Kamigami no Asobi 06

“The Moonlight’s Feelings”「月光の指輪(きもち)」

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The spotlight turns to older brother Totsuka Tsukito and it’s always the serious, straight-laced guy who gets the most “benefits” with the girl! He literally got stuck to Yui for an entire day, got to hold hands (the fingers interlocking kind!) and even got Yui to feed him! 

Tsuki-tsuki aka the Imbecile, is the guy who does as he’s told. He’s the God of the Moon but more accurately, his job is to “read” the moon (real god’s name is Tsukiyo-no-kami which literally translates as ‘the god that reads/watches the moon’). He’s expressionless and operates pretty much like a robot – we’ve not heard him laugh or see him smile before right? So when Thoth-sama tells Tsukito to be THE disciplinary council, the guy takes his work seriously by starting at 5am. He literally goes by the book and eventually collapses from exhaustion (he’s also organising a moon viewing session for everyone). God of mischief Loki enlightens Tsukito that what he’s missing is in a word – love (I would’ve thought a zest for life but hey, love works too lol). Cue fellow purple-haired Yui as Loki bestows on them a pair of lover’s ring which joins their fingers together until they understand one another. They eventually do of course, but not before Tsuki misunderstanding what being lovers means, what he ought to do to have the girl fall for him means and having the others misunderstand that they’re officially a couple when the rings finally do come off.

It’s become quite clear with this episode who the frontrunners are – Apollon, Baldr and Takeru, because these 3 were rife with jealousy at Tsukito’s interaction with Yui. Hades ojisan, Thor and Didi (Dionasus) function more like chaperones as they stand in the background while the jealous 3 follow Tsuki and Yui’s every move. The comedy is again really funny and I’m rather enjoying Kamigami even though it’s the often difficult to enjoy reverse harem genre. It was funny to see Hades trying to sneak daifuku in and passing it off as lunch but was even funnier to hear Tsuki’s deadpan, ‘is it alright for a God to lie’ comeback. And then Tsuki innocently attempts to pull Yui’s skirt up. Then there’s Loki’s hidden talent of hiding all sorts of things in his uniform and that chain-reaction-zapped-sequence. That magazine! Hades’ ‘I bring misfortune’ line never grows old especially when used in conjunction with Didi’s unfortunate wasabi-dango affair. Also, did you notice Baldr’s hidden sadistic side when he hoped Tsuki gets stuffed with Dango and how he’d like to have a nice chat with Tsuki afterwards? There’s so many characters in Kamigami and halfway through the season, it’s really nice to see the narratives join up nicely like this between characters and between episodes.

Tsukito’s actually a complicated character. All the main gods are in fact and you’d know that if you played the Otome game (I didn’t but I’ve read up elsewhere). He takes notes for everything because he thinks himself slow and unable to understand things quickly. For a guy who doesn’t know what fun is or what true joy feels like and who treats everything as a “mission”, it’s no wonder he doesn’t know how to laugh or smile. That’s also probably why Thoth-sama calls him an imbecile, because Tsukito’s straight-lace mission-driven attitude means he’s inflexible and missing out on what it means to truly live. The other gods have the same issue because they’re high and mighty gods, they’re not humans. And that’s why they’re here in this school so they learn emotions and hopefully come to appreciate the fragility and concurrent strength humans have. Unfortunately, I don’t think 12 episodes is enough to properly get this context across so it’s easy to be caught up in Kamigami’s sillier moments (e.g. the uniform stripping penchant the boys had in episodes 2 & 3). This week though, I really like Hosoya Yoshimasa‘s cheeky Loki (reminds me of Pet in Ixion Saga) and newbie Uemura Yuuto‘s done a fine job acting out Tsukito’s expressionless but not too deadpan delivery. We’re halfway through but I’ve got my hopes up that this show will be consistent if not better in the second half, building up to the opening scene’s fight of the gods!

Lesson for this week is courtesy of Loki’s take on what a kiss is – communication between lovers through the joining of lips…



ki su tte i-u no wa, kuchibiru to kuchibiru wo awaseru koibito doushii no communication da yo~

This week’s ‘Thoth-sama SLAMS the wall’ and ‘Where’s Anubis?’:

Kamigami no Asobi 06 - Image 10 Kamigami no Asobi 06 - Image 26

Incidentally, we at Koekara realise that Sundays are the Irino Miyu & Kamiya Hiroshi aka KAmiYU combi’s night what with 3 shows aired together on the same day – Kamigami no Asobi (Apollon & Baldr), Captain Earth (Daichi & Teppei) and Haikyuu (Sugawara & Takeda sensei):

Kamigami no Asobi 06 - Image 25 Captain Earth ep 3 - image 12 Haikyuu ep 6 - image 22

Sundays are such a TREAT! ^_^


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