Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei 03

“Enrolment Part III”「入学編III」

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This was a great episode to see Tatsuya’s character development but was I the only one going WTF with Miyuki? How is that a prank?!

Tatsuya is outstanding, in that he’s an atypical mage who cannot be measured by standardized tests against the standard student population. We knew he’s special (come on, all anime MC in this genre almost always are special), we’ve just yet to get to know just how special he is and so it’s great that this episode showed us a sneak peek of that. I liked the recognition the senpais gave him and the admission by the show that there are individuals like Tatsuya who are highly skilled in other ways beyond society’s standard measurement. One size does not truly fit all and tests and exams are only a measure of book smarts/memory capacity, not a true reflection of intellect and ability to think. Hattori surely recognised it, having been defeated before the official match even started. It’s good to see his graciousness in admitting to Miyuki that he was wrong, a quality so often absent in anime supporting characters, especially from one who’s renowned in school for going undefeated.

So just how did Hattori get K.O.-ed? This is where things got too technical for my liking but here’s what I got anyway. Tatsuya used non-magic ninjutsu skills to quickly get behind Hattori and sent 3 separate waves of psions each of differing strengths and speed which together, caused an amplified hit. Being hit by psions alone isn’t sufficient to knock a mage out but getting blasted by a lot of psions as Hattori did, causes a mage’s senses to become confused enough to fall sick, akin to getting wasted on alcohol or as though hit by a wave of seasickness. Now compare this to what a bloom student is typically capable of doing – send a wave of psion at great magnitude; send 3 waves at the same strength; send 3 consecutive waves at the same high speed. Tatsuya did 3 consecutive waves of different magnitudes/strengths and at 3 different speeds accumulating in 1 massive hit. So how did he flunk the school entrance test so badly? Because the test is just on speed, just on strength, just on activation i.e. each variable is tested individually as a mage is usually better at just any one variable (Miyuki’s is speed if I’m not mistaken). And Tatsuya sucks at each variable on its own, which is why he’s achieved what very few mages can – a combination of the various variables, to create his signature combat style. That’s not all, while most mage have to concentrate on one variable in one CAD device, Tatsuya can dual-wield CADs at the same time, most likely as a result of him being able to combine the variables. He’s in a league of his own, one so out of the ordinary he’s outclassed himself. To top it off, he’s learning ninjutsu from THAT Yakumo sensei. Such a reaction from Mari and others must mean Yakumo’s got a strict routine few students can get through. Oh and let’s not forget the Silver Horn CAD Tatsuya uses. It’s so rare and made by the genius engineer Silver Fox, someone so mysterious no one has seen him in person before. So how did Tatsuya get one of his prized CADs? Loved Nakajo’s (Ogasawara Saki) nerdy fangirl reactions to the Silver Horn!

The unfortunate part of this episode is also probably what most viewers have focused their attention to… the brocon issue. Incest is just a big no-no, regardless of how good the story is. Siscon and brocon is ok if it’s not over done/unnecessarily exaggerated or if it’s “pure” like in Madhouse’s other show this season No Game No Life, restricted to witty banter. Miyuki stripping down to provide fan service is one thing but stripping in front of her oniisama? Pressing herself up against his back like that? Unlike the usual anime character reaction, Tatsuya did not blush at the sight of this (Nakamura Yuuichi had voiced loads of this in Oreimo), which justifies her questioning if he’s more turned on by the senpais than his own sister though something is VERY wrong and disturbing with the way Miyuki thinks if she want her own brother to be turned on by her. If like me you’ve not read the light novel then you’re probably as disturbed as I am. So I read just this one chapter of this scene and honestly, it’s the anime’s fault. It’s a crucial scene, explaining more about the technicalities of this magic world (calibration of CAD) but also, about Miyuki’s relationship to her oniisama and Tatsuya’s personality. It’s just very very unfortunate that it wasn’t properly translated to the anime.  Should that put you off? No. Well, not yet. There’s something quite intriguing about the way he “restart” after Miyuki attacked him and Tatsuya’s actually showing more emotions now! The straightforward, honest-to-goodness stoicism that defines him can actually be surprised and compromised when involving the opposite gender in typical anime fashion – he doesn’t blush even when admitting he’s looked at Erika’s bosom!

Mari’s convinced Tatsuya should be on the disciplinary committee, even if he thinks he’ll be uncomfortable in it. He thinks and moves at incredibly fast speeds and just on his first day on the job, he’s already caught a self-righteous kenjutsu (kendo + magic) senpai Kirihara Takeaki (Sugita Tomokazu) who was unfairly challenging a course 2 kendo senpai Mibu Sayaka (Tomatsu Haruka). The way he charged at Kirihara and brought him down was simply かっこういい cool. Being at the centre of attention is the exact opposite of what Tatsuya wants but it’s exactly what he is now so we’ll have to see how the other blooms take it in the next episode.


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