Isshuukan Friends: Episode 1

Isshuukan Friends

Probably the most heart-warming anime ever.

Isshuukan Friends directly translates to One-Week Friends. This anime is about Fujimiya Kaori (voiced by Amamiya Sora), who suffers from anterograde amnesia. She is unable to recall memories after one week, except for the time spent with her family. Because of her condition, Fujimiya isolates herself from her classmates, and gives off the impression that she is extremely hostile.

IF 1 - eatingThen comes Hase Yuuki (voiced by Yamaya Yoshitaka), who noticed that Fujimiya is always alone. This, together with the fact that he thinks she’s pretty, prompts Hase to ask Fujimiya to be friends. However, Fujimiya is as reluctant as ever. This does not stop Hase from trying. During lunch that day (Monday), he went to the roof to look for Fujimiya. After some persuading, they decided to have lunch everyday on the roof.

Two days later (Wednesday), Hase almost missed lunch with IF 1 - lunchFujimiya due to the meeting with his math teacher (about his extremely atrocious grades). He sprinted to the roof (aww) and thought that Fujimiya had already finished her lunch. But noooo, she was waiting for him (AWWWWWW)! This marked the start of what they define to be “two people who aren’t friends, having lunch together”.

IF 1 - adviceDay by day, Fujimiya started to warm up to Hase, and he was finally able to get to know her “true” personality. After countless futile attempts to ask her out, Hase met up with his best friend Kiryuu Shougo (voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa) and was ranting to him about how he really wants to be friends but she’s too distant. After some advice, which only a best friend can give, it spurred Hase on, to not give up on the friendship.

IF 1 - truth

However, when Monday came again, the truth about Fujimiya was revealed. Hase realised that Fujimiya was purposely being hostile, because she didn’t want to hurt her friends by not remembering them. It was because she could not remember them at all, even if she wanted to. Instead of giving up on the friendship, Hase silently vowed to continuously become friends with her each week. Which, in my opinion, was the ultimate “awwwwww” moment.

A round of applause for Hase Yuuki. Although to some it may seem like his actions are desperate, but I think that it is so sweet that he still bothers being her friend after knowing the truth. Isshuukan Friends is a feel good anime, and I definitely recommend watching it. If you’ve seen Kuroko no Basuke, you’ll probably recognise Hosoya Yoshimasa’s voice (captain’s voice), as Shougo. It is nice to hear his nonchalant voice, which brings back such fond memories of Kuroko no Basuke.

If you’re in for an overdose of sugary sweetness, please watch this anime. And I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! (:


3 thoughts on “Isshuukan Friends: Episode 1

  1. Hosoya~~~
    I really like how Hase Yuuki didn’t just give up, too bad about the crepe though. And that best friend of his… such advice lol truly only advice a best friend can give :)
    love the pretty water painting art style especially in the ED.

    • yes! i think the art is really really pretty! (: and it adds on to the sweetness of the anime~
      hahaha hosoya, i like him here!

      • I love love love this show so much~ So much prettiness and sweetness and I feel like it’s going to be a real tear jerker later on. And Yoshimasa Hosoya is one of my dark horse faves! <3

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