Isshuukan Friends: Episode 2

IF 2Can this anime get any sweeter?

In the last episode we saw that Fujimiya didn’t remember Hase at all the following Monday! Which was really sad, but Hase (being the extremely determined guy that he is), decided to ask Fujimiya to be his friend. She was completely perplexed and rejected him, but after some words of encouragement from Shougo, Hase decided to try again.

IF 2 - tuesday

So on Tuesday, Hase went to the roof to have lunch with Fujimiya. At first Fujimiya was a little hostile, but instead of asking him to leave, she let him explain that they were lunch buddies the previous week and SHE BELIEVED HIM! Which honestly, was a relief. Lunch went on as per usual, the both of them being as cute and as sweet as ever. During their physical education lesson, Hase was too preoccupied with thoughts on Fujimiya that the volleyball smacked him in his face. But I’m sure everyone saw that coming yes? Still, it was a hilarious moment. And what made it funnier was when Shougo said “don’t forget to add one point for them”. Which made me wonder, is he a sadist, or is he just downright uncaring?

IF 2 - wednesday

On Wednesday, Hase suggested that Fujimiya keep a diary and jot down the events that happened that week. The cutest thing is that she wrote everything down. Every single little detail of what happened, including what bread Hase was eating and what was inside the bread. It was a really good suggestion, but I was amazed that Fujimiya didn’t think of it at first. After watching this scene, I was really glad that Hase suggested it and Fujimiya took his advice. I also loved how detailed she was about it.

IF 2 - thursday

Fujimiya is so bent on remembering everything, that she even wrote about Hase being called on during math class and not remembering what the teacher taught just five minutes before. It was a very faceplam moment for Hase, but if you think about it, it just shows how much Fujimiya wants to remember.

IF 2 - friday

After school on Thursday, Fujimiya came received a flyer, promoting a new crepe store. She showed Hase the flyer on Friday, not knowing that she showed it to him last week. Hase was very patient with her, and he asked her whether they wanted to go have crepes after class ended. Although Fujimiya turned him down for crepes after school, she said that she was free on Sunday and asked Hase whether he was free too! This part reminded me of Kimi Ni Todoke, when Sawako and Kazehaya went out for the first time. I got really excited here.

IF 2 - sunday 1

Sunday (finally) came, and Hase was 26 minutes early. How often do you meet a guy who’s so early for a date? And when Hase started panicking and did a mini dance, I couldn’t help but giggle. He was so nervous! Fujimiya arrived a few minutes after him, and he explained that it was probably her first time meeting with a friend and he did not want her to wait. How considerate is that?

IF 2 - sunday 2

It turns out the crepe store was closed on Sundays, so they decided to go for karaoke instead! Fujimiya was so amazed at the karaoke place, and I was too (cause I’ve never been for karaoke before). Hase was astonished at her amazement, but I thought it was so adorable, especially when Fujimiya picked up the shakers.

IF 2 - sunday 3

Alas, it was time to head home. We could see how reluctant Hase was, when he was pressing his face against the glass. I guess I would be too, if this was the last day of my friend’s memory. However, thank goodness for the diary, which Fujimiya writes in dutifully everyday. To prepare for the upcoming week, she even pasted a poster on her door, reminding her that she is friends with Hase and to read the diary before school. I can’t imagine what it’s like for her, to have her memories erased every week.

Monday came, and I believe I wasn’t the only one who was anxious. Would she remember? Or would she believe that it was absurd, and that everything she wrote in her diary was a lie?

IF 2 - monday 1

Thankfully it was the former. She didn’t remember what she did with Hase that week. But I thought about it, did she not remember because Hase was a friend? So with regards to her memory loss, does she only not remember her friends and what she did with them?

IF 2 - monday 2

Hase believed that he caused her to lie about remembering what occurred the previous week. This made me really worried, what if he told her to give up on the friendship and the diary?! This intensified it when Fujimiya wrote that Hase was “selfish and unfair”, and told her to keep a diary to make things easier for himself. But Fujimiya continued and said that Hase was a “wonderful person” for realising that Fujimiya was forcing herself to remember. After this, Hase learnt his lesson and asked Fujimiya to be his friend (again).

Thinking about it, Isshuukan Friends teaches us the importance of appreciating your friends, and not taking them for granted. Episode 2 was just as sweet as Episode 1, and I hope that the future episodes would be just as good as the previous two!


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