Onii-san wa Seitokaichou-sama


Title: Onii-san wa Seitokaichou-sama (お兄さんは生徒会長様)
Original work by: Ikaruga Sahara (Novel)
Release date: 1995年10月01日
Length: 01:05:54
Cast: Hiyama Nobuyuki x Miki Shinichirou (檜山修之 x 三木眞一郎)
Related drama(s): None
Shion’s enjoyment:
Genres: Drama, School Life
Drama translation: None

When dorky Sakuraba Tomoharu goes to meet his future step family with his mother, he unfortunately got misunderstood as a loose high school kid who likes to cross-dress and seduce guys. Things only get more complicated when his future step-brother, Hayase Ren seems to be the same person as the student council president of Tomoharu’s school.


So this is how BL dramas sounded like back in 1995, almost 20 years ago. I was just wondering about what drama I should review next and Oni-san wa Seitokaichou-sama caught my eye, since I was in the mood for some silly school boys thing. Well, I was in for an hour of “silly school boys thing” but I sort of regretted listening to this drama. Being old school is one thing but having a seriously lame plot is another.

The drama started off with Tomoharu rushing for the dinner with his future step-father and step-brother. During the rush, he accidentally stepped on his spectacles and had to sit through the entire dinner without spectacles on. As his eyesight is very poor, he could barely see anything and had to stare very hard at people to make out anything and cling onto Ren while walking to the car. That was the start of Ren’s misunderstanding of “Chika-chan” and Tomoharu unwittingly takes on two roles around Ren – the quiet Tomoharu in the student council and promiscuous Chika who likes men. Argh, I can’t stand narrating this story.

Throughout the whole drama I was mentally screaming at Chika to just clear up the misunderstandings, I don’t get why he chose to keep quiet in shock whenever Ren accuses him of outrageous things (how Ren arrived at those conclusions is another matter I cannot understand, at all). It doesn’t make sense when he gets angry at Ren too, you have no right to get angry at people for misunderstanding you if you are constantly misrepresenting yourself and doing things that add onto the misunderstanding. And I couldn’t believe how Ren thought that Chika and Tomoharu was two different people. He voiced out my exact thoughts right after he found out the truth – regardless of how different your first impressions differ, it’s quite extreme for you to not recognise a person just because of a pair of spectacles.

Once again I must emphasise that this is really old school, the music makes me appreciate the more modern ones a lot. I once thought that rhythmic synth sounds or pure piano pieces were the bare minimum but I was wrong. The acting was less… what’s the word, explicit than the modern dramas. I barely knew when anything happened; when they kissed, there was just a few seconds of silence and I had to guess what happened from the reactions of the seiyuus after. That aside, it feels a bit nostalgic to hear two old birds of this industry when they were still younger. Hearing Miki Shin and Hiyama act like a kid did make me feel a bit weird and I had to keep reminding myself that this was 20 years back.

Do not attempt listening to this unless you’re in a mood to appreciate old school stuff and if you’re willing to ignore senseless drama as well.


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