Haikyuu!!: Episode 07

大王様 – Versus the Great King

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This is not the first time a match ended rather anticlimactically and the sudden finish of this friendly match made me wonder whether this trend will continue in the matches to come.

Last week ended with the entrance of Oikawa, whom Hinata has dubbed ‘The Great King’, because Kageyama learnt volleyball from him when they were in junior high. For all the fuss that they made (kyakya fangirls) about him, I was pretty disappointed that he only played two points worth of the match. The only excuse that I can think of for this lacklustre performance is that the writer has decided to leave us hanging since we are still early in the series. I definitely hope this is true because I would be very disgruntled if every single match ended so abruptly. And if that was indeed the writer’s plan, then kudos to him because it has definitely left me wanting. More please~

Speaking of more, I would certainly like to hear more of Namikawa Daisuke. He really surprised me with his take on Oikawa. Fellow writer Tsurara was quite shocked as well, as she never thought he could sound so sexy. I mentioned last week that I expected his lower register, and he delivered that, as well as his higher register, and his even lower register. It was his evil baka-ouji with pasttaaaaa~~~ moments. Gosh Namikawa never ceases to amaze and hearing him this episode made me smile (^_^)♡ other than that, the highlight for me was hearing him speak, then hearing Irino Miyu speak, then hearing Namikawa speak again. They really do sound so similar, especially when Namikawa uses his gentler voice~~

This episode was not so much about the match as it was about what to do after the match. It was more of a test drive for the team and the new members, testing their abilities as well as their weaknesses. Karasuno definitely learnt more about their weaknesses, as Oikawa pointed out that they were lacking in a good defence. We saw him use this to his advantage as he scored points with his service; effectively breaking through Karasuno’s inability to handle receives. However, as is always the case, I am sure our characters will only grow stronger after realising their weaknesses and working to overcome them.

What really made this episode for me this week was the introduction of a new character. If you watch the OP and ED (as I do practically every time, hehe), you’d probably have noticed that there are a couple characters in Karasuno that have yet to appear. And this week, we are finally introduced to one of them. Known as the ‘Guardian Deity of Karasuno’, we got a sneak peek at his amazing receiving abilities. Being even tinier than Hinata, and getting too fired up, it seems we have yet another fire-cracker on the Karasuno team. Moreover, making his first appearance wearing a shirt with the words ‘match for a thousand’, how can one NOT already see him as an interesting character? To say I am very excited for next week’s episode would obviously be an understatement ^^

With yet another new character (still waiting for you, hair-tie dude), the Karasuno team is slowly coming together. As the Summer Inter-High Tournament approaches, captain Daichi (lol I just thought Captain Earth when I typed this, but I digress..) voiced my very worry – how will Karasuno carry on without a proper coach? Cue Takeda-sensei in all his tenacity, calling up Karasuno’s coach-to-be Ukai (shopkeeper at the Foothill Store). Yes, it is a slow and steady team organisation process, but I am sure that once all our key members have gathered, it will be a delightful explosion of yayness!


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