelings will not change.
To beg me in my current helpless state. Actually, Hinou might be the more pitiful one in this case.
Yasumi: Are you really fine with me?
Hinou: Yes, you’re fine. I can only love you.
Yasumi: He’s accepting me for who I am and saying that he needs me. I think I’m starting to understand why the old me fell in love with Hinou.
Hinou: Stay still, I’ll do it for you. That aside, kiss me. Do you think you are ready? Lower your hips and take me in.
Yasumi: I’m starting to drown in Hinou’s existence, both mentally and physically. While I felt fearful, as the same time I felt relieved.
Hinou: Yasumi, you’re mine. Don’t go anywhere else. Why are you crying? I’m here, there’s no need to be scared anymore.
Yasumi: I’ve lost everything, but I have gained something certain here. This man wants me – this useless and meritless me. He will never abandon me, that’s what I believed.

Decoy Series (12)
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