No Game No Life: Episode 04

国王 (グランドマスター) – Grandmaster

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意義あり!” might have been the catchphrase of this episode (more so than last episode simply because it was reiterated more times), but I have no objections whatsoever to the way No Game No Life is panning out. Never thought that I would ever say this, but Sora is one cool hikkikomori/otaku/NEET.

Fear not. Continuing where we left off last week, the fight for the throne chess game came to a conclusion, with 空白 winning without fighting. And how did Sora pull this one off? Why, by starting a revolution of course! He turned the enemy queen against her own king and she turned her soldiers along with. It was a brilliant move on his part and it just goes to show the amount of thought he puts into all his strategies. Although Zell countered by forcing her remaining soldiers to attack, Sora was not even the tiniest bit intimidated. He knew that oppression was not going to work. With knowledge of the goings-on of the real world, he was certain that the rule by fear would end with the assassination of the dictator. True enough, it was game, set, match for 空白.

Not all fun and games. Things took a turn for the slightly serious in this week’s episode. Nevertheless, despite the lack of lots of laughs, every single minute was worth the time spent watching and I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Now this is how you tell a story *looks pointedly at Black Bullet*. Nothing was lost. We jumped from comedy to melodrama to just a tinge of mystery and yet every single piece of the story-telling puzzle fit exactly. It was a smooth transition from one scene to the next, and the story just FLOWED.

Strength of the weak. Steph’s grandfather believed that one day, someone would come along and save Imanity. Someone able win without fighting, someone who knows strength because they are weaker than anyone else. That someone, just so happens to be our siblings. Sora’s talk to the people of Elkia said it all and there was so much truth to it. Imanity might be the weakest race, but it is precisely because they are weak that they fought and survived. It is because of their weakness that they developed the skills and wisdom to face the strong. And even though the strong may have imitated the weak and gained the power to survive (by learning to polish their wisdom), they will never be able to master such skills. And so the takeaway from this little speech – do not give up just because we think we are weak. So what if we are weak? We just have to fight back, using our own methods, through our own way of doing things.

Sour grapes. Back after a two-episode absence, Tet appears before the siblings again. And wow does he/she know how t make a grand entrance, even going as far as to change the colour scheme and all that! Speaking of, I have to say that Kugimiya Rie (very famously known as Kagura (LOL) in Gintama) did an excellent job emanating the playful and mischievous Tet. There was such a range of emotions put into that one scene and she delivered such a convincing performance. If you haven’t already done so, listen out for her in the episodes to come! Back to the discussion – this time, we get more insight into this rather elusive god of play. As it turns out, his/her intention for bringing the siblings into Disboard was to get back at them for beating him/her at that chess game in episode 1. Talk about competitive! But it is a very interesting take on the mind of a god. Like what Sora said, thank goodness it was not as boring as wanting to save humanity. What can I say?? The dude has got such a way with words.

Challenge accepted. Of course, our daring duo is not one to back down from a challenge, especially one with the promise of a possible victory as sweet as that of beating the one true god (of play). 16 races, just like 16 chess pieces. Beat all the other races and you earn the right to challenge god himself/herself. And so, with the issue and acceptance of this challenge, things are just starting to get interesting. That’s right, let the games begin~


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