Rakuen no Uta

Title: Rakuen no Uta (楽園のうた)
Original work by: Suzufuji Miwa (Novel)
Release date: 2009年07月23日→2010年02月24日
Length: 01:17:43
Cast: Midorikawa Hikaru x Kamiya Hiroshi (緑川光×神谷浩史)
Related Drama(s): Senaka Awase no Koi
Shion’s enjoyment: ❤❤❤
Genres: Drama
Drama Translation: Vol. 1, Vol. 2

Sasamoto Nachi was furious when his twin sister, Rimu, submitted his lyrics without his permission and his work was actually used in the latest single from KIX, a famous boy band. Those lyrics which he penned down during his middle school days were the product of a bitter encounter with an unrequited love which left a scar on Nachi’s life. Dissatisfied with the fact that the lyrics were edited to project a more positive outlook, Nachi texted Kurisu Shin, the lead singer of KIX, to vent his frustrations. However, Shin not only managed to track Nachi down through Rimu, he also childishly vowed to make Nachi admit that he is cool. While Nachi wants nothing more than to get away from Shin, Shin doesn’t seem willing to give up trying to get closer. Will Shin be able to heal the scar in Nachi’s heart?


Dare ka no kage wo tada kasaneteiru dake no koi naraba kono te de owari ni shiyou

Pandora save your heart, the song sang by KIX (Midorikawa Hikaru and two other people) was the backbone of the plot of Rakuen no Uta. Frankly speaking, the song was all I remember since the last time I listened to this drama 3 years ago. After hearing Shin and Nachi appear in Senaka Awase no Koi, I thought I just had to listen to this drama again. It was once a favourite of mine afterall.

I think my synopsis covers quite a bit of the plot (for volume 1), couldn’t stop myself from typing all of it down and you should be able to predict what happens after. Haven’t seen any BL where there two doesn’t end up together at the end yet. In general, I thought that the idea behind this story was quite interesting. Nachi was confessed to by a senior whom he loved as well, but he later found out that quite a few people have been seeing him as a substitute for his twin sister. He could have vented out his frustrations on Rimu, so I was quite surprised to see that he was still on good terms with his sister despite the turn of events and how everything affected him – the change in appearances and all.

At first, I thought the transition to love was a little awkward but on second thought, it seems quite reasonable for Shin to fall for Nachi after hearing his touching speech about how Shin is a special person. The way the story progressed was quite cliché, though I wasn’t expecting the part where Rimu told Nachi about how his senpai confessed to her twice. Poor Nachi, but it was a necessary part of the plot so that Shin could take the chance to make Nachi his.

During his phone conversation with Shin, Nachi started shouting incoherent things such as “you said you’d save me” and “I hate you”. It didn’t turn out to be that incoherent after I listened to the entire Pandora song properly. Turns out that the last part of the lyrics where Shin had made changes to the original version went something along the lines of “I’ll save you heart”. I know I know, Nachi was talking about it during the one time he watched KIX sing it live. This proves that I haven’t been listening properly to dramas since 2009, oh dear… Oops?

Even though the drama would have and could have ended off on the first volume, there was a continuation. I’m not trying to say that it was redundant; it certainly added depth to the barely established relationship in the first volume, but the first volume could be a stand-alone drama.

While the second volume has more H scenes and less plot development, I felt that there wasn’t really a need to develop the plot anymore. The first volume had built quite a strong base for the story so there was more focus on the characters instead, during the second volume. Shin had been slightly possessive of Nachi during the first volume and that urge to monopolise his lover got even stronger during the second volume, bringing us several scenes with Midorikawa’s sexy jealous voice. I’m glad that Miwa-san didn’t go overboard with the jealousy part, Shin remained sexy and cute, not annoying.

Nachi seemed to have found himself a backbone; though he was always running away from everything in the first volume, he manned up admirably and dealt with both Tsukishima and Shin one after the other. He really behaved like a total different person here and I felt quite proud of him for having matured so much in less than a year. He has always had quite a cold personality (I just love ukes like that) but I was still slight taken aback when he told Shin that “to be jealous, I have to be in love with you in the first place”. I thought he was jealous?

It has been a while since I last heard a Midorikawa seme and it was surprisingly good. I loved the way he acted in this drama; the sudden drop in his voice when he says “Nachi” stunned me because I never knew he could sound so sexy. Wait, maybe I knew it, but I just forgot? I mean, with other seiyuus who specialise in topping others, it’s easy to forget Midorikawa-chan. But I think I’m quite in love with this deep version of his gentle/arrogant/worked up voice, time to go search for another drama where he plays a similar role.

As for Hiroshi, I don’t really have much to comment on his voice acting because I have high standards for him and he met them. But I couldn’t help comparing him to Matsuoka when it came to the H scenes and I concluded that you can’t beat a veteran that easily. Work hard, Matsuoka!

Rakuen no Uta is quite your average drama CD involving one guy trying to force his affections on the other. I’d recommend this drama based on the fact that Midorikawa was quite good in this one (yes and Hiroshi too that goes without saying), and also for the cheesy but catchy song.


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  1. I’ve been looking for translations of this CD for ages, and finally here it is. Thank you very much, girls!

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