Hoozuki no Reitetsu 08

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Sugiyama Noriaki reprives his role as a cat reporter desperate to create gossip on Hoozuki-sama just so he has something to write and Nasubi surprises us all once again!

This marks Sugiyama‘s second role as an unfortunate cat, the first being Dokuganryu Masamunya in Nyanpire, a must watch for all cat-lovers and Fukuyama Jun fans. This time however, as cat reporter Koban, he’s up against an even more sadistic adversary in the form of Hoozuki. Yasumoto Hiroki is doing such a fine job as cold, sadistic and downright mean Hoozuki I’m slowly being converted into a fan of his (and then Fairy Tale spoils it for me…). Koban desperate to get a scoop especially since his last piece with Hoozuki backfired terribly (with an old, naked hag of a woman involved, things don’t get much worse). He chances upon Hoozuki appearing all too conveniently with Maki-chan, the peach idol darling of Hell’s entertainment world who’s just released a charmingly infectiously sweet pop ditty which Maki-chan herself hates. And what does he do? He bleeds out, prompting Hoozuki to wonder why many people have looked at him recently only to cough up blood. Why indeed Hoozuki? Because you’re THAT intimidating maybe? Lol. It’s a compliment Hoozuki-sama~

Since the last time they met on a train ride, Maki-chan’s obviously scared of Hoozuki no matter how good looking the other female demons think he is. So there’s no way in hell (literally) she’d dare to be involved in any scandal with him just so Koban has something to write. There’s no way she’d put the moves on him and flirt to get his mobile number (yes there are handphones in hell, it’s all very high tech there you know). But that comeback Hoozuki had with the purple aura of pure menace was just LOL outrageous because he’s so calculated, staying back while taking a smexy smoke break to eavesdrop on Koban’s scheme! Again, Yasumoto lends such a sarcastic tone to Hoozuki it makes it so much better than just reading the original manga!

There is one thing Hoozuki can’t quite do – draw. Thankfully for Hoozuki, Hakutaku’s much worse – how in hell is that a cat? Last episode we saw Nasubi demonstrate just how much of an… airhead? Idiot? Ten-nen baka? he is. This episode, Nasubi strikes yet again. Who knew he had such an artistic side to him though art is subjective and as Karauri says, so is Hoozuki’s taste… Nasubi’s artistic sense (as odd and abstract as they may be) might explain his innocent child-like view on the world, going so far as to “sing” along with the field of goldfish-grass for inspiration. Hoozuki’s obviously impressed by his surreal-meets-sarcastic art style, going as far as to call it a revolution of thought, and commissions Nasubi to paint a wall mural over Hokusai’s done 200 years ago. You know, the kanagawa wave Hokusai? Yeah, that one. It’s no wonder Karauri was furious that this twit of a Nasubi’s painted over what in hell is also considered a national heritage. By the way, this story was titled Thirty-Six Views of Hell 地獄三十六景, a play on Hokusai’s famous Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji 富嶽三十六景. Oh Nasubi… then again, Hoozuki commissioned it and seeing Enma get his hand gnawed on by the projectile 3D Iron Sun Maiden piece was probably worth it. I mean, Hoozuki even secretly used the cursed black rock mineral to mix into their paint! Hoozuki of all people sneaking like a child! If not to get at Enma then what could it be? Loved it! 


One thought on “Hoozuki no Reitetsu 08

  1. lol i love the contrast between maki’s stage persona and her actual personality. and that caramel song is so bloody addictive! agreed, yasumoto definitely scored points as hoozuki. but still can’t get far from his fairy tail character *shudder* sugiyama is in yet another annoying cat role. that voice he uses is really grating. ayeesh. and haha karauri and nasubi are such sillybillys. props to kakki and aoyama touko for making them sound like complete airheads ^^

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