No Game No Life: Episode 06

一手 (インタレスティング) – Interesting

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Wow. What an episode. It was mind-boggling, mentally exhaustifying and completely over the top & out of this world. I loved it! ちょー Omega Good Job to the staff-san!

Jibril reference. I seriously could not keep a straight face listening to her accent. It was hilarious! And if you-tachi are wondering who Sora was referring to when he mentioned that Jibril spoke like some famous person, I read that he was actually making a reference to Lou Ooshiba. The dude really does mix English with Japanese. Lol, pity Jibril did not keep it up the entire time. Would have loved to hear more of that accent. Nevertheless, Tamura Yukari did a fantastic job playing haughty but very cute/sexy tease of a Flügel (German for ‘wing’).

Shiritori. This week’s game was materialisation shiritori. And gosh was it exciting!しりとりis a Japanese word game, kind of like the Japanese version of word chain. The game is derived from the name itself – しり(shi-ri) means butt; とり (to-ri) means to take. So a literal translation would be ‘butt-take’ – or, take the end. And hence, the first syllable of the next word starts with the last syllable of the preceding word. I have to admit, this was shiritori in epic proportions, because it literally went out of this world. Once again, I really appreciate the amount of thought the writer put into coming up with all these game tactics and strategies that the 空白 siblings use. Everything happens for a reason – i.e. Sora’s test try with the Hydrogen bomb was such a fine example of the writer’s ‘waste not want not’ mentality.

Knowledge blanks. Okay, two things about this episode bugged me. First was the circular breathing. That scene was a desperate attempt at some twisted fan service that I’m just not buying into (that’s right, I very much appreciated the concealed nudity, but this I really could not bring myself to condone). FYI 空白, circular breathing does not work that way. You actually need to breathe in through your nose. And circular breathing is essentially used to bridge gaps between exhalations. It is not, I repeat, not going to help you breathe when there isn’t any air to breathe. Next, the lithosphere part. Lithosphere includes the crust and part of the mantle. So when they shouted ‘lithosphere’, the crust and part of the mantle should have returned, yes? And therefore I ask, why was there only the core? Hmm??? Okay, those remain my only gripe this episode. Rant 終了 (over).

Curiosity killed the cat. Sora described Jibril as an ‘empty-headed academic – 闇弱’, that she does not know how things work in the world and instead of respecting the unknown, she’s merely curious. What he said did make a whole lot of sense, as we saw that the siblings managed to defeat Jibril using her own ignorance against her. Throughout the episode, we heard Jibril referring the Imanity as ‘weak’ and calling them ‘mere’. She obviously looked down on them and was clearly underestimating the siblings. But alas, this arrogance of hers was her downfall, as even she was not aware that she was ignorant. And that, being ignorant of being ignorant, is a truly scary thing.

All’s well that ends well. I guess it is not all bad, because despite her complacency, Jibril was still ever ready to be the siblings’ faithful servant. Or maybe it is the power of the pledges. Either way, it was nice to see her be graceful enough to bow down to them. I do wonder what plans the siblings have in store for her, now that she essentially belongs to them. Poor Steph, she was ordered to be their dog for the day and was put through so much torture. Might be rough for Jibril seeing as her term of service is perpetual. Heh, I foresee lots of Sora & Jibril erogenous zone-touching times. Since it is just him touching her wings and Shiro thinks it’s super healthy, why not? To that, I say LOL.

And to end off with a Skyrim reference, I used to go out like every other person, but then I took an arrow in the knee. Now I aspire to be a hikkikomori-NEET just like the 空白 siblings. Oh Sora and Shiro I completely understand the pain you felt when you were transported to the beach. Haha pardon me, I just had to. Anyway, not much was revealed in the preview, but as always, can’t wait for next week!


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