Title: Happiness (ハピネス)
Original work by: Sakiya Haruhi (Novel)
Release date: 2009年08月14日
Length:  02:17:39
Cast: Hatano Wataru x Hirakawa Daisuke (羽多野渉x 平川大輔)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤
Genres: Drama, Slice of Life, Incest
Drama translation: Disc 1, Disc 2

Nagami took Yuuta in 7 years ago with the determination to bring him up with the love of a family. Today, Yuuta is a fully grown 17-years-old boy who seems to be growing apart from Nagami, much to the salary man’s dismay. Can they sort out the misunderstandings between them and accept their feelings for each other?


Happiness is yet another long drama full of drama and it borders on incest, as it’s about love between two men who were almost like brothers.

Nagami took in Yuuta while Yuuta was still a 10-years-old kid and has been taking care of him since. Fast forward 7 years into the future, Yuuta is aぴちぴちの17歳but Nagami still constantly views and treats him like a kid. One day, at his colleague, Harano’s instigation, Nagami became aware of the possibility of Yuuta wanting to move out and lead his own life separately from Nagami. Nagami freaked out – can’t blame him for he has always thought that Yuuta would be dependent on him. That night, after he told Yuuta that “you’re starting to look like your father”, Yuuta’s attitude changed.

Yuuta has always thought that he was seen as a substitute for his father, and he thought that Nagami was in love with his father. Misunderstandings, so many misunderstandings! By the way, when Nagami first adopted Yuuta, he apparently kissed Yuuta on impulse because he was deeply moved (by an reasons unknown). What a perv? As Yuuta’s love for Nagami started to become increasingly difficult to suppress, he started avoiding Nagami by returning home at unearthly hours smelling of alcohol, cigarettes and women. Eventually, he left the house, causing Nagami to misunderstand his feelings of forbidden love as hatred.

At an arranged meeting with Yuuta, Nagami broke down halfway crying because he couldn’t stand being hated by Yuuta as he has always thought of Yuuta as family. At this point, Yuuta couldn’t take it anymore and pushed Nagami down saying that “he has never thought of Nagami as family” followed by a lengthy confession of his true feelings. You would have thought everything should end here as a happily ever after, but no.Somehow, more misunderstandings built up between the two, resulting in Nagami yelling at Yuuta, who then stormed off. I have no idea how it ended up this way, but Nagami was left feeling as though the past 7 years was denied by Yuuta. どうしてそうなるのかな…

Gosh, I feel tired just recalling what happened. So, after some more drama and avoidable misunderstandings (yes there were more), the two of them finally came clean with each other and happily ever after. Whew. This was way too long and it didn’t help with the two of them suppressing their feelings for the better. If I listen to anymore such dramas, I would probably have to create a new genre and call it “mega-drama”.

I was quite irked by Nagami for being such a wishy-washy guy. It was pretty admirable of him to take in a 10-years-old kid while he was still 22 years old, and it probably wasn’t easy to raise a kid when you’re at that age. However when it comes to Yuuta, he’s a total softie; I got a feeling that he would do anything just to keep Yuuta by his side – even letting Yuuta do whatever he wants (with his body). So somehow, I wasn’t convinced that Nagami’s feelings for Yuuta were love. I’m more inclined to believe that Nagami is the needy type who just has to have Yuuta in his life – recall how disturbed he was when Harano told him about the possibility of Yuuta having a girlfriend aka his own separate life.

Not a fan of Hirakawa Daisuke’s voice, but I do recognise him as one of the more accomplished seiyuus in this field. He did a great job playing Nagami; although I didn’t really like that character as seen from my rant above, I still think he played the role quite well. On a side note, it seems like Hirakawa Daisuke keeps playing this kind of role. I’m not too sure about this claim, but I’m thinking about Kuroi Aijou where his character had almost the exact same type of personality as Nagami.

Hatano Wataru has always given me the impression of a gruff old man, but he pulled off this role of a pubescent high school boy quite well. I don’t blame Yuuta for acting the way he did, I guess there’s more leeway for awkward high school kids than for men who are about to hit their thirties.

In conclusion, Happiness was alright during the first time I listened to it but I was drained after the first hour. If you have the stamina for long draggy dramas, you’d probably do fine.


5 thoughts on “Happiness

    • Sure ^^ but this is joining the queue of my long to-translate list, why don’t you try aozora no kimochi for the time being? They are both by the same author and I think they are quite similar in some sense ^^

      • Thank you for the translation. I really like your translation style more than any other translation I’ve seen. Thank you for your hard work so far. Do you know where to download this drama CD? Thanks before.

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