Black Bullet: Episode 03

運命の子供たち– Children of Fate

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I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here.. it’s the sand castle effect (kind of, not really, okay very literally). Watching Black bullet is like building a sand castle. You spend all that time building (watching), only to destroy it in the end (wish you did not just spend all that time watching). With one exception, there is so much gratification to be derived from smashing a sand castle, but none whatsoever when watching Black Bullet.

Last week, Enju ran away from home. This week, Rentarou finds her. I kind of feel really cheated, because despite my rant about all the drama that went on in the previous episode, I thought that their separation storyline had much more room for expansion. And yet, barely four minutes into this episode, our main characters are reunited. It fell short and came off as rather half-hearted, not doing much in the plot development department.

Okay, I guess the separation scene from last week was not completely useless, because it kind of helped with some development between our main characters. The boundaries of Enju’s and Rentarou’s relationship have not yet been defined, but from this episode, one thing is clear – they care about each other deeply. Rentarou might not know it yet, but he does love Enju. And although I get the impression that his love for her is less of the romantic sort and more akin to sibling love, we shall see..

There was more on the topic of discrimination this week. We saw Enju, the poor little dear, being ostracised by those whom she considers her friends. The Cursed Children, as their name goes, really are pitiful. From birth, they are abandoned, and shunned by society. And yet, it is that same society which still demands that they be the ones to protect humanity. Hypocrites.

If you think about it, really think about it, is Kagetane really the bad guy here? I mean, sure the dude wants to call upon the Stage 5 Gastrea and bring about the extinction of humanity (call it a detox or a massive cleanse, if you will), but he did not abandon his daughter. Considering the circumstances, I dare say he’s got more humanity than all those people who abandoned their (cursed) children.

Mystery surfaced in the form of Rentarou this week. He was sliced by Kohina, shot by Kagetane and left to drown in the river. He should have died, but he survived. It is inconceivable to think that in just one day, he could heal from such grievous bodily injury. But he did. And that little tidbit of information regarding his operation ten years ago.. Yes, there’s definitely something about Rentarou they’re purposely not telling us. In a way, I am glad for this tiny twist, because I expect this is what’s going to keep me hanging on for next week’s episode.

All in all, this episode was dismal at best. The high point was Rentarou’s supposedly murder, but even that was anti-climactic. The characters are not particularly intriguing, and other than Enju, all the Cursed Children sound like mindless, one-dimensional robots. Okay, fine.. admittedly, Kohina (voiced by Yuuki Aoi, whose voice acting for this series I am rather enjoying listening to) is pretty entertaining, what with her unadulterated desire to kill. And Koyama Rikiya is doing quite the splendid job as villainous Kagetane. Beyond that, I’d say you’re not missing much if you decide not to watch this series. Really, I am just waiting it out, listening out for Kaida Yuko, and waiting to hear MikiShin. Meh.


4 thoughts on “Black Bullet: Episode 03

  1. Kagetane has got more humanity towards those children, you’re absolutely right, I mean the cursed Children protect people n in return people hate them, that doesn’t even make sense ><

    • precisely, it really does not make any sense at all. but it just goes to show how warped the society is. sighs.

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