Hamatora ED

Hamatora ED - Hikari (anime)

Excerpts from the chorus:


(There is a tiny ray of light here) | (It is the miracle that lights the path ahead)


(The tiny miracle begins to unravel) | (That is the light that points to the future)

Title: Hikari
Artist: Hatano Wataru ☆ 羽多野渉

Hatano Wataru, voice of the ever-stoic Murasaki, brings us this pop rock ballad of an ED for Hamatora. I initially had my doubts, because ever so often, while seiyuus possess some of the most beautiful speaking voices, some just are not that good at serenading the listener with their singing voices. Fortunately, that was not the case with Hikari, as Hatano Wataru proved that there are seiyuus who can indeed sing~

Lyrics. Listen closely to his words. The lyrics are actually surprisingly meaningful, and has rather close ties with the series. The first verse starts off on a heavy note, and laments the sadness of solitude. However, the rest of the song is not as depressing. On the whole, I believe that it is about friendship and the joys of having someone there for you. In a way, this reflects the relationship between our Hamatora characters. Born with special powers, they are alone, different. But having found one another, they find solace and comfort knowing that there are others who are like them, others whom they can call friends. ~lyrics & translation here~

If you had watched Hamatora, you would have probably noticed that there were two versions of the ED. The normal version is catchy enough, but what really got me to appreciate this song was the acoustic version of the ED, which was used as the ending for episode 7 (oh, Art *sighs*). And while I obviously prefer the latter, I shall attempt to show my appreciation by writing about both versions.

Normal version. Starting off with the (I think) electric guitar and backed by strong beats, the song is upbeat and comes on strong. Approaching the chorus, the melody gets happier, this happiness further accentuated by the quick singing of the lyrics. Then the chorus comes in, and it is so filled with hope – I thought this was especially so during the parts that strive for the higher notes (ima boku wa hashiru yo). The melody is very old school, and very soft-grunge-emotional. And during the guitar rift, the melody takes a slight turn for the darker, with the vocals in the background adding on to the effect. Thereafter, we get the chorus again, returning to the same hopeful and bright melody.

Acoustic version. This version is beautiful, the arrangement beautiful, the guitar playing beautiful, the singing beautiful, the emotions evoked beautiful. Just beautiful. While the normal version is outright hopeful, the acoustic version is deceptively hopeful. Deceptively hopeful because although this acoustic version still carries the exact same melody, there is a sad undertone to it, and I’d even go as far to say that it is rather filled with sorrow. The music director definitely made the right choice in using this version for that shockingly heartbreaking scene in episode 7, as this version much more suited the dark and gloomy mood.

It is fascinating how different instrumentation can so drastically alter the mood of a piece of music. And that effect is so pronounced between these two versions of Hikari. Go for the normal version if you like upbeat, and the acoustic version if you like pensive. Both are lovely in their own right.

~Normal version & Acoustic version~


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